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12 Free Architecture Software for Windows in 2020

12 Free Architecture Software for Windows in 2020

If you are an architecture student or you have developed interest in the field of architect, the most important tool for you is an architecture software or architectural design software. In this article we provide you a list of the best and free architectural software. You can have a look at them and decide for yourself which one suits you the best.

What Is Architecture Software?

Architecture software is one of the most necessary tool in the field of architecture. The architecture design software helps the architecture students as well as professionals to virtually design a home or a building or any structure. The architecture software enables the students and the professionals to practice the designing and enhance the skill. In the past, the architects had to draw up the plan using a paper and ink. The architecture software lets the users to design more swiftly and efficiently. This minimizes the use of raw materials and therefore the design of the plan costs less.

Now that the architecture software are important for designing homes, buildings and all other structures, we need a list of architecture software. We have provided you with a list of the best architecture software. You can go through them and decide which one suits you the best.

List Of Free Architecture Software

Every person who is in the field of architecture is well aware of the importance of the architecture software. But there are many architecture software that are available. In this article,  a list of free architecture software is jotted down. You can choose the software which suits you best. The list is as follows:

1. Revit Architecture

Revit Architecture is a paid software for the students and education-related professionals. It provides a three year license to the user to use the software. This makes it one of the best architecture software. The changes that are made in your design plan are saved as soon as you make them. The software also keeps changing the landscape of your design/plan to give you a better 3D view. Revit architecture is famous among the students for it’s accuracy. Your plans or designs are neat and free of any errors. The software is built for Building Information Modelling(BIM).

Revit Architecture is although the best software for students, it still requires some experience to use this software. The software is easy to use but the new learners cannot cope up with this student. You can go for this software if you have a little experience in using the architecture software.


You can try 30 day trial before purchasing the software.

2. Free CAD

Free CAD is a free architecture software. It is an open source architecture software for Windows. It allows the users to design a plan for many real life objects like homes, buildings and stadiums. The software has some pre-defined projects which are optimized to design a certain type of plan/model. It includes architecture design, ship design, mesh design and part design. If you select the architecture design, you can start designing home, building or a stadium. The parametric 3D modeler technique allows you to build complex designs.

You can save your project as a PDF, OLA or STL. You can also view your model in a 2D view in 2D shape viewer. The 3D model also has the option of front view, top view, bottom view etc. You should definitely take a look at this software.

3.My Virtual Home

If you do not want to hire an architect to design your home, My Virtual Home is one of the best architecture software. My virtual home is one of the most creative and interactive architecture software. This is a great software if you have envisioned what your home should look like. The software has highly interactive models of objects, surfaces and the materials.

It is a free software and it includes the details of suppliers, the rates charged and how to contact them. However the cost are for the ones living in Australia as the software was created for the Australian people mostly. You can however design your home here free of cost.

4. SketchUp

Google has given it’s name to sketchup and ever since it has gained popularity among the architecture students as well as professionals. Sketch up has two versions- sketch up make and sketch up pro. You van choose any version that suits you. It is an architecture software that provides many add on features that can help you in designing your plan efficiently. It allows you to decide the flooring, woodwork etc. It also allows the users to create additional features like garage, pool, deck etc. The 3D image generated is crystal clear and sharp.

Sketch up has a built in lighting engine which gives you an approximation of how much sunlight will enter into your home. It also gives you a view of how your home appears in the evening. This software is perfect for you to design as it is efficient and easy to learn.

5. DesignWorkshop Lite

Design workshop lite is one of the best 3D architecture software. It has a user friendly environment. You can get used to this software easily as it is very easy to operate. The software allows the users to design home and flooring plans. It has a lot of cut-copy options along with shapes. Features like elevation, lengthening, and projection can be easily set by the user.

Although the software is not perfect but it is well equipped to design a home. If you have the required skills, you can design your home as you had envisioned.

6. Archi CAD

Archi CAD is a all in one software that is used for 2D as well as 3D designing. It is one of the best architecture software for the students as well as professionals. It is a user friendly software that is easy to operate. It can be used by the first time designers as well as experienced architects. You should definitely take a look at this software and employ it for your models or plans. It is a BIM software that can be used to design you home, building or a stadium.


7.AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD architecture is one of the best architecture software for the learners as well as experienced architects. It offers a wide range of professional tools to the users. The software enables the user to design smoothly. The design that you make will exhibit a real life behavior. You will be able to envision how your design will look when it is executed.  The designing and drafting is made easy with the software and the software is highly precise.

AutoCAD architecture offers a free trial of 3 months. In the free trail the user can access all the professional tools. We ensure you that you will fall in love with this architecture software.

8. Dream Plan

Dream plan is a free architecture software compatible with Windows. This software enables the user to design a home. You can also design the interiors as well as the surroundings of your structure. It is a user friendly software with an easy to operate interface. It helps the users to build complex 3D models. You can also have a 2D view of your structure.

All those who are beginners should definitely try this software. You might just develop enhanced skills of architecture after using the software.

12 Best Architecture Software

Below is the list of the top 12 free architecture software. Do have a look on them.

  1. Revit Architecture
  2. Free CAD
  3. My Virtual Home
  4. Sketch Up
  5. DesignWorkshop Lite
  6. Archi CAD
  7. AutoCAD Architecture’
  8. Dream Plan
  9. TAD Designer
  10. Seismo Build
  11. SweetHome 3D
  12. 3D Home design

Now that you have a long list of architecture software, you should explore them without waiting a second more. And decide for yourself , which software suits you the best. Happy designing!

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