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16 Baby Generator Apps [Predict Future Baby Face]

16 Baby Generator Apps [Predict Future Baby Face]

Are you two married or in a relationship? At a certain moment, there’s always arises a curiosity that what your little baby will look like. Well, amazingly there are these so called Baby Generator Apps and Sites that you can try out.

Basically, the baby generator app uses and carefully analyzes the two pictures of the couple after which it uses its mathematical technical transformations and provides you a perfect picture of your future baby which you can easily share with your family and friends. So here in this article, we will be sharing the Best baby generator apps and sites which you may check out to get the best future baby pictures.

Best Baby Generator Apps for Android

Here we have come up with something which will satisfy your uprising curiosity and here you can get a picture of what your baby will look like.

1. Baby Maker

Baby Maker is a cool babyface predicting app where you can satisfy your curiosity. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store. All you need is that you have to upload two pics of you and your partner and baby’s face is generated instantly. You can also have fun by selecting complexion, age, gender and can generate baby according to it. It is an easy to use interface.

If you want an accurate picture of your baby you must look straight to the camera. Mustache, beard or glasses may distort the pictures. After uploading your pictures press the hear beat button.

2. Your Baby

Your Baby is also used for the purpose of predicting future baby face. You just need 2 pictures from your gallery and press ‘Make A Baby’ button. But before uploading the pictures you need to take care of the following things like the pic must be of high resolution and taken in enough light, it should be portrait.

After uploading the pictures it will apply quite sophisticated mathematical algorithms and will morph the 2 pictures by clicking on the button. You can also have fun by trying out or uploading the pics of some celebrity or your friend couple. You can easily share the outcome over social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

3. Luxand

Luxand is a baby generator website where you can generate your future baby face easily. It is an easy interface to use. Primarily you have to upload pictures of yourself and your partner and your future baby picture will be generated. The criteria for uploading pics is that the pic must have face faced frontal, eyes are open and not covered by glasses and must be in PNG or JPG format.

This website uses the newest facial recognition techniques. Another favoring feature of luxand is that no matter how scratched,  faded, or black and white picture you upload, you will get color rendering high-quality pictures of your baby.

4. Baby Predictor

The baby predictor is basically a prank app which can only be used for entertainment and satisfying curiosity. You can easily download and install it from the Google Play Store. It is also an easy platform for users.

All you need to do is that firstly you have to input your’s as well as your partner name, face color, and nationality. Secondly, upload photos per requirements and get a chance to see your future baby face. Here you can get to see the beautiful faces of all races. After that, you can share your future baby face over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

5. Your Future Baby Generator

Your future baby generator is another app for the same purpose which you can check out to peek into the future. It is literally a cool app which will help you to guess your baby face without letting you waited for nine months.

You just have to upload your’s and your partner picture and this app will use its advanced technologies and facial detection which will create a sensible outlook of your baby. It is free and easy to use. You can download and install it from the Google Play Store and can have fun using this. You can simply share the picture of your future baby over Facebook, Instagram and others.

6. How will my baby look

It is another entertaining baby generator app which creates the picture of your future baby. Obviously, you must know that these apps are just a simulator. It can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.

It is simple and easy to use, you just have to upload the photos of the mother and father from the photo gallery and then just click the generate button which will automatically produce your future’s baby picture. There is also available baby galley function where you can see all the available kids in the application. IT is free to use but contains ads.

7. My Future Baby Look

My Future Baby Look is future baby predictor prank app which you can use to peep in the future in order to guess what must your baby look like. After uploading the picture of yours and your partner it will produce baby pictures and it depends on what gender you have input because according to your will it can be changed too. Here you can get pictures of your future baby in bulks.

It is an easy platform to be accessed. You just have to download and install the app and after that, you have to enter the name of yourself and your partner, then you have to choose nationality and face tone of the baby. Finally, you will be able to have the outcome.

16 Free Future Baby Face Apps

So here we present you a list of Future baby apps which you can use and can entertain your friends as well as family.

  1. Baby Maker
  2. Your Baby
  3. Baby Predictor
  4. My Future Baby Look
  5. How will my baby look
  6. Your Future Baby Generator
  7. Luxand
  8. Your Future Baby Face App
  9. My Future Baby Look
  10. Your Future Baby Look
  11. Future Baby Finder
  12. My Future Baby Face Prank
  13. Imagine your future baby
  14. Know your Future Baby Prank
  15. Future Baby Predictor
  16. Baby Picture Maker

Hence you can check out among these apps for just entertainment and you can easily share it over the social media platform and enjoy.


Finally, we all listed down all the best baby generator app which you may try in order to satisfy your curiosity without waiting for nine months. But remember that all these are just meant for entertainment because no one can predict the face of your baby. Hope you liked reading the article and if you have any doubts regarding this post you can comment below.

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