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Apps Like Quidd

Apps Like Quidd

Quidd isn’t the app that it used to be and a lot of people are leaving it in droves. However, before you move on, you need to find an appropriate replacement for your passion.

From all-inclusive apps to specific trading cards, you can find the top alternatives for Quidd right here:

FIFA World Cup Trading App

If you want to build your collection of the top players in the world, then it is easier than ever before thanks to this trading app. As an officially licensed app, you will get access to the cards of the top players around the world.

To collect cards, simply open the packs and find the top players. As you expand your collection, you will be able to easily find new and rare cards until you create a collection of the top eleven players.

If you are missing a desired card, then join the trading pool. You can meet other participants from all over the world and find the card that you need.

BUNT MLB Card Trader

Do you love collecting and trading cards and want to be able to meet people with the same passion as you? If so, then this is the app for you. As an officially licensed app for digital trading cards for the MLB, you can guarantee that all the cards that you are getting are completely authentic.

Of course, it isn’t just about collecting the cards, but also using them! This app has interactive features that allow you to showcase your card and meet other like-minded people. What’s more, you also get to set your cards in a lineup while the players score in real-time.

NBA Dunk

If you are looking for a more interactive way to enjoy your NBA trading cards, then this is it. As an official trader, you get access to the original, authentic cards complete with autographs. Many of the cards may also be accompanied by memorabilia.

With this collection, you get to enjoy your role as a coach. Line your cards up according to the players on the court. Every time that a player scores a point, so does one of your cards! Play them right and you can get to the top of the league easily.

NFL Blitz: Play Football Trade

If you are serious about your passion for American Football, then this is the app. It is officially licensed by both the NFL as well as the NFL Players Association. One of the main perks of this app is that it is as close to the traditional trading game as you can get.

Not only can you find autographed cards from both NFL stars and rookies, but you can also get swatches of memorabilia with them! There is also the opportunity to collect rare cards as well as inserts in numerous colors.

And, once you have your desired collection, you get to be the General Manager of the team and enter real-time contests.

Pokémon TCG Online

If you love Pokémon and want an easy trading card game to join, then this app ticks all the boxes for you. You don’t need any cards to start with. Simply choose your favorite deck from Grass, Fire, or Water and start playing.

As you battle against other trainers and win, you get to move further up and unlock new cards. You can easily grow your collection. To make sure that you take on other levels when you are ready, you can practice against the computer and try your hands at winning and trading cards there.

Star Wars Card Trader

One of the great things about this digital Star Wars card trader is that you don’t just get cards for characters. You also can collect spacecrafts, weapons, and even important moments! The other fun fact is that the cards are constantly evolving along with the story.

As a result, not only can you find cards for the original Star Wars movies but you can also find cards for the shows on Disney+ as well. You can use the cards for all types of missions to unlock new levels and content for you.

Epics Kolex Collectibles

The sporting world has evolved quite a bit and your interests have likely evolved alongside it. Therefore, you are likely to have gained an interest in Esports stars and gaming influencers. If this is the case, then this is the app for you!

This app allows you to collect all the cards from your favorite stars. As they move up in their field, so does the significance and importance of your card! If you have any missing in your collection, the platform also allows you to trade cards until you have your desired set.


Maybe you have multiple interests or want to collect and trade trading cards from various sports and interests. If so, then Sweet is the place for you. Here, you can find trading cards from MLB to F1 in no time at all.

You are also in luck if you are looking for other types of collectibles such as Old Navy and Macy’s Parade. And, if you are into NFTs, this app offers a comprehensive collection for you. The prices for top-notch pieces are incredibly reasonable and could be just what you are looking for.


If you are looking for alternate options for Quidd, then these are all the apps that can take that place. All you have to do is to decide which of these apps is the best fit for you.

Other Apps Similar to Quidd

If you’re looking for more apps similar to Quidd there are several options available to explore.

Epics Kolex Collectibles allows you to collect cards of your favorite Esports stars and gaming influencers while Sweet offers a wide range of trading cards from various sports and interests including NFTs.

Additionally the BUNT MLB Card Trader app is a great choice for collecting and trading officially licensed digital trading cards for the MLB allowing you to interact with other collectors and showcase your cards.

For sports fans NBA Dunk provides an interactive experience where your cards score points based on real-time NBA game outcomes.

NFL Blitz: Play Football Trade offers an authentic trading card game experience for American football enthusiasts featuring autographed cards and memorabilia.

Lastly for fans of Star Wars the Star Wars Card Trader app offers constantly evolving cards that cover characters spacecrafts weapons and important moments.

Explore these apps to find the perfect fit for your collecting and trading needs.