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Black Eyed Children: Mystery, Real Photos & Stories

This world is full of mysteries. Today, I want to open up a mystery of black eyed children. This is considered as the most trending mystery of modern era. We all know black color is always related with something paranormal or something of negative existence. But, do you know there are black eyed children (people) also?

Black Eyed Children 

Black eyes children are children or someone looking like children who have black eyes. They can only be seen at night. They may knock your door. They request you to let them in. But, it’s a warning from all who have experienced this spooky thing “Don’t open up your doors for them”. They can be paranormal, they can be aliens or they can be children from another world. I don’t know who they are. Their eyes sclera is dark which is something not natural or something not human. Another abnormal thing in them is their skin is olive-colored.

Creepy! Isn’t it?

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Are Black Eyed Children Real?

Black eyed children can be a folklore story or can be real or can be a viral marketing scam. But, it all started in 1996 when a Texas reporter Brian Bethel posted his story online. He claimed that he had seen two black-eyed kids in a parking lot when he was making his way to pay off his bills.

Black Eyed Children – A Terrifying Story

Children in a parking lot – Brian Bethel’s story

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Brian Bethel was seated in his car in a parking lot, and then suddenly two boys aged 9 to 12 knocked at his window. He described boys as “a somewhat suave, olive-skinned, curly-headed young man and a redheaded, pale-skinned, freckled young man”. One boy requested him to take them in so that they can go to mother’s house. He explained to him that he forgot the money for watching a movie and wants to fetch from their mother’s house. The boy further convinced him “It wouldn’t take long, they were just two little kids, and they didn’t have a gun or anything.” Bethel was about to open the door but he suddenly looked into the eyes of the boys. He was shocked to see coal-black eyes; he described his eyes as “The sort of eyes one sees these days on aliens or bargain-basement vampires on late night television. Soulless orbs like two great swathes of starless night.” After seeing those eyes, he rushed away from that place hurriedly. Going a little away from them, he glanced from the rear view of the car’s mirror. He saw the children had just vanished, within seconds.

This Brian bethel’s story raises many questions – What the boys were doing in the parking lot when they didn’t arrive their by a car? Why the boys wanted money when the movie was just half away left? Why Bethel was not able to see their eyes in the starting? Where, why and how the boys vanished at the end? Were the two boy’s aliens or vampires or someone else? Can they read people’s mind?


But, when the others were trying to solve this mystery, there were others who also encountered these creepy black eyed children. In internet, there are many stories since Bethel’s story. There’s a story about a woman who let the children enter their house without seeing their eyes.


Black Eyed Children – Real Experience & Story

Woman let them in – tragedy of a woman

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This is a woman in Vermont, who saw two children- A boy and a girl knocking her door in night. The children were shivering due to ice cold weather. She presumed that there may be some accident which was her usual experience. She called the children in and the children walked into the family room. While her husband was attending them, she prepared something hot for the children.

As she came to serve them, she realized their eyes were completely black. As she stared at them in fear, at the same time her husband’s nose began to bleed.  She started crying and ran to help her husband. At the same time, children went to the door in dark saying their parents have arrived. The woman and her husband stood to see where the children were going. They saw them entering in a black car with a man in a black suit. After that, woman’s husband was diagnosed with severe skin cancer. The woman also began to suffer from regular nosebleeds and she was also diagnosed with cancer.

Black Eyed Children Photos

Here are some real photos of Black Eyed Children.

These pictures of black eyed children look quite creepy and scary.

Have you ever experienced this spooky thing? Please comment and let us know your experiences.

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Warning- “Don’t open up your doors for Black eyed children”.