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12 Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows and Mac [Free]

12 Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows and Mac [Free]

iTunes is a Internet radio broadcaster, mobile data management tool and primarily Apple’s official media library. One can play, download, and organize digital multimedia files, including music and video, on Windows or MacOS computers. All purchases regarding the content have to be made from the iTunes store and iTunes will help you manage all the purchases in an efficient and systematic manner.There are several third party applications like iTunes (or you can call iTunes Alternatives), which can be way simpler to handle and sometimes more cost economical as well.

I understand your need to find Alternatives to iTunes, because being an Apple user myself, I have detested iTunes for being a clunky piece of software which feels quite bloated. Despite of Apple’s updates, to try and fix this situation, I still feel the same and I am sure you do to.

If iTunes was good enough for media management, you would never be here right now, “google-ing” iTunes Alternatives, right?

12 Best Alternatives to iTunes

This brand new year, I do not want you to struggle with you not being able to manage your media or your mobile data properly, specially if you possess an iPhone or an iPad. For us Apple users, this has become a real issue and these 12 Best Alternatives to iTunes are hopefully going to solve your issues and bring you at peace-

1. Win X Media Trans

The iTunes Alternative- WinX MediaTrans provides the option to save any multimedia content on your devices, be it an images, videos, or music. All you need to do is just install the application and connect your iPhone or iPad to your desktop and automatically MediaTrans will do the rest and display all the content available for you to save onto your PC, that easy!

This Alternative to iTunes brings features including automatic photo backup, music management with two-way music transfer, video transfer, book organizer, ringtone maker, and so many more! The highlight feature for me being allows me to encrypt my photo and videos library, which can make things a lot more convenient and simple.

2. Vox Media Player

Vox Media Player is all about high resolution sounds. it makes its place in the top 12 alternatives to iTunes because it is a simple yet feature-rich music player to replace, iTunes. The most helpful thing about Vox Media Player being its support for multiple audio formats. This app does so much more than just support the popular media formats like MP3 and MP4. It also allows some others like FLAC, CUE, APE, and M4A .

30000+ Internet Broadcasting stations and unlimited streaming of Youtube, Soundcloud and more, is possible with this iTunes Alternative. Now you tell me, does it or does it not, deserve this place in the list for the Best iTunes alternatives?

3. DearMob iPhone Manager

I completely understand your need for a good application to manage your iOS device, it can really get a little complicated at times. This iTunes alternative is totally a good one for the “iPhone management” function of your apple devices like iPhones or iPads. With, DearMob, you can easily manage media and music, transfer files between your computer and iOS devices, create automatic backups, and encrypt your data for total protection. ,

The app performs all that iTunes does, and it does them well. The interface is nothing too exciting, it is a simple one which is totally job oriented, and a little low on the show part. Managing songs is really easy due to the audio-formatting features offered by DearMob iPhone manager. You can even reduce the file size of large video up to 50%! Seems unreal? then check it out now!

4. MusicBee

This Ultimate media and iPhone manager is the way to go!It has made everything so easy to manage, find, and play music files on your computer. MusicBee provides complete support to podcasts, web radio stations and SoundCloud integration. One can  easily sync their music between the Windows PC and iOS devices.

Just completely transform your computer into a music jukebox with the crazy and exciting supercool interface of this iTunes Alternative. The beautiful skin options are extremely cool. Other features which I really admired in Music Bee are logarithmic volume scaling, gapless playback, support for WinAmp plugins, theme support, and more.

5. DR.fone transfer

One of the finest iTunes alternative for Windows and Mac, dr. fone transfer. They say they possess all the possible tools to run your mobile at full efficiency! Sounds like a very promising alternative to iTunes. Transfer, repair, erase, switch, backup and restore, Unlock and root, all with this one application that you can easily download on your device.

dr. fone transfer allows you to take full control of your music, videos, apps, and more with ease. It lets you comfortably transfer media from computer to your iPhone or vice-versa. More than 30 types of file formats are supported by this media management app. It works with both MacOS and windows.

6. Musique

It is a music player for MacOS, Windows and Linux and one of the best Alternatives to iTunes. Sing along with your favourite songs because Musique shows you the lyrics for the songs that you are listening to! The itunes like app organises your music, videos and files in such a systematic manner, it will just make you feel so good!

The best thing according to me is the fact that it retains the folder structure of your collection displaying you music in exactly the way you have organized it. The UI is simple and systematic, easy to understand and very convenient. Download is free, so what are you waiting for !


7. Fidelia

The good reviews is what has escalated Fidelia to the top 12 Alternatives to iTunes list. One of the media managers designed to work with only Mac, hands down! Efficient wavelength conception and seamless music editing experience, is what you can expect from Fidelia. Super user-friendly Audio tools including equalizers, compressors, CanOpener headphone modeler, support for 64-bit audio unit plug-ins, come in real use with fidelia.

It supports several file formats, and offers the essential flexibility to edit different files.  Personalize the interface, depending on your need to make the best out of this iTunes Alternative. One of the drawbacks being that this media manager supports only Mac. It costs $29.99 only!

8. Swinsian

Next, on the list for top 12 Alternatives to iTunes is Swinsian– The Advanced Mac Music Player. A very sophisticated music player for macOS with a shockingly wide format support, folder watching, advanced tag editing and designed to be responsive even with the largest libraries.Some exciting features being wide format support, folder watching, advanced tag editing, duplicate finder, smart playlist support, and more.

Organise your media- edit tags on multiple tracks all at once, Customize your data-  Swinisan provide multiple ways to view and navigate your music and also Control- Control playback  with global shortcuts and the mini window. This iTunes alternative only supports MacOS and is not free! It costs- $19.95, but they do offer a free trial!

9. PodTrans

Transfer your music and videos between your computer and iPod with so much of ease with this free iTunes alternative called PodTrans. There is absolutely need to have iTunes, and follow the long cumbersome procedures. So if you are an iPod Owner then this application is going to be of great use to you.

You an even transfer content back to your iOS device in a few simple steps. The free itunes alternative app is only for MacOS and Windows and is completely free for download. So, I don’t see any reason why you should not give this one a try!

10. SyncIOS

The extremely functional operating system of apple requires a good app for management to ensure that it works at its full capacity and that is exactly why I suggest you, SyncIOS. An extremely dependable application which supports both Windows PC and macOS. The highlight being that it also manages Androids well!

The recovery functions that SyncIOS performs is what caught my attention! This iTunes alternative even converts the incompatible files into the supported formats automatically, so you have nothing to worry about! Transfer media from one device to another with ease. The app if free for iOS but you need to upgrade to the premium ($39.95) version, if you want to use all the features without any limitation.

11. Media Monkey

The reason for Media Monkey making it to this list of the top 12 free iTunes alternatives is its audio management tools-  Media Monkey’s Jukebox secures your collection, normalizes volume levels, and even kicks in automatically with music and playlists based on your criteria.

Media Monkey is smart enough to find out the missing track information and fill them automatically. So, it definitely will be very time economical to you! It supports loads of media formats and not just the basic ones, even  MP3s, M4A, OGG, FLAC, WMA, MP4, AVI, and WMV . This Alternative to iTunes is for both- MacOS and Windows.

12. WALTR 2

Lets just say that I left the best for the last! This is by far the most efficient and best iTunes replacement I could find over the world wide web. Transfer of media between devices can be done either by cable or by Wifi. I would surely recommend the wifi means, as they are super fast! Be itmusic, videos, PDFs, ePub, or audiobooks, WALTR 2 automatically recognizes the files we are sending and pushes them to native Apple apps.

WALTR 2 is not a free application but the price you pay ($39.95)  is totally worth it since you do not need a third party application to listen to songs, because WALTR 2 will do all that work by treating every music file of yours as a native file. The iTunes Alternative is available on both Windows as well as MacOS.

12 Free iTunes Alternatives for Windows and Mac

iTunes alternatives are much in demand now, due to the complexity that Apple has induced into this media management application called iTunes. the above introduced are by far the most well reviewed and affordable media management tools, which you can use in place of iTunes. Let me sum up the top 12 media management tools like iTunes below-

  1. WinX Media trans
  2. Vox Media player
  3. Dear Mob iPhone manager
  4. MusicBee
  5. Dr. Fone transfer
  6. Musique
  7. Fidelia
  8. Swinisan
  9. PodTrans
  10. SyncIOS
  11. Media Monkey
  12. Walter 2

Most of these Alternatives to iTunes have beaten it in terms of ease of use, cost economy, file formats supported by them and the loads of audio formatting features. Thus, I suggest that you give the one with the description that you liked most and is supported by your operating system- Windows/MacOS/Linux. A personal favorite and the most popularly used one is WALTR 2, so do have a look at their website!

Alternative Music Players for Windows and Mac

If you’re looking for alternative music players to enhance your listening experience there are several options available.

MusicBee is a versatile Windows-only player that supports various audio formats and offers a 15-band equalizer for sound customization.

Vox Media Player on the other hand is a feature-rich player for Mac that supports multiple audio formats and integrates thousands of songs and online radio stations.

Another option is MediaMonkey a comprehensive media management tool that can handle large music libraries and supports various file formats.

These alternative players offer unique features and user-friendly interfaces that can greatly enhance your music listening experience.

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