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9 Amazing First Date Ideas for Shy People

9 Amazing First Date Ideas for Shy People

First dates can be bizarre. Although they do have the potential to turn into a big laugh, they have also got to be one of the most panicky events of our social lives.

We freak about what to wear or how to plan things. Some of us have rehearsals in front of the mirror. We do, don’t we? 😀

We all are extremely anxious because it has to be a well-planned event as we do know how incredibly important making a good first impression is.

But let me tell you, to keep calm and not to make things too planned or complicated can be the key to your problem. Just keep it real and make sure you are full of fire.

Here are some fun first date ideas that can ignite the fire within you.

Best First Date Ideas for Both Boys and Girls

First of all, do keep in mind that wherever you plan to go or whatever you plan to do, keep the communication alive. If you want to make it a good date, then ensure you allow some good amount of communication between the two of you. Even if you met on Tinder, you should begin by building rapport through conversation

But here’s the catch. Let there not be just verbal communication. Talking too much can turn out to be on the negative side. It might sound filmy, but let the communication also happen through eyes. Be romantic and endearing!

Now, the big question is where to go? What exactly should be the best thing to do on your first date? Hmmm, let’s have a look:

1. Go try a new cuisine

We all are aware of this fact that food is the way to someone’s heart. So, go to a restaurant. Let there be a serene and cosy atmosphere.

As classic as it sounds, a restaurant date can be a unique experience and definitely a memorable one. Also, sharing new experiences together can be a great way to build a special bond with someone.

Choose a new, ethnic food item that neither of you must have tried before. It would be a nice way to understand each other’s taste when it comes to food.

The element of adventure will definitely add some excitement to your very first date. . Along with that, it also allows for lots of conversation.

2. Stand-up Comedy

Now this is a tried and tested ultimate key to your date’s heart. Not an expensive meal, or gifts or a bunch of flowers; but a couple of tickets to a Stand up Comedy show. Yes, it will work wonders for you.

Laughing out together is absolutely the best thing that can happen on a date. You can enjoy some drinks or snacks at the same time and make your first date as fun and cheerful as possible.

3. Pub

As we discussed earlier, conversation is probably the most important part of a first date. Chatting and speaking your heart out can be the best thing to do.

Choose a nice spot and relax yourselves. Talk freely. The best thing about going out for drinks is that the date is open ended and so whenever you feel the need to leave, you can.

And if things really work out, you can extend the date and have some dinner at some nice place.

4. How about Brunch?

People generally prefer going out on Dinners on their first date.

For a first date though, why don’t you consider having a ‘Brunch’ instead? A weekend brunch can turn out to be much more casual and easy going.

Also, even after the brunch if you feel like spending some more time, you have a day ahead of you. Go for as long as you want to.

5. Walking

Exploring the outdoors or simply walking in and around a park and asking each other questions can be a terrific first date idea. Though it might not work out for everyone.

First of all, find out how outdoors-y your date is. If your date is up for a hike, then walking around and chatting can turn out to be one romantic and successful first date.

The best thing about such dates is that it gives you the opportunity to have your own private space and also it costs nothing.

6. Play a tourist

If you guys belong to different cities, taking your partner out on a city tour could be a fantastic first date idea.

Check out all the great places in your city (just in case), check for events and gather information on all kinds of sights worth seeing.

Have some famous street food and check out all the amazing stuff that’d possibly impress your partner. Just keep it lively.

7. Go shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping? Now you don’t really have to buy stuff. Let it be limited to window shopping. Just go and visit a mall.

You can go bowling, or check out some interesting stuff around. In this way, you also get a chance to know each other’s taste in various things available.

Also, if there comes a time when you feel like getting something for the person you have come with, then it is the perfect place to be in. How generous and endearing would that be!

8. Meet at some Bookstore

This can be an idea worth considering if you share a mutual love for books. Talk with each other during a tour of a bookstore you know.

Point out your favourite books to each other and let them know for what reason they are important to you.

Also, many book stores nowadays have coffee shops. So, you can always begin or end your date with a cup of coffee.

9. Go on an Ice-cream date

As cute as it sounds, an ice-cream date can be a sweet experience. (Pun intended?!)

Share a cone or get a tub of icecream. You are going to love it!

Final Words

These are some of the amazing date ideas that you can consider. Reach out to your partner and take them on the most romantic date ever. You already know where to go!

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