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How To Gel Curly Hair for Men: The Complete Guide

How To Gel Curly Hair for Men: The Complete Guide

How To Gel Curly Hair for Men: The Complete Guide

It seems the internet is awash with techniques for women’s styling tips. But what if you’re a man with unruly hair or simply just looking for some style tips?  Fortunately, the landscape is changing. The focus is evening out, with more male-focused beauty techniques coming out. Beauty does not have a gender. So do you know how to gel curly hair for men?

Gelling your hair seems easy enough. But, there are many aspects to it. There are techniques that can help your hair and techniques that can harm your hair. 

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s hair? Certainly not. Hair is hair. 

Either way, curly hair can be challenging to manage. Let’s take a look at some techniques to care for your curly hair. And, there are ways to work with your curls to create the style that you want. 

Curly hair gets a bad rap for being notoriously difficult to tame. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible; it just means that specific techniques are more effective than others. So, with that in mind, let’s see how men can manage their curly locks. 

How To Gel Curly Hair for Men

Let’s talk about how to gel curly hair for men. Firstly, you should decide what type of style you want. If you’re looking for tight curls (like if you got a perm), you’ll have to put a bit more effort in. use a quality pre-styling product that can hold the style and work it in from root to tip. Always apply the product to damp hair as opposed to dry hair.

Use a diffuser and blow-dry the hair with a cool setting. If you want to seal the deal further, you can use a cream designed specifically for molding the curls. This keeps them from becoming tight and brittle and leaves them soft yet strong. 

If you want more volume yet casual locks, then look for a product made with sea salt. These are typically foams or sprays. They help to give the texture of your curls and hold but will keep them looking smooth and relaxed. Use a small amount on damp curls and lightly work the product through your curls.

These types of products help to moisturize your hair while holding the curl. Let your hair dry naturally after applying the product. 

Dealing with Curly Hair

Sure, curly hair can be unruly and a challenge to tame. But, curly hair is also the perfect head of hair to have if you want volume and an extensive range of choices for different styles. 

Curls are voluminous, and they give you a textured style. Most of the time, you won’t need to use as many expensive products as you may initially think. Also, if you know how to style it, it shouldn’t be too much effort either. As a curly-headed gentleman, you probably have plenty more hairstyle options than you are aware of. 

Curly hair generally has a coarse texture. But did you know that curly hair also typically absorbs light instead of reflects it? This light absorption means that curly hair can also appear shinier than straighter hair. 

History of Men with Curly Hair

In the past, dead straight hair was all the rage. Thankfully, this has changed. Curly hair is highly envied by those born with naturally straight hair. I remember being a young teenager and almost weeping with envy at those seemingly born with the golden beauty spoon- having naturally dread straight hair.

It was only after I embraced my natural beachy waves, letting it dry naturally, that I began to see the value of it. Compliment after compliment would follow as I left the curls just to do their thing. I began to take better care of my hair, using quality products free from harmful ingredients. 

As you begin to value your hair, and as kitsch, as it sounds, love it, you’ll begin to treat it right. Treating your hair right might sound strange, but take it from experience- loving my hair led me to care about it. And this developed into using less heat on it and fewer chemicals. As my hair began to recover from years of straighteners and products, it began to shine- both literally and figuratively.

That’s not to say you should avoid all products. Instead, be more discerning about what products you decide to use on your hair. Using the right gel on your curly hair can be a massive game-changer. Support brands and companies that genuinely care about the ingredients they use. This will enhance your hair’s health and help you to make the most out of your curly hair. And maybe, just maybe, try letting your curly hair dry naturally for a change. You might be pleasantly surprised by its innate style. 

Manageable Haircuts for Men with Curly Hair

The best and most manageable haircut for short curly hair is to keep the back and sides short and let the curls be the main attraction. When you have a slightly longer length on the top of your head, you can let the curls fall to one side. Or, you could let them fall back, or even more forward- your style options are endless.

If you want a more tousled look, letting the curls flop forward gives them a stylish yet laid-back look. If you are keen on this look, you might find that an undercut does it justice. Want to be bold? Consider frosting your tips!

Look, it doesn’t matter what type of style or look you’re keen on. The most important thing is to keep your curls healthy. Make sure you use hydrating products that don’t strip the hair of its essential oils. This will stop the dreaded frizziness as well. 

Top Tips for Dealing with Curls

Before you get to gelling your hair, you’ll need to get a few things straightened out first. This is crucial in learning how to gel curly hair for men.

And first up, you’ll have to make sure your curls are cut in a style that reflects what you want and who you are. Never underestimate the power of a great haircut!

There is no one haircut best suited for curly hair. The type of cut that best suits you will depend on a variety of factors. Firstly, it has to reflect your individual sense of style. Secondly, the type of haircut you get should depend on your hair strength, the curl’s strength, and how high you want to amp up your hair volume. 

If you want to up the volume, then ask your stylist to layer your curls. 

If you have tight curls but don’t want to have them spring out, then stick to a max length of 3 inches. 

If you have more of a wave than a tight curl, you can keep it a bit longer, even 6 inches, if that’s what you like. 

Top Tip: if you’re brave and doing your own DIY style hair cut, always cut curly hair when it’s dry. 

Choosing Products for Curly Male Hair

Avoid products that contain high levels of alcohol. Alcohol can damage and dehydrate curly hair. Mouses, gels, and other styling products containing high alcohol levels all dehydrate the hair and promote frizz. 

Did you know? Despite having a more lustrous shine and sheen, curly hair does tend to be a little drier in nature than straight hair. 

Because curly hair tends to be dry, try not to wash it too often. Opt for once or twice a week to lock in your hair’s natural essential oils. If you wash your curls too often, you risk promoting frizz. This is something to avoid, especially if you are using gel and styling products on a daily basis. 

If you tend to wash your hair more often because it’s a little on the oily side, then it’s worthwhile to use a shampoo formulated for oily hair. And just because you have oily hair doesn’t mean you should skimp on the conditioner. Use a quality, hydrating conditioner for your curls. 

When it comes to hair care, hair masks are often overlooked by men. Just because you have shorter hair doesn’t mean you can’t make use of a mask. Using a quality moisturizing hair mask once a week or just twice a month can make a world of difference. This can keep your curls looking lush and healthy and keep the dreaded frizz at bay. 

Dry Curls? Use these Tips

Find a quality leave-in cream or conditioner that can help with thirsty curls. It will help to enhance moisture, manageability and minimize frizz. You can even get gels and creams that hold style while providing your curl with essential moisture.

Gels and Styling Products

Avoid gels that are heavy or waxy. Find a quality gel that won’t damage your hair. There are many creams, sprays, and leave-in products that are highly conditioning and will still act as a gel does. They will help to style your hair, define the curls, and keep them looking  (and feeling) genuinely healthy.

Heavy gels and waxes tend to weigh down the hair and make it look greasy. But, more importantly, they can strip your hair of moisture and leave it damaged, especially after long-term use. 

Top Tip: if you want to take care of your hair and avoid breakage, use the product on wet hair. Not only is it easier to apply, but it is less likely to cause damage and breakage. 


And finally, use a wide-tooth comb for curly hair. These types of combs help to detangle your locks. Opt for one that has fairly flexible teeth so that it avoids both breakage and frizz. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to gel curly hair for men. If you have a perm, check out our article on how to wear a hat with a perm.

Stay Stylish!

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