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16 Free Teeth Whitening Apps for Android

16 Free Teeth Whitening Apps for Android

Want to make your picture-perfect? This is the place where you can find your solution. You can switch on the perfect app to get the best outcome. Nowadays there are many whiter teeth apps that you can use to apply teeth whitening filter to your photo. Stay tuned with this article until the end. We will basically represent all sorts of teeth whitening app which you can apply to make your pic look fabulous.

So, let’s get started.

8 Best Teeth Whitening Apps

Here are some of the best and free teeth whitening apps that you can install on your Android or iPhone.

1. Facetune 2

Facetune is a kind of popular app among photo editor. It is available for both Android and iOS. There are many advanced high tech features which will enable you to whiten your teeth, remove your blemishes, smooth your skin, correct bad lighting, upgrade your makeup. The toothbrush tool is used to make teeth white and also makes your smile brighter.

Besides this, you can also use some professional tools like you make look a person wider or skinnier. Finally, you add a frame to your photo to make it a finished one. After this, you can save the photo in the memory of your phone or your tablet.

2. Airbrush

Airbrush is the most recommendable app if you are looking out for teeth whitener app. If you are willing to have your picture-perfect then try out this app. Here teeth whitening tool will make your smile one level up. It is also an artistic retouch feature which helps you to slim, blur, crop or adds some artistic filters too.

This app is compatible with both Android or iOS platform. You can download or install Airbrush on the Google Play Store. One more amazing feature available is that it also enables you to use real-time editing and add up the filter while clicking.

3. Be Funky Photo editor

Be Funky Photo Editor is the app where you can use cool features. This app is also well-equipped with a lot of powerful editing tool. It is easily available for Android and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

You don’t need any registration or log in to use the app and also there are no ads too. All you can do is that you can use the teeth editor tool to make your smile brighter and happier. You can also run this app via Web which doesn’t require any special installation. After that, you can save and share.

4. Photo Editor and Perfect Selfie

This app is recommendable if you mainly implement emphasis on making teeth white. You can easily avail this app from the Google Play Store. It mainly specifies portraits and selfies. This app helps you to get a great facial makeover by reshaping, cloning, makeup, lipstick, and tooth whitening. All of the above represents a powerful photo editor app.

Other things you can do is that you can doodle over the image or can add a frame to it and also can remove red-eye just with a single touch.

5. Perfect 365

Perfect 365 is free and easy to use an app. It can be easily installed from the Google Play Store. Totally composed of a lot of cool features like automatic face detection to apply to make up. In order to do pro in this app, you can also watch YouTube tutorials.

Here you can also use the teeth whitener tool to remove the unwanted pale color from the teeth. Along with these, you can subtle makeup feature for a no-makeup glow. Finally, you can finally save and share your pic over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

6. Pixlr :

Pixlr is the photo editor app which is one of the best apps to fulfill your needs. You don’t need an account login. All you need is you just have to download the app from the Google Play Store and start editing.

It is comprised of loads of tools which will enhance the pic more. You can effortlessly remove blemishes, red-eye, smoothen skin and whiten teeth. Start keeping track of your favorite effects and overlay with the help of Favorite button. now you can also crop or resize your pic easily and can save or share over social media.

7. Pixtr :

Pixtr is a photo editor app which is one of the famous apps for iPhone users. You can easily download it from the App Store because it is only available for iPhone users. It is easily compatible with iPhone,iPad, iPad Touch.

There are various features with the help of which you can do face sculpting, remove blemishes, smoothen skin, remove extra shine from the face and can whiten teeth too. Finally, you will get a picture-perfect which you can save and share over other social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

8. Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie is one of the cool photo editors with tooth whitening tool which you must try out. You can easily download and install it from the Google Play Store and from the App Store for iPhone users.

All you can do is you can make yourself more glamorous or adorable.

16 Free Whiter Teeth Photo Editing Apps

So, ultimately it’s the time to list down the number of teeth whitening app so that you don’t have to waste time on downloading and searching for this. All these are recommendable for you which you must check out.

  1. Facetune 2
  2. Airbrush
  3. Be Funky Photo Editor
  4. Photo Editor and Perfect Selfie
  5. Perfect 365
  6. Pixlr
  7. Pixtr
  8. Sweet Selfie
  9. Fotor
  10. Aviary
  11. Visage voir
  12. Visage Lab
  13. Pic Beauty
  14. MakeUp+
  15. Beauty Plus
  16. Fotogenic


Eventually, we reached the end of the article. Here we have listed all apps which will help you to get your ultimate solution. We hope this article has helped you. If you have any queries regarding this topic, you can topic you can comment down below and hope we pop up with the perfect answer to your problem.

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