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7 Online Dating Cliches [And What They Really Mean]

7 Online Dating Cliches [And What They Really Mean]

As more of us turn to the Internet in our quest to widen our friendship circle and find romance, we will be finding ourselves exposed to a raft of phrases from singles vying for our attention. Some of the stuff they will spout will sound familiar, but much of what is stated while someone is flirting with us will come across as cliched.

How do we recognize a glib comment being rehashed from a previous post they’ve sent to someone else? On the other hand, what if they’re using a turn of phrase they love to adopt when they feel comfortable with connecting with you?

In truth, it can be difficult to decipher. But here are 7 of the most widely used online dating cliches, together with their true meanings.

1. My friends are really important

As a meaningless utterance, this is on a par with ‘I breathe oxygen.’ I mean, friends are one of the staple aspects of our lives, so who wouldn’t regard their friendship circle as important?

If someone really wants to make themselves sound interesting, he or she needs to elaborate. Perhaps there have been particular circumstances where friends have been supportive?

2. Please share my fabulous life with me

There’s one thing about dating sites, they allow people to blow their own trumpet. The golden rule may be to keep your descriptions succinct and on-point, but some users can’t help but make it solely about themselves.

Anyone describing their life in such glowing terms is clearly something of a narcissist.

3. I’m looking for my partner in crime

Someone might come out with this statement because he or she thinks it carries a degree of flippancy.

But what it is actually saying it they have little imagination of their own and are resorting to a well-worn line.

It’s probably safe to assume they aren’t actually hoping you’ll agree to drive the getaway car during a planned bank heist, but it doesn’t actually tell you anything about what they are looking for in a relationship.

4. I’m so laid-back I’m horizontal

It’s one thing to feel confident enough about having an easy-going nature to joke about it. It reveals a level of self-deprecation which is fine for a profile. But there is an argument for not revealing too much with your description.

You might be in danger of giving the impression you’re actually a bit uninspiring. Laid-back is fine, but not at the expense of having more up-front or passionate character traits.

5. I love traveling

Here’s one statement which definitely smacks of writer’s block. The person was rapidly running out of interesting things to say when their eyes drifted to a map on the wall.

Where do they like to travel? Why do they love these locations?

6. I’m normal

In a movie, stalkers go out of their way to insist on how ‘normal’ they are. Seriously, a person feeling the need to explain this is actually in danger of professing how dull they actually are!

Normal is such a subjective term, and it surely rules out a raft of more striking characteristics, such as quirky, unconventional, or off-the-wall.

7. I like cozy nights in with wine and movies

This is another description we can file in the ‘state the obvious’ drawer of the cliché cabinet. What the person should really be describing is what particular movies they prefer, as it is far better to convey specific aspects of taste rather than generic descriptions.

Individual preferences are what make us interesting. Remember, your profile should always be molded to make you stand out from the competition.

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Final Words

I am sure if you have ever done online dating you must have came across such cliches.

Anyways, that’s all for this article. We will keep ClassyWish Updated with more dating related content so that you get all the info you need before finding the Best match online.

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