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15 Best Apps like Wish for Shopping Deals [Updated]

15 Best Apps like Wish for Shopping Deals [Updated]

Are you looking to buy unique and extremely reasonable products and are not concerned about internationally local manufacturers? Well, if that is the case and the only option you find is wish and few other sites, here I am providing you the best sites like wish.

You can use these Wish Alternatives to buy a lot of unique and interesting items and that too at a reasonable cost.

What is Wish?

Wish is a very simple and popular web portal that helps the manufacturer and the seller meet without the need of a  middleman and thus cut costs drastically. The products are sourced from mainly Asian countries thus connecting you to local products from around the world. Over the years the online store has added “Wish Outlet” and “Wish Express” to provide speedy delivery and sell overstock name-brand goods for extremely discounted rates.

This method of online selling clearly connects with the audience as Wish has grown exponentially over the years and received about a 100 million downloads for its Android and iOS application.

15 Best Apps like Wish

Following suit of this sales ideology, there exist several other sites and applications that provide largely discounted items that boast a wide variety of products from world-over. Thus there are several alternatives to wish.

In this article I strive to provide you the best sites like wish on the internet today. Some of the top competitors and alternatives to Wish are as follows:

1. AliExpress  

With the online giant Alibaba Group as its parent company, AliExpress was started to mainstream the shopping experience. While being similar to Amazon, you can view the site through Picture only listings just like Wish. they provide discounts and limited time sales on daily items on a regular basis.

They also offer 24/7 customer support as their buyer protection covers any and all orders missed or otherwise. However, as it simply connects the buyer to the seller, all communication must be routed directly to the seller as AliExpress only facilitates the sale and later holds no responsibility over items sold.

2. Geek 

Another serious App like Wish is Geek.

Geek offers a large variety of electronic products for massive discounts of about 50 – 70 % off the marked price. However, unlike Wish, Geek does not sell clothes and other such apparel accessories, and herein lies the basic difference.

Visit here: Android and iOS

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3. GearBest

This app like Wish was primarily designed to sell Chinese electronic products such as phones, drones, watches, tablets, wearable devices and various other tech gizmo that provided a unique function to people across the world.

It supports payments through trusted portals like PayPal, thus securing your transaction. It also facilitates a price tracking function for its goods which are spanning over a 100 different categories and sub categories.

Visit Now

4. Wanelo 

Wanelo has a product range similar to that of Wish. It offers a variety of products with product reviews to go along with it to help you decide whether you should buy or reconsider thus giving transparency.

It also is regularly flushed with new items and insists on stocking top branded items.

5. Overstock 

Overstock is more focused towards being a mobile app that helps you ease your daily home accessory and furniture buying experience. It offers massive sales and daily deals on its majority of products. It vows to offer exclusive products at cut throat competitive rates.

6. Zulily

This e-commerce website and app offers products varying from daily supplies and goods to fancy clothes and accessory shopping. Their specialty is their daily sales at sharp 6 pm which offer discounts on almost all their products which is a big plus point.

7. Dollar 1

Dollar1 strives to be your online dollar store while not restricted you to only dollar items.

It offers daily goods and supplies at super competitive rates and is a serious competition to not just Wish but also Amazon as it provides a compare to amazon option under each product. Another plus point is guaranteed delivery within 5 days and also free shipping over shopping made over 25$.

8. Rosegal

A website dedicated to the sale of clothes and other fashion centric items. What’s unique about this particular website is its massive range of great clothes for both the sexes instead of being inclined towards only one, thus acting as your one stop shop for fashion retailing online.

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9. Hollar

This is another attempt to be an online dollar store with most of its products offered under the 10$ bracket providing massive discounts and great deals.

This site like Wish is highly recommended for parents wanting to buy your children cheap toys and daily supplies such as crayons, pencils and various other utility goods for cheap.

10. Fab

Unlike wish and most of the other e-commerce sites mentioned in this list, Fab is more centered towards adults as its consumer base, offering an upscale set of products such as home furnishings and decor, art, gifts, tech and various other items, usually started from 50$ and above. It offers free shipping for orders over the cost of 75$ within the US.

Owing to its upscale nature of products, you can be rest assured about the security of ordering from this web portal with its only downside being its high cost and not so avid discounts.

List of 15 Alternative Sites like Wish

Given above are the top alternatives to wish according to me. They are the best sites that can be comparable to Wish in my opinion.

Here’s the complete list of apps like wish along with some more names that you can visit.

  1. AliExpress
  2. Geek
  3. Gearbest
  4. Wanelo
  5. Overstock
  6. Zulily
  7. Dollar 1 
  8. Rosegal 
  9. Hollar
  10. Fab
  11. Keep
  12. Light in the Box
  13. Yoshop
  14. Banggood
  15. Sammydress

To sum it up, wish is an excellent web portal for buying discounted products from across the globe, but as this is eventually a business, there will always be competition and it isn’t soon before others come up with better features and some which make it even better than wish.

The list of apps and web portals of various similar e-commerce sites are simply my most recommended and trusted ones. So make sure to make a comparative study of such apps and thus make an informed decision before buying.

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