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Apps Like Vozee

Apps Like Vozee

Vozee isn’t quite as good as it used to be and you may be looking for an upgrade. If this is the case, there are a lot of different apps that have free content available to you.

Discover the top apps that you should be downloading if you want to watch free movies and TV shows.


Not only is Tubi a completely legal service but unlike many other legitimate sites, it is completely free. All of the movies and TV shows on this app are absolutely free. Yes, there are some ads but this is fewer than what you would find on cable.

There are also a lot of movies and shows to stream using Tubi. From comedies and dramas to kids’ shows, the options are endless. You even get British shows and Korean dramas if you are looking for something a little different. Also, since Paramount, Lion’s Gate, and other top companies provide content for the site, most of the movies and TV shows are really good.

123Play: FMovies

This is another website that offers all of its movies and TV shows for completely free. Once again, there are ads, but these aren’t all that frequent and can easily be exited. As this is an independent app, you get an enormous selection, much larger than anything else that you will find.

If you see interesting movies or shows and don’t have the time to check them out right now, then simply bookmark them. When you are ready to watch them head over to the Bookmarks section and you will be able to continue your viewing experience without any issues.

Pluto TV

This is yet another app that lives up to its claims of being completely free. However, this isn’t the only reason to be excited about Pluto TV. This app also has an incredible amount of content for you to choose from. In fact, there are over a hundred different channels for you to choose from. Due to this, you aren’t going to be running out of content anytime soon.

What’s more, is that a lot of this content is made up of popular TV shows and movies. So, it doesn’t matter if you like highly-rated comedies or reality TV, you will be able to take your pick of the litter here.

Peacock TV

Believe it or not, Peacock TV is available for free. Now, there is a paid subscription as well and here you get unlimited access to all the movies and TV shows. However, with the free version, there are some limitations.

Despite this, you still get access to a lot of the top movies and TV shows out there. And, the app is completely legitimate which allows you to comfortably watch the content with its original quality. You also get access to shows and movies that are available through other content partners like Universal, Dreamworks Animation, and more as well as the original Peacock content.


If you want to watch free movies and enjoy a user-friendly interface, then the GoMovies app has what you are looking for. Not only do you have the most recent and popular movies lined up for you on the main page, but searching for a particular movie is incredibly simple too.

GoMovies is another independent app. As a result, it has the freedom to show you movies from all companies and labels. This means that you have an enormous library to scroll through and can find movies from all years and genres with minimal fuss. You are sure to never run out of things to watch with this app.


Freevee is linked to Amazon. And, all that you need to access all of this free content is to download the app and access it via your Amazon ID. It is as easy as that. One of the interesting things about Freevee is that there is a lot of original content.

So, if you are bored by all the other shows and movies available these days, this is a great way to see what else is out there. You also get access to the reboots of some popular reality shows as well.


Not only are all of these apps free but they also boast an incredible lineup of top movies and TV shows. If you are looking for great entertainment any one of these shows can guarantee it for you.