10 Things Every Girl Must Carry in her Bag

I proudly accept that I am crazy for purse and bags. I own bags of various colors and designs in my wardrobe. I love to own a bag of class and matching with my outfits. It looks very fashionable and trendy. But, whenever I switch to a new bag, I often forget some important things to carry in my bag. But, I can’t carry a mismatched bag also.

Last year, I prepared a list of must-haves in my bag. Just to manage things in my bag, I prepared a small list of 10 things that every woman must carry in her purse. This list really helped me a lot and totally erased my overlooking problem. Today, I want to share this list with you and I wish this would work well for you in remembering your must-haves in your bag. So, here’s the list:-

10 Things Every Woman Must carry in her Bag

Today, I want to share this list with you and I wish this would work well for you in remembering your must-haves in your bag. So, here’s the list:-

  1. Emergency Sewing kit

A girl must carry an emergency sewing kit in her bag even if she is not very good at sewing. Think, what would happen if a very important button falls off your dress? Sew it before it embarrasses you in people.

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If you don’t have an emergency sewing kit, you can prepare your own by placing 2-3 safety pins, 2-3 needles, 5-6 different colored thread (only about a meter long), small sized scissor, seamstress measuring tape, 4-5 different colored buttons, pins in your pouch.


  1. Makeup pouch

Make –up is very important to a girl to feel confident and proud in front of others. You must carry a make-up compact, mirror, lip balm, lipstick, nail filer, eye – shadow, eye –liner, mascara, sunscreen.


You know your needs better than I can suggest. So, make a small pouch for all the make-up you have to carry. But, please don’t just throw all the things in your bag without a pouch because sometimes, your makeup essentials can leak down into the bag ruining your bag, sticking to all other things and making the things got worse for you.


  1. Napkins

You must carry sanitary napkins in your secret pocket of your bag. This will help you and your friends in an emergency. As the summer is fast approaching, you must also carry facial napkins or tissues that remove all the sweat from your face and keep up your hygiene.



  1. Paper soap

You all know where you can use paper soap. Paper soaps are the best way to clean your hands as I don’t favor hand sanitizer much. This is the thing I never forget to carry because I usually mess up my hands writing on the blackboard for the students. These small things are easy to carry and create a fragrance in your purse. Just purchase nice smelling paper soap and keep it in your bag. It will surely act like a perfume for the bag.
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  1. Wallet

You must not forget your wallet at home because if you do, then it would be very difficult for you to travel. You must not forget to check your wallet once, if it has sufficient money or not.



  1. Mobile phone charger

These days mobile phones are very important and no one forgets their mobile phones. But, many people forget to charge their phones. So, don’t forget to keep a mobile phone charger in your bag. I usually carry a power bank for this purpose.



  1. Memo pads and pen

You must not forget to carry a pen and a small memo pad. Sometimes, you have to write something while you are traveling. So, you must carry these stationary items.

  1. Pepper spray

Today, girls are not safe in this world. You must carry a pepper spray with you in order to protect yourself. This is especially important for those who usually travel at night.
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  1. First aid pouch

You must carry a small first aid pouch containing Band-Aid, necessary creams, headache medicines and digestive pills. This is good for you as well as for your friends in need.


  1. Face wash

This is a must have in your bag as summers make your face look dull and oily. Always use a proper face wash about 2-3 times a day so as to remove dust and oil from your face.

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So, These are the 10 important things you must carry in your purse. You can also prepare your own list of must-haves according to your needs. I will appreciate if you share your list with me. Please comment if you want to add-on some more points to my list of must-haves and help other female readers.

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