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18 Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for Android & iPhone

18 Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for Android & iPhone

Wanna check out your heart rate? With today’s digital world this task is made easier and you can easily check them on your mobile phones. In this article, we will be sharing the Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for Android and iPhone

But before this, you must know all the specifics of the app which you can download and install it from various resources like Play  Store or the Apple App Store. You are just a step away to know your heart rate and enhance your health as well as keep yourself healthy too.

Top Heart Rate Monitor Apps

So, here are the best heart Rate Apps that you must check out;

1. Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate is one of the best apps to check the heart rate. It is also responsible for presenting an accurate pulse or heartbeat zone with your heart rate. Along with this, it helps to measure heart rate after sleeping, or during workouts or training.  It basically functions by placing a finger on the camera lens and press.

Specific features :

  • Helps to measure heart rate, BPM, pulse zone accurately in very less time.
  • Presence of cardio workout monitoring to optimize exercise and track progress.
  • There is a special heartbeat training zones like rest, fat burn, cardio, and peak.

2. Heart Rate Monitor


Heart Rate Monitor is also one of the recommendable apps if you are in search of monitoring your heart rate. You can easily download and install it from the Google Play Store. Here you can measure your heart rate simply by analyzing the blood flow from the fingertip.

Specific Features :

  • Measures an accurate heart rate.
  • Free to use and you can save unlimited data records.
  • It is a simple interface to use and is well categorized into rest, exercise or post-exercise.

3. myWorkouts Heart Rate Monitor sports GPS Tracker

This app basically allows you to record all the activities via GPS and heart rate via Bluetooth or special sensors. It is best for sports person because here you can download free road maps and can keep a track on all your activities. You can use this app as a tachometer and can record your heart rate accurately.

Specific Features :

  • You can record GPS track, route, speed, altitude and can export in GPX format.
  • You can calculate your optimal training zones.
  • GPX tracks can easily be viewed and can be saved with this app.

4. Heart Rate Plus

Heart Rate Plus is a highly suggestible app if you want to measure your heart rate. It is available both for Android and iPhone. It can be easily synced with Google Fit on Android and Apple Health on iPhone. You can measure your heart rate at any time all you have to do is hold the index finger on the camera lens along with the switching on of the flash.

Specific Features :

  • You can save records and track down to get an effective result.
  • It is Android Wear Support.
  • It is free to use and can measure accurately and fastly.

5. Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

This app is a great satisfaction for the people who are health conscious. It basically helps you with multi-tasking like measuring heart rate as well as monitoring. Along with these you can track down the records and enhance your health more. It also includes heart training zones which also gives you a reason why you should download this app.

Specific Features :

  • Free to use and you can make unlimited recordings.
  • You can sync well with Googe Fit.
  • It also helps in heart rate training zones like rest, fat burn, cardio, and peak.

6. Runtastic Heart Monitor

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor is a highly reviewed app for iPhone in order to measures heart rate and to take care of your health and fitness. Basically, it illustrates heart rate with graphs. It can easily download and installed from the Google Play Store on Android and App Store iPhone.

Specific Features :

  • You can sync data to the same Runtastic app to other accounts.
  • You can easily share the heart rate data over social media.
  •  It is an easy interface to use.

7. Qardio

So you wanna check out your blood pressure or weight-related data or heart rate, then you must download this app to fulfill your need. It is free to use and with the help of this, you can make health tracking effortless. You can easily transfer your data from other apps like Google Fit, My FitnessPal et.

Specific Features :

  • It is easy to use and available in a totally free version.
  • You can also get visual feedback of the data you have entered in.
  • It also provides you medically precise measurements.

8. Unique Heart Rate Tracker

This is also one of the best apps to track down your heart rate via smartphone. It is easily available and can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. In order to get effective results, you can use the phone with LED flash just by inspecting the flow of blood circulation from the index finger. It easily monitors heart rate along with the intensity of your workout.

Specific Features : 

  • It is free to use and can record unlimited measurements.
  • You can apply filters like with categories or dates.
  • There are graphs representing measurements along with all the details like min, max, and average heart beats with a specified time frame.
  • You can save all records in order to keep proper track or enhance your health.

9. Elite HRV

Elite HRV is fundamentally Heart Rate Variability which stresses upon the accurate measurements and gives you a proper result. It helps you to boost up your nervous system along with guided breathing and HRV training. It cops up well with stress and autonomic balance.

Specific Features : 

  • It supports Google Fit, Training peaks, Healths Up Health, Final Surge, Strava, Sports Track.
  • It has automated data cleaning and artifact removal.
  • Minimally it takes 60 seconds to present readings.

10. Polar Beat

Essentially Polar Beat known for the best app to monitor heart rate. This app is available both for Android and iPhone and is totally free to use. You can track distance, pace, and route. Further, it also helps you to map out your route and track out distance with the help of GPS. You can also connect with Polar H10 in order to get the advantage of additional features.

Specific Features :

  • It is an easy platform to enhance your health.
  • You can also share your achievements socially with your friends.
  • Here you will also get voice assistance to guide your way.

Free Heart Rate Apps for Android and iPhone

Therefore, besides providing you the detailed information of the number of heart rate monitoring app, here’s a list of some more Free Heart Rate Monitor Apps that you can try;

  1. Instant Heart Rate
  2. Heart Rate Monitor
  3. Polar Heat
  4. Unique Heart Rate Tracker
  5. Quardio
  6. Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor
  7. Elite HRV
  8. Heart Rate Plus
  9. myWorkouts Heart Rate Monitor sports GPS Tracker
  10. Cardiograph Classic
  11. Accurate Heart Rate Monitor
  12. FITIV Pulse
  13. Cardiac Diagnosis
  14. Cardiograph Heart Rate Monitor
  15. EchoSource
  16. ANT+ Heart Rate Grapher
  17. Welltory Heart Rate Monitor
  18. Quick Heart Rate Monitor


So, finally, we reached the end of the article. We have tried our best to gather all the essential information and deliver it in sequence in this article to serve you the best. All these heart monitor apps make easier for you to know the monitor your heart rate and keep a proper record of your health and also assists you to take some specific precautions.

Heart Rate Monitor Apps with Additional Features

Apart from the top heart rate monitor apps mentioned above there are some apps that offer additional premium features to enhance the overall user experience.

These apps provide in-depth workout data analysis personalized risk scores and support for apps and smart bands.

Some of these apps also have compatibility with smartwatch brands and offer features like GPS tracking alerts and additional sensor devices for more accurate measurements.

They utilize technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide accurate and real-time heart rate monitoring.

With advancements in healthcare apps and innovations in the field of heart rate monitoring these apps are becoming more reliable and efficient in tracking the heart’s health.

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