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Do You Like Techy Accessories? If So, You Will Love These New Trends

Do You Like Techy Accessories? If So, You Will Love These New Trends

We live in a world where you can find so many interesting accessories that fit into everyone’s taste. With new trends every year, it can be hard to keep up with all the changes that are happening on the market. Still, one remains clear – people love techy accessories that will make their phone, tablet, or computer more aligned to their everyday needs.

In this article, we’ll show you what the latest trends in the tech industry are. Plus, you might find inspiration for a present or an idea of how to make your every day more efficient or simply more fun.

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Multipurpose Charging Cable

With people walking around with multiple devices, it becomes hard to keep track of all the chargers everyone needs to have to use their devices all day. A new trend is to have 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 chargers with different types of USB plugs to fit all your favorite devices. With a number of combinations, you can use these cables in a number of different ways, to transfer data or to charge multiple devices at once.  

With five or six combinations, you can even charge phone to phone or place your data safe wherever you are. For freelancers and nomads, this cable is a must-have tool for work and something they need to have at all times. 

Smartphone Stylus

Another great gadget for any smartphone is a smart stylus. With Apple being the front runner for stylus technology, other brands offer additional features like a built-in camera, additional buttons, and improved precision. It’s possible to use a phone camera with a single button and make shots that you would immediately post on Instagram. What’s great about these new gadgets is their versatility, as you no longer have to own an iPhone to have a stylus.

Smartphone Mount That Tracks Your Movement

If you ever wanted a personal photographer – all your wishes came true with Pivo Pod. This latest trend in smartphone accessories turns your smartphone into a professional camera operator who can do many things like automated time-lapse, panorama, object tracking, and many others.

Basically, you get a motorized tripod that is so smooth that it can easily spot fast movement and rotate 360 degrees to capture where you are. With the help of the official app that comes with the product, you don’t have to touch anything, and the mount will track you as you move.

Smartphone Gaming Controller

Phone games have become more popular than ever, and gamers are becoming more and more interested in new products that allow them to play games with additional controllers regardless of the brand of their phone. Controllers with a collapsible design and without batteries are ideal for everyone’s backpack, and users can set it up in a matter of seconds.

Foldable Tablet and Phone Stands

Everyone likes to see their phone or tablet under the right angle, and if you’re watching your favorite TV show or a movie, some kind of stand is a must-have item. Interestingly, you will also get to enjoy anything else that you might be doing, from writing emails or scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Phone stands that act as a phone mask will guarantee you immense comfort and perspective on the content you might be reading, watching, or simply scrolling through.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

This is an intelligently designed product that recently found its audience all around the world. If you need to charge your earbuds, mouse, smartwatch, or phone, you no longer have to plug in tons of cables or think about when was the last time you did it. Furthermore, you can go now and leave your smartwatch on the spacious mouse pad, and it will be charged in no time. Luckily, the technology has advanced that much that getting tangled with cables is starting to look like a thing of the past.

Pocket Projector

Projectors are not new on the market, and nowadays, they can be used everywhere. Whether it’s an educational institution, a park, a terrace, or at work, you can easily connect your small projector to your smartphone and enjoy the movies with the people you love. Using DLP technology, small projectors can do full HD 1080p projections and support screen sharing if you want to use Netflix. Most of them have a three-hour battery life which is more than enough for most movies.

For the Love of Technology

Nothing about all of these new trends might motivate you to enhance your phone’s features. These trends are here to stay, and we can only expect them to grow and expand. With great features, your phone’s specs will outshine others in no time.

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