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Not Tipping Wedding Vendors

Your wedding is expensive enough and now you have to think of tipping the vendors too. So, is this is something that you have to do?

Here is all that you need to know about tipping etiquette for wedding vendors:

Do You Need to Tip Wedding Vendors?

There is no hard and fast rule here – some people choose to tip, while others don’t – most couples will be specific about which wedding vendors they do tip while others base the tip on the kind of service, in case gratuity is added in the bill, a tip isn’t required.

Should You Automatically Tip Vendors?

Unlike with other services, when it comes to a wedding, you aren’t really expected to tip. This is typically because you are spending quite a bit of money on the event already.

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However, if you do want to follow certain social norms, then you can tip certain individuals.

That being said, this doesn’t mean that you should automatically tip everyone. When it comes to a wedding, it should largely be based on the kind of service that was provided.

For instance, did the vendor or employees associated with the vendor go above and beyond their service? If so, this can warrant a tip.

If they simply followed the letter of the contract, though, then you may not be compelled to tip them beyond what you are already paying.

Which Vendors Should You Tip?

This is a personal choice, as opinions can vary quite a bit here.

It is a universal opinion that you should tip the hairstylists and makeup artists that worked on you as well as your bridal party. In this case, don’t just tip for you but also each person that these individuals worked on.

Some people believe that you should tip the servers and the bartenders that handle the food and drink. These individuals are on their feet for the entire wedding and it is nice to provide them with some extra money.

Keep in mind that unlike with waitstaff at restaurants, the servers from catering companies and venues don’t rely on tips. They tend to have decent salaries which is why tipping is optional here too.

Some will also tip the main photographer or videographer as well as the assistants. Once again, these individuals have been on the move for the entire ceremony so it is a nice touch.

You can also tip the DJ or each musician of a band if you like. For musicians, it is a good idea to tip them equally unless one of the members had more duties than the rest.

Who Should You Not Tip?

As a rule of thumb, you don’t need to tip anyone who owns their own business and, as such, is their own employee.

This is because these individuals set their own prices according to the services that they provide. And, if they don’t have other employees, all of this money goes directly to them.

These individuals can include the florist, the photographer, the DJ, etc. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tip them for a job well done, it is simply less common.

Keep in mind that if these business owners are using other employees for the event then it is a good idea to tip these individuals as they don’t make as much as their bosses do.

It is also unnecessary to tip those who have provided the venue. This is because they often have minimal involvement in the event. However, if any of the employees helped you to set up, then it is best to leave a tip for each individual rather than the venue as a whole.

Is There an Alternative to Tipping Business Owners?

So, what can you do for business owners instead providing them with a tip?

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Well, one of the best things that you can do is to leave a glowing review and offer them up as recommendations for others. This gesture will often go a much longer way than a tip as it can result in better business for them.

Tipping According to the Contract

Now, before you decide who you should or shouldn’t tip, consider the contract that you are signing. Is gratuity or service charge included in this contract?

If so, then this is essentially like the tip and this amount is distributed among the people working for that vendor. Due to this, there is no need to contribute any more money.

You should also determine if you are being charged per individual for a service. In this case, you don’t have to forego the tip completely but you may want to leave a smaller one.

Tip So Your Guests Don’t Have To

You should also tip for the event that your guests don’t feel responsible for it. This is especially true for the bar.

Inform the bartender that you will be tipping them at the end of the night. This way, they will not leave out a tip jar and your guests will not feel obligated to tip.

This is something that you may want to consider for valet parking as well. Once again, inform your guests that the tips have been taking care of so that they will not need to shell out money.

Are You Required to Tip Wedding Vendors?

No, you aren’t required to tip wedding vendors, although there are some individuals like stylists, servers, musicians, and bartenders that you may want to tip – in general, there is no need to tip business owners or venues as they make more money.