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100 YouTube Challenges: Video Ideas to Get Viral

100 YouTube Challenges: Video Ideas to Get Viral

YouTube Challenges are a very popular way for vloggers and YouTubers to gain subscribers. These challenges are usually funny, easy and in some cases dangerous. However, they are very funny and they are one of the topmost attractions on YouTube. Content creators often use them to increase publicity. In some cases, these Youtube video challenges become worldwide trends, like in the case of ice bucket challenge.

So in this article, I present you with a list of about 100 Youtube Challenges ideas. Most of them are safe, but some of them can be dangerous. If you are trying any dangerous then always make sure that you have support readily available, in case things do not go as planned.

Also, these challenges are mostly funny, so try to enjoy them with Kids, Family, Friends, Crush or even with Public.

Top 100 YouTube challenge ideas

Hmm, so have a look at the number of challenge video ideas in different categories.

I have tried to categorize each of them but I recommend you to give a quick look on the complete list of 100+ ideas.

Funny Youtube challenges

Performing these challenges is going to be very fun for both the performers and the audience. It does not matter if you fail or succeed, you will enjoy them anyway.

Here is a list of some such challenges that you can do for your own YouTube Channel:-

  1. Weird Oreo Taste Test-Do you have it in you to try out strange out of the way oreo flavors?
  2. Banana Sprite Challenge-Consume 1 Litre of Sprite and 2 bananas without vomiting.
  3. FaceTune Challenge
  4. Emoji Challenge
  5. Chapstick Challenge -Only for couples. Try to guess the chapstick flavor by kissing your partner’s lips. Keep eyes closed.
  6. Cinnamon Challenge -Eat as much powdered cinnamon as you can. A fair bit of warning though, this stuff can give you nightmares.
  7. Drive Thru Roulette Challenge -Go to a drive-thru and order whatever the last customer had.
  8. Weird Cereal Challenge 
  9. 7 Second Challenge-Do the assigned task in 7 seconds or less.
  10. Slime Challenge
  11. Chubby Bunny Challenge-Try to say “Chubby Bunny” with as much food in your mouth as you can take.
  12. Balloon Animal Challenge-Make the assigned animal from the ballon provided as fast as you can.
  13. Opposite Hand Drawing Challenge-You have to draw. The catch is that use your left hand if you are a rightie and vice versa.
  14. Touch my body Challenge-Try to guess which body part you are touching with your eyes closed.
  15. Cotton Ball Challenge-How many cotton balls can you transfer from one bowl to another? You will have to do it with a spoon in your mouth and a blindfold.
  16. Juggling Challenge- Juggle various items at once as many as you can.
  17. 10-ton calorie challenge-Can you consume over 10000 calories by the end of the day?
  18. Dirty Mind Challenge
  19. Duct Tape Challenge
  20. Whipped Cream Challenge
  21. Teabag challenge-Can you eat the contents of a teabag without making a face?
  22. Eat it or Wear it Challenge-Quietly eat whats given. Don’t want to? Then have it all over yourself!
  23. Exploding Watermelon Challenge
  24. Not My Arms Challenge- Have you ever wondered what would happen if your friend suddenly got control fo your arms?
  25. Corn on a Drill Challenge
  26. Accent Challenge- Challenge your friend to use a certain accent properly.
  27. The floor is lava challenge-Try to figure out a way to not touch the floor within 5 seconds when someone screams “The floor is lava.”
  28. Ice Bath Challenge-How long can you stay in a bathtub filled with ice?
  29. Condom Challenge- This thing was nowhere designed for what it does in this challenge. How many waters filled condoms do you think you can take on your face?
  30. Photobooth Challenge

Out of these 30 YouTube challenges, most of them do not require any props and can be done safely with friends, girlfriend, family or even kids.

Try not to challenges for YouTube

If you are running a YouTube channel you must be well aware of the fact that “try not to” challenges get a good number of views no matter who posts it.

Well, you can try some yourself.

As evident from the name, you will have to perform a task without breaking a certain rule to complete the challenge. They are both challenging and fun.

Hereby I have listed some such challenges:-

  1. Try not to Cringe challenge– You have to do strange and awkward tasks with a straight face. They are very funny to watch.
  2. Try not to Cry challenge
  3. Try not to Laugh challenge

Easy to do challenges with Kids

These YouTube challenges are relatively easy to do. Anyone including small children or even old men can try to complete these challenges.

A list of such challenges follows:-

  1. Google yourself challenge- Who is more popular on Google, you or your friend?
  2. Pancake Art Challenge- Try to decorate a pancake with toppings as best as you can.
  3. Vegan for a day Challenge – It might seem easy. But can you live without even egg or milk for a whole day?
  4. Hot Sauce Challenge- Tyr to eat as much hot and spicy sauce as you can.
  5. Smoothie Challenge-From a list of 10 delicious and 10 gross items, choose any one, make a smoothie of it, and gulp it.
  6. What’s in my Mouth Challenge-  You have to correctly guess what is in your mouth with eyes closed when your friend puts something in.
  7. Takis Challenge
  8. Movie quote Challenge- You have to correctly guess the movie from which the dialogue is chosen.
  9. Foreign Candy taste test – Eat various new candies. Is it delicious or bad?
  10. Foreign Food Taste – This challenge is just like the last one. This time try it with new foods.
  11. Kool-Aid Packet Challenge 
  12. Saltine Cracker Challenge
  13. Yoga Challenge-  Challenge your friend to try difficult yoga poses.
  14. Wasabi Challenge
  15. Glasses Challenge
  16. Toilet paper fort challenge
  17. Disney Challenge- Try to guess the Disney movie name as fast as you can when a track from it is played.
  18. Say Anything Challenge – Just do what the name says. The catch is that you cant repeat or pause when your turn comes.
  19. Tin Can Challenge- What random food will you get from the random tin can you just chose?
  20. Speed Drawing Challenge- In this challenge, you have to draw an object or person as fast and accurately as you can.
  21. The gallon of Milk Challenge
  22. Wet Head Challenge
  23. Tongue Twister-  This is very popular. Can you speak a tongue twister without faltering?
  24. Internet Slang Challenge-  Try to answer as many questions about internet slag as you can correctly.
  25. Backward Speech- This is very funny. You have to speak a word backward. How long can you keep on going correctly?
  26. Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge- Can you eat a coke and mentos – at the same time?

So these 26 are the easiest and the safest challenges for YouTube videos. If you are looking for a start, then these challenge videos can be a good start for your YouTube challenge.

Home Made Challenges for YouTube Videos

As you can understand from the name, you can try these challenges at home without much arrangements or preparations. Usually, the items used are easily available in the normal household.

Some such challenges are:-

  1. Hot pepper challenge
  2. Flip cup Challenge
  3. Walk on Legos Challenge- For this challenge, you need lego bricks. Line them up and walk as much as you can without falling.
  4. One Bite Challenge
  5. Spiciest Food Challenge- How much spicy food can you consume without giving in?
  6. Weird Soda Taste Test-Drink differently flavored new sodas. Is it delicious or bad?
  7. Gum Challenge- Easy. Eat as much chewing gum as you can eat.
  8. Spicy Noodle Challenge- How much spicy food can you eat at a go?
  9. Gargle The Song Challenge-In this challenge, you have to keep some water in your mouth, and gargle the tone as best as you can.
  10. Pizza Challenge
  11. Pringles Taste test Challenge
  12. Water bottle flip Challenge- Fill a bottle with water, and try to make it stand after flipping it.
  13. Balloon Challenge
  14. Baby Food Challenge- Try to guess the baby food flavor after eating it.
  15. Pumpkin Carving Challenge 
  16. Clothes Swap Challenge- Swap clothes with your friend. Who fits in more comfortably?
  17. Charlie Charlie Challenge
  18. 100 layer challenge-Try to wear 100 different shirts at the same time. It’s not as easy as it seems.
  19. Roast yourself challenge- How much worse can you speak about yourself?
  20. Sourest Food Challenge- A number of sour food like lemon exist. How much of such stuff can you consume?
  21. Eating Challenge- Simple as its name, eat as much as you can.
  22. Speech Jammer
  23. Whisper Challenge- You have to guess what your friend is whispering, while you yourself listen to really loud music.

Most of these challenges are done by every other vlogger/prankster on YouTube. Also, these are best suited YouTube Challenges for Couples  and Crush.

Hard YouTube challenges

Not convinced with the above given list of YouTube Challenges?

Well, let me list some of the toughest, hardest and most difficult YouTube Challenge Video ideas that you should do with your Friends or other fellow Youtubers.

These challenges are relatively harder. It is advisable not to try them without supervision. Though funny, they can go wrong badly and cause serious problems.

Here is a list of such challenges:-

  1. No Thumbs Challenge- As suggested by the name, you have to complete tasks without using your thumb.
  2. Stink Smell Challenge-  In this challenge, you will be blindfolded. After that, how much can you endure the stinky and bad smells?
  3. Sulfur Hexafluoride Challenge
  4. Sharpie Shock Challenge- This one is a bit weird. In this one, you have to color a part of your skin with black color. Then use your mobile to flash the torch while holding it against your skin. You should feel a “shock” on your skin.
  5. YouTubers Impressions Challenge-Like the name suggests, you have to try to exactly copy different YouTubers who are popular.
  6. Cross Bar Challenge
  7. Brain Freeze Challenge- Can you answer easy questions and perform small simple tasks? Especially when you are immersed in ice water?
  8. Ghost Pepper Challenge-How much of this super spicy stuff can you eat? Careful though, too much of this stuff can even kill you.
  9. Bloody Mary Challenge
  10. Helium Challenge
  11. Bean Boozled Challenge- This challenge requires a bit of a setup. You need to buy a pack of bean boozle. They contain a mixture of different taste beans. Which one will you get?

Blindfold Challenges for YouTube

Anyone can understand that this name signifies you have to complete tasks for the challenge by wearing a blindfold. It is advised to have someone nearby in case of problems.

In all these challenges, you have to complete the task in the heading while blindfolded. Here is a list of some such challenges:-

  1. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge
  2. Blind Water Taste Test Challenge
  3. Blindfold Lays Chip Taste Test Challenge
  4. Blind Juice Taste Test Challenge
  5. Blindfolded Cheese Pizza Taste Test
  6. Blind Fry Taste Test Challenge
  7. Blind Soda taste test Challenge
  8. Blindfold Coffee Taste Test Challenge 
  9. Blind Onion Ring Taste Test Challenge
  10. Blind Burger Taste Test Challenge
  11. Blindfold Water Taste Test Challenge
  12. Blind Drawing Challenge

So these were some of the best YouTube Challenge Ideas for your upcoming Video.


If you are still not sure on how to perform these challenges, simply go to YouTube and search for the challenge name from our list. You will get 100s of videos related to that particular YouTube challenge. Watch them and then try on your own.

I hope you like them and start making your own challenge videos after getting a good list of ideas from our post.

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