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16 Free Animation Software

16 Free Animation Software

Animation software is the most important tool for an animation movie editor. An animation software is used to edit the images and graphics. In this article you will come cross the 16 Free Animation Software that you can download and install on your Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac or Linux OS.

Moreover, the list also includes; 

  • Animation Software for Beginners
  • Online Animation Software for Free
  • Free 2D Animation Software
  • Portable Software for Animation

Yes, you read it right. We have covered everything that you as an animator need. Let us get started;

What Is Animation Software?

Whether you are a student or a developer, a good animation software is an important tool for any level of expertise. The animation software enables you to create your own animation characters. Developing an animation character or movie is very interesting and the first step of an animation career. The animation software is important for a stable and a secure career in the field of animation.

The prices of all major animation software’s is exorbitant. Most of the students are not able to afford such expensive animation software. You need not worry. We have come up with a list for the best 2D and 3D animation software that are completely free of cost.

So, without waiting any further take a look at them and Decide which software is best suited for you.

List Of Free Animation Software

Given below is the list of the best animation software for Windows, Mac and Linux. To your surprise these are all free of cost or cost minimal. Take a look at them and begin animating:

1. Pencil

Pencil is by far the best 2D animation softwares. The animation artists swear by this software. It is an open-source animation software. You can use it on Windows, mac and Linux.

Pencil uses the bitmap or vector interface. The interface of pencil looks quite simple. But it is incorporated with all the important tools that are required for an animation. It is user friendly ,that is, it is very easy to operate.

One of the best feature of Paint is timeline feature. It allows the user to add 4 types of layers to their workpiece. The layers can be bitmap images, sound , vector images and camera images.

2.Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Aurora 3D Animation maker is one of the best animation software for Windows. It provides the users with a wide range of features. The special features enable the user to add watermarks to images as well as videos.

With a user friendly interface, it allows the users to add special features to their drawing. Not just this, it also let’s you convert your text to 3D animation which attenuates your project. Animations of snowfall, fireworks etc are available on this software. If you want to put up your animation on website, the software allows you to put up the animation as a video or GIF.

The software is paid but it offers a free trial to it’s users. You can try it for free and then decide if you should pay for it or not.

3. Blender

Blender is a free animation software for Windows, Mac and even Linux. It has a plethora of features available. Blender offers a wide range of features for 3D animation, editing and modelling. It provides high-level tools to it’s users. The wide range of features allow the users to create complex animations.

The software is one of the best software for beginners as well as professionals. It allows the user for 3D animation and post-processing operations. It also supports non-linear audio/video editing. Blender is an open source animation software. You can edit, and model and save your work. It offers great experience of 3d/game, 3D wrapping, edge rendering and collision simulation.

4. Clara.io

Clara is an online animation software. It does not require any plugin for the browser to work. It is a free animation software. It is a cloud based software that helps the users with modelling, animation and rendering. Clara.io has a user base of 80,000. The users can discuss their animation work and this helps in improving their model.

Clara is a fully functional software that provides the user with polygonal as well as skeleton modelling. Clara is available on many browsers like chrome, edge and safari. The interface is easy to operate and in receptive in nature. It has the options on undo, redo, drag and drop. It is free. You should definitely take a look at it.

5. DAZ Studio

The next software in the list is DAZ studio. It is one of the most promising 3D animation software. You can easily create an account once you signup on DAZ studio. It not only has a user friendly interface but also offers a vast variety of features to the users.

The design engine of DAZ studio is really fast and has  a massive library of pre-developed component matter. This lets the user in fast development. It has many features like NVIDIA lray and bloom filters. It is overall an amazing 3D animation software. You should definitely try it.

6. Anim8or

Anim80r is a lightweight and a portable animation software for beginners. The installation and running is really easy and simple. It has a single executable file that needs to be installed.

Anim8or has four sections of the interface. These are- object editor, figure editor, sequence editor and scene editor. You should try this animation software.

7. Moho (Earlier known as Anime Studio)

If you are an animation artist and an Anime lover, this software is just perfect for you. Moho is one of the best animation software present in the market. It let’s you to do easy and efficient modelling and editing. It comes with a wide range of features that makes animation creation a fun task.

Anime studio allows the users to publish their own animation movie. It also provides users with a large number of pre-designed animations.

8. Creatoon

Creatton is a 2D animation software. It has been ranked as one of the best animation software. It is a user-friendly animation software. The interface is straightforward and instinctive in nature. It allows the users to create the animations in cut out fashion and then special effects are added to these animations. Although the interface looks simple and old, it still manages to create some of the complex animations.

The  interface is not customizable but it has menu on each side of the workspace to easily access all the main features. This allows the users to efficiently work on their animation quicker. You should try creation for 2D animations.

9. Synfig Studio

Synfig studio is an open-source and multi-platform 2D animation software. It can be operated on windows, Linux, and mac. One of the best feature of synfig studio is that the drawing has sharp learning curves. This is because of the avant-garde features of the software. Once the user gets a hold on the tools, the animation created is a treat to the eyes.

Synfig studio has an interface based on bitmap and vector technique. The interface is divided into four sections/windows- tools windows, editing windows, navigator windows and parameter windows. Once the user gets acquaintance to the features, a wonderful animation can be produced. You should try this software.

Top 16 Best Animation Software

Given below is the list of best animation software available in the market. You can decide which software to be used by looking at the features each one has to offer. The different animation software are:

  1. Pencil
  2. Aurora 3d animation maker
  3. Blender
  4. Clara.io
  5. DAZ studio
  6. Anim8or
  7. Anime Studio
  8. Creatoon
  9. Synfig Studio
  10. Plastic animation paper
  11. Stykz
  12. Bryce
  13. Victorian Giotto
  14. PowToon
  15. Autodesk Maya
  16. Modo Creative 3D modelling

Note that a lot of these software are available for Mac and Linux as well. 

Simple check out all of them and start using the best animation software now. Happy animation designing!

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