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Apps Like AutoRap

Apps Like AutoRap

Looking for apps like AutoRap that can help to turn out into a superstar? Well, you are in the right place for this!

Here you can discover the top apps that will help you record and share your music with others:


If you want to make professional-sounding rap songs with only the help of your phone, then this is the app that you should choose. With the Rapchat app, you get access to over 2000 instrumentals and beats. What’s more, the recording studio is incredibly easy to use and you can have your song uploaded in no time at all.

Want to add something a little different to your rap? Then go ahead and tweak it using effects like Auto Tune. In case you want the music to sound as professional as possible, you can use AI, to auto-master the track. Once you are done, it is a breeze to upload the music to any social media platform that you choose and get instant recognition.

Rap Fame: Rap Music Studio

One of the best things about this rap music studio is all the beats that you can choose from. Not only can you select the sickest beats from some of the hottest artists around but, new content is always being uploaded. There is no end to the instrumentals that you can get access to.

This is also a great app if you want to gain recognition for your rap music. You can create a comprehensive profile to help others learn all about you. At the same time, you can join contests to battle it out with other rappers and make a name for yourself.

Rap Maker: Recording Studio

Every rapper has their own genre and style that they would like to stick to. Rap Maker makes this easy for you to do by providing instrumentals for everything from trap to mumble rap. What’s more, all of the instrumentals are incredibly high quality, ensuring that the final result is going to sound incredibly professional.

You can choose to leave your recording as it is or beef it up with autotune, compression, reverb, and a whole lot more. You can tweak your vocals until they sound just like you want them to.

Rap to Beats

Do you have your lyrics down pat but are not sure what kind of vibe or instrumentals are a good fit for you? If so, Rap to Beats can help you figure it out. You can practice with different beats, tempos, and other effects until you find the right sound for you.

You can save your demos as mp3s so that they can be shared or tweaked as you see fit. If you want to work on your lyrics alone, then this is possible too. You can upload, save, and share your lyrics with other people in the community.

Go Rap: Beat Maker & Effects

If you are looking for professionally produced beats to accompany your locals, then this is the app for you. In addition to this, new beats are uploaded each week so that you don’t ever run out of inspiration. You get a selection of free beats but if you want to access them all, you will need to sign up for a paid subscription.

You also get great effects for your vocals so that they turn out just how you like. The app is also fairly interactive and is a great place to play with your friends as well as others that are interested in uploading raps and beats.


If you want to find a community of people who are going to like your music and help you grow as an artist, then Raply can help you find them. Part of the app functions like a studio. You can use the beats and instrumentals on the app to create your own rap music.

At the same time, you have the option of creating and uploading your videos as well. You can share it with anyone that you want and find supportive people to help you improve and to get to the next stage of your career.


If you want serious apps that are going to help you make great rap music, then these are the apps for you. Go ahead and check out what each of them has to offer you.