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Top 10 Bookzz Alternatives to Get Latest eBooks

Top 10 Bookzz Alternatives to Get Latest eBooks

If the unusual smell of the books makes you nostalgic then this is gonna be little hard on you. This article highlights and emphases some of the best websites where you can easily get ebooks for reading and downloading. Hence we have compiled a list of 10 best Bookzz Alternatives.

First, you may want to ask whether downloading books on these sites are legal or not. So I would like to tell you it’s illegal to download from a site that is not the prime owner of a material. To the maximum of our knowledge, we have tried to gather a list of websites that are the best alternative to Bookzz. In case you who wonder what Bookzz is?

Bookzz.org was a free ebook download site to download your desired ebook for free. It was famous because it had a database of millions of free ebooks. But it had shut down due to piracy issues.

Since then many new websites came up and you can find 10 of the Best Sites like Bookzz.org.

10 Best Bookzz Alternatives

Here are the Best Alternative sites or services through which you can get 1000s of ebooks for free. We have listed only those sites where its legal to download and read ebooks.

Google play book

10 best alternatives to Bookzz

Google Play Books (formerly Google eBooks) is an digital eBook distribution service operated by Google. Here you purchase or download eBook to read from Google play. You can go to its “Books” section and select the “Free” option to access free books from the huge collection. You can get books from any genre like business, traveling, children, biographies, romance, fiction, literature, comedy, health and much more. Plus there are various formats to choose from accompanied with reader reviews and ratings.

Explore and visit Google Play Books

Amazon free Kindle books

10 best alternatives to Bookzz

The Kindle app puts millions of books at your fingertip. On Amazon free Kindle books you have a choice over 3 million books featuring all possible genres. Just log into your Amazon account in your Kindle device, select your favorite pick by author, name or genre and download any  book you want to read. It’s the app for every reader, whether you’re a book reader or a magazine reader. You can even buy Kindle eBooks at low prices on Amazon.in and start reading instantly.

Explore and visit amazon kindle books


10 best alternatives to Bookzz

Bookboon is currently the world’s largest online publishing company of eBooks, with over 50 million downloaded eBooks. The site have million of educational textbooks, business books and travel guides. Well, to tell you the majority of these books were free student textbooks. The website of bookboon.com posses very good. interface plus its easy to browse.

There is no registration required for the downloads. Bookboon.com is indeed a boon for all the readers. 10 best alternatives to Bookzz list wouldn’t be completed without mentioning this name.

Explore and visit Bookboon


10 best alternative to Bookzz

Another name to unfold is in our list of Best Bookzz alternatives is Free Book Spot. It is a free e-books links library where you can find and download free books. The books available here covers almost any category under sun. There are nearly 96 categories to choose from that occupy a space of about 71.91GB. You may sort this list by any column just press to column title. This site is really a worth shot to give.

Explore and visit Free Book Spot


10 best alternatives to Bookzz

Sribd is a digital library, ebook and audiobook subscription service that includes more than one million titles. It is a reading subscription that gives you access to 3 books and 1 audiobook each month — plus unlimited access to magazines and documents. It’s available free for 30 days.

Explore and visit Scribd.com


10 best alternative to Bookzz

Gutenberg offers over 54,000 free eBooks. You have a choice to choose among free e books, free kindle books, download them or read them online. The world’s great literature is also available here, especially older works for which copyright has expired. Thousands of volunteers are actively working to digitalise and diligently proofread the contents. No fee or registration is required, but if you find Project Gutenberg useful, you can donate a small amount.

Explore and visit Gutenberg

Open library

10 best alternative to Bookzz

Open library is an open, editable library catalog just like Wikipedia. Being an open source project the library catalog is editable. It helps to create a web page for any book published till date. From here you can download books for free and even contribute or correct. The website gives you access to over 1 million e-Books and the ability to search using subject, title and author. Plus it doesn’t cost you a penny for registration.

Explore and visit Open library

Free e-book

10 best alternatives to Bookzz


Free-eBooks.net is the internet’s number one source for free eBook downloads, eBook resources & eBook authors. Here you will each book that is available elsewhere. It features an eye-catching front page that lets you browse through books by authors, recent reviews, languages, titles and more. Not only you can claim a lot of free stuff, but the eBooks can be read on most of the reading platforms.

Explore and visit Free-eBooks.net

Library Genesis

10 best alternative to Bookzz


Library Genesis is a bit different than its kind. This website is Based in Russia. This is claimed to be the largest and longest running currently openly available collection. Library Genesis provide you a proper search engine through which you can search for any article related to science or books to download. So you are searching for some science article then this is the right choice for you. Apart from this, searching books using a search engine make the site easy to navigate.

Explore and visit Library Genesis


10 best alternative to Bookzz

Getfreeebook is the last name in the list of the 10 best alternatives to Bookzz. Totally free legal ebooks are available on the site in various popular formats. It features a large collection of education & learning, computers & internet, business and fiction to novels  you to read. While you can search books, browse through the collection and enjoy reading.

Explore and visit Getfreeebook

Sites like Bookzz.org to get Free Ebooks 

So here’s the list of all Bookzz.org alternatives that we mentioned in this article.

  1. Google playbook
  2. Amazon free Kindle books
  3. Bookboon
  4. Freebookspot
  5. Scribd.com
  6. Gutenberg.org
  7. Open library
  8. Free e-book
  9. Library Genesis
  10. Getfreeebook

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Books never demand, never they do complain. There is something about reading books that let you forget your life problems and take you to some other world. They are humans’ best friend. So what are you waiting for? Live the pleasure of reading since now. Hope our list of 10 best Bookzz alternatives help you out. If you have some suggestions to add on please let us know through the comment section below. Happy reading.

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