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7 First Date Tips to Impress a Girl

7 First Date Tips to Impress a Girl

If your Tinder tagline finally secured you the first date, don’t waste it by making a mistake most guys make. This is especially important if you want to make sure that you’re getting a second or third date. Here are some useful tips to impress a girl on your first date.

Best First Date Tips to Impress a Girl

So, here are 7 best tips to impress a girl on your first date.

1. Call Her

While text messaging is pretty common these days, a girl would appreciate it if you give her a call instead of just texting her. If you’re a shy person, this could be a good way for you to warm up to her. Plus, a call can humanize your interaction. It will make both of you establish comfort even before meeting each other in person.

2. Suggest an Activity

While you might get carried away and schedule an activity you’ve been longing to try, it is still best to ask your date about her preferences. Suggesting an activity shows that you took the time to research potential activities that you can do with her and that you are keeping her interests in mind and respecting her opinion. For example, you can say: “So, I checked out Emerald Landing (https://emeraldlanding.com/), and it’s one of Seattle’s best attractions for viewing luxury yachts, I thought that you’d love to check it out.”

3. Avoid Meeting Halfway

If it is your first date, avoid meeting her halfway. You have to make the extra effort of picking her up from her place. Well, unless she insists. Still, it best to offer to pick her up. It shows that you are more than willing to go the extra mile to show that you care.

4. Maintain Eye Contact

One of the most effective ways of making your date feel beautiful and appreciated is if you consistently make eye contact when you talk to her. But don’t stare at her because it can be creepy, and your date wouldn’t appreciate that.

5. Focus on Her

Make sure that your attention is with your date. When she is talking, listen to her intently. Never make her feel that she is boring you or that other girls can have your attention. You will want to control your wandering eye. If a pretty girl walks by, ignore, and keep your focus on your date.

6. Talk to Her

When you talk to your date, you should limit sharing too much information about yourself because it could make it seem like all you care about is you, you, and you. Don’t forget to ask your date questions about herself that she can share with you. It is also an excellent way to gauge whether the two of you share anything in common. However, you also have to choose your questions wisely. You may postpone asking her about any other hookup apps she’s using to get dates.

It’s a bit nosey on a first date and can sour the mood. While it is good to prepare some questions beforehand, try to make it casual. You don’t want to sound like an investigative reporter trying to reveal all the details about her. If there are things that she chooses not to share with you, don’t force her.

7. Look for the Hint of Sexual Tension

First dates can be an excellent way to see if you are compatible. While it is good to know whether you are sexually compatible, it is best to take your time to build sexual tension. You don’t want to appear too eager. Still, you have to keep in mind that a first date is a test of your sexual compatibility.

Final Words

First dates can be pretty daunting and scary for some. If you follow all our tips mentioned above, you’ll surely impress the girl and secure more dates with the right person.

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