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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car? [Huge Discounts]

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car? [Huge Discounts]

Gone are the days when Four Wheeler was considered as a luxury product. In today’s world Cars have quickly become a household necessity with more and more families buying cars than ever. So you definitely need to know when is the best time to buy a car.

Below is the automobile domestic sales trends for India, whose figures further strengthen the statement.

In this article, we will tell you when is the absolute best time to buy yourself a brand-new car, so read along.

Best Months to buy a Car

The Best Months to buy a Car according to various sources are:

  • December
  • July
  • November

When is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

Is January a good time to Buy a Car?? Well, not really.

There are many more days where you can buy an old or even a new car at huge discounts. Want to know the full list of Best Months or Days to Buy a Car??

Well, lets begin our list.

December 31st

New Year’s Eve is the absolute best time to buy a car in terms of savings you can potentially make.

But Why December 31st?

Well to answer that you have to understand some basic sales tactics. Most of the sales team have a quota to hit. December 31st is the end of their quarterly, monthly as well as annual sales and thus the most optimal time to get yourself a sweet discount on the car you have been wanting.

The salesman would most likely provide you with the best possible offer in order to fulfill their quota and thus take home some sweet bonus for the same.

So, this can well be the Best Holiday to Buy a Car!!

END of The Month

You want to buy a car? Go to the dealer on the last week of any month or preferably the last day and you can bag your favourite car along with a stellar deal.

This is because the most of the sellers have a monthly target to fulfil thus in doing so will offer great deals to any potential customers.

 Holiday Sales

Holiday sales are another great time to buy cars. In order to draw customers, brands, as well as dealers, offer a really good discount to the customer.

We recommend to buy your car in these days: –

Black Friday SALE, Best to buy a new car

Black Friday sale is very popular among tech enthusiast, but those sweet discounts are not only provided for gadgets but are also quite stellar in the automobile genre.

You can definitely deal hunt on this very day.

Labor DAY

1st of May or the Labor day is another great day in terms of getting discount while buying a car. Prices during this time are quite stable and you can definitely get some good deals.


The absolute best month after December in terms of savings in your new car. Last Quarter of the year, as well as most of the old generation cars transitioning, make October a dark horse in this race.

TrueCar, a very popular site dealing with cars suggest that customers can get up to 8% discount on the maximum retail price of a car during this month.

So happy car hunting in October.


If you think Weekends can be a great time to buy a car you may be absolutely wrong.

Always try to avoid weekends while buying a car (Unless it’s December 31st).

According to TrueCar Monday is the best day of the week to buy a car because of the potentially low traffic during this day. You can potentially save 0.6% more than buying a car on Sunday if you choose to buy on Monday.

Buy a Car after the new generation of the model releases

So, you want to buy a specific car and you have been waiting?

Wait for the newer generation to arrive as during this time the brands offer a heavy discount for stock clearance as well as the dealer wants to sell that very product in order to make way for the newer models.

You can thereby expect much cheaper value and a heavy discount on the MSRP.

Booking during pre-Launch

If you are dead set on buying a car that is going to release, try to book it during pre-launch. Most of the makers provide additional perks on pre-booking.

This is a marketing strategy for the makers and try to lure more and more customers before launch. However, there can be some really good extra benefits in such offers.

Final Thoughts

At the end the kind of discounts you will get will depend upon your bargaining skill as well as some amount of luck as all things are not dependent on statistics.

Some tips before buying your new car

  • Always do your research before going to the dealer.
  • Do not overspend over unnecessary features.
  • Always test drive the car you want to buy.
  • Check sale price and warranties.
  • In case of a loan, always pre-apply for it and have a clear idea of the premium you have to pay.

Waiting for the opportune moment with some amount of research will definitely help you with buying your new car with the best offers available.

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