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6 Things Every Good Recording Studio Has

6 Things Every Good Recording Studio Has

Starting as a music producer or just opening up a recording studio can be tough, especially if you don’t have the money to buy top-of-the-line equipment. However, although it’s possible to produce good music without the best studio gear, there are six things that every great recording studio has!

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1) High-quality speakers and microphones

A good sound system is essential for creating an enjoyable and professional environment for musicians and producers alike. You’ll need both nearfield monitors (typically smaller and placed close to your ears), as well as large “reference” speakers (like hi-fi or PA speakers) with big woofers. The audio is the most important output of your studio and should be made according to professional audio advice and with quality equipment. Because of this, your microphones should also be top-of-the-line.

2) A backlit control panel with plenty of input and output jacks

In today’s electronic world it can be easy to forget the high standards of audio production in the early days of music recording. To produce a clean, high-quality sound, an engineer must have a vast array of connections at his fingertips. This not only allows quick setup and changes but also makes multi-tracking less complicated and more efficient! Without this fundamental piece, you will ultimately end up wasting time trying to get your studio to function properly. It’s important to make sure you can connect all of your instruments and microphones to your speakers, so having plenty of input and output jacks is essential. This should include  XLR, 1/4″, RCA, and quarter-inch jacks.

3) Powerful amplifiers 

Amplifiers are critical for powering your speakers properly. It’s important to have a strong amplifier that can power high-frequency sound waves coming from the nearfield speaker as well as larger low-frequency frequency waves coming from the reference speaker. Although it might be possible to use computer speakers or small headphones for recording, nothing beats the sound that comes out of a power amplifier driving a good set of studio monitor speakers. Depending on your budget, try using either tube or solid-state amps.

4) A reliable backup system

Recording studios need to be equipped with a backup power supply in case there’s an emergency during a session. If this isn’t available, musicians will get frustrated when they get interrupted because the electricity goes out! In addition to working electrical sockets, make sure you have enough outlets for all of your equipment to allow you both mobility and stability.


An emergency backup system is also a must-have for any recording studio, as power outages and technical issues can happen at any time. This could be as simple as having an extra amp or drum set on hand that isn’t connected to the primary equipment; every good recording studio should always have extra equipment ready to go if needed. Finally, make your work area functional and inviting by keeping comfortable furniture like bar tables and chairs around. Your workspace will thank you!

5) Comfortable seating 

Your musicians aren’t going to be able to concentrate on recording if they’re uncomfortable, especially if they have to sit for a long period. In addition, make sure that you have plenty of space for your musicians and instruments. You’ll both feel better in a spacious environment where there’s room for creativity!

Great furniture options for a recording studio include comfortable seating, soundproof booths for practicing instruments, and plenty of input and output jacks. But sometimes your best equipment can wear out or break down if it’s not kept to the highest standard. Here are six things every recording studio needs to stay in business. Your recording booth should have a high chair and a good quality microphone. You never know when you’ll need to record something, and this is one of the most essential tools for recording artists.

6) Food and drinks

Everyone knows that food and drinks are important ingredients when it comes to keeping morale high during a session. It’s also crucial to keep enough snacks and water available at all times during a recording studio session because staying hydrated will improve the quality of your recordings!

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You should always consider who will be visiting your studio and what they will be recording. From there, you can create a list of the equipment your studio should have so you won’t regret not having important items later on.

In conclusion,  every good recording studio has high-quality speakers, a backlit control panel with plenty of input and output jacks for connecting instruments and microphones, and powerful amplifiers to produce the sound you need.

But don’t forget these other things: a reliable backup system in case of emergencies, comfortable seating for musicians and listeners alike, and a selection of food and drinks to keep everyone happy


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