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Chameleon Pens Review: Tutorials, Tips and Discounts

Hello guys !! Well, today I have Chameleon Pens review for you. They are not any standard pens, but instead they are really unique kind of pens by which you can create some stunning effects. Read the full Chameleon Pens review below to know the uniqueness of it 😉 !!

Note: I personally own a set of it and the review is based of my experiences with it.

Hmm, What will your reaction if I say I can create over 10 color tones from 1 single pen ??

Can you even think of it ??

Haha !! Confused ??

That’s what Chameleon Pens are all about. With the use of only 1 Chameleon Pen you can achieve multiple color tones for simple highlighting, Blending, shading etc.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

Before I continue, do watch this video 🙂


I hope you understood what I was talking about... Isn't this cool?

And to be honest, I am currently using these pens to create a lot of my art-works. It has really eliminated the hassles of using 100s of pens to create various blends.

Scroll at the bottom to see some of my works that I did with Chameleon Pens. But before that, do read the features of it 🙂

Chameleon Pen Review

Keeping it short, here are some of the best features of these Multicolor pens.

  • Chameleon pens have alcohol- based ink which is refillable.
  • They have Japanese nibs which are replaceable.
  • They are permanent on most surfaces.
  • Compatible with all other alcohol-based inks.
  • Non-toxic and low odor.

I just love the fact that these pens are refillable with all alcohol based inks. <3

What are the Different Chameleon Items Available ?

I own the 22 Piece Deluxe set but you have many other options. The company ships various items that are listed below.

  • Single pen
  • Set of 5 pens which include varieties such as Floral tones, Pastel tones, Skin tones, Gray tones, Nature tones, warm tones, Primary tones and cool tones.
  • Chameleon Color Tones - 22 Pen Deluxe Set <3 - BUY NOW to GET FREE COLOR CARDS AND SHIPPING

  • Chameleon Color Tones - 52 Super Set
  • Chameleon Color Tones - 30 new Colors
  • Refillable Ink
  • Nibs
  • Coloring Cards
  • Detail Pen
  • Blender Pen

Amazing options to buy !!

Chameleon Blending Pens - Detailed Review

The Pens can be used in two ways:

  1. As a regular alcohol based marker.
  2. As a toning medium by which you get multiple color tones from lights tint of it to the darkest shade.

Remember, it is not a normal pen 😛

Let me describe each and everything about the pen.


First of all, It has a small cap with color and color code indicator, the pen is double ended with a Japanese bullet-nib at one end and a super soft brush nib at the other. Both can be infused and easily replaceable Next it has a mixing nib and a cover protector too which does not let the ink dry.

Next, it has a mixing nib and a cover protector which does not let the ink dry.

  • Bullet nib is used for outlining, drawing and working in small areas with precision coloring.
  • Soft brush nib gives a paint brush feel which allows ink to flow beautifully with color gradation.

What ink to use after it gets empty ??

Use Professional quality alcohol based inks, non-toxic, low odour and acid-free when dry.

Recommended Paper/Sheet to use ?

Use only card stock or illustration board designed for alcohol-based inks to avoid bleeding of color.

Apart from the color pens, the deluxe set comes with 2 more special pens !!

Chameleon Detail Pen

Detail pen is also double-ended with fine-line nibs ( 0.4mm and 0.6mm) and is used for illustrating, outlining and to accent stamping. Ink is permanent when dry.

Chameleon Colorless Blender

Colorless blender pen is also double-ended with bullet and brush nib that contains the same toning medium used in mixing chamber.

colorless blender
colorless blender

It has 3 main uses

  1. Used to overlay, lighten or continue blending color that has already been applied.
  2. Use as a liquid eraser to push color back inside the lines and help eliminate mistakes.
  3. Use over any color to add texture and patterns.

Chameleon Pen Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

Promote Adult coloring with Chameleon OPens

The most important part is here!! How to achieve the color tones??????

So, I will be telling about the secret behind achieving the shades from a single pen.

Each pen has its own mixing chamber which helps to give you the desired shade. The toning medium in the mixing chamber dilutes the color of your pen which alter the intensity of color to produce lighter tones.

How to Get Different Color Tones from a Single pen ?

The ink starts with the lighter tone and darkens back to original color.

And here's how you can do it.

Step 1 : Separate the pen from mixing chamber.

Step 2 : Choose your nib and remove the cap.

Step 3 : Place the mixing chamber on top of the chosen nib. Point to be remembered here is, you need to hold the mixing chamber up and color nib down vertically.

Tonal ranges

Here's a chart showing the different tones you can get with a single pen !!

tonal chart


My Personal Chameleon Pen Art Works

Let me share some important tips that I followed while making my own art-works.

I made an abstract with shades of different colors. The best part about these pens is that once you use lighter shades you can easily use dark shades for giving a real touch.

Secondly, blending of colors is very easy using these pens, that's something we cannot achieve easily with water or oil or acrylic colors.

Apart from giving shades from a particular color one can blend colors using the colorless blender ( an amazing pen to use!!) 

Here' my first Chameleon Pen abstract !!

I also tried a painting gray/black and with their shades. Used a detail pen too!! ( An analogous painting :P)

Another tip : If you want to color a large surface then always start from the middle and the go outwards, Create highlights by not coloring certain areas, and add textures using it.

We can even use chameleon pens with pencil colors to give textures.

The best thing about these pens is that <3 they work even on foil.

Well, let me share some outlined images !! Just download them, print them and color them using the pens. Here's one done for you.

Download Images: 


Step 1: Make something in which you want to add fur effect or download from above

Step 2: Just make circle patterns and don't worry about the white space, do the same in ears also with color BR5


Step 3: Color with the brush after infusing with code BR2 covering all the space, same in ears.



Step 4: Color the nose with gray and the bow with purple after infusing for 10 sec only.


Here I just made the face, try for the full teddy!! Looks beautiful <3

Aren't these pens worth buying??

Chameleon Pens Set Discount Coupon Code 2017

Are you interested to buy these pens ?? Well here are the best Chameleon Pen Offers. Get Huge discounts on Chameleon sets by using the below coupon codes.

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If you are from India or any country where the above link doesn't ship. Comment below. We will help you in getting the pens.

Hope you enjoyed the review.

Welcome to Classy Wish – Kopal Khandelwal Art Works


Hey Guys, So this is Kopal Khandelwal !!! Welcome to my very first blog ClassyWish. 🙂 I have written many articles for other blogs but starting one for myself has always been something that I thought of. So here I am, with my very own blog where I will share away many things !! You will get to know more about me in the later posts.

ClassyWish – By heart, Classy!

Will you be a part of it ?? Here’s all what I will be offering through my blog:

  • I will show various art works which includes drawings, sketches, paintings doodles, etc.
  • I will take you through some of the best places to visit, to eat and to enjoy. 😉
  • Will be reviewing fashion products for all you girls out there.
  • Are you shopoholic too ?? I will be showcasing a lot of items to fill your carts.
  • Will teach you about ART and design.
  • What else ?? That’s all what I have in mind right now.

Are you ready to be a part of Classywish ?? 🙂

So, without wasting any time I should continue with the post. I love to do all sort of craft work, shading, sketching, murals and more. And so my first post is about my art works only. I won’t be displaying all of them but yes these are some of my best works.

I’ll be sharing my techniques too, about shading or how to merge colors or even how to select the best colors etc . Even some on murals and crafting too. For that, you just have to wait a while.

So here we go !!

Beautiful Bird – Explosion of Colors

Kopal Khandelwal Bird

A bird that has all the colors in it, the main thing that has to be kept in mind is the direction in which the shades are to be given and also the color combination should be according to the need. Do you guys like it ?? Be honest !!

And yee, I have framed my sketch. 🙂


Chowki – A tradional Artwork

Most of you guys must be knowing what a Chowk is. Right ?? Well its just a low wooden seat or stool on which you can place any idol or statue or just a flower vase. So here’s what I made.

Image 3

This is my work which is done with the help of paper mache and certain kundans. To give it a more luxury look I have put a 12 mm glass on top of it. This is multipurpose for a flower vase or any idol or just for.

So what are your words on it ??


A Simple Canvas Art

Iimage 5

This is a three piece canvas of tribal art. This looks elegant and is easy to make but the fact remains the same, your hands need to perfect in giving the curves. The base is made first and then with the help of black color, painting is done. I have used camlin tube colors in this.

One of My Favorite – Mural Art

kopal khandelwal Mural art

This is a wooden mural, the base is made out of 4 MDF boards attached with two horizontal lines at the back. I have used sea shells and stones here to give an original look and also the color combination is perfect to make it look eye catching.

A Flower with Some Detailing

This is my best pencil sketch till now. I have tried to give it a original look with water droplets. The color combination and the shades are need to be purely perfect in this and the same thing, direction should be proper in all. It is just the half flower may call it a artistic mind.

Kopal khandelwal sketches

Do you guys like it ??


BORED – Its Just a DOODLE ! 

Kopal Khandelwel doodle work


A random text with random figures covering the space is what is done in doodling. Small small figures like cupcake, ice cream, octopus, bow, camera, etc. are made close to give it different look. Text like Bored, Awesome, your name, Love or anything can be written. Well I wrote bored 😛 quite a match for me.


Criss Cross patterns

Kopal black and white art criss cross

Combination of black pen and pencil with cross and flowers and a bit of shading.

Water color shades

Water color shades

This painting is made with help of water colors and the shading of flowers give it a real look ,the leaves too are done the same way to give the whole painting a wow look!!

Sparkling Love

Image 14

This is also a water color painting with shades of white and a bit touch of sparkle.

Black N White

Kopal khandelwal Black and White art

A concept of black and white color with combination of worli painting is worth eye capturing.


Cute 🙂 Thumb Painting

best thumb painting kopal


Thumb can be used to create many different types of small objects, good for all age groups.

A Music Gift Card

Kopal Khandelwal Gift card

Well yes I do make cards as well. 🙂 Made this card recently for a friend who loves music !!

More Artworks – My Gallery

I just cannot put all of my works, you can see the gallery below for more of my works. I will keep adding pictures to it. 😉

So these were some of my works !! Art is something I live for and always try to make something new.

That’s it for this blog post !! Its my first and I really look forward to my journey at classywish. From the next post onwards I will be sharing some of my travel experiences along with some fashion related articles. Lets see how it goes. 🙂

© Kopal Khandelwal and ClassyWish.com , 2016-17. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Kopal Khandelwal and Classywish with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.