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6 Interesting Workout Ideas to Try at Home

6 Interesting Workout Ideas to Try at Home

We associate workouts with a vast space, a treadmill, few weights, a stationary bicycle and, a handsome-looking, chiseled arm instructor with a killer smile. If that’s your idea of a workout environment, think again. You don’t need all of this to be in place to enjoy an exhaustive workout session, and the best part is, it can be fun too. Keep on reading to find out the fun workouts you can perform in the comfort of your home.

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Dancing is one of the oldest forms of exercise. It is seen today as only a hobby or a profession, but dancing has many benefits, ranging from improved heart and lung condition to better coordination, balance, and flexibility. The best part is you burn about 180 calories with 30 minutes of dancing. 

To put that into context, that’s the equivalent of biking at moderate intensity for 20 minutes, cleaning the house for 40 minutes, or walking 1.8 miles. What makes dancing particularly interesting is that you can do this in your home while listening to your favorite songs. Put on a playlist and dance your heart away to your favorite tunes.


High-Intensity Interval Training involves short and fast high-intensity workouts with short breaks in-between. If you want to get results fast, then this is for you. A simple example is performing jumping jacks for one minute before resting for 10 seconds and then going on a plank for another 1 minute before taking another break. It’s a cycle of fast-paced exercises punctuated by brief rests to maximize the impact on various parts of your body. This cycle can go on for 3-5 minutes at a stretch before a long breath. 

A popular, go-to method among MMA fighters, they have replicated this training style on various platforms and apps. It’s possible to follow this MMA exercising routine by downloading the app and get your body burning those calories while toning your muscles. You can burn as much as 450 calories for a 30 minutes workout session. This workout is undoubtedly worth your time.


Originally from India and over 5000 years old, yoga has become one of the most practiced forms of indoor exercise in the modern world. While it has a deep spiritual heritage, contemporary instructors have tweaked it to cater to the world’s needs.

Yoga is popular because of its beginner-friendly and flexible nature and has a variety of poses to choose from depending on what you want. 

If you wish to strengthen your core, glutes, back, and legs, do a Warrior II pose, boat pose, chair pose, or crow pose. If you want to relax and be one with yourself, then taking a cross-legged pose, the lotus pose, or the half-lotus pose is for you. A yoga session can help you burn between 180-460 calories. This, however, greatly depends on the intensity and duration of the session, as well as your age.


Planking is a famous form of exercise because of how simple it is to perform. It is simply taking a push-up position, then stretching out your arm, placing them on the floor, and holding that position. Only two points should touch the floor, and those are your hands and toes. As simple as it is, it is hard to support your mid-section from three extreme points with gravity pulling you down.

That’s why this workout is very effective at building the abdominal and lower-back muscles, which are part of your core. Another fun thing about planking is the variety of ways you can perform it. Aside from the traditional style, you can use your elbows, placing your forearms on the floor for support. You can also plank with one side of your body. 

A two-minute plank session will burn ten calories. 

Going Up and Down The Stairs

As simple as it sounds, this is very effective. Your staircase can come in handy when you want to exercise. If you don’t have a long stair to run up and down on, not to worry, you can use as little as one or two steps and get great results. You can try speed running on the stairs. Take the position you take when you want to climb and sprint up and down the two-step. You can also get creative and add some other exercise to it, like jumping on and off the staircase repeatedly, creating a high-intensity workout. 

Walk And Stand More

I can see you scratching your head over this, but yes, walk and stand more often. When reading a book, walk around your apartment at intervals instead of sitting or lying down. When watching a show, stand and watch. Move around if your legs feel heavy. If the cable remote is a little farther from your reach, don’t sulk there, waiting for somebody to get it for you. Stand and get it. The body burns calories when it moves, so move your body as much as possible throughout the day when home. 

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Home workouts can be fun with a little creativity and initiative. They aren’t complex to set up, and most of them don’t require equipment or a vast space to perform. You can enjoy yourself while burning up those calories right in your home. Who needs to visit the gym when you can do so much in your home?

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