10 Best Virtual Credit Card Providers [Free Indian VCC]

Obtaining an actual credit card from a bank requires to submit a lot of documents and is a tiring process. Hence you might opt for a VCC. Major banks and credit companies issue them. So what is a virtual credit card? Why do you want one? Which are the best Virtual Credit Card sites you can trust? In this article Find out the Top 10 Free VCC Sites that you can use. 

Here are some reasons why you might want one :-

  • It comes free of cost. VCC protects bank information best.
  • We can set limitations for time and payment.
  • You can use them on Google Adwords, FB Ads, and other advertising platforms.
  • VCCs are accepted worldwide. Other cards require you to activate international payment facility with some charge for access to PayPal and other foreign sites.
  • They protect against frauds and hence provides safe usage.
  • Being a soft copy, VCCs are easily replaceable.
  • They have fixed exchange rates for various currencies.
  • Online companies like paytm and freecharge set terms and conditions that allow us to get benefits for only once. Such cards allow getting these benefits for more than once.

10 Best Virtual Credit Card Providers

Hereby I have listed the Best VCC sites.


Entropay is by far the best site to get VCCs. They boast of very fast cash transfers, even among 3 different currencies. Transferring money in the same unit between 2 users is free of cost. The cards they provide are virtual and disposable.

You can control your cards by setting limits, deleting them, or blocking them whenever you want to protect unauthorized access.

The security they provide is also noteworthy. As of now, they boast of a 3 million plus user base spread across more than 120 nations.

Click here to visit Entropay.

ICICI bank Pocket App

Powered by ICICI bank, this app helps you in obtaining VCCs cost and hassle free. If you do not have an account with this bank, then its fine, and if you already have one then you can enjoy some added benefits. Like PayTm, this app allows us pay bills, top up recharges, st top box or datacrds, etc. It also allows us to make payments through BHIM, NFC or Bharat QR code.

Also on registering on this app, you get a free VCC immediately and you can also request a physical one for some nominal charge.

Get the app here.

Udio wallet

This is a relatively new company which provides VCCs that can be used as a normal debit card.

You can use it to recharge online wallets, data cards, prepaid sim cards, etc. You can also use it to pay your bills. A unique feature provided by this wallet is that you can use it split bills between your friends. Like any physical card, you can use it to shop online also.

Check out their Android app here.

Union bank DigiPurse

Similar to the ICICI Pocket app, this app also helps us to obtain free VCCs. You can use these cards anywhere on the internet. However top ups for this card done does not reflect immediately and takes up to 24 hours to take effect.

This card can be used to top up accounts and do recharges. Union Bank also offers immediate money transfer facility that allows us to send or receive cash online within moments. The card has a maximum limit of about 2 lacs.

Here’s the link to the app.

Yes Bank FreeCharge GO Mastercard

You already know about the freecharge wallet. But did you know they also provide virtual MasterCard?

You can use it to do any kind of payment like recharging, shopping, payments etc. However, you can not request an offline version for this card.  This app also allows all the features a bank offers like money transfer through BHIM UPI and QR codes.

Check out the mobile app here.

HDFC PayZapp Visa Card

PayZapp is an app sponsored by HDFC bank ad it is one of the best Virtual Credit Card provider. It is free to use and you do not need an HDFC bank account to avail it. You can easily create your own prepaid Virtual Credit Card.

These cards can be used internationally (You can also try these on Google Adwords, Fb Ads, Amazon, Steam). It is secure and fast. You can use the card to shop, pay bills or do recharges like the other cards.

Click here to experience the mobile app.


Like the other apps, this app also allows us to make payments, recharge bills, and do top ups through a Virtual Credit Card. You can add money to it through any bank or digital credit or debit card. Transactions are secured through triple check security.

You can also keep other bank cards linked, and use the app as a secure payment gateway.

Check out the app here.


A relatively newer app, it is powered by VISA and DCB Bank. It is a bit different than the other apps out there. It helps parents to teach the basics of money management to their children. You can avail both VCC and a physical card which can be used anywhere.

The app does not link to any bank account, making transactions secure. You can also block or lock your misplaced cards form the app.

Click here to get the app.


This app powered by DBS bank is a paperless bank and is on the rise right now. It allows all the features of a normal bank like fund transfers, bill payments, and mutual funds investments. You can create an e-wallet and obtain a VCC in very little time.

Linking your Aadhar card allows you to convert to digisavings at any time.

Click here to check out the app.

Oxigen wallet

Oxigen is popular for its easy usage features. It allows you to avail prepaid VISA which can be used to make payments, recharge, or shop.

You can also gift it to someone else. It is also more social because you can share money-related topics with your friends through the app. Other than these it also offers all the other features an online wallet normally offers.

Check out the app here.

Best sites to Get Free VCC Online

Based on the above reviews, hereby I have made the list of the Best VCC sites :-

  1. Entropay
  2. ICICI Bank Pocket App
  3. Udio wallet
  4. Union bank DigiPurse
  5. Yes Bank FreeCharge Go Mastercard
  6. HDFC PayZapp Visa Card
  7. IDBI PayApt
  8. Slonkit
  9. DigiBank
  10. Oxigen wallet


Thus we see that in recent times a lot of companies and websites have appeared which gives us free access to virtual credit cards. However be sure to be careful while carrying out any kind of online transaction. This is because hackers are always trying to break into these sites, and they try to steal your bank account details. Also, failed transactions are a headache because if your money has been deducted, then it can be quite cumbersome to obtain it back. So better safe than sorry.

Always use a trusted payment gateway to secure your transaction. Installing anti-virus software on your device adds an extra layer of security.

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