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Corkscrew Nose Ring Won’t Go In

Corkscrew Nose Ring Won’t Go In

If you are having trouble with your corkscrew nose ring, you certainly aren’t the only one. This is a relatively new type of stud and a lot of people struggle with it, particularly in the beginning.

Here is your guide on what to do if your corkscrew nose ring won’t go in:

What Should You Do If Your Corkscrew Nose Ring Won’t Go In

You should start by cleaning out the piercing to remove any obstruction and to then to try again, using your non-dominant hand as a guide inside your nostril to know where to place the bar – inch in the bar little by little to avoid moving away from the piercing site.

Why Isn’t Your Corkscrew Nose Ring Going In?

One of the reasons that your nose ring may not be going in is because the piercing has crusted over. Or, there could be some other kind of blockage at the piercing site. You will need to clear this up before trying to get the nose ring in.

Start by washing your hands with soap and water. Next, use a cotton bud dipped in saline water to gently rub at the piercing site. Do this at both ends of the piercing. Be gentle but continue until you are sure the piercing site is free.

If the bar of the corkscrew nose ring seems to be a bit thick, you may want to consider a slimmer option. You could be having trouble because the bar is too thick to pass through.

If it has been a while since you have placed a stud or ring in the piercing, it is possible that the hole may have closed over. This is something that you should get your piercer to check.

The other reason could be that you aren’t getting the ring in at the right angle. If so, you can find the instructions for getting the nose ring in, below…

How to Get Your Corkscrew Nose Ring In

Use your dominant hand to slip the curved portion of the nose ring in. At this point, don’t attempt to push it in any further.

Next, take your other hand and press it against the other end of the piercing, inside your nostril. This hand will serve as a guide, showing you which direction to push the nose ring through.

Once you can feel the bar with your non-dominant hand, it is time to simultaneously push the bar through while turning it at an angle. This should help to get the curved end of the ring through your nose.

What If You Still Can’t Get It In?

If you are still having trouble, it is best to leave the ring out of your nose for now. If you use too much pressure or force, you could end up injuring yourself at the piercing site.

It may be time to think about getting a different type of nose ring at this point. As mentioned, you don’t want to have to apply too much force every time you want to get the ring in.

A traditional flat back stud may be a better option for you. You can choose from a threaded or threadless version, depending on which one you find easier to work.

Your other option would be to go to your piercer as they can help you out here. They may also be able to show you what you were doing wrong and provide you with the proper instructions.

If you are still finding it difficult after your piercer’s instructions, then you should consider a different design.

What If the Piercing Has Closed?

If you have kept your nose ring out of your piercing for a while, it may have closed up. This is more likely to happen with new piercings. In this case, you will need to speak with your piercer.

They may want to wait until the piercing has fully healed up before you try to pierce that spot again. Your piercer may advise against this, depending on your situation.

Your other option may include piercing your other nostril as an alternative.

How to Deal with a Corkscrew Nose Ring That Won’t Go In?

You will need to start off by clearing the piercing site of any obstructions or build up – after this, you will need to maneuver the ring in, using your non-dominant hand at the other end of the piercing to guide the way.

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