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Popular Haircuts For Women That Might Interest You

Popular Haircuts For Women That Might Interest You

Whether you want to start cutting your hair now or changing your haircut style, there are different styles fit for women. We are now in 2021, where everyone will want to stay with short hair. While everyone before wanted cool, long hair, things are changing, and most people are flocking to hairstylists to trim them. 

There are many different types of haircuts for women which might interest you. There are unlimited styles that fit different hair types, from the curtain bangs, curly shags, textured bobs, and many others.  This article will share some of the popular haircuts for women as shared by professional hairstylists. So check on the list below.

popular haircuts for women

Curtain Bangs

I guess everyone loves curtain bang cuts since they fit everyone perfectly and do not require huge maintenance costs. Many women have lauded the curtain bang style since it’s super versatile as these trendy curtain bangs are long to grow out or pin them back, depending on your preference. Besides this, you can have the bangs trimmed shorter, depending on how you want your face to appear.

If you want cuts that won’t give you commitments, curtain bangs are the most suitable for you. The reason why this style is more popular is that it fits all hair textures. So regardless of your hair type, you can trim it perfectly to fit this style.  You can also keep the edges longer than the middle ones and the ends softer from the pupil to the jawline bringing out the best look. 

Modern Diana

Modern Diana is among the women’s celebrity haircut which you need to try out. It got referred to as the princess’s iconic haircut, which gives individuals a modern look, increasing their confidence. This New Year style features a mixture of short layered bob which edges towards the pixie. If you go through your Instagram account, you will see many women with short hair adorning this style. 

Modern Diana haircut mostly fascinates the born 90s who want to wear some short hair. Also, if you don’t want to have the pixie style, you can consider trying a sleek chin-length style preferred by women wanting something a bit longer than the Modern Diana style.  

Long and Sleek

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Sometimes you would prefer to have that short haircut, but you have no time to go to the salon. If you are going through this predicament, worry no more. Long and sleek is a popular 2021 hairstyle that makes ladies have a shorter hairstyle than it is on their heads. The situation is not all about straight and curly or sleek and shiny, but some special skill that uses a curling iron to make one appear with shorter hair.  

Here, you make the length look healthy by having a blunt bottom cut either by your stylist or by yourself at home. Then, from your shower, add some serum to your hair when wet. The hair will lock the moisture, remaining smooth. This way, the hair remains hydrated with minimized frizz, making it appear shorter than it looks.  

Easy Waves

Many women are currently ditching heat styling, making carefree waves a thing of the past. However, women still require effortless hair, and the easy waves have come to the rescue. With this kind of style, the stylist gives your hair some recommended cut then lays down a foundation of hair that doesn’t require much styling. The layers should be even and heavier from the ear going forward. The perpendicular cuts give your hair space to sit, suitable for air drying. In the case of blunt layers, the hair will dry itself and look bulky. 

Preparing your hair for easy waves is easy. However, it is important to prepare it first by cleaning it with a high-performance leave-in conditioner. When your hair gets coated with the conditioner, it locks out the frizz. You can then give it gentle twists to encourage the loose wave.

Chandelier Layers

If you don’t know what to do with your hair, chandelier layers can work best for it. Here, you take the long layers at the back and the smooth ones to frame your face. There are different ways you can customize this style to come up with something unique for your face. 

With this style, heavier bang edges push the long layers without being too extreme, with the choppy bangs drawing attention to the eyes, creating a vintage vibe.  The long layers will add the definition but will not sacrifice the length, making you enjoy the two worlds.  

Next time you look for the best haircuts for women, you don’t need to look further; the above list contains some of the most popular cuts you can choose for your hairstyle. We are sure that one of the above or its segments can interest you and perfectly fit your style. It is important to discuss with your stylist and see the best style that fits your hair. 

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