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6 Proven Ways to Succeed with Online Dating

6 Proven Ways to Succeed with Online Dating

Perhaps you’ve been trying out various dating sites for some time, but have yet to meet your ideal partner? While there is no exact science to finding a girl to date online, there are certain general rules that will go a long way towards improving your success rate. Here are six ways guaranteed to help you succeed with your online dating.

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6 Ways to get Success in Online Dating

There are many factors that  lead to success in online dating. Here are some proven ways that you can try yourself.

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1. Ensure your profile picture will attract attention

Just like the offline version, online dating is a visual medium. Attracting the attention of prospective partners is down to having a striking photograph that will stand out from the lists of similar profiles.

It is therefore important to pay a lot of attention to the image you are presenting to the outside world. Remember, this is not like Facebook where it is appropriate to take jokey selfies for your friends’ benefit.

You are here to make a positive impression, so take a shortlist of photographs before opting for the one you actually upload. Also, use a recent picture rather than one you think looks better but is actually well out of date.

2. Write an arresting description

The description you present should also be engaging. The other site users who are sifting through all these personals will tend to have a short attention span. So rather than concentrating on quantity, focus on quality.

Make sure you impart a lot of interesting information in the short space available. And never stretch the truth, because the time will come when you meet in person and you would only give the impression you can’t really be trusted.

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3. Take time composing your messages

The beauty of online dating is you can message people you are interested in getting to know better regularly. Again, it is all about creating an instant impact.

For all you know, the person you are hoping to engage with might already have several suitors who are bombarding them with messages. You need to ensure your own communication makes them doubletake and think ‘here is someone interesting whose message is captivating – I would like to find out more.’

4. Always have one eye on an actual date

Online dating should primarily be seen as an introductory platform. The whole point of getting to know someone better in this environment is to build enough trust so that the time comes around much quicker for you to decide to meet them in the real world.

If someone sends you message after message and always has some excuse when you suggest an actual date, you should move on. They are clearly not that interested, and if that is the case, why should you be?

5. Develop a rapport

It is one thing to meet up with someone on a website appearing to share your passions and interests. But the most crucial aspect of getting to know them better is to establish a strong sense of chemistry.

Once you build a good rapport with this person by regular messages, sharing jokes and flirting with one another, you will be dying to actually meet them in the flesh.

When you do so, you will already have so much in common. The ability to prepare in advance is where online dating beats the offline version hands-down.

6. Check out their social media

If your prospective partner already has an online presence, this is something you can check out. You shouldn’t look upon this as ‘stalking’ – it is merely a case of being inquisitive.

If you manage to uncover their Facebook identity, then this will give you a fantastic opportunity to assess their friendship circle and hobbies.

Final Words

Dating online is always a unique experience, you never know who the other person is. But if you want to make things serious, you really need to do some work

These proven methods can help you convert your online dating partner into a relationship partner.

Go ahead, try them all and leave your comment below.

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