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10 Best File Sharing Websites for Free

10 Best File Sharing Websites for Free

With change in time the way we share and store data has changed completely. A decade back floppy day where still in use. They used to provide around 3 and half MB data size. Then came pen drives, CDs and DVDs. With time the storage space increased and became cheaper. Right now all kinds of physical storage devices are becoming obsolete. Cloud storage and data sharing websites are the hype of the moment. So why do we need these kind of file sharing websites? We need them because the internet has become accessible to almost all now a days. So it is very easy to upload a file or document on to the internet and let it stay there for anyone who wants to download it.

This can be particularly helpful because internet access has become very cheap in comparison to physical storage like pen drives or hard drives. Also with your data on the internet, there is no need to worry about the data being destroyed, like in the case of physical storage.

Thus we see that it is a lot more cheaper and easier to store and share large amount of data via the internet. All you need to do is upload the required file or document to a file sharing website. Then just allow someone else sitting on the other side of the globe access to it via link sharing. In this article I have written down the names of the top 10 free file sharing websites available for free on the internet. Please read on to find more.

Top 10 Free Sites for Sharing Files and Documents

Here is a list of the best file sharing websites.

Google Drive

Obviously this is the most popular online data and file storage site created by Google LLC. You can store any kind of data you want like photos, videos, or recording. At first Google Drive provides a free storage of 15 GB for anyone with a Google account.

Uploading to this drive helps you to see your files anywhere just by logging into your Gmail account from any device. You can easily view, share or download the files directly from the drive.

Click here to go to Google Drive

Mega NZ

Mega was created in 2013 when allegations against the government where high for stealing and misusing personal data. To tackle these problems the developers of Mega used extensive security to develop the website for sharing files and documents.

You can understand that from their high performance browser file transfer and end to end encryption. Mega does not allow you to reset your password. As of now millions of commercial and domestic users depend on Mega.

Here is the link to Mega


Dropbox is website where you can upload and share files just by creating a free account. The website was developed in 2007. It is a very modern work space which can reduce unwanted work so that users can focus on the important matters.

It brings all the files together at the central place. They are very easy to find and can be safely synced across all devices for easy access from anywhere.

Click here to visit Dropbox


Issuu is a media company which allows anyone to upload and distribute their publications worldwide. It is very easy to use and you can reach thousands within minutes. It boasts of over 30 million documents and hundred million new users every month.

You can get everything from magazines to newspapers, portfolios, catalogs, guides and so on.

Click here to go to Issuu


This file sharing website makes storing and sharing files and documents very easy and for free. You can share all the files you upload through email, social network or links. You can download them any number of times you want.

Also they provide you with free storage of up to 10 GB. Access all the files from anywhere and whenever you want.

Go to Mediafire from here.


Microsoft is the developer of Onedrive. It is designed to help you backup mainly the files you create in Microsoft Office. Other than that you can upload any file you want and view them at your own convenience.

Take files offline to access them when you are off the grid. SSL encryption of the drive helps in keeping your files safe.

Click here to visit OneDrive

Zippy Share

Zippyshare is a no nonsense free file sharing website. You can upload anything and everything which is under 500 MB of data size. It is completely free with no download limits. Also drive space is unlimited and you do not required to sign in to use this website.

Visit Zippy Share here


Box started as a file and document upload website in 2005. It provides solutions for everything from easy problems like sharing and accessing files across mobile devices to complex business problems like retention and data governance. Box boasts of more than 41 million users and about 74000 businesses. It is a good website for securely sharing ideas, collaborating and working faster.

Click here to visit Box


Uploaded is a file and document sharing website. It allows easy and secure storage of all your personal information. Upload it from anywhere and allow access to anyone and everyone across the world. Data encryption helps in securing the content you upload.

Check out Uploaded here

Sendspace .com

Sendspace.com has been working as a website for uploading data in the form of files and documents since 2005. They deliver files to millions of users across the globe every week.

The guys at sendspace work hard to make sure that the file you upload is available for easy download for anyone you want the file to go to.

Click here to visit Sendspace.com

Best File sharing websites

Based on the above review here is a list of the best file sharing websites.

  1. Google Drive
  2. Mega NZ
  3. Dropbox
  4. Issuu
  5. Mediafire
  6. OneDrive
  7. Zippy Share
  8. Box
  9. Uploaded
  10. Sendspace.com

So these were the 10 Free File Sharing Websites that you can use to share large documents, software, music or anything you want.


Thus we see that there are a lot of file and document sharing websites which let us upload and share our data with anyone. However it is advisable not to store important or sensitive data on free upload sites. This is because as of now cyber crime is on the rise. Hackers sitting around the globe are always trying to steal your personal information. With this information they can indulge in various kind of fraudulent activities. So it is best to be careful about what you upload to the internet. This is because once you upload it there, it is not impossible that a really skillful hacker can break in and steal it.

I hope my article has helped you to find what you’re looking for. Please do not forget to write about what you think in the comment section below.

Additional File Sharing Websites to Consider

In addition to the top 10 file sharing websites mentioned in the previous section there are several other platforms that offer reliable and secure file sharing services.

One such platform is Hightail which is specifically designed for team collaboration and offers easy file sharing and organization.

Hightail allows users to upload and share files of any size making it ideal for creative professionals and businesses that frequently work with large multimedia files.

Another notable file sharing website is Citrix ShareFile which is a secure file storage service designed for enterprise companies.

ShareFile offers advanced features such as 256 AES High-Level Encryption permission control and custom branding options.

With its robust security measures and user-friendly interface ShareFile is a go-to choice for businesses seeking a secure and efficient file sharing solution.

Overall these additional file sharing websites provide users with a range of options to simplify their file sharing and collaboration workflows.

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