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Welcome to Classy Wish – Kopal Khandelwal Art Works

Welcome to Classy Wish – Kopal Khandelwal Art Works

Hey Guys, So this is Kopal Khandelwal !!! Welcome to my very first blog ClassyWish. 🙂 I have written many articles for other blogs but starting one for myself has always been something that I thought of. So here I am, with my very own blog where I will share away many things !! You will get to know more about me in the later posts.

ClassyWish – By heart, Classy!

Will you be a part of it ?? Here’s all what I will be offering through my blog:

  • I will show various art works which includes drawings, sketches, paintings doodles, etc.
  • I will take you through some of the best places to visit, to eat and to enjoy. 😉
  • Will be reviewing fashion products for all you girls out there.
  • Are you shopoholic too ?? I will be showcasing a lot of items to fill your carts.
  • Will teach you about ART and design.
  • What else ?? That’s all what I have in mind right now.

Are you ready to be a part of Classywish ?? 🙂

So, without wasting any time I should continue with the post. I love to do all sort of craft work, shading, sketching, murals and more. And so my first post is about my art works only. I won’t be displaying all of them but yes these are some of my best works.

I’ll be sharing my techniques too, about shading or how to merge colors or even how to select the best colors etc . Even some on murals and crafting too. For that, you just have to wait a while.

So here we go !!

Beautiful Bird – Explosion of Colors

Kopal Khandelwal Bird

A bird that has all the colors in it, the main thing that has to be kept in mind is the direction in which the shades are to be given and also the color combination should be according to the need. Do you guys like it ?? Be honest !!

And yee, I have framed my sketch. 🙂


Chowki – A tradional Artwork

Most of you guys must be knowing what a Chowk is. Right ?? Well its just a low wooden seat or stool on which you can place any idol or statue or just a flower vase. So here’s what I made.

Image 3

This is my work which is done with the help of paper mache and certain kundans. To give it a more luxury look I have put a 12 mm glass on top of it. This is multipurpose for a flower vase or any idol or just for.

So what are your words on it ??


A Simple Canvas Art

Iimage 5

This is a three piece canvas of tribal art. This looks elegant and is easy to make but the fact remains the same, your hands need to perfect in giving the curves. The base is made first and then with the help of black color, painting is done. I have used camlin tube colors in this.

One of My Favorite – Mural Art

kopal khandelwal Mural art

This is a wooden mural, the base is made out of 4 MDF boards attached with two horizontal lines at the back. I have used sea shells and stones here to give an original look and also the color combination is perfect to make it look eye catching.

A Flower with Some Detailing

This is my best pencil sketch till now. I have tried to give it a original look with water droplets. The color combination and the shades are need to be purely perfect in this and the same thing, direction should be proper in all. It is just the half flower may call it a artistic mind.

Kopal khandelwal sketches

Do you guys like it ??


BORED – Its Just a DOODLE ! 

Kopal Khandelwel doodle work


A random text with random figures covering the space is what is done in doodling. Small small figures like cupcake, ice cream, octopus, bow, camera, etc. are made close to give it different look. Text like Bored, Awesome, your name, Love or anything can be written. Well I wrote bored 😛 quite a match for me.


Criss Cross patterns

Kopal black and white art criss cross

Combination of black pen and pencil with cross and flowers and a bit of shading.

Water color shades

Water color shades

This painting is made with help of water colors and the shading of flowers give it a real look ,the leaves too are done the same way to give the whole painting a wow look!!

Sparkling Love

Image 14

This is also a water color painting with shades of white and a bit touch of sparkle.

Black N White

Kopal khandelwal Black and White art

A concept of black and white color with combination of worli painting is worth eye capturing.


Cute 🙂 Thumb Painting

best thumb painting kopal


Thumb can be used to create many different types of small objects, good for all age groups.

A Music Gift Card

Kopal Khandelwal Gift card

Well yes I do make cards as well. 🙂 Made this card recently for a friend who loves music !!

More Artworks – My Gallery

I just cannot put all of my works, you can see the gallery below for more of my works. I will keep adding pictures to it. 😉

So these were some of my works !! Art is something I live for and always try to make something new.

That’s it for this blog post !! Its my first and I really look forward to my journey at classywish. From the next post onwards I will be sharing some of my travel experiences along with some fashion related articles. Lets see how it goes. 🙂

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