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I Hate My Wedding Photos – What Should I Do?

Do you hate the way that your wedding photos have turned out? If so, you are probably feeling sad and frustrated right now. Fortunately, there are various solutions to this problem.

Here is an explanation of all that you can do if you dislike your original wedding photos:

What Should You Do If You Hate Your Wedding Photos?

There are a few things that you can do – start by getting a good perspective, edit the photos, turn your photos black and white, consider redoing your wedding photos, and ask your guests for their photos – you should be able to salvage some of your photos this way.

What Should You Do First If You Hate Your Wedding Photos?

It is possible that you are being overly critical about your photos. Keep in mind that most people have been conditioned by social media to expect perfect photos and a perfect wedding day. 

As such, when you first see your wedding pictures, your initial reaction may be to be overly critical. You may only be looking for flaws in the photos and will not be able to enjoy the true beauty of them.

This is why it is a good idea to take a deep breath, relax, and to take another look at the photos when you are feeling better about yourself. You may then see yourself and the pictures in a new light.

You can also show the photos to a friend or family member whose opinion you value and who you can trust to be honest with you. Ask them what they think so that you can know whether or not you are overreacting.

The other thing to do is to think about the memories behind the photos. If you loved your wedding and love being married, it shouldn’t matter what you look like in the pictures.

Can Editing the Photos Help?

Yes, these days editing or Photoshop can work wonders on the pictures. The level of editing can depend on the quality of the photos and how skilled your photographer is at editing the images.

If you are truly unhappy with the pictures, though, you may want to consider hiring a professional editor. This way they can touch up whatever that you don’t like and do it in a manner that will not be detectable.

In this instance, skimping isn’t going to help as you may end up with results that are worse than the original photos.

If you would like to save some money, buy a photoshopping software for yourself. This can give you a bit more control over the final result of the photos as well. Just be prepared to spend some time and effort learning how to perfect your technique.

When editing your wedding photos, though, make sure that you don’t go overboard. While you should certainly fix anything that doesn’t make you happy, don’t touch up the pictures too much or they will take on an unnatural appearance.

If you want to edit other people’s photos before posting them on social media, make sure to get consent.

Should You Turn Your Photos Black and White?

If your color photos turn even minor flaws into glaringly obvious details, you may want to think about turning your photos into black and white. Depending on how the photos were shot and the quality of the images, this is possible in post production.

wedding photo book and album

You should keep in mind that not every photographer is skilled at doing this by themselves. Therefore, if you don’t get the desired effect, it may be worth it to go to a professional editor.

The great thing about black and white photos is that they are incredibly forgiving and timeless as well. Due to this, your wedding photos will always look perfectly preserved.

Consider Redoing Your Wedding Photos

If your main issue is with how you or your partner looked, then you may want to redo your wedding photos. As you can imagine, there may be a limit to how well you can do this, depending on how much money you want to spend.

If you don’t mind splurging a little, though, you could see if you can use the original venue for a couple of hours. You can also ask your bridal party to join in and pay for professional hair and makeup for everyone.

Alternatively, you and your partner can dress up and take photos in an equally nice location. If you were unhappy with the original photographer’s work, though, make sure that you find someone more qualified.

This can be a good option if you want a few nice wedding photos to display around the house.

Ask Wedding Guests for Photos

It is quite likely that your guests took quite a few photos of their own. And, these days, cameras on phones are quite excellent and the average person is quite skilled at taking them.

Due to this, you should ask all of your wedding guests to contribute any photos that they may have taken. This way, you can sort through all of them and see if there are any photos that you like and that can be used as substitutes for the original photos.

What Can You Do If You Hate Your Wedding Photos?

If you don’t like your wedding photos, there can be various techniques that you use – this includes gaining a better perspective, editing your photos, asking wedding guests for their own photos, turning the pictures black and wide, and even redoing the wedding photos.

Wife Wants to Travel Without Me – Here are the 5+ Reasons Why

You’re not wrong to be worried if your wife is planning a trip without you. There are several reasons why she may be doing this, and the most likely one is because she wants some alone time.

Although you might not like to hear it, there is also a chance that she’s planning the trip with someone else that she may be seeing. This article also looks at how you can tell whether this is the case, and signs to look out for in case she has lost interest in you.

Why is Your Wife Planning to Travel Without You?

There are several reasons why your wife may be planning a trip without you. This does not mean that she’s being unfaithful or doesn’t like your company. Instead, she may just need some space.

Top Reasons Your Wife May Be Planning a Trip Without You

As mentioned, there are a number of reasons why your wife may be planning a trip by herself.

Let’s take a look at them.

1.      She Needs Some Space

Life is overwhelming, so it’s perfectly natural for her to want to get away if it’s particularly hectic. In fact, you should give this a go whenever things get stressful – you will come back with a clear headspace and be more relaxed.

2.      She Can’t be Tamed

Your wife may be free spirited so she may enjoy traveling and seeing the world by herself. You’ll have to give up the notion that she needs to do everything with you. Once you do this, you won’t feel that bad about it.

3.      It is a Girls Trip

She may be planning the trip with her friends who you may not like. You probably aren’t aware of this, but there could be a chance that her friends don’t like you much either, which is why she made the plans without you.

She also may not have invited you as she wanted someone to take care of the children.


4.      She Knows You Won’t Enjoy It

Your wife may not have included you in her plans as she knows the two of you don’t share the same interests. So, you may not like traveling with her.

This could be a good thing as she takes your preferences into consideration while making her decision.

5.      There’s Some Bad Blood

Of course, another reason she may be planning a trip without you is because she is upset with you. This may not be what you want to hear, but you might have done something to hurt her feelings.

If this is this is why she is going on her solo trip, it might be a good thing, as she can use this time to time to reevaluate how she’s feeling.

6.      There’s Someone Else in the Picture

She might not be planning the trip alone but with a lover.

You will know she is being unfaithful if she is being secretive about the trip’s details.

There are a couple of other tell-tell signs to keep an eye out for in case your wife is being unfaithful. I’ve taken a look at them below.

How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Mad at You?

If your wife is planning to travel without you, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she hates you. As mentioned, there are several other reasons that could be at play, like the fact that she wants some alone time.


There are some tell-tell signs to look for if you suspect that she is upset.

Let’s talk about them.

1.      There is No Communication

Lack of communication is the biggest sign that she’s unhappy with you. Her feelings towards you may have changed, so she might not want to engage in any kind of conversation.

This doesn’t happen out of the blue. She is probably avoiding talking to you as you may have done something to hurt her.

2.      You’re All by Yourself

Not only would she avoid talking to you, but she may avoid being around you as a whole. This is in line with her making travel plans by herself.

Even if she is at home when you are, she may not spend as much time in the same room as you.

3.      She Criticizes You

If she criticizes everything you do, it is safe to say that she is upset.

A lot of the time, this criticism would not be constructive. She might just be her trying to get under your skin.

Quite a few women go as far as to compare you with other men when they do this.

4.      There is No Care

It’s a clear sign that your wife is upset if she is not as caring as she once was. All you have to do is see whether she’s interested in your personal life, like friends and work.

5.      From Friends and Family

If she is upset with you, she could have told her friends and family how she feels. You can ask people she know to see what they say. They may tell you what’s going on.

How Can You Tell if Your Wife is Cheating on You?

There are a couple of other signs to look out for if your wife is potentially cheating on you. Let’s talk about them.

1.      She Cares a Lot About Her Looks

If your wife becomes overly obsessed with how she looks, this could mean that she’s having an affair. She may want to look her best to impress the new man that she’s seeing. Of course, if she wears more revealing clothes while going out, this could be another sign.

2.      She’s Out by Herself

As mentioned, planning trips without you is a red flag. She may be going on vacation with another man that she is seeing.

She may also be away from the house often. You can probably guess where and who she is with.

3.      There are A Lot of Gifts

If your wife comes home with gifts more often, this is something to keep an eye out for. Look for bouquets and jewelry. It is safe to say that they are not from her friends.

4.      She is Very Secretive

Communication is vital in any marriage, so it is strange if your partner does not want to communicate about what is going on with her life anymore. It would also be odd if she’s requesting more privacy than you two shared before.

She is likely afraid that you will find out what she is doing, or is just plain guilty. So, she could be maintaining utmost secrecy.

5.      You Smell Men’s Cologne

Another sign that your wife may be cheating is how she smells. You can definitely tell what she’s up to if she comes home smelling like cologne.


How Can You Fix Your Marriage?

Communication is key when it comes to saving any marriage. The two of you should talk things over and understand where things went wrong. There could be something that you did along the way that upset her and made her drift away.

You can also go see a professional about this, as figuring it out all by yourself can be a lot of work. Just be sure to see an experienced professional, as you want the best person for the job.

Keep in mind that all the baggage and resentment that you were carrying around will have to come out. This can be messy at first. However, it will help you fix things in the end.

You can also try and rekindle the bond that you two had by planning a trip together. It can remind your wife and you why you fell in love in the first place. I would suggest going somewhere romantic.

You can also fix things by retaking your vows. This will help remind you why you fell in love in the first place as well.

Should You Travel Without Your Wife?

As your wife may want to travel without you, in turn, you might be wondering whether it would be a good idea to travel without her. I don’t see any problem with it, as you can use this opportunity for self-discovery.

In case you do not have the best marriage, this time apart might also be the best thing for you, as you would be able to realize how much you mean to each other by being apart.

Final Thoughts

There are several reasons why your wife may be planning a trip without you. Although she may not necessarily be mad at you, this is usually one of the main reasons. She could also be going through a lot and may just need some alone time.

Also, she may be going on a trip with her friends and might want to do something without you and the family for once.

I also discussed all the signs to look out for in case you suspect that your wife is cheating on you.

DIY PVC Pipe Arch

Making a DIY PVC pipe arch is a lot easier than most people realize. You simply need the right materials and instructions to put you on the right track.

You will find these and plenty of other tips to help you make your very own PVC pipe arch here:

How to Make a Garden Arch with PVC Pipe?

To make a garden arch out of PVC pipe, you are first going to need to create two bases for either end of the arch – this is followed by fitting the PVC pipes into each base – the curved portion will be made by PEX pipe as it is more flexible.

Wedding Arch

What Do You Need to Make a PVC Pipe Arch?

Here is a list of the materials:

For the Base

You will not necessarily want or need a base. If you are burying your arch into the ground, then you can skip the base. However, if you want the ends of the arch to be above ground and steady, then a base is recommended.


It is important to use plywood as it is the only thing that is sturdy enough to hold the arch in place. It will come in handy if the arch needs to be set up outdoors, on a windy day.

You will need two 12 x 12 inch boards that are ¾ inches thick.

PVC Flanges, Washers, and Screws

This is what is going to secure the pipe arch to the base. You will require:

  • Two ¾ inch PVC pipe floor flanges
  • Eight ¼ inch flat fender washers
  • Eight 11/4 inch plywood screws

For the Pipe Arch

Now, when it comes to your PVC pipe arch, you can make the whole thing out of PVC if you want. The only issue is that PVC isn’t very flexible. As such, if you want the pipe to bend properly to form a true arch, then you are going to have to take a few other steps.

Not only does this add to the complexity of the overall project, but also means that it is going to take a lot longer.

This is why it is best to make the sides of the frame out of PCV and the curved portion out of PEX pipe. Don’t worry, PEX pipe is just as easy to find as PVC pipe.

You will need:

  • Two 5 foot, ¾ inch PVC pipes
  • One 10 foot, ½ inch PEX pipe

How to Make Your PVC Pipe Arch Base

Step 1

Start by painting each board – you can choose a neutral color like white or black or select a shade that will work with the rest of the decorative elements of the arch.

Step 2

Once the paint has dried, place a pipe flange on the center of the board. Using a pencil, outline the center of the flange as well as where each of the screws should go.

Repeat this process with the other board as well.

Step 3

Use a drill to pre-drill the screw holes for each of the screws. Don’t drill all the way through the board, just halfway down.

Step 4

Place the flange over the middle again.

Place each washer over the screw holes on the flange. Place the screw in each slot and then use a drill to tighten each screw into place. Repeat this on the other board as well.

Step 5

Arrange the boards a distance away from each other – this should be equal to the width that you want the arch to be.

How to Make the PVC Arch

Step 1

Place one of the 5 foot PVC pipes into the flange on the base. Make sure that it is tight fit.

Repeat this process with the other PVC pipe, flange, and base.

Step 2

On the PEX pipe, use a permanent marker to make a mark every 12 inches, starting from one end. This will make it easier to adjust the height and width of the arch later on.

Step 3

Insert one end of the PEX pipe into one of the PVC pipes fitted into the base. Push the PEX pipe until you come to the first 12 inch mark.

Stop there and secure the PEX pipe to the PVC using duct tape or any other kind of tape.

Then, take the other end of the PEX pipe and insert it into the other PVC pipe.

In this case, you can insert as much or as little of the PEX pipe as you want, depending on how wide and tall you want the arch to be one.

Once you have found the right dimensions, secure the PEX pipe to the PVC pipe using duct tape.

How to Make an Arch Without a Base?

Well, you can follow all the same steps except skip the instructions for the base.

Wedding Arch and Decor.

Instead, dig a hole on either side of where you want the arch to be. Alternatively, you can use plant pots if you will be growing vines or other flora.

Stick the PVC pipes in here and make sure to cover with dirt to ensure a firm fit. Then, attach the PEX pipe to either piece of the PVC pipe.

How Do You Make a DIY PVC Pipe Arch?

You will have to start by creating a base out of plywood – then, fit two sections of PVC pipe into each base to create the sides of the arch – the curved part of the arch will be made by PEX pipe to add flexibility.

How Much Does a Bustle Cost?

Curious about how much adding a bustle to your wedding dress can cost? Well, the answer is right here!

Here is an in-depth guide into how much this alteration can cost:

How Much Does It Cost to Add a Bustle to Your Dress?

Most seamstresses start with a minimum of three bustles and this can cost around $50 – the length of the train, the design of the dress, the bustle type, the material, and the layers are just some of the factors that can impact price – you may pay around $250 for the whole alteration.

How Does the Length of the Train Affect the Cost?

The longer the train, the more bustles that you will need to secure the train. A long train means more material.

A few bustles alone would be not enough to do the job. As such, you will need to add as many bustles as necessary to ensure that the weight of the train is equally distributed.

Dressmaker Helping Bride Fit Her Wedding Dress

In doing so, you can ensure that there is a smaller chance of one of the bustles breaking under the weight of the dress.

How Does the Bustle Type Affect the Price?

Contrary to popular belief, there is actually more than one type of bustle design.

The most common one is the American bustle, also known as the over bustle. Here, the train is hooked up to the back of the dress.

This style works well for ball gowns. It is also fairly simple and the resulting cost tends to be cheaper.

However, there is also the under bustle, which is also known as the French bustle. This is where the train is hooked under the dress. This style works best for A line dress or mermaid silhouette dresses.

This design is a bit more complicated as the material has to be gathered up and certain portions of it have to be kept out of sight. As a result, it is going to cost more.

Last, but not least, you have the Austrian bustle. This design is now becoming more popular and here, there are several points of bustles that go vertically down the middle of the dress.

This often does mean more bustles to create the desired ruching effect. As a result, you will have to pay more. Also, as it is a fairly new design for the American market, the seamstress may charge extra for this design.

How Does the Material Impact the Overall Price?

If your dress or train is made from lace, then the cost of the bustle is likely to go up. This is true for other materials that are equally as delicate.

The thing with lace and other delicate materials is that the seamstress has to be very careful when undertaking this project.

To begin with, sewing bustles – or any embellishment – for that matter is tricky. The lace can tear easily and this is something that the seamstress needs to avoid at all costs.

What’s more, the seamstress has to be careful about how the lace train is arranged as well. The train has to be arranged so that the lace isn’t likely to tear or shift when hooked into position.

How Does the Number of Layers Affect Bustle Cost?

Well, the more layers there are, the greater the number of bustles required to hold up these layers. As with the length of the train, weight is an issue here.

Finally Found The Wedding Dress Of My Dreams

Pile too much of material onto a single material and it is going to fail. Due to this, the seamstress has to add more bustles to even things out.

Furthermore, with a greater number of layers, the seamstress has to work harder to create the right design and shape. After all, each layer needs to be arranged in such a way that the back of the dress is in line with the original design and looks beautiful.

How Does the Design of the Dress Impact Cost?

The bustles have to be placed according to the design of the dress. Therefore, the more complicated the design, the more careful the seamstress needs to be with how the bustles are placed.

This is because the design of the dress has to be maintained. The seamstress also needs to work hard to ensure that the dress looks just as good with the bustles in place.

Therefore, they will often charge you for the complex design.

If your dress and train has any kind of embellishment on it, then the bustle is going to cost you more. This is because the seamstress has to arrange the bustles so that the embellishments on the dress and train align with one another.

What’s more, they have to be extra careful not to dislodge or destroy any of the embellishment that is in place.

An Important Note About Bustle Cost

Before you buy a wedding dress, it is important to budget for the addition of the bustles. To err on the safe side, add in about $250 to the wedding dress budget.

However, if you would like a more complex design with a long, delicate train, then expect to pay even more than this.

The other thing to be aware of is that seamstresses may want to needlessly add bustles to the dress as they can make more money of it.

This is why you should pay close attention during the fittings. Always see how the train can manage with the least number of bustles.

Only if more bustles are really needed, add them in. Make sure to do so one at a time, though.

How Much Does a Bustle Cost?

The average cost of a bustle can be between $50 and $250 – the final cost will depend on how many hooks are put in, the design of your dress, the length of the train, the material of the dress, the bustle type, and more.

What Do You Do When Someone Apologizes but Keeps Doing It? Comprehensive Guide

If a loved one apologizes but keeps doing whatever is upsetting you, their apology in the first place may not have been sincere. Or they may have a serious problem, as they can’t stop the behavior from happening.

This guide takes a look at how you can tell whether an apology is sincere, and how you can deal with toxic people that are like this.

Why Does a Love One Apologize but Keep Doing the Same Thing Again?

As mentioned, there is a chance that your loved one did not mean it when they apologized. You unfortunately have been getting duped into accepting their apology each time. You can spot how sincere an apology is by how much blame they take – I’ve touched on this more in the section below.

But they may have a serious problem where they can’t stop their negative behavior too, like an addiction. The only way around this would be to get them professional help.


How Can You Spot a Sincere Apology?

There’s no reason for you to keep falling for fake apologies. There is a number of signs that you can look for that will tell you whether an apology is in fact sincere.

Let’s talk about them.

1.      There’s no ‘But’

Definitely keep an eye out for apologies that have the word ‘But’ in them. This means that the person that did you wrong is trying to justify their actions. While on the same vein, keep an eye out for apologies that direct back to how you provoked them. This is a sign that the person that did you wrong does not take full responsibility.

2.      They Waited for the Right Time

You can tell whether an apology is sincere by the time and place that it was told in. If your loved one waited and gave you space, this means that they want to be forgiven. So they were planning things out.

3.      They are Taking Corrective Action

Sincere apologies aren’t just words but are actions to mend things. For instance, if your friend apologizes for never paying for dinner, he would give you the money that he owes back, or promises to cover you the next time you go out.

4.      They Express Regret

You definitely can tell whether an apology is sincere if the other party expresses regret for their actions. You can of course tell if their regret is sincere if they take responsibility for their actions too.

5.      There is Clear Communication

If your loved one communicates about why they acted the way they did, you can be sure that they mean it when they apologize. They want to mend things, and want you to know why they did what they did.

6.      They Chase After You

If you’re not keen on accepting their apology, a good sign that they are genuine about wanting to mend things is them constantly coming to you and wanting to make things right.


How Can You Help Someone Stop Their Destructive Behavior?

If your loved one can’t stop hurting you because of their destructive behavior, there are a couple of tricks that you can try to help them stop.

Let’s talk about them.

1.      Open the Topic

The first thing to do is to initiate the conversation, and talk to your loved one about how they have a problem. Remember to be open with them about how you feel – especially about how their actions are affecting your relationship.

It is critical that you listen to what they have to say, as they may be going through a lot behind the scenes. Remember to offer a shoulder of support, and to rally all of their loved ones so that they can get enough support to fix their faulty behavior.

Here’s a pro-tip – prepare what you are going to say beforehand so that you get the best points across. You can avoid saying something too risky this way too.

2.      Reprimand Them

You should of course reprimand their behavior. By no means try and justify it, as they need to know that their actions have consequences. If they are not able to work on themselves, warn them that you would end your relationship.

3.      Be Encouraging

If your friend is dealing with destructive behaviors that have been going on for a while, it would be especially harder for them to stop it. While in conversation, you should remind them that it is alright to fail – they can use each of these failures as means to bounce back.

You being very supporting and encouraging in general can play a major role in how successful they will be.

4.      Get Professional Help

Definitely try and take your loved one to see a therapist. They would get professional help to handle their destructive behavior better. This might finally be the way out of their vicious cycle, as underlying toxic thinking patterns may have been at play.

Of course, do your research when finding a good therapist. And if your friend is dealing with an addiction, it is especially important that you take them to special addiction meetings as well.

5.      Seek Help

Along with your loved one getting professional help, it wouldn’t hurt for you to see a therapist as well. The whole situation can be mentally and emotionally draining, especially if you’re dealing with an addict. You would be able to take care of yourself so that you would be in the best mental state to support your friend.

How Do You Stop Being Friends with a Toxic Person?

In case you are dealing with a toxic friend that just won’t stop their destructive behavior, the only thing left to do is to cut them off. This is easier said than done, but there are quite a few suggestions that you can try to make this easier.

Let’s get into it.

1.      Accept the Reality

The first thing that you need to do is accept reality. Your friend was very toxic and there is no point in you trying to rationalize their behaviors. If you keep making excuses, you won’t be able to take the right actions, or approach the situation that well.

Your mental health is what’s the most important at the end of the day. Friendships don’t have to be forever, so ill treatment definitely is something to take action on.

2.      Communicate How You Feel

Before you cut them off, I would advise you to speak to them about what you are about to do. Explain that you are not happy with their destructive behavior, and are finally cutting them loose. If you have told them that you would do this if they didn’t stop, it would be a good time to remind them of this promise.

Explaining that you’re ending things before saying goodbye is the right thing to do too, especially if the two of you have known each other for a while.

3.      It’s Okay to Grieve

It is no surprise that the decision to cut your friend off would make you sad, especially if the two of you have known each other for a long time. So, take time off and have a breather if you have to. As mentioned earlier, seeing a therapist for yourself would also be a good idea, as you would be able to unpack your emotions.


How Do You Know if A Friend is Toxic?

If you’re dealing with a toxic friend, there are plenty of signs to look out for, apart from them constantly apologizing and hurting your feelings over and over again.

Let’s talk about some of the most obvious.

1.      They Weaponize Their Struggles

Everyone struggles with something. But if you have a friend that weaponizes their struggles against you, this is toxic behavior that you don’t need.

2.      Disrespect Your Boundaries

You’re dealing with a toxic friend if they don’t respect your boundaries. If you have not explained these boundaries to them that well, you can give them some leeway. However, if you have explained them before, they are not the best person to be around.

3.      You’re Not Allowed to See Others

Some toxic people do not like when you spend time with the others in your life. This is toxic behavior, as they are trying to keep you for themselves.

4.      Insulting Behaviors

There is no way you can be friends with someone that constantly demeans you. Regardless if they do this purposefully or not, you should consider cutting them off.

5.      You’re Not Appreciated

Your friend is toxic if you have been doing a lot for them and they undermine all of this work. They are especially toxic if they have been doing this behind your back.

Final Thoughts

Your loved one may be apologizing but is not sincere about his wrongdoings, which is why he keeps repeating them. I’ve made it easier for you by running through all the ways to spot a fake apology. And I also discussed how you can deal with a toxic person that is like this too, along with what you can do to help if he wants to get help, but keeps going back to his destructive behavior as he can’t help it.

Hopefully you found all of the points that were run through useful.

Not Tipping Wedding Vendors

Your wedding is expensive enough and now you have to think of tipping the vendors too. So, is this is something that you have to do?

Here is all that you need to know about tipping etiquette for wedding vendors:

Do You Need to Tip Wedding Vendors?

There is no hard and fast rule here – some people choose to tip, while others don’t – most couples will be specific about which wedding vendors they do tip while others base the tip on the kind of service, in case gratuity is added in the bill, a tip isn’t required.

Should You Automatically Tip Vendors?

Unlike with other services, when it comes to a wedding, you aren’t really expected to tip. This is typically because you are spending quite a bit of money on the event already.

Wedding makeup artist making

However, if you do want to follow certain social norms, then you can tip certain individuals.

That being said, this doesn’t mean that you should automatically tip everyone. When it comes to a wedding, it should largely be based on the kind of service that was provided.

For instance, did the vendor or employees associated with the vendor go above and beyond their service? If so, this can warrant a tip.

If they simply followed the letter of the contract, though, then you may not be compelled to tip them beyond what you are already paying.

Which Vendors Should You Tip?

This is a personal choice, as opinions can vary quite a bit here.

It is a universal opinion that you should tip the hairstylists and makeup artists that worked on you as well as your bridal party. In this case, don’t just tip for you but also each person that these individuals worked on.

Some people believe that you should tip the servers and the bartenders that handle the food and drink. These individuals are on their feet for the entire wedding and it is nice to provide them with some extra money.

Keep in mind that unlike with waitstaff at restaurants, the servers from catering companies and venues don’t rely on tips. They tend to have decent salaries which is why tipping is optional here too.

Some will also tip the main photographer or videographer as well as the assistants. Once again, these individuals have been on the move for the entire ceremony so it is a nice touch.

You can also tip the DJ or each musician of a band if you like. For musicians, it is a good idea to tip them equally unless one of the members had more duties than the rest.

Who Should You Not Tip?

As a rule of thumb, you don’t need to tip anyone who owns their own business and, as such, is their own employee.

This is because these individuals set their own prices according to the services that they provide. And, if they don’t have other employees, all of this money goes directly to them.

These individuals can include the florist, the photographer, the DJ, etc. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tip them for a job well done, it is simply less common.

Keep in mind that if these business owners are using other employees for the event then it is a good idea to tip these individuals as they don’t make as much as their bosses do.

It is also unnecessary to tip those who have provided the venue. This is because they often have minimal involvement in the event. However, if any of the employees helped you to set up, then it is best to leave a tip for each individual rather than the venue as a whole.

Is There an Alternative to Tipping Business Owners?

So, what can you do for business owners instead providing them with a tip?

Bride Getting Hair Done

Well, one of the best things that you can do is to leave a glowing review and offer them up as recommendations for others. This gesture will often go a much longer way than a tip as it can result in better business for them.

Tipping According to the Contract

Now, before you decide who you should or shouldn’t tip, consider the contract that you are signing. Is gratuity or service charge included in this contract?

If so, then this is essentially like the tip and this amount is distributed among the people working for that vendor. Due to this, there is no need to contribute any more money.

You should also determine if you are being charged per individual for a service. In this case, you don’t have to forego the tip completely but you may want to leave a smaller one.

Tip So Your Guests Don’t Have To

You should also tip for the event that your guests don’t feel responsible for it. This is especially true for the bar.

Inform the bartender that you will be tipping them at the end of the night. This way, they will not leave out a tip jar and your guests will not feel obligated to tip.

This is something that you may want to consider for valet parking as well. Once again, inform your guests that the tips have been taking care of so that they will not need to shell out money.

Are You Required to Tip Wedding Vendors?

No, you aren’t required to tip wedding vendors, although there are some individuals like stylists, servers, musicians, and bartenders that you may want to tip – in general, there is no need to tip business owners or venues as they make more money.


How Do People Afford Weddings?

Curious about how people afford weddings, particularly when costs are at an all-time high. Well, it turns out that there are a few different methods that people use:

Here is what you need to know about these avenues:

How Do People Pay for Weddings?

The top three ways that people afford weddings are by borrowing money from financial institutions, paying via cash or savings, or getting assistance from family members and friends – it is becoming increasingly common for couples to pay for their own wedding.

How Do Couples Pay for Weddings by Borrowing from Financial Institutions?

It is estimated that one in five couples will borrow money from a financial institution like a bank to pay for their wedding.

constituting wedding plans and budget

The most common way – around 40 percent of couples – to do this is to make payments via a credit card. It is believed that couples take out up to $8000 on their credit cards.

This means that many of these couples will start their lives together in debt. However, a significant portion of these individuals are attempting to pay off their debt within 12 months of taking out these loans.

Others expect to pay off their credit card loans within two years of borrowing the money.

There are also many couples who will take out loans for their wedding in addition to or instead of credit cards. The benefit of loans instead of credit cards is that the interest rate tends to be much lower. Therefore, the risk of continued debt is lower as well.

Some couples choose to take out loans specifically for weddings. These are aptly named wedding loans. Others, though, will take out personal loans instead.

The only downside with loans is that it isn’t easy for everyone to get approved. Ideally, you should have a strong financial history along with a good credit score.

Otherwise, your application may be rejected or you may be quoted a higher interest rate.

It is possible for couples to take out a loan together as this improves their odds. Or, if this isn’t possible, you could ask a trusted family member or friend to co-sign a loan for you.

How Do People Pay for Weddings in Cash?

As mentioned, a greater number of couples are tackling the cost of their wedding by themselves. At the same time, these couples don’t want to start off their married lives in debt.

As there is no rush for people to get married within a specific period of time, couples are taking longer engagements. They are using this time to save up an increasing amount and use these savings to pay for the wedding.

In some cases, the couples attempt to temporarily increase their income by taking on other jobs or taking on more responsibilities at work.

There are also those who will dip into existing savings. Now, those who do this are able to typically pay for their wedding without accumulating any or much debt.

The only disadvantage is that the couple then have to build up their savings from scratch again. Still, many find this preferable to being in debt.

How Do Couples Pay for Weddings With the Help of Family Members?

At one point, it was common – and expected – practice for the bride’s family to pay for most of the wedding if not all of it. The groom’s family pitched in.

However, as generational wealth fell with the 2008 market crash, this happened less and less. In fact, couples will cover about 50 percent of the cost of their wedding by themselves.

The rest of this may be made up by the bride and groom’s family. Although parents used to be the primary contributors, these days siblings, grandparents, and other family members will provide funds.

The only issue with having family pay for your wedding is that they then have the right to be involved. As a result, they often have to be consulted or provide input on important decisions such as the venue, catering, etc.

This can lead to conflict between the engaged couple and their families. And, if both sides of the family are pitching in, this can issues between the bride’s and groom’s families as well.

What is the Best Way to Afford a Wedding?

The best way to afford your wedding is to save up money specifically for this occasion. Not only is this the most stress-free option, but it also ensures that you don’t carry any debt into your new marriage.

Wedding hall

If possible, you shouldn’t touch the savings that you currently have. These savings can be used for a mortgage, down payment on a car loan, or as a rainy day fund.

One of the ways that you can save up for a wedding is to have a longer engagement. Create a budget for your wedding and then determine how long it would take to save up for this kind of ceremony. This will give you an idea of when you should have your wedding.

The other option is to find another form of income. You and your partner can join a rideshare service, deliver food, sell clothes and belongings online, try freelance work, and other tactics to make some money.

Budgeting – The Key to Affording a Wedding

The best way to afford a wedding, though, is to have a wedding that you can actually afford. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do something less fancy.

However, wherever possible, try to save money. This could be getting married at an unpopular time of the year, not having a sit down dinner, or even reducing the number of people that you invite to your wedding.

In previous years, people would relegate much of the work to wedding vendors or creators. However, they are increasingly handling much of the tasks by themselves.

From decorating to DIYing center pieces, more and more people are cutting down of supplies and labor by tackling such jobs by themselves.

How Do Couples Afford Weddings?

The main ways that couples afford weddings is by taking out loans or paying for certain services using their credit cards – however, an increasing number of people are also either saving up money or using their savings while there are also those that borrow from family members.

MangaTraders Alternatives

MangaTraders is no more but that doesn’t mean that you should fret! There are actually a number of sites out there that can provide you with numerous titles to choose from and top notch quality to boot.

Here are the sites that you should check out to discover which titles are right for you!


MangaFreak is the perfect website to check out manga from practically every genre that you can think of. If you are someone who enjoys variety with their manga, then this is certainly the spot from you. From comedy and action to historical and horror, MangaFreak has it all.

As an added bonus, you can find popular titles like Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tale, and a lot more. So, it doesn’t matter if you are there for the classics or something new, you are sure to find it here. You can see which titles are completed and which ones are published. You can also find instructions on whether to read the manga left to right or right to left to clear up any confusion.


Are you someone who loves staying up to date on the latest titles? If so, you will love what this site has to offer you. Not only do you get access to new titles every day, but you can also get an update of which titles are ongoing so that you can always catch up with the stories that you are following.

Quality time online

MangaYeh is another site where you are certainly not going to be bored anytime soon. There are hundreds of manga titles for you to choose from so there is always something for you to read. What’s more, there are several categories too which means that you can find something that is right up your alley.


While MangaPlaza has a lot of different categories for you to choose from, most of the titles are based on the romance genre. What’s great, though, is that there is a lot of diversity in the kind of titles available to you. Therefore, you will be able to read all kinds of romantic stories.

The layout for reading manga on the site is great! The orientation is large, clear, and easy to navigate. You are shown how to reach each manga title based on its design, allowing you to plunge into the story right away!


If you are all about visual quality when it comes to your manga, then you will be thrilled by what Manga. Club has to offer you. What’s great about this site is that all the manga is visually stunning and the quality really draws you into the story.

Read Online News Media On Laptop

What’s more, there are plenty of titles for you to choose from and new ones are constantly be added. You can choose to follow a completed story or one that is continuously been updated. In any case, you are sure to be entertained on this site!


This is a website for a true manga fan. There are just so many genres and titles for you to choose from and new ones are constantly been added. What is great about this site is that if you have a particular manga you want to read, you can put in a request!

If you aren’t sure what you should be reading next, there is no need to worry. Each of the manga comics come with a rating provided by other readers. You can even read the comments written by others to determine whether or not a particular title is right for you!

These are the best MangaTraders alternatives that you can find online. Either you can find one or two as your top options or make all of them your new favorites!

More MangaTraders Alternatives to Explore

For those looking for an extensive collection of manga titles Manga-Heaven is definitely worth a visit.

This website offers a wide range of genres including action romance fantasy and more.

You can easily navigate through the site to find the latest releases and popular series.

MangaHere is another great alternative to MangaTraders.

It provides a vast collection of manga including both popular and lesser-known titles.

The site offers a user-friendly interface and allows you to search for manga by category rating or popularity.

You can also leave ratings and reviews to help other manga enthusiasts discover new series.

If you’re a fan of both manga and manhwa MangaPark is the perfect site for you.

It offers a diverse selection of manga and manhwa ensuring there’s something for everyone.

The site provides a clean and organized layout making it easy to find and read your favorite titles.

You can also bookmark series and receive notifications when new chapters are released.

MangaDex is a popular platform for manga lovers around the world.

It offers a vast collection of manga titles including both licensed and scanlation releases.

The site provides various search options allowing you to filter by genre artist and more.

You can also join discussions in the active community and even contribute to the site by uploading your own scanlations.

These additional MangaTraders alternatives will provide you with even more options to explore and discover new manga series.

Whether you’re a fan of action romance or fantasy these websites have got you covered.

Happy reading!

Do Guys Liked Being Called Baby or Babe? A Detailed Answer

If you’re wondering whether a guy likes to be called baby or babe, this depends on who he is. If he is a close friend and not a boyfriend, the answer is probably not.  It’s not hard to imagine why, as he would think that you have feelings for him and won’t know how to properly act.

This article not only takes a look at this, but some additional information too, like what guys like to be called in relationships, and whether baby or babe is the more romantic name. Read ahead for more information.

Do Guys Liked Being Called Baby or Babe?

As mentioned, the answer to this depends on who the guy is. If he is someone that you are romantically seeing, he would definitely not have a problem with either of the two names. And which of the two that he prefers would depend on him – ‘babe’ is the more colloquial option, which he may like.

But if he’s just a friend, he might feel uncomfortable with you using the two names, as you’re using a nickname that’s reserved for intimate partners.


Is Baby or Babe More Romantic?

I generally would say that ‘baby’ is more romantic. It is more formal, and would make the occasional seem more special when you say it in contrast to just ‘babe’. But also, ‘babe’ is commonly used as a compliment. So, using ‘baby’ is the more romantic option.

For instance, someone can say that you look like a ‘babe’ to imply that you look good. Of course, the answer to the question depends on what your partner likes too. If your partner prefers the latter more, it would be more romantic when you use it.

Can a Guy Tell Whether You Like Him?

If you have been calling a guy that you’re into babe or baby, he probably suspects that you have feelings for him.  The only way around this would be if you start calling everyone around you as either babe or baby too. This would make it seem like they are terms of endearment that you like using, so he would not feel that special.

But also, your behavior can tell a guy know whether you have feelings for him. For example, if you compliment him more often, touch his arm or leg during conversations, and make way more eye-contact when speaking to him too.

How Can You Tell Whether Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Like a Nickname?

You can tell if he does not like a certain nickname by his body language. For instance, he may shrug away when you call him the name that you think he does not like. You of course would know that he does not like a name if he acts shy when you use it in front of his friends and family.

And you would know how he feels if he tries to make you stop calling him the name. He may have casually brought up another nickname that you ended up ignoring.


What Do Guys Like to Be Called in Romantic Relationships?

The answer to this question is kind of tricky. Because some guys like certain names compared to others. As mentioned, ‘baby’ is a very romantic name that you can use for your partner. If you want to make things a bit more casual, you can call him babe instead. Another iteration of babe/baby is ‘bubba’ – it’s of course not as common but I think that it has a nice ring to it.

At the same time, you could call him ‘love’. It is a common term of endearment that both genders use for each other. What’s also nice is that you can use the term outside of relationships with your friends and family.

If you’re not a fan of the above options, you can go ahead and call your partner a special nickname that you may have made. This would make things more personal, as you would have a codename for him that is just between the two of you.

What does it Mean When a Guy Calls You Baby?

If the two of you are dating or have been romantically together for a while, him calling you baby would not be a surprise. He is calling you it as he wants you and the world to know that you mean a lot to him.

However, if the two of you are not dating, then why he may be calling you the name is a bit tricky. There is a chance that he likes you and is trying to signal it across.

If he does have feelings, there are a couple of tell-tell signs to look out for, like him constantly complimenting you, touching your arms or legs during conversations, and making more eye contact than usual.

You will of course know whether a guy has feelings if you speak to his friends about this. As you can imagine, however, this would be easier said than done. But you can get a direct answer to your question, so you would not have to overthink whether he has feelings or not.

Or baby could be a term of endearment for loved ones that he picked up that he thought was cool. You can be sure that this is the case if you notice that he calls everyone else the name too.

How Do I Start Calling My Boyfriend Babe?

‘Babe’ is pretty casual so you don’t have to worry about throwing it in conversations that much. In my opinion, the best way to include it would be by asking him a question, and then excluding his name but calling him babe instead.

You can of course ask him whether he would like to be called the name, and then ease into it during conversations. As mentioned, ‘baby’ is a more intense version that you can try. It is not as casual, so you will likely find it harder to use in sentences when you are with your friends and family.

Is Babe the Same as Bae?

Yes, Bae is another term for babe. It is a shortened form that people mostly use when texting – you rarely hear couples call each other it in person. I am not the biggest fan of calling someone ‘bae’ as you can just go with babe instead. Also the nickname can sound kind of childish.


What Word(s) Can I Say Instead of Babe?

In my opinion, the best names that you can use would be darling, sweetheart and love. I touched on ‘love’ earlier, as it’s pretty popular. I think it is the best from the three. If the two of you have been seeing each other for a while, you can think back to when you first met and use a nickname that is reminiscent of a memory or experience that you share.

Is it weird to call a guy babe?

The answer to this depends. If he is someone that you are not romantically seeing, then yes, calling him babe would be weird. However, if he is your boyfriend or partner, then calling him babe would be perfectly normal. You are calling him this and not his name as you want the world to know that he means a lot to you.

You are probably asking this question as you have just started dating and are self-conscious about having to call him babe. But remember what I mentioned above that you can have a conversation with him beforehand and ask what he would like to be called.

You will know what types of names he would like in the process. It especially would not be weird if he calls you them too. Most likely, he has a special nickname like ‘darling’ or ‘sweetheart’ that he uses for you.

Final Thoughts

The answer to the question depends on who the guy is. If he is someone that you are romantically interested in, he would have no problem with you calling him babe. In fact, he might enjoy it as it makes things more special, as you have special names for each other now.

You could also go for one of its other versions, like baby. Going with nicknames like these is always smart as this would strengthen your relationship with each other.

Hopefully you found all of the points that were run through useful.

How Much Do Wedding Dress Alterations Cost?

As you may have found out, there is more to your wedding dress than the original price. You often have to get the dress altered so that it will fit you perfectly.

If you are curious about how much this will cost, then here is a breakdown:

How Much Will It Cost to Alter a Wedding Dress?

A single alteration on a wedding dress can cost anywhere between $40 and $1000 – the total cost of the alterations can be significantly higher – the cost of the alterations can depend on the type of alteration, the dress design, the material, the seamstress, and more.

How Much to Hem a Wedding Dress?

On average, it can cost between $120 and $250 to hem your wedding dress.

Trying wedding dress

This is one of the most requested alterations on a wedding dress. This is because most bridal shops will make the dress longer to ensure that it will fit most people.

The reality is that there is no such thing as a simple hemming alteration. For one thing, you rarely have to just take the hem in. Keep in mind that making any changes to the hem can alter the shape of the skirt.

If this is the case, then other alterations must be made to the skirt to maintain its original shape.

There are other things that can cause this project to increase in price. The more layers you have on the dress, if there is any lace, if any portion needs to be re-beaded, all of this can result in a higher fee.

How Much Does It Cost to Add Cups to the Dress?

This is another common request. If you don’t want to wear a bra with your wedding dress then cups are the solution for you. These ensure that you have the appropriate amount of support.

Now, this is one of the easiest alterations to make as long as the design of your dress accommodates it. The insertion of cups should cost you no more than $50.

How Much Does It Cost to Add Straps to the Dress?

At a glance, you may assume that adding straps to your wedding gown is an easy task. And, in some cases it is.

If the design of your dress accommodates the addition of sleeves and if the straps are simple, then it may cost as little as $50 to add the straps.

On the other hand, if the gown design has to be changed or if the straps boast a complex design, then this will be more work for the seamstress. Thus, the cost can go up to $250.

How Much Will Sleeve Alterations Cost?

When it comes to the sleeves on your wedding dress, you may want to either shorten the sleeves or add sleeves to the dress.

Shortening the sleeves can be a bit more work than most people realize. This is why it can cost around $40 to $80 per sleeve.

In addition to shortening the sleeve, you must ensure that the shape and dimensions of the rest of the sleeve are maintained. If there is any beading or other design on the sleeve, then the seamstress may need to add these details once the sleeves have been shortened.

Adding sleeves to a gown can be a costly option. It can be around $200 to $400 in total.

This is because you have to find the same material or use lace or chiffon which can be tricky to work with. In some cases, the original design of the dress allows you to make these changes without any issue. In other instances, the design has to be altered before the sleeves can be added.

How Much Does It Cost to Take the Sides In?

Many people like to buy a dress that is just a little bigger so that it can be altered to fit them perfectly. If so, you will need to take the sides in of your dress. This also needs to be done for people who have a smaller waist than their bust and hips.

If the dress is rather loose and the material isn’t too tricky, it should only cost you around $30 to take the sides in.

You should be aware that it is rarely that simple. For one thing, the thicker or more delicate material needs a greater amount of care. This is especially true if there are any additional elements like beading or lace.

It is also rarely as easy as simply taking the side in. You may also need to change the shape of the bust and even the skirt so that the final shape looks more natural.

How Much Do Bustle Alterations Cost?

Interestingly enough, most wedding gowns don’t come with a bustle. Instead, these elements are added to ensure that it is easier to move around with the train of your dress.

Wedding dresses at Bridal boutique

The longer or wider the train is, the more bustles that will be needed. If your train isn’t that long or wide, then it may cost as little as $40.

On the other hand, if you need numerous bustles added, the cost can go all the way up to $150.

You should be aware that some seamstresses may attempt to add more bustles than you need just to drive the price up. Due to this, you should always step in to decide just how many you will actually require prior to alterations.

Bride Alterations Price List

Here is what the average price list may look like for wedding dress alterations:

  • Adding Straps: $50 to $250
  • Adding Sleeves: $200 to $400
  • Shortening Sleeves: $40 to $80
  • Altering the Neckline: $250+
  • Bra Cups/Chest Area: $20 to $40
  • Side Seams: $30 to $100 for each side
  • Altering the Back: $200+
  • Turning Zipper into Corset: $150
  • Hem: $120 to $250
  • Bustle: $40 to $150

How Much Will the Alterations to a Wedding Gown Cost?

The cost for an individual alteration can cost between $40 and $1000, which means that the total cost can be much higher – the price for each alteration is determined by the alterations, the design of the dress, the materials of the dress, the materials used, the seamstress, and more.

Factors Influencing Pricing

There are several factors that can influence the pricing of wedding dress alterations.

The complexity and customization of the dress play a big role as well as the materials used.

Dresses with delicate fabrics lace and tulle may require more time and effort to work with resulting in a higher cost.

Additionally specific alterations such as adjusting the neckline reshaping the bust area or adding additional beading or embellishments can add to the overall cost.

The location and the seamstress or boutique can also influence pricing with larger metropolitan areas typically charging more for their services.

It is important to note that some alterations specialists charge by the hour while others may have a flat fee for specific alteration services.

Overall it is recommended to get a quote in writing before committing to any alterations to ensure transparency and avoid any surprises in cost.