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90 Trendy Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

90 Trendy Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

Girls love to look pretty, isn’t it? From their hair to single nail, they want everything to be absolutely perfect. And it’s been said a many times that Your nails, hair, Shoes are the things people actually observe in you, it seemed very less important but unfortunately, it’s not. Well, Girls must be having a good book for new hairstyles with them because we are here to share some very easy but attractive nail art designs with you.

Every girl knows how to make designs but we get stuck with different designs. Aren’t we? We have pictures of more than 90 easy nail art designs here with us, we are sure you’ll like them and apply it on your nails. Here you go!

Best Nail Art Designs 2020

Here are some simple yet attractive, beautiful and unique Nail Art designs for Girls in 2020. These nail paints can be done by women as well as teen girls.

A simple manicure is always in style and it looks best with any outfit. But there’s a little twist in our next design, you can make a set of flower and leaves with red and black color on your already manicured nails, See the magic afterward!

Nowadays, Nailpaint designs with accessories are very trending. There are stones and stickers available in shops which you can paste on just one nail and can apply a simple shade to all the others. It looks very upmarket and class, also one of the best nail arts we’ve ever come across. Check the image below!

Trendy and Easy Nail Art Designs for Winter

Who doesn’t like colorful nail paints, but it’s very confusing to decide which pattern to apply. But we have some very cool and unique nail paint designs which are very colorful. You can apply them with casual jeans and a top and also with beach dress!

What’s so bad in having cute nails? We all love that right? So yes, we have a good option for you if you’re looking to paint your nails cute this time! These are some of the cute nail arts. See the picture below!

Elegant Nail Paint Designs for Short Nails

Painting all the nails in one color except one, on which you can apply sparkle or else coloring the top with sparkle. Sound bizzare? but it looks beautiful after completion. Check the images!

As you can see that these Nail Art Designs are best for Short Nails.

Funky colors are usually trending in the market, They are all time fashion. They go on any outfit too! You can apply them simply or else try some designs too. Here are some of the options!

Painting flowers in just two fingers look very classy, try this with matter nail paint on other nails. We are sure you’re going to love this one! This is one of the most beautiful nail arts!


Latest Nail Art Ideas for Girls

It’s weird to be funky sometimes but you can be that through your nail paint design. Yes, and these designs can go with any outfit. Check the images below!

Best Nail Paint Ideas for Weddings



There must be some classy nail designs too which you can apply with evening gowns and sarees in some big parties. Here are some of the pretty and classy nail designs, check them out!



Yayy! This is it. We shared each type of nail art with you, you can actually choose any of these for you without thinking much, they’re very easy and pretty to have! Though we think are nails are not that important but they are, people do notice that trust me. It’s better to have clean and beautiful nails girls, the opposite of this can off anybody.

So just choose one and start applying your perfect nail art, Go on! We are sure your group is going to love you for this. And if you want, you can teach them to your girlfriends too. So that they can also pull up some best nail designs for themselves! Start your art now!

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