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How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership? [2 Ways]

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership? [2 Ways]

If you are a gym freak or have started going to the gym, planet fitness also known as PF would be a commonly heard name to you. But sometimes, it doesn’t turn out to be something that you expected. And in such case you plan to cancel your Planet Fitness Gym Membership.

In this article you will know what Planet Fitness is, What are it’s benefits, What its defects are and How can you cancel planet fitness membership.

What Is Planet Fitness?

Planet fitness is a fitness chain based in Hampton, New Hampshire. It is an American franchisor and operator of fitness centers. It has the largest number of fitness clubs which is approximately 1742 according to reports. The tagline of the gym is “no critics”. It is basically a no judgment gym and is therefore famous among all the age groups.  It provides free access to home clubs to all their members. And their staff is well equipped, trained and knowledgeable. The members with the “Black cards” can also bring their guests to enjoy the amenities of this fitness center.

Planet Fitness opened its first international center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It also has international outlets in Hawaii, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Canada and Panama.

What Does Planet Fitness Offer?

Planet fitness also known as PF among the locals of America is one of the best fitness clubs in the world. It offers it’s customers with a wide range of amenities. You aren’t a Richie rich in America if you don’t hold that “PF Black card”. Now let us take you around all the amazing thing pf offers you:

  • The fitness center is open 24 hrs. The gym doers do not need to fit into the schedule. They can have a flexible schedule.
  • The center is clean and spacious. There is a  front lobby with a large area for equipment and lockers.
  • The fitness training is free of cost. The experienced trainers provide gym routines as well as the guide to work with the machines.
  • PF is a judgment-free zone. The place makes you comfortable and you experience a safe and energetic environment.
  • High-quality cardio and strength building equipment of the best brands are available for the users.
  • The staff is warm and welcoming.
  • It is an affordable fitness center.
  • There are no contracts in the PF gym. You can come and leave as you wish. You do not need to pay for  a year or so.
  • It offers free food like pizza and bagels to its users.

You can see how much PF has to offer you but there are some disadvantages too. Let us take you through it.

Disadvantages of PF:

There are some things in the planet fitness center that the users might not be fond of. The disadvantages of PF are as follows:

  • The fitness center does not have Olympic equipment available as it is mostly for people who are a bit lazy to work out.
  • There is a noise policy in PF. The users cannot make noise while weight lifting or otherwise. This puts off many users in the fitness center.
  • There is a lack of pilates, strike or yoga classes in Pf. Their frequency is much less than required.

Now that you are well aware of what planet fitness offers you and what its disadvantages are, you might want to cancel your pf membership. Let us take you through those procedures.

How to cancel Planet Fitness Membership?

The cancellation of your  gym membership depends upon the agreement you have signed with this fitness center. You should first know what your agreement reads. That is why understanding your agreement is important. Understanding your agreement can let you know if you can apply for a fee waiver or not. Let us take you through the process of analyzing and understanding your agreement:

Understanding your pf agreement:

The steps you need to follow to analyze and understand your agreement are as follows:

  • Find your contract/agreement that has your signatures.
  • Read the contract thoroughly. All the terms and the conditions are mentioned in it.
  • Go through your billing cycle. In case of monthly billing, you can cancel before 10th of the month. For annual billing, you have to inform 25-30 days before the month you want to quit.
  • A fee waiver is provided if you have a proof that either (a)You are injured or (b)You are moving to a location where the PF center is not present, a fee waiver will be provided to you. The gym should be 40 KMs away from the place you are moving to/staying in. for the fee waiver to apply.

You now are well equipped with all the information you need for canceling your membership at the planet fitness center. Here are the two methods to cancel your membership at the fitness center:

1. Canceling PF Membership In Physical:

In this method of canceling your planet fitness membership, you have the visit to the fitness center in person. You need to know about your contract with them. Carry the proof of injury or relocation if any. The procedure to be followed is:

  • Collect all the information you will need for the cancellation. This includes your membership Id, your proof of injury if there is any and your proof of relocation if any. You also need personal information like ID proof, social security number and your date of birth.
  • Write down a one-page document which mentions that you want to cancel your membership. This should be in accordance with your contracts. Also include your documents of proof of medical and relocation if necessary.
  • Call the fitness center and check the hours for the membership service office of your location. Call the department and request a meeting to cancel your membership.
  • Meet the representative of the membership department and inform them that you want a cancellation.
  • Don’t forget to ask them for the cancellation in writing with the signatures of the representatives.
  • You may have to pay for a month extra. Then make sure that there is no more payments to make. Settle the cancellation charges required.
  • If you are being charged improperly or after cancellation ask for the contact number of the person responsible.
  • Check your card statements. If the amount is deducted, call the fitness center or visit them in person.

2. Cancel Planet Fitness membership by email/certified letter:

In case you cannot visit the fitness center in person, you can make the cancellation of your membership by sending them a certified letter or an email. The steps to be followed are:

  • Send a certified letter to the fitness center. Send a certified letter so that it can be easily tracked. It is a priority or first class mail.
  • You can choose email or physical delivery.
  • Attach the letter requesting the cancellation. Also, attach your identity proof and the proof of your fee waiver if any.
  • Visit a post office and give your letter to the employee. Tell them to classify it as priority/first class mail. They will ask you for the signatures.
  • Track your mail. Once it shows up delivered, call the PF gym and ask them if they have received the request for cancellation.
  • Check your bank accounts to see if anything is charged extra by the gym. In case, you have been charged extra, immediately call the membership department and inform them.

You Are Done

Congratulations! You have successfully cancelled your planet fitness gym membership. We hope that you keep working out either in a natural environment or in a better gym. Here is wishing you healthy living and signing off!

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