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10 Best Sites to Download Stock Images for Free

10 Best Sites to Download Stock Images for Free

Maybe you are a businessman looking to decorate your office or trade with some catchy images. Or you might be a student looking for the appropriate images to use in your project file. If neither, then you might just be an average person looking for random beautiful images.

A few years back they were not easy to get. You had to either click them yourself, or you had to buy them from other people at a fair price.

But now, a lot of free stock image sites have appeared, which allow us to choose from thousands of such images, and use them for free.

However, it is best to review their copyright and license policy first, because some companies might not allow you to use these images for commercial purpose without their consent.

10 Best Sites to get Free Stock Images

Hereby I have listed the top 10 best free stock image websites.

Do visit them all as every site offer a great collection of stock photos.


Probably the best among all, this site allows us to use all the images on this site for free without any special license. Stocksnap uses a tag-based category system to pick out and show the best images to you from among thousands of entries.

It also acknowledges users who upload the images by linking the images directly to their profile. Anyone can join for free. All you need to do is upload your best work and past their strict quality standards and you can become a part of this ever-growing community.

Click here to check out Stocksnap


Perhaps the most important feature of this awesome site is that they allow us to use their images for free, both for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It is also a great source of revenue for those who post their photos on this site. The revenue comes completely from advertisements, and that is why this site is completely free to use.

A lot of work goes into the images which appear on this site. Either their own or other subscribed photographers first supply the image. Then this image is cropped, edited, sharpened, color sharpened, keyworded, and finally, it is posted on the website. As a result of such a thorough process, a lot of images fail to make it the website. But as we all know, quality matters a lot more than quantity.

Click here to check out Freerangestock.


Created in 2000, Dreamstime is one of the leaders in stock image supply.

You can find both free and cheaply priced images to use on this website. It boasts of a massive database of 77 million images posted by more than 21 million users. They keep uploading thousands of images every day, which are first examined and processed by experts carefully before finally being posted on the site. The user base includes everyone ranging from individuals looking for beautiful images to international advertising companies.

Besides just providing images to the public, Dreamstime also works as an active community for photographers. Meet with, talk, and share your ideas and tips with thousands of others. Dreamstime also holds competitions and gives away rewards to both the contributor and customers on special occasions. It is definitely a heaven for any photo enthusiast.

Check out Dreamstime here.


Like stocksnap, this website also provides you with a vibrant variety of royalty free images. You can use them both for commercial and non-commercial purposes without having to get any kind of special permission. Also, another feature on this website is safe search. It allows you to block most adult or explicit images, thus making the site safer for children.

Uploaders can also earn from this website if their images are up to the required standard.

Click here to visit Pixabay


This website has more than 3000 photos and counting, and chances are high that you will find more than what you need on this page.

All photos are free for use and submitted by photographers from all around the world. You can also join Unsplash for free. Unsplash user base is huge, with companies like Apple and WordPress using their images. You can also “follow” your favorite photographers and stay updated about every image they post.

Check out Unsplash here.


Pexels is popular for providing high-quality images which are held under the creative common zero licenses. In other words, these images are completely free for use. You do not need to obtain the permission of the author for any kind of use. All images are nicely categorized and arranged, making it easy for you to obtain by searching. This website has a database of 40000 plus images which are either supplied by users or are chosen from other free websites.

Heres the link to Pexels


When normal stock websites rejected his entries because of inferior quality, Victor Hanacek started this website in 2013. Now picjumbo offers free high-quality stock images for your personal and commercial needs. New photos are added to all the categories daily.

Currently, the site boasts of more than six million downloads. You can either use these images as a regular user or become a premium member to get access to exclusive content daily.

Check out PicJumbo here.


This website started as a start-up in 2014, when the creators were finding it difficult to get free high-quality images. So they started to upload their images on the website.

When they found out that their website had gained a considerable amount of publicity, they started working on it. Recently they added the feature which allows other users to upload also on the site. All images are under the creative content zero licenses.

Click here to visit SkitterPhoto.

Life of pix

The LEEROY creative agency created this website to offer royalty-free high-quality images to users for free usage. However, they do not allow mass distribution of more than ten images without a formal consent from the creators. All users can post their images on this website.

Out of them, one is nominated the “photographer of the week” weekly. You can maintain your own profile and follow your favorite photographers.

Check out Life of pix here.

Death to stock photos

Death to stock is a bit different from the others.

They focus more on providing artists with creative content for their blogs, social media, or mock-ups. They focus more on quality rather than quantity. Being a member, you get up to 10 images in your inbox monthly which you can use for various purposes. A premium membership gives you access to their whole library all at once.

Click here to visit Death to stock .

List of the Best Stock Image Websites

Based on the above reviews, here is a list of the top free stock image sites :-

  1. Stocksnap
  2. Freerangestock
  3. Dreamstime
  4. Pixabay
  5. Unsplash
  6. Pexels
  7. PicJumbo
  8. SkitterPhoto
  9. Life of pix
  10. Death to stock


Thus we see that a lot of free stock image sites exist which help us in getting our hands on really good quality images.

You can use them freely for non-commercial purposes like home wall decoration or school projects freely. However, you may need permission to use them for commercial purposes like in business. So say goodbye to paying for images and say hello to the free stock image sites!

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