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13 Best Watermark Remover Software [Free Included]

If you deal with the digital contents, then watermarks would have been a constant source of botheration. Well, in this article you will know more about watermarks and you will also know about some of the best Watermark Remover software for removing these watermarks.

You don’t need to buy any software as we will list many Free software apps to remove Watermark from images or photos.

What are Watermarks?

Watermark is a kind of patent. You would have come across many images on the internet that has a symbol or a name on it. These symbols or names are the watermarks. The watermarks specify ownership of some content. These are used chiefly by photographers, bloggers, content writers for the copywriting purpose.

Watermarks are added so that no unauthorized user can use your work or images for commercial purposes. It is basically a text or a logo that is superimposed on a picture or a text file. The watermark can be a brand name, a logo of the company or the name of the owner.

However, many times we need the original photo. Sometimes the owner forgets to save the original picture or text. In this case, we need to remove the watermarks. Let’s now have a look at some of the best watermark removers.

Best Watermark Remover Software for Windows

If you are into the digital content then watermark remover must be your most commonly used software. Here’s the list;

1. Photo Stamp Remover

It is one of the best watermark removing software. It not only helps you to remove watermarks but also supports batch processing. It helps you to remove watermarks from a digital image. Zoom in and zoom out feature is also present in this software. It supports various forms of files.

The best feature is that it has an easy to use interface. The interface also supports multiple languages. It is a paid software that starts from $5.99. This will be your best bet for a watermark remover software. You should definitely have a look at it.

2. Photoshop

Photoshop is a very well known editing application for your photos. You can employ this to add many features to your photos. It also helps you to remove watermarks on your pictures. It has many tools like the magic erase brush, blur, healing brush and cropping.

3. SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

Softorbits photo retoucher is one of the most efficient and reliable watermark remover tool. You can rely on this software without thinking twice. This software also allows you to edit your pictures. It has many tools for image correction.

Apart from removing watermarks, it also allows the user to remove any unnecessary marks or portions of the images. The software has many brushes that are employed for removing watermarks. It is, however, a paid software. The price starts at $24.99. You will never regret paying for this software.


GIMP is a free watermark remover software. It is an open source software. You can use it on Windows, Linus or Mac. This software helps you create advanced buttons and logos.

Apart from removing watermarks, this software is also used to correct lens aim error which causes a point of view distortion. GIMP is a rational and feasible option for all digital photographers and bloggers. It is efficient as well as economical.

5. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a common free software to remove watermarks. Although it is basic it can efficiently remove the simple watermarks from the image. It is free software. You can, therefore, try it and check if it matches your requirements.

To remove a watermark open Paint.NET. Now open the photo in which the change is to be made. Click on “Clone Stamp” tool. Change the size of the brush as required. Then click of the CTRL button to create a clone of the background picture. Pointer the cursor at watermark and press the left cursor. The watermark will be removed successfully.

6. LunaPic:

Lunapic is an online app. You can remove the watermark in your picture online using LunaPic. You do not need to download the software. Luna pic is an efficient tool to remove the watermarks from your image.

However, it is a little time-consuming. Whenever any change is made in the image, the page gets reloaded. Therefore, little time is taken. But this software is free to use and can be used by the beginners.

7. Photo Eraser For PC

Photo Eraser for PC is a paid tool. It is amazing software as It allows you to efficiently remove the undesirable items from the image. It removes the watermarks from the image. Apart from removing the watermarks, it also removes any images that are present in the background.

The clone tool allows you to remove even slightest of marks that are left. It can remove watermarks as well as stamps. This software is so efficient that it can even remove shadows of people background. It is a paid software. A free trial is available and if it suits you, you can upgrade it.

8. Photo UPZ

Photo UPZ is an efficient and rational tool for digital photographers. It helps you to remove the watermarks as well as enhance the look of your image. This software allows efficient editing, enhancing and retouching the photos. To make any changes in the photo you need to upload the photo to the software. You can then remove the watermark from the image. Tools are used to remove watermarks or stamps. Photo UPZ  is paid software. The software starts from $19.99. This software will not let you down.

List Of Top 13 Watermark Remover Tools

There are many watermark remover software available. We mentioned some in detail above. If you are still looking for more tools, then here is a much longer list of tools that you can use to remove logo or watermarks from any Image or picture.

  1. Photo stamp remover
  2. Photoshop
  3. Soft orbits photo retoucher
  4. GIMP
  5. Paint.NET
  6. LunaPic
  7. Photo Eraser for PC
  8. Photo UPZ
  9. Web in paint
  10. InPaint Tool
  11. Wondershare Fotophire
  12. Artipic photo editor
  13. AWinware PDF watermark remover

Out of these names, I am sure you will find the best tool that will all your requirements. If you are still looking for an expert opinion, then let me tell you. If your requirement is limited and you want to remove logos or watermarks of a small number of images, then go for a free tool.

However,  if your entire business or work depends on images or graphics, I would recommend you to buy powerful software that can handle all your needs. Photoshop is one such tool that I can easily recommend to anyone.

In the end, it’s your choice. Make sure to comment down your queries in the comment section.

8 Best Kodi Alternatives in 2020 [Free Download]

In search for a free media playing application for your device or the best Kodi Alternatives? Well, pal you are in the right place, because we’ve got it all covered for you!

I know how cumbersome it becomes to keep switching between media applications on your phone and PC’s – Netflix, Popcorn time, Prime Video and the list goes on. For this exact purpose, and to make your life a whole lot easier, Kodi and its Alternatives are your best solutions.

Kodi, as you know is basically an entertainment hub that brings all your digital media together into a beautiful and user friendly package deal. It is a completely free and open source platform, also very customizable and runs on a wide variety of devices.

This Media Playing platform has been a very awarded player in the market, but we believe that it’s not the only one out there that can fulfill your entertainment wishes, so this article will cover 8 other media centers like Kodi, that can be used for playing media from different sources all at one place on a lot of devices.

8 Free Kodi Alternatives

The open Source Home theatre- Kodi has been on the top, but we are going to brief you about the next 8 Free Kodi Alternatives to make your entertainment business a little easier and quicker and a whole lot enjoyable. Music, Movies, TV Shows, Web-Interfaces, Add-ons, all can be at one place with these Software Media Players given below-

1. Emby- The Open Media Solution

With Emby, you can enjoy your media everywhere, even away from home. All you need to do is sign into Emby on your device and gain access to all your media. So, this Kodi Alternative let’s you carry around your open source entertainment wherever you go! Emby will organize your content into easy and elegant presentations. Personal Media, Live Recordings will look elegant as ever, all in one destination.

You can even take your media offline, with Emby Mobile Sync. It also comes with features like parental controls, and web-based tools to edit metadata, search subtitles, and more.  Emby has the most powerful tools to manage your content, users, sharing, security, and more. The Emby Server dashboard is designed for smart phones, tablets, and big screen, so they definitely have it all covered for you!

The app is essentially Free, but a paid subscription starting-  $4.99/month, for exclusive features.


This media server, is probably the best Kodi Alternative and has been widely appreciated by a lot of people. With Plex, all your addicting shows, podcasts, video news, recorded shows and live TV, plus your personal media,  can be streamed to your favorite screens. This Software media player also has a home theater software application which lets you view and manage your media, in a streamlined manner on a great interface.

The best thing about PLEX being that it can even run on low powered PCs, and optimize bandwidth usage. Appreciated features of PLEX include- availability on a diverse range of platforms, and a premium level subscription, which gives you even more features, such as movie trailers, and wireless syncing of photos to the media server.

PLEX is Free, it’s paid subscription starting- $4.99/month, for additional features.

3. KokoTime

Another strong contender for in this list is Kokotime. Kokotime is a simple, free and awesomely designed app that will let you watch all your favorite media content in a unique  user friendly design ! Kokotime has an immersive interface, that will get you hooked!

Who knew that organizing the media stored on your network would become so easy one day? Be it by genre or the ratings you give! Thus I can say that Kokotime is a great media manager. This software Media player also has  Chromecast support.  But whats better is another feature called Universal Cast which is capable of streaming media from your storage devices to your phone or to any output devices connected to your network.

Sadly, Kokotime is only meant for android devices, but its free!

4. Universal Media Server

This Kodi Alternative has a simple presentation, letting you stream media between different devices and even software within those devices such as web browsers. The user interface is although, not as good as the other Media Players, and seems a little outdated, but it performs the actions it promises, pretty well.

It supports Windows, Mac And Linux devices.

Another drawback is the setting up of this software, which seems a little cumbersome and complicated but the  process of consolidating your media is smooth as butter.

Universal Media Server  is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server but also has alternative streaming options for non-DLNA devices and can stream (and quickly transcode) content between computers, games consoles, and smart TVs.

Try Now


The Open Source Media Center (OSMC) is not the perfect Kodi Alternative but it comes pretty close to it. It has actually been reviewed as a more versatile and open media player than Kodi itself. It has been designed in such a simple manner that you will take absolutely no time to familiarize yourself to it. The Media Center is open and completely free! It is actually based on the similar software of Debian Linux and Kodi Media Center.

OSMC can play all major media formats from a variety of different devices, which include-  Windows, Mac, Linux devices. The interface is super friendly and appealing with the new radial menu home screen that points you to all the features of OSMC, which include live TV, local library streaming, TV tuner support and much much more.

6. Stremio

This Media Software like Kodi is your one stop hub for all media that you love and find entertaining. It includes Movies, TV shows, series, live television or web channels like YouTube and Twitch.tv and so much more! One can Discover, organize and watch video from all kind of sources on any device that they may own.

The Software Media Player-  Stremio is supported on devices with – Mac, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS. Some of the most appealing features include support for add-ons, auto-detect subtitles, and “instant HD playback,” as well as the ability to broadcast media via DLNA to the Apple TV, Chromecast and other devices.

7. Media Portal

This Media Center is only for the Windows Users out there. Similar to Kodi, it allows the user to tune into live TV, record live TV, and install plugins. The software can be customized with different skin, giving it a new look so that you never get bored. This essentially brightens up the interface, making it more and more appealing to users.

Handle multiple types of media (music, photos, etc.), with the Media Portal on your Windows desktop. You can even make use of a remote to control your HTPC from your couch. Sounds convenient right? If you are a Windows user in search f0r a good Software media player, then Media Portal is the answer!

8. Usher – Kodi Alternative for Mac

This is the ultimate movie and video assistant for all the Mac Users who are looking for a really good Kodi Alternative. Manage your videos and movies as well as Apple’s iTunes and iPhoto manage your music and your photographs, all from this one stop destination called Usher.

Usher makes use of Apple’s quick time technology, thus it can play back any movie that you can watch in QuickTime Player. Identify your media easily with Usher as it can use Tags to help categorize movies, much like you use keywords in iPhoto to organize photos. Another amazing feature being that Usher  includes a free-form auto-expanding Notes field, so if you like to keep notes about your movies, you can!

Usher has loads of unique features, that do not actually come with other Kodi Alternatives. You can visit the website to find out more.

Top 8 Media Centers for Windows and Mac

Kodi also has a few drawbacks and is not really appealing to those who prefer looks and great interface. Thus, this article specifically sheds light on Open Source Media Centers like Kodi. These Kodi Alternatives are actually more efficient than Kodi in some ways, so it won’t hurt to have a look at them!

  1. Emby
  2. Plex
  3. Kokotime
  4. Universal Media Server
  5. OSMC
  6. Stremio
  7. Media portal
  8. Usher

The top 8 Kodi Alternatives, that act as really good open source media centers have been covered in this particular article. These Media Centers are essentially free but may possess paid premium versions for exclusive features.

The basic version of these Kodi Alternatives possess sufficient features that you may need on a normal regular basis to organise, manage, identify and view all sorts of media on different devices.

5 Best iOS Emulators for Android to Run iOS Apps

There are a number of reasons why you would want to run Apple IOS apps on Android using IOS emulators. These iOS emulators for Android are usually not available on Google play store so you’ll have to go to third-party links to download them. Of course, there is an inherent risk of obtaining pieces of software there are not available officially on Google Play Store. Kodi alternatives are also an option.

Looking for the Best iOS emulator for Android? So are we!

I am going to share my best list of iOS emulators today.

5 Best iOS Emulators for Android

There are only a few emulators using which you can run iOS apps on Android. We are listing only those that are tested and used by majority of the people.

So here’s our list of Best iOS Emulators.

1. iEMU

If you’re looking for the most popular iOS emulators for Android, then iEMU is certainly going to be the first big for many people. This emulator is able to provide you with a virtual iOS environment on your Android device allowing you to install IOS apps and games with ease. The best thing is, the emulator does require a lot of storage space to install and surprisingly don’t require many resources to run regular apps. Of course, running games is a little bit stressful and honestly, many games didn’t work well at all.

The thing about this emulator is that it is open source and is being actively developed by many talented developers. Sure, there are many bugs to be found in the emulation but that is to be expected. Overall it’s a great piece of software that you can easily install on any Android device and start using IOS apps on it. There are a few steps to guide you through the whole process:

  • Download the APK file from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dmJl65wR2Qkm089We9vlMiEE4IVYGER7/view
  • Once it’s downloaded, tap on the notification or use your favourite file Explorer to navigate where it’s downloaded.
  • Tap on the APK file and you’ll get a notification telling you that it is not secured install it.
  • You can easily bypass that security check by going to System Settings > Security, and finding the option that says “Allow the Device to Install Applications from Unknown Sources”
  • Now the APK will take a few seconds to install iEMU on your Android device.
  • After it’s installed, go to your app drawer and find an app named “Padiod”. This is the emulator.
  • Now you to do is simply launch the app and start using IOS apps on your Android.


However, there is a slight problem though, CIDER doesn’t work on all Android devices so you’ll need to manually check if your device is supported are not. This is not a big problem if you have a fairly popular smartphone though, chances are it will be supported with ease. However, your device is from an unknown manufacturer, there is a chance that it won’t be supported. Thankfully, you can simply use the number one app to run Apple IOS apps on Android using IOS emulator so no harm no foul. Here’s how you can get CIDER installed and ready to roll:

  • Download the CIDER APK file from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dmJl65wR2Qkm089We9vlMiEE4IVYGER7/view
  • Install it by sideloading it. You can follow the instructions to sideload from the iEMU installation steps. They are exactly the same.
  • After it is installed, simply go to the App drawer and launch it.
  • That’s it, now you can easily run iOS apps and games on Android.

3. Appetize iOS Emulator

This one here is a browser-based iOS emulator. It works with JavaScript and HTML 5 and is the only emulator we’ve tested that worked perfectly fine online without any hitches.

Not only it’s very convenient but also eliminates any kind of risks that third-party APK files may pose. So you get to test or play an app and you won’t even have to install anything on your Android device, it’s a win-win situation.

You can follow this link to learn more about it.

4. All In One iOS Emulator

It Is Yet Another iOS Emulator For Android You Can Check Your hands On. It Is Limited To At Some Extents. You can Only Get iOS 6 Experience In It. The Best Thing About iOS Emulator For Android Is That You Will Also Get SIRI Inbuilt. Though, You Will Not Get That Features Like In Other iOS Emulator For Android. Features of This iOS Emulator For Android Are Listed Below:

  • iOS Camera Feature Included.
  • Some Collection included.
  • Music Application Included.
  • Sound Recorder Included.
  • You Can Also use Siri In It.

5. iOSEmus

iOSEmus is a web app store for iOS devices that allows its users to run apps that traditionally required a jailbreak but now you can use them without having to jailbreak your device using iOSEmus.  You can install and run games and emulators without having to alter your phone in any senesce while using iOSEmus app on your iOS device. Some of its features are:

  1. You can get the apps on your iOS device which requires your device to be jailbroken beforehand, with iOSEmus you can run them on your iOS devices easily.
  2. You can get all the popular games and apps in the iOSEmus app itself, all the apps are neatly organized and finding the desired app is super easy. The green line along with the app icon in the iOSEmus app signifies which apps can be used on your device without a jailbreak.
  3. iOSEmus has different app themes that match the current theme on your device and look good.
  4. iOSEmus works on all iOS devices irrespective of the screen size and is operational worldwide.

Download it here


So what do you think about these emulators? Are you going to use them or get an inexpensively used iPad to try apps and games out? Do tell us your personal plans in the comments, we always love to learn more. We have done with our list.

As soon as we get more iOS emulators for Android devices, then we will surely add it above. Also, if you know any other unlike from the above, then please share it with us in the comments below. I promise I will look into it. Soon I am going to add the guide for all the apps.

7 Best Flower Identification Apps for Free

You can now identify flowers and unknown plants using these Free Apps. Find out the list of 7 Best Flower identification apps for Android and iOS.

Are you fond of flowers and exotic species? Have you ever stumbled upon a beautiful flower and got curious about it?

You spend hours searching about it online. But while you can try an online search if you’re not sure what something is, google-ing “Off white star shaped flower” can turn up end number of pages of possible results.

What a waste of time and effort!

But don’t you worry, you are lucky as there are apps to do that for you. We call them Flower Identification Apps.

7 Best Flower Identification Apps for Android

Surprised? Well, have a look! Following are some amazing flower identification apps to identify real flowers and even plants.   

1. Picture This

This is one of the best plant and flower identification app. PictureThis uses AI to recognise flowers, is extremely easy and convenient to use.

You can upload a photo from your phone or click a picture of the flower you want to know about and wait while the app determines the type of flower/plant it is.

Do note that the app may provide various similar choices. Also, it might show you a name that you are not at all familiar with. But just for your knowledge, that is the exact plant that you are looking for.

This app is absolutely accurate in terms of results. It might show you some other name which you might think not to be true.

The reality is that there are different names for different plants/flowers. It might differ from region to region. But be rest assured that whatever information you get from the app is absolutely accurate.

Luckily, the app also provides the Latin name for the plant/flower.

2. PlantNet

Plant Net which is absolutely free of cost in terms of usage, is developed by scientists from four French research organizations.

This Free App uses visual recognition software to scan a photo from the gallery in your smartphone or camera and it provides potential matches.

When you click a photo and upload it in this application, it gives you certain options such as; leaf, flower, fruit or stem in order to give you the best results.

3. What’s that flower

What’s that Flower is another flower identification app but a little different than others. First of all, you can use it only in Android devices.

While most of the other apps ask you to click a picture of the flower and upload it, this app requires you to provide the details of the flower. You begin by providing the information about the colour of the flower, and then the approximate number of petals.

After providing this information, you will be presented with multiple potential options. This app could be helpful for you when you are not able to get the picture of the flower you want to know about.

4. Flower Checker

Now, this is a very interesting flower identification app. It is an app where real botanists are helping you to identify the flower you want to know about.

Once you upload the picture of the flower, these botanists provide you with accurate information about the same. Just send the snap, and the team of experts are there for you.

How cool is that!?

Download the app now. 

5. PlantSnapp

Similar to Flower Checker, here is another flower identification app known as PlantSnapp.

It is another app where experts help you identify the flower and also provide you with certain specific details related to it.

The Plant Snapp experts will take a look at it and respond within a few hours.What’s more? You can also buy plants through the app from its PlantSnapp affiliated nurseries. This is available for Apple users.

6. LeafSnap UK Plant Identification App for Apple iPhone

LeafSnap Uk is originally developed by researchers from Columbia University, the Smithsonian Institute for identifying trees (found in the U.S. and Canada) and the University of Maryland.

It is now that LeafSnap has pronged out to the UK market.

This app is able to identify about 156 UK species with its special leaf recognition technology ( all thanks to our knowledgeable scientists), and you also have access to more than two thousand marvellous high resolution images of leaves, flowers, bark, seeds etc.

All that you are required to do is take a snap and upload it. This app is available for Apple users.

7. Nature Gate:

Nature’s gate is here at your service. This app not only identifies flowers or plants for you; you can also use it to identify birds, butterflies and fishes.

The identification tool that is inherited in it helps you to find certain facts and ideologies related to the plant/flower.

This search is done by renowned top photographers by using the search tool. This app is available for Apple users.

7 Free Apps to Identify Flowers and Plants

So here’s the final list of all Plant/Flower Identification Apps that we listed above.

1. Picture this

2. PlantNet

3. What’s that flower?

4. Flower Checker

5. PlantSnapp

6. LeafSnap UK

7. Nature Gate

With the help of these fantastic flower identification apps, you can become an expert in this field. No external efforts needed.

How amazing is that!

Everything that you wanted to know would just take a few minutes and you are good to go.

So what are you waiting for?

Download these free apps from your play store and make the best use of it. Kudos!

McDVoice Survey: Guide to Win Free Sandwich

Ever heard of McDvoice Customer Surey? This article will be your guide on How to complete  Mcdonalds customer satisfaction survey and win Free rewards. 

So, you had a McChicken recently from McDonalds and it was a tasty treat ain’t it? But did you know that you can actually win something big provided you have that memo receipt.

So, if you are a regular customer at McDonalds let me introduce you with McDonalds Customer Satisfaction survey.

What is McDVoice?

Every big company values its customers and try to satisfy them with their products.

They all have a type of review/feedback system for the end users. McDonald is a no different here. The multi-billion dollar retail fast food unit has it own McDonald’s Customer survey called as McDvoice Survey.

These survey data are used for improving their service as well as their products. It becomes a useful tool for safeguarding the customer interest as well.

There are over 37 thousand branches of McDonald in and around 120+ countries of the world. It’s not always possible to keep note of everything physically. This online based survey makes sure that both the customer as well as the company have a clear exchange of feedback on their products and service.

The feedback collected ensures the development of the company as well as customer satisfaction in all aspects.

How can you take part in McDVoice survey?

To take part in a McDVoice survey you need some basic things

  1. An internet-based device with active internet connection.
  2. A valid receipt to enter survey code.

If you have all the necessary things you just need to log into https://www.mcdvoice.com and enter your valid 26-digit code found at the top portion of the receipt.

Once you have entered the code the website will check the code and if validated will direct you to another page with some questions.

Carefully fill out all the answers based on your experience and save the validation code at the end of the survey.

If you have done that, then Congratulations! You have successfully completed the survey. Looking for more fun? Check out our impossible quiz.

Steps to Complete Mcdvoice Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to participate in the survey, you need to have the receipt of your purchase so keep that carefully with you from next time. To take part in the survey just follow the steps mentioned below

  •  Open a browser from any device provided that it has an internet connection.
  •   Type in the address bar into https://www.mcdvoice.com and hit enter.
  •   You will be directed to the official McDVoice survey page.
  •   Note your 26-digit survey code at the upper portion of your receipt.
  •   Enter the 26-digit code into the box provided in the website.
  •   Once you have entered you will directed to another page where you will be asked some question based on your experience.
  •  Just answer those questions honestly.

Alternatively, if you do not have the 26-digit code in your bill follow these steps,

  •   On the same page check the bottom portion. You will see an option “if you don’t have the code click here”. Click on that option
  •   Enter the store, KS, date and time visit and other necessary details from the bill and hit start survey.
  •   Answer all the question asked and after you have finished with the survey you will get a validation code or coupon which you can redeem in your next purchase.
  •   Make sure to note down the coupon code in the receipt.
  •   Next time when you visit McDonalds just present this receipt with the coupon code and get the free gift.

Important Terms and Condition of the survey

There are some terms and condition in order to fill out the survey which you should fulfil.

  • You should have not work or worked for McDonalds in the past.
  • Not more than 5 surveys per store can be taken in a month.
  • Individual should be 15 years or above to take part in the survey
  • Individual should be a resident of USA or Canada.
  • The voucher or coupon should be redeemed within 30 days of filling the survey.

McDvoice Survey Rewards and Discount

It is absolutely worth to take part in McDVoice survey unless you don’t enjoy a free sandwich.

You can get stellar discounts or some free goodies from this survey.

Moreover, McDonalds is a very big company and this survey is a very important feedback for them. This ensures that you are never disappointed on your visit to McDonald. As a consumer-based company this survey is a must if we enjoy the services provided by McDonalds.

So, if you are a regular customer of McDonald you should definitely fill out the survey as it hardly takes a minute or two but makes a lot of difference.

Still if you have any kind of confusion you can contact the McDonalds officials form the below information

Phone: (800) 244-6227

McDonald’s Online Contact Form

Headquarters Mailing Address:
McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523
United States

Final thoughts

So, this is all about McDVoice. If you enjoy McDonalds you should definitely take part in the said survey as it helps the company a lot to improve their services. Looking for stamps? Check out our guide on buying stamps.

Also, make sure you grab your freebie sandwich once you complete the survey. P.S. if you’re into recycling, check out our recycling slogans page to spread the word. Be sure to recycle your trash after enjoying your free meal!

10 Best YouTube Video Downloaders [Free Software]

Have you ever been looking for a YouTube downloader that will be working flawlessly? Believe me when I say that it’s actually not easy to find a perfect YouTube video downloader software. But the question arises, why would you need a YouTube downloader software when you have the most awesome website for videos- YouTube??

To answer your question, in case if you want to save a video offline or make a backup of your own videos for safekeeping or just you want to have particular videos for your playlist on your computer or mobile, all you need is a free YouTube downloader. It’s then when we thought to pick 10 best YouTube Downloader software for MAC and Windows.

Yes, we will be listing 10 Best and Free Youtube Video Downloader tools that are available for free on the market.

10 Best YouTube Downloaders

YouTube downloaders are free tools will enable you to download and save videos from YouTube and often other video sharing sites that too in a format of your choice. It will download your YouTube videos fast and for free.

Free YouTube Downloader

One of the best Youtube video downloader for Windows 10!! And other versions as well.

10 best YouTube downloader

Free YouTube Downloader is a small but effective application that quickly downloads videos without any hiccups. While the design is quite plain with just one main window and a blank space for URL pasting.

It leaves absolutely no room for confusion which might work well for people who do not understand how this works. The video gets downloaded pretty fast and the videos are automatically downloaded to an added folder in My Documents.

I admit being biased for this software as I have placed it at number one on the list of 10 best YouTube Video Downloader. But, you would also have done the same if you were a user of it. So just on my recommendation, please give it a try. I promise you won’t even look for other names.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10

Download Now

 aTube Catcher

10 best YouTube downloader

aTube Catcher is an ad-free software that provides everything for video handling.

You do not even have to worry if you are a Windows or Mac user because it works on both platforms.

And not just from YouTube, but using this program you can also download videos from many other popular websites. What’s even cool about this program is that with the help of aTube Catcher you can even convert videos from one format to another. It Supports the following formats- 3GP, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, etc.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10/ Mac

Download aTube Catcher

YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is a better version of Free YouTube Video Downloader.

It offers you a facility for downloading youtube videos and conversion at a better speed. Resume capability and video toolbar are some of new highlights which are embedded within YTD.Once downloaded you can view the videos offline or get it converted into a suitable format for your mobile device, iPad, PSP, iPod, Windows Media and XVid.

Price: Free; buy for $29.90 premium version

Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

Download now

4K Video Downloader – Free Youtube Video Downloader for Mac

10 best YouTube downloader

4K Video Downloader is multi-platform software for downloading video and audio from popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Facebook. It supports the following output formats: MP4, MKV, OGG Theora, MP3, M4A. It is fast, free and flexible – the most versatile YouTube downloader you could ever get.

Price: free

Compatibility: Windows/ Mac

Download Now

ClipGrab – Free Software to Download YouTube Videos

Whenever you copy a video URL to your clipboard, ClipGrab will offer to download it for you. What could be easier? Just find your video, select a format and go away. You are done. But be careful there, the quality of both video and audio will not be the greatest, just average. MP4, WMV are the supported formats.

Price: free

Compatibility: Windows/ Mac

Download ClipGrab

Free YouTube Download

This tool is specially developed for downloading videos from YouTube.

It can download videos one at a time or all videos in a playlist. All you need to do is paste the URL from YouTube and you can download the video in just two clicks – or no clicks at all if you enable the Auto Download option.

Most of the formats are supported including Avi, MP4, iPhone/iPod and MKV etc. It is one of the best tools for downloading videos from YouTube.

Price: free

Compatibility: Windows/ Mac

Download Now


10 best YouTube downloader

Airy permits to download videos in MP4, FLV and 3GP formats and various resolutions. In order to add the URL of the video to Airy for the download, you can click a bookmark on the program’s browser integration.

You can even download full HD and 8K Ultra HD resolutions to your PC’s hard drive and have fun watch superior quality videos.

Price: Free to Try; $19.95 to buy

Compatibility: Windows/Os

Download Airy

All Video Downloader

10 best YouTube downloader

All Video Downloader application allows you to download videos from various video streaming websites apart from YouTube such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.It lets you download two videos at the same time, convert four. Plus you can even configure the settings in advance for specific devices like, PS3, iPad, PSP, iPhone, etc.

Price: free

Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OSX, Android, Linux

Download This

iTube Studio YouTube Downloader

10 best YouTube downloader

Got Mac? Then iTube Studio YouTube Downloader can be one of the best solutions for you to download YouTube videos. If you are tired of ads and virus attacks then also this application will help you. It’s supported formats are this software are MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, MKV, M4A and some Apple and Android devices, amongst others.

Price: free; Pro Version $29.00

Compatibility: Mac

Download iTube Studio

MacX YouTube Downloader Software

MacX YouTube Downloader is an absolutely free YouTube downloader for Mac users. It let you download YouTube videos with the fastest speed and high output quality. Batch downloading of 4K/HD/SD streaming videos is allowed here.

Also, you can download from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo and other 300+ video/audio sharing sites for playing back on Mac or adding the output MP4 videos to iTunes Library for transferring to iPhone, iPad. No adware, spyware, or malware.

Price: free

Compatibility: Mac

10 Free YouTube Video Download Softwares

Finally, let’s have a look at the complete compiled list of 10 best and free YouTube Video Downloader Software/tools.

These Youtube Downloader for Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, XP and even Mac will help you download any video from Youtube.

  1. Free YouTube Downloader
  2.  aTube Catcher
  3. YTD Video Downloader
  4. 4K Video Downloader
  5. ClipGrab
  6.  Free YouTube Download
  7. Airy
  8. All Video Downloader
  9. iTube Studio YouTube Downloader
  10. MacX YouTube Downloader

Hopefully, you may have found the best YouTube downloader for yourself. If you successfully use any other YouTube downloader do let us know. Keep visiting our website for more such article. Also if you want us to write some other “top list” drop below in comment section.

10 Best Shiny Pokemon List with Details

Shiny Pokemons

Hey readers! Today’s article is all about top 10 Best Shiny Pokemon. Wondering what shiny Pokemon actually are? Shiny Pokemon are a special type of Pokemon. They are different from normal Pokemon in terms of color and availability. Shiny Pokemon are not really so powerful but the catch about them is that they are extremely rare to discover. Facts state that there is only 1 in 4096 chance that the Pokemon you have encounter will be Shiny Pokemon.

But if you really intend to go on a desperate search of Shiny Pokemon then here we had compiled a list of 10 best Shiny Pokemon.

10 Best Shiny Pokemon

Now let’s get to the main attraction. Here are the 10 best looking shiny Pokemon:

  • Ninetails
  • Gyarados
  • Magikarp
  • Metagross
  • Espeon
  • Umbreon
  • Ho-Oh
  • Ponyta
  • Charizard
  • Politoed

Shiny Pokemon List


Shiny Pokemons

Ninetails is one of the most amazing Shiny Pokemon among all. This fox creature is a hard competition to rest of all the Pokemons. Describing the highlights of Ninetails we would mention about it’s glorious fur coat with nine tails tipped off in a nice accent of orange to represent the burning flame within this majestic creature.

The shiny version doesn’t stray too far away from the original colour choices and that is what is perfect. Choosing to only change the orange tips on the tails to a blue tint gives a more ghostly vibe.


Shiny Pokemons

This legendary Pokemon named Gyarados is best of it’s kind. No one can ever deny to recognize this wonderful Shiny Pokemon way back from Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver by appearing in the main plot. Whenever any player think of a Pokemon with unusual colour the very immediate name that hits ones mind is Red Gyarados. It is the specimen that introduced shinies . It is not as rare as other Shiny Pokemons that is comparatively it is easily accessible. Gyarados have inspired many of the trainers to begin their quest to find more unique-looking Pokemon.


Shiny Pokemons

Can you name a Shiny Pokemons which actually have a gold colour? Okay, I just looked and there’s quite a few. But none of them pull it off with a much swagger as Magikarp does!

Undoubtedly, we may call this Shiny Pokemon as most pathetic, weak and idiotic Pokemon that exists, Magikarp still occupies a special corner in the heart of every Pokemon players. When you didn’t know what to expect, if it even evolved at all. Golden Magikarp had to make the list!


At the top of our list is this tank of a monster, Metagross. This monster means business. Not only will this addition to your team bolster the squad in toughness, but, if you are lucky enough to get a shiny version, you will strike fear along with admiration. According to the Pokemon manga, Metagross has four brains. It is intimidating to say the least.

Its original blue color with silver cross doesn’t have the same amount of gravitas that the silver with gold has. Still, the simple yet elegant design makes Metagross the best of all the Shiny Pokemon.


Shiny Pokemons

These all Shiny Pokemons have their own charm that attracts the players. Talking about Espeon, it is the cutest of all the Shiny Pokemon.

You can consider Espeon as cute as Pikachus and Hoppipps. But if you make Espeon a bright green colour, the result is so cute it had to make the list. The best thing about it is if you know how to evolve a shiny Eevee into Espeon you can easily possess one Espeon as Eevee aren’t as difficult to obtain as the other one.


Shiny Pokemons

Shiny Umbreon is straight out of Tron. Seriously, look at this creature. Originally boasting the black coat with yellow markings, this shiny version of an Eeveelution outright beats every other Eevee shiny outcome in the cool department. Neon blue marking with the yellow eyes makes this creature pretty fierce.


Shiny Pokemons

Something about that shift to a pure gold colour instead of its usual red makes Shiny Ho-Oh a sight to behold. Of course, getting a shiny legendary is no easy task – but that’s what makes it even more valuable. The base colour of Ho-Oh often lead to a conclusion that Ho-Oh is a giant chicken. The shiny version on the other hand, makes it look like a true legendary bird.

As is expected of a shiny legendary Pokemon, you’ll probably never ever obtain a shiny Ho-Oh, which is fine as such exclusivity should be earned!


Shiny Pokemons

Another name in the list of best 10 Shiny Pokemons is Ponyta. As we all know there’s nothing cooler than blue flames, and Shiny Ponyta makes excellent use of them. Tragically, Ponyta’s evolution Rapidash loses the blue flames after evolving, making this a bit of a one-trick pony.


Shiny Pokemons

Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokemon species in Nintendo and Game Freak’s Pokemon franchise. It is favorite Shiny Pokemon of many for a good reason. The amazing black fire lizard. The red on its wings make it look more majestic than it already is. And that shade of black… This is truly amazing.

He will be a black beast. Charizard’s shiny color palette is awe-worthy. Black and red make for a powerful, in-your-face color combination that gives Charizard a real intense look.


Shiny Pokemons

I think that politoed is a cute Pokemon and it looks like a baby and a frog fused kind of so the two colors used to show a baby’s gender (which really annoys me because gender stereotyping and such), blue and pink works really well together with politoeds design.

That is the end of the 10 best shiny Pokemon list. Hope you enjoyed it. Let us know in the comments section below about your personal collection of Pokemon. Also in case, we had missed any of your favorite Shiny Pokemon drop their names in the comment section. Do you like Dorian Rossi selfies? Check out this guide.

We will surely add them to the list. These shiny Pokemon are extremely rare so when you finally obtain one, you will encounter an incredible feeling of joy. Best of luck collecting them all.

Top 10 Dancing Apps for Android and iOS [Free]

10 best dancing apps

Hey folks! Do you like dancing? No matter if you are a superb dancer or just a beginner. What’s important is you feel the essence of dance and there is nothing that could stop you from dancing. If it’s so, guess what you are going to get a cherry on your cake right here. Today we are listing out some of the best dancing apps for Android and iOS devices.

Why do you need dancing apps?

We all desire certain things to satiate our dance needs: precise technique, astounding moves, variate dance style, dedicated mentor etc. But it’s true as well that not every one of us can afford all this. Well, what if I tell that you get all this for free or at a considerably very low price. That’s where these apps help you out.

Top Dance Apps for Android and iOS

Let’s have a detailed look at all the dance apps that we listed above. You can download each dancing app one by one and select the best one as per your preference.

Just Dance Now

10 best dancing apps

Just Dance Now is one of the best dancing apps for Android and IOS. The hardest moves or steps are provided here with the easiest tutorials for your easy learning. It has listed more than 200 songs which are newly recorded like Animals by Martin Garrix, Starships by Nicki Minaj, Gangnam Style by Psy, Happy by Pharrell Williams and more.

You can also host a multiple number of dance sessions to compete with the entire world. Addition to this, you don’t pay a penny for all this.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Pocket Salsa Free

10 best dancing apps

This is the highest rated free Salsa dancing App on the store for Salsa dancers and lovers. This app comes with salsa lesson videos that are easy to follow and learn. With Pocket Salsa you learn some of the basics to salsa dancing so that you could enjoy showcase your talent where ever you want. With this app, you will learn to find the salsa dance rhythm with different salsa instruments such as the “latin clave” and “tumbao drum” and much more.

Download for Android

Download for iOS


10 best dancing apps

Jamo is another free dance app for both Android and iOS device. Unlike other dancing apps, Jamo is an amazing motion tracking technology which turns your phone into a Wii controller and Wii console, and it scores your dance moves with the built-in motion sensors.

Since the app is based on the motion tracking technology, Jamo count your movements and you get awarded with the point according to the dance moves. The only thing that would turn you down is you have to dance with your phone. It is the best dance routine app to follow.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Zumba Dance Exercise

10 best dancing apps

Fitness lovers pay attention. As we all know Zumba dancing form combines dancing and exercise both together. The Zumba Dance Exercise is the perfect app to begin your Zumba sessions. You can simply turn on the app and it would help you choose the right track as per your pace. There is a series of Zumba dancing videos.

You can watch them, learn from them and get down to your dancing feets. And the best part is that you can be a novice and still opt for Zumba dance learning.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Hip Hop Dance School Game

10 best dancing apps

If you are a admirer of hip hop dance, this is best app that will help you improve your moves, gain fans and become the best hip hop dancer. This app will give you the skills to choreograph your moves and stand out on stage.

The app lets you choose your outfit and crew members for the perfect performance. You can also take part in the competition and impress the judges.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Dance With Santa 3D Free

10 best dancing apps

Planning for a great party this christmas? Dance With Santa 3D Free app will make it more interesting. With this app you can make an unforgettable Christmas dance with your face adjusted in Santa Clause’s costume. Here are various merry Christmas songs. So, you can choose any to your taste. Plus you can share it’s videos on social networking sites.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Belly Dance

10 best dancing apps

Want your dance to be a bit sexy and sensuous?

Try out belly dance form. Belly Dance is a free app which come up for both Android and iOS users. The app is beautifully design yet so simple to use. It also has a friendly UI tutorials with video instruction. You can easily learn different styles and dance moves with this app. It includes Arabic dance as well.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Pole Motion – Fitness Dancing Whole Body Pole-fit

10 best dancing apps

Pole Motion app is a complete guide to Pole Dancing Fitness which is suitable for beginners and advanced level pole fit dancers. It comes with video tutorials and step by step photos of each move. It also includes Warm up, Pole Terms, Lessons, Routines, Toning Exercises and Stretching with good retina quality graphics. So if you are looking for a dance app with fitness benefits try this out.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Animate Me – Dance Video Maker

10 best dancing apps


Animate Me is a great anime free dancing app for both Android and iOS device. In this app, you can easily use and control everything to make a dance video of your own using your phone. It is also a great way to make your friends and family members dance in a funny way. For this, you can choose different costumes for you and for them, and type of dance song and background.

Download for iOS

Step dance

10 best dancing apps


Step Dance is a free dancing app where you can learn dance step by step. In this app, you can see different types of dance genre where you can select any dance form according to your taste. You can easily learn any dance step by step with a few practices.

It is a friendly user interference. You can also learn about the legacy and culture of step dancing.  Videos are available of the various dance form, watch it and follow the steps while practicing and you will gradually develop the dancing star within you.

Download for Android

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10 Best Dancing apps that you Must Install

Here’s the list of Best Dancing Apps that you must try out.

  • Just Dance Now
  • Pocket Salsa
  • Jamo
  • Zumba Dance Exercise
  • Hip Hop Dance School Game
  • Dance With Santa 3D Free
  • Belly Dance
  • Pole Motion app
  • Animate Me – Dance Video Maker
  • Stepdance

So this was the complete list of 10 best dancing apps from us. Hope you find one suitable for you. Enjoy learning dance and share your experience with us down below.

10 Best Virtual Boyfriend Simulator Apps [Free]

Have you been single for too long now? Is it because you are so sick of the actual male species? Is it because you are too shy to converse with the opposite sex? Well, whatever it is, there is nothing that the internet doesn’t carry a solution for! Boyfriend simulator apps, allow you to have a man of your dreams in a virtual world. This dream man, will listen to you talk as much as you want and never complain about your shortcomings. Sounds like an absolute dream right?

With today’s technology, you can actually date someone who you never have to meet! These Boyfriend Simulator apps allow the person to spend some alone time with her virtual boyfriend without getting scared of getting cheated on. You don’t even have to dress up well all the time or keep your make up on point all the time, to impress this dream-boy! He will love you for who you are, because that’s how it is actually supposed to be!


Programmers today, have come up with so many different applications for Boyfriend simulation, where you can make up your own virtual boyfriend, with your preference of characteristics. These virtual boyfriend apps can be downloaded on iOS or Android. All these apps, are essentially the same but possess a few distinctive features which make them stand out majorly!

Here is a list of the 10 best boyfriend simulator apps in this year and the coming one!

1. My Virtual Boyfriend

The name of this Boyfriend simulation app, explains what its all going to be about. If you are too shy or modest to open up to a guy in real life, this Boyfriend Simulation App will allow you to settle a virtual companion in your smartphone. You can talk with this boy, converse with him, and improve your flirting skills.

If you are still not sure what kind of guys, you are into, then this is your opportunity to discover your options. Choose from hundreds of guys, talk to one at a time and then change again. Each guy that you talk to, will be different in his manner, his looks, and his tastes. Everything you do with your Virtual Boyfriend, will have its consequences, either positive or negative!

That’s what makes this Boyfriend Simulation app so realistic. Click on the links below to download and find out more now!

Download My Virtual Boyfriend on Android or on iOS

2. Dream Boyfriend

Here is what this Boyfriend Simulation App is surely going to get you- A Dream Boyfriend! Create a man of your dreams, from head to toe, with loads of options to choose from. You even get to choose minute details, like his  hair, eyes, growth, character, etc. It makes use of the technology Motion Live2D, because of which your virtual boyfriend will move, respond to the conversation, and even respond to kisses.

The stylish avatars collection is replenished every day so that your guy will be the most fashionable and keep up with the trends. You can create up to 3 animated boyfriends at once. The events in the game are constantly added, so you will not get bored with your virtual boyfriend and will always have something exciting to do with him! This Boyfriend Simulation App is available on both iOS and Android.

Get it on Android or iOS

3. Virtual Boyfriend Joke

Who doesn’t love a guy with good looks as well as a great sense of humor? This Boyfriend Simulation app called the Virtual Boyfriend Joke is actually a comic simulator, it’s essentially a spoof on a normal Boyfriend Simulator. What you get here is a  a virtual young man for communication and a good time.

You can choose a boy you like and start a dialogue with him. He will answer you in a funny manner, with witty and “LOL” replies. Trick your friends into this prank , pretending that you are communicating with a real boy and get funny answers from your fictitious boyfriend.
But remember girls , this application is for entertainment purposes only, use it within your limits!

Get it on Android or iOS

4. My Candy Love

Create sweet  memories with a handsome virtual boy, who you really like with this Boyfriend Simulation Game called My Candy love. This game is specifically  designed for the school going teens. You get to flirt with boys and discover a whole new love story with the one you like the most.

The concept of this simulator lies in the winning of hearts from the boys you like. The question is -Will you know how to please them? Through a system of dialogues and actions, see your story develop or get destroyed with each choice you make. Each episode in My Candy Love has several endings. You get to discover them all and experience the diversity in each episode!

5. Animal Boyfriend

Now, you may be wondering what kind of a name is that for a Boyfriend Simulator app, but the concept behind it is actually quite unique and interesting, specially for animal-lovers.With the “Animal Boyfriend” you can turn your beloved pet into a handsome guy. You have to choose a living being and start teaching him how to turn into a real man.

There is a huge range of clothes and accessories, for you to choose for your boyfriend. Choose  the color of their eyes, hair, and even personality features- calm guys, or impressive, or caring and loving and so many more options! They have almost 17 kinds of characters and temperaments from quiet to impulsive. You can even find your other girl friends on the game and get bonuses.

Get it on Android or iOS

6. Invisible Boyfriend


At, Invisible boyfriend simulator you get to experience dating with no strings attached. Here at this Virtual Boyfriend app, they define the invisible boyfriend as ” a real boyfriend without all the baggage. ”  You start the game by building a man according to your specifications- his looks, his age, his personality.

Then, Invisible Boyfriend will help you set the scene to help you go on exciting dates with your dream boy. Your conversations with the invisible boyfriend are not automated, they are handled by real people, who are extremely creative writers. So why don’t you get this ball rollin’? It surely sounds like the most exciting Bf simulator app, till date!

7. My Virtual Boyfriend Talk

With this Boyfriend Simulator, you will never feel the difference between a real and invisible boyfriend, because this simulator does its job all too well. You can communicate on any topic and be sure that your interlocutor will answer you, confidently and well. The replies will not at all be illogical or seem automated to you!

His conversations with you will be so interesting, including stories experienced by him and a lot more exciting topics to converse on. You can choose from 3 characters in this Boyfriend Simulator App. This might be one of the drawbacks as you have limited choice and can only chat with this person. The simulator is only available on iOS

Click here to get it on iOS

8. Boyfriend Maker

Since the last app was only for the Apple users, this one is just for the Android lovers, to make it up to them! Style and create your own guy with Boyfriend maker. Make him look handsome, dashing and dreamy! You can communicate with him on various topics, and he will answer you well.

Play games with this dreamy boy and earn points. The Google play has given this game a 3.2 stars, which isn’t really impressive!

Click in here for android download

9. Boyfriend Date Craft: Love

This Boyfriend Simulator is just what a teenage girl needs if she feels the absence of a lover boy in her life. Get a service romance or a school love story – it’s all in your hands. And you can even seduce your best friend. How exciting and crazy is that now?

Become the most popular girl in school, choose from a large variety of cute guys and make your ex-boyfriend jealous of all the attention that you grab from other men. It’s not just limited to this guys! You can marry the guy you love, arrange the wedding on your own and have cute kids with him. It will be a crazy love story in the world of blocks! The graphics are a little disappointing but all the possibilities with this app, makes it up majorly!

Click here to get it on Android 

10. Smart Virtual Boyfriend

Here is what this Boyfriend Simulator app will surely provide- A Smart Virtual Boyfriend. This is a chat room where you can chat with a virtual guy about everything. Responds well just like in life because well the name suggests that your Virtual Boyfriend is smart!

The Virtual guy will interpret your chats well and even the images that you send to him will be acknowledged with a suitable response! Pretty cool right? As a girlfriend, you must provide this boyfriend of yours with some “me” time, like when he visits the gym or takes a nap. But you must not forget to ask him “Baby, how was your day?”.

Get it on iOS

Top 10 Virtual Boyfriend Apps for you!

These Boyfriend Simulator apps is a great way for teenagers who find it too difficult to get into relationships, to actually experience one without having any insecurities or jealousy issues. Why do you even need a real guy, when you can make a perfect guy and converse with him all night long and feel the whole thing, in such a easy way.

These are the 10 best Boyfriend Simulator apps that i could find online!

  1. My Virtual Boyfriend
  2. Dream Boyfriend
  3. Virtual Boyfriend Joke
  4. My Candy Love
  5. Animal Boyfriend
  6. Invisible Boyfriend
  7. My Virtual Boyfriend talk
  8. Boyfriend Maker
  9. Boyfriend date Craft: Love
  10. Smart Virtual Boyfriend

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Though most of these applications for Boyfriend Simulation, do not possess the best kind of graphics, they can be really fun to play around with and pretend that you have an actual boyfriend, without having to do all the hard work that goes into actually maintaining a relationship. This is all about the romance and excitement of Young Love!

10 Best Picasa Alternatives for Windows & Mac

10 best Picasa alternatives

Looking for Picasa Alternatives?? You can find 10 Best Alternatives to Picasa in this article. These alternatives are available for both Windows and Mac Users.

Its been more than a year that Picasa had officially been shut down by Google. Though Picasa was a well-known photo organizer and photo editor, Google replaced it by another photo and video sharing and storing service known as Google Photos. All the Picasa users are really sad after discovering that their favorite software wont get any further updates. More over the company is already suggesting Picasa users to switch to their newer platform, Google Photos. They had send notifications to its users that, to access and modify photos they already have stored on Picasa, all they need to do is log into Google Photos. But some of the user still seems to find other alternatives to Picasa therefore, we had come with our new list- 10 best Picasa alternatives for you.

10 best Picasa alternatives

So down goes our list of a few alternatives that would sufficiently quench your Picasa thirst.

Google photos

10 best Picasa alternatives

The most obvious and the default choice for the Picasa users is Google photos. It is a cloud storage service that offers you with an unlimited storage space for photos and videos at high quality. Plus it also functions as a good photo editor.

You have the option to download the app version of the service on your desktop or smartphone which will allow you to backup photos easily.

Wish to know more: Click here

Windows Live Photo Gallery

10 best Picasa alternatives

Another alternative to Picasa is Windows Live Photo Gallery.

For the users refusing to stick the default alternative because of its limited editing features, Windows Live Photo Gallery can be the best alternative. It is an image organizer, photo editor and photo sharing app. Windows Live Photo Gallery collects a simple set of tools for downloading, editing, and sharing photos. Its functional design and excellent capabilities make it a perfect choice of every user. Hence making it a promsing candidate for 10 best Picasa alternatives.

Flickr – Best Picasa Alternative

10 best Picasa alternatives

Flickr is generally assumed as an image and video-hosting website but it is also great for photo storage and organization. The most amazing fact is that you receive an entire terabyte of storage for free when you sign up for a free account on flick.com. You also get editing tools powered by Aviary but to be honest they’re not the best. But still, flickr holds to be in our 10 best Picasa alternatives because you can’t get better photo storage place and that all free.


You may be wondering why Dropbox is included in this list of Top Picasa Alternatives of 2019. Well, Dropbox is actually a good pick for those who need to store photos online.

10 best Picasa alternatives

If you are just looking for a photo organiser then Dropbox is the perfect choice for you. Dropbox is a cloud storage app. Not just your photographs but also other files ( music, videos, documents ) can be uploaded here. All you need to do is just sign up. It is available for 30days free trial.

Wish to know more Download here


10 best Picasa alternatives

This is a simple Picasa Alternative for Mac as well as Windows !!

PhotoScape is a fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos. It contains a vast array of features that include basic editing and fixing, batch editing, making collages, making gifs using multiple photos, screen capture and splitting photos and other things. So if your purpose is just editing then you must really go for this.

Check more here

Amazon Prime Photos

10 best Picasa alternatives

Are you facing a storage problem? Here is the right solution. Amazon Prime Photos offers free online photo storage to Prime members, who can save and share unlimited photos on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Just like Picasa uses a Google account and Flickr uses a Yahoo account, Amazon Prime Photos uses an Amazon account.

Microsoft Photos – Picasa Alternative for Windows 10

10 best Picasa alternatives

Microsoft Photos is an image viewer, video clip editor, image organizer, photo editor and photo sharing app.It comes in Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems as a functional replacement for Windows Photo Viewer. It is a native app of window users. it’s a pretty good app that lets you organize your photos and make basic edits.


10 best Picasa alternatives

One of the Best and Oldest Picasa Alternative is ACDSee.

If you really wish to add some drama to your photograph then surely have ACDSee with you. ACDSee is an image organizer, viewer, and image editor program. It is available for all the basic platforms like Windows, macOS and iOS.

It is more like a digital asset management (DAM) software solutions for both professional and home users. Some of its features include applying filters, using drawing and selection tools, reducing red eye and allows you to add borders, vignettes and texts to images.

Fast Stone Image Viewer

10 best Picasa alternatives

Don’t just directly jump to any conclusion by reading the name. It is far more than an image viewer. FastStone Image Viewer is an image viewer and organizer for Microsoft Windows, provided free of charge for personal and educational use. The program also includes basic image editing tools. As mentioned it has some minor editing capabilities, but is best used as a photo organizer.

Check more here

Adobe Photoshop

10 best Picasa alternatives

Our last recommendation for our users is Photoshop. The Photoshop software has been the industry standard in photo editing and management since ever. It is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for macOS and Windows. It let you to create and enhance your photos, images, 3D artwork. According to us it the world’s best imaging and photo editing software available.

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Top 10 Alternatives to Picasa in 2019

So here’s the final list of Picasa Viewer Alternatives that we mentioned in the article.

  1. Google Photos
  2. Windows Live Photo Gallery
  3. Flickr
  4. Dropbox
  5. Photoscape
  6. Amazon Prime Photos
  7. Microsoft Photos
  8. ACDSee
  9. FastStone Image Viewer

So here comes the end of our list of 10 best Picasa alternatives.We have tried to stick with the best and affordable alternatives to Picasa. There could be some other potential ones too. So if you think you have a worth knowing Picasa alternative, let us know down below. Hope you enjoyed reading.