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19 Best Rap Apps for Android and iOS [Free]

19 Best Rap Apps for Android and iOS [Free]

Do you want to become a famous rap star? or Are you looking out for apps to make this task easier? Stick to this article to end to get the solution to your problem. Here we will be listing up one of the best Rap apps via which you can create free raps, can add a huge number of beats as well as can which will enhance your rap.

Rap nowadays is touching its top and competition is becoming quite tough. It is all about the combination of poetry and rhythm. As it is gaining popularity, so here are we to help out by discussing the details of some rap applications which will enable to choose correctly and make your rap best.

Top Rap Apps for Absolute Beginners

The App listed below are for everyone, specially if you are someone who is looking forward to become a rapper.

So, without any delay let’s get started.

1. AutoRap by Smule:

AutoRap is one of the most trending app to make raps. It is easily available and can be downloaded from Google Play Store or iTunes. It is also comprised of several beats from famous artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and many more. It is basically available in two modes like rap mode and talk mode. In talk mode, you can deliver your words by talking on your device and this app will convert these into rap.

Specific Features:

  • In Talk mode, it turns your words into rap instantly.
  • In rap mode, it auto-tunes the freestyle verses.
  • Contains lots of beats
  • Offers Rap battles
  • Share it easily via Facebook, Twitter and more.

2. Voloco:

Voloco is a combination of several actions where you can make automatic tuning, harmony as well as vocoding. In this, you have to simply select tracks from your music gallery or Voloco free beat library to rap or sing over. It supports both Android and iOS. It is one of the high rated apps for creating your rap. Above all these, you will also be able to enjoy a lot of amazing presets like Duft Pank, Sitar Hero, Modern Rap and many more.

Specific Features:

  • You can easily download in audio or video clips and can share over social media.
  • It also has an export option if you want to finish your rap with another app.
  • Top tracks available.
  • Eight vocal effect preset packs are available.
  • Presence of beat library.

3. Rapchat:

Rapchat is one of the best apps for creating rap along with vocal fix like an auto vocal tune. It supports Android as well as iOS. It also has a unique feature of Rap Name Generator where you can generate your own name and can gain fame. Once if the rap is completed you can easily share it over social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Specific Features:

  • Vocal FX including Auto Vocal Tune, Radio and others.
  • 1000s of beats available.
  • Near Me, the feature is there to find the best rappers in your area.
  • Leaderboard chart of Top raps or Top Artists.
  • Notepads to note down your own raps.

4. Music Maker JAM:

Music Maker JAM is reviewed as Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store which notifies that it is one of the best creation apps. It is available as a free app.  Here you can create your own music by using studio-quality loops, beats as well as samples. Its one of the cool feature is that you can edit audio, harmonies, and tempo for free. You can also record your own vocals and also have the ability to produce a unique sound of yours.

Specific Features:

  • You can record live with the perfect mixdown on 8-channel mixer.
  • You can adjust tempo and harmonies.
  • You can also edit song parts and can also use real-time effects.
  • You can remix tracks by shaking your device.
  • You can easily share your creation directly on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

5. Keakr:

Keakr is a top trending app for hip-hop and rap admirers. It’s quite a big platform where famous artists record their music. All you need is to record your freestyles, it will self edit it to premium quality. It also holds a rap challenge, where you can get a chance to win amazing prizes. You can collaborate with famous artists in that rap community.

Specific features:

  • You can get a good chance to gain an audience as well as can collaborate with famous artists.
  • You can easily build a customized amazing portfolio with the help of this.
  • Get the latest album release.
  • You can take part in rap challenges.
  • You can easily share your videos or audio clips over social media.

6. Rap Beat Dropper:

Rap Beat Dropper is among trending app for the one who is looking out for creating its own rap. Here you can build up your rap, trap or hip hop music beats. You can also discover a wide range of collections of rap, hip-hop or others, You can make up your own signature beat. It provides you a platform where you can gain fame by creating your rap.

Specific features:

  • Make music in real time.
  • All the recordings which are stored on your device, you can access them from your device.
  • You can easily make a beat or your drum style.
  • You can also rap with the best tempo and can use cool effects to enhance the quality of your rap.
  • Share your best rap lucidly over most preferred social media.

7. OffTop Studio:

The OffTop studio as the name suggests is mobile studio app where you can create your own music, beats, raps. It is totally free in use. It is available both for Android and iOS. Here you can basically explore the library of fresh instrumentals, record freestyle or written verse. Additional notepad is also present where you can jot down your all written verses. You can also participate in contests or rap battles. It also releases mixtapes.

Specific features:

  • You can upload your own beats or rather can select it from the library.
  • You can apply as a verified producer and upload your instrumentals for the community to use and get paid for it.
  • You can save your records for future reference or send it to the producer or can share with the community.
  • You can record your freestyle or written verse over beats,
  • You can participate in rap contests.

8. Rap Fame by Battle Me:

Rap Fame is high-rated as well as trending app for hip hop lovers and rap creators. Two sizzling features of this app is that it contains Rap recording studio and hip-hop community. It is a pro recorder to create quality rap and you can also collaborate with other artists. Participate in weekly contests and Battle Me Rap Tournaments, earn money by nailing it.

Specific features:

  • You can create your own rap crew or can join in an existing one.
  • You can also win cash prizes by participating in hip-hop weekly tournaments.
  • You can build up a rap profile and can easily link up with social media.
  • You can enhance your rap quality by selection top beats from the free library.
  • You can also apply sound effects like auto-tune, reverb, equalizer and synchronizer.

9. Raply:

Raply is a recommended app if you want to create your own rap video using beats, freestyle, and auto-tune. Here you can get a wide array of various beats and several amazing effects which will make your rap sound like professional. The unique feature of this app is that there is feed where you can upload your rap videos and get feedback for your creation or may also be discovered by some famous rap producers.

Specific features:

  • Contains a huge library of beats.
  •  You can also auto-tune your voice and add amazing effects.
  • You can add your own rap videos on feeds.
  • You can easily share it over social media
  • You can receive or give feedback to the rap community.

Free Rap Apps for Android and iOS

Below there is a list of rap apps which will enhance the quality of your rapping by various effects and auto-tune. So, let’s take a glance to rap apps:

  1. AutoRap
  2. Voloco
  3. RapChat
  4. Music Maker JAM
  5. Raply
  6. Battle Me
  7. OffTop Studio
  8. Keakr
  9. Rap Beat Dropper
  10. Rap Wars
  11. RapScripts
  12. Rap to Beats
  13. The Art of Rap
  14. Rapunchline
  15. Speazie
  16. FreeStyle
  17. Tape a Talk Recorder
  18. Rap Battles
  19. AutoRap Maker

So, there is listed a number of rap apps which are highly suggestible for you so please do check out them.


Therefore, we have listed the top recommendable rap apps for you from tons of apps available in the market. With the help of this article, you can select the best app which will make your rap, a quality one. If you have any queries regarding this topic you can clearly drop down your problems in comments so that we would be able to clarify the doubt and can give you the best updates.

Best Rap Apps for Absolute Beginners

If you’re an absolute beginner looking to become a rapper there are several rap apps that can help you get started on your rapping journey.

One such app is AutoRap by Smule which allows you to turn your words into rap instantly in talk mode and auto-tune your freestyle verses in rap mode.

Voloco is another great app that combines automatic tuning harmony and vocoding allowing you to rap or sing over tracks from your music gallery or the app’s free beat library.

Rapchat is a popular app that offers vocal FX including auto vocal tune access to thousands of beats and features like the Rap Name Generator and leaderboards.

Music Maker JAM is an Editor’s Choice app that lets you create your own music using studio-quality loops beats and samples and Keakr is a top trending app where you can record freestyles and collaborate with famous artists.

Whether you’re looking for an app to help you with freestyle practice rap battles or creating your own beats these rap apps are perfect for getting started on your rapping journey.

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