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10 Best Geological Apps for Android and iOS

10 Best Geological Apps for Android and iOS

Searching for Geological Apps for your Android or iOS Device? Find out the 10 Best smart geology apps that you can start using today.

A few years back there were only atlases and encyclopedias for getting information about the history of the universe. However, in the modern era, the internet and Smartphones have made this a lot easier.

As of now, there exists a lot of geology apps which helps us to know about the geological history of the universe. Based on this knowledge, the app can also make predictions about future events on the earth. Most of these Geological apps are either free and The data provided by these apps can be used for exam, study or research purposes.

So in this article, I have listed the best Geological apps available for both Android and iOS. Please read on to find out more.

10 Best Geological Apps

Hereby I have listed the best apps available in the play store or the apple store.

Google Earth

The first app on our list for geological apps, this is no doubt the best app for knowing the Earth and the universe.

Developed by Google LLC, this app is available for both Android and iOS. The APP provides stunning features like street view, 3D view and even a flight simulator for you to fly over your favorite landmarks. With this app, you can easily tour the whole world right from the comfort of your bed.

Click here to download Google Earth for Android or iOS

Flyover Country

The third app on our list, Flyover Country is developed by the University of Minnesota. It is very popular as a geological app.

As suggested by the name, you can use this app to check out the map of any place. It also helps you to plan road trips and understand flight paths with the help of GPS. A persistent internet connection is not always required. Once you save details of a place in your cache, you do not need a connection to view the same place again.

Click here to get Flyover Country for Android or iOS

Smart Geology

Smart Geology is a free to use App.

It helps you to know more about the various minerals available on the Earth’s surface. They provide a mineral chart with images. Each mineral is classified into groups and subgroups. You can also use this app as a dictionary.

It comes in various languages. A very positive aspect of this app is that this app is completely ad-free. It does not require an internet connection. With different themes, this app will also appeal to your eyesight.

Here is the link to Smart Geology for Android and iOS


This app was created by the British Geological Survey. It is best suited for use in the United Kingdom. This is because this app allows you to get the street view anywhere in the UK. It also allows you to search for places with the help of names, postcodes or your current location. This app requires permission to use your mobile GPS and location.

Click here to download iGeology for Android or iOS.


As suggested by the name, this geological app is focused mainly on earthquakes. The app obtains its information from multiple data sources. You can find detailed information about all the earthquakes that have taken place in the history of the planet.

The app also provides push notification facility so that you get the latest information about any earthquake that might be forcasted or is happening. Also, the app provides location information about the earthquakes.

Here is the download link for Earthquake for Android and iOS.


EarthViewer is another popular geology app. It allows you to picture the Earth as you would see it at different angles, locations or time periods. The app provides you with a detailed history of the Earth. Data is updated constantly as newer data is researched about the seas, oceans and landmasses. You can also save your data in cache for offline use.

Click here to download EarthViewer for Android or iOS.

Weather & Radar

As you can already guess from the name, this app provides hourly updates about weather forcast. It is totally free of cost. It provides you with important details like rainfall and temperature about a place. You can also get a map view like you can often find on weather forcast channels.

Here is the link to Weather & Radar for Android and iOS.

Geological Timescale

Unfortunately, this app is no more present in the Google Playstore for Android. However, it is still on our list because of its popularity. It lets you know the history of the Earth and also find answers to interesting geological questions. The app provides information about geological timescales. The app also allows this feature where different scientists can answer your favorite questions. You can also get an animated map to where ever you want to go.

Click here to download Geological Timescale for iOS.

Geology Sample Collector

Another name for this app is Geology Sample Collector. It allows you to use your smartphone to track your field work. You can document your work in various multimedia formats and share these through social media. It works better with GPS.

Here is the link to Geology Sample Collector for Android and iOS.

Moon Globe

This app does not exactly provide us with information about the Earth. But it is still on our list because of the first-hand information it provides. Also known as LunarMap, this app provides detailed information about the data provided by various scientists. It also allows you to zoom in on the surface so that you can examine the surface of the moon closely.

Click here to download Moon Globe for Android or iOS.

List of Top Geology Apps

Based on the above review here is the list of the best geological apps. You can use these apps for Rock Identification and many other things.

  1. Google Earth
  2. Flyover Country
  3. Smart Geology
  4. iGeology
  5. Earthquake
  6. EarthViewer
  7. Weather & Radar
  8. Geological Timescale
  9. Geology Sample Collector
  10. Moon Globe


Thus we see that there are a lot of apps which help us to know more about the history of the universe. We can use this data for our exam purpose or research. These apps also provide us with updates and warnings about ongoing or upcoming events like floods or earthquakes. All data shown by these apps are collected from renowned institutes around the world, and so these data are mostly accurate.

I hope this article has helped you. Please let me know what you think in the comment section.

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