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Does Kay Jewelers Resize Rings?

Does Kay Jewelers Resize Rings?

Kay Jewelers is a popular jewelry store, particularly for buying gifts and engagement rings. As such, it is only natural to wonder if they resize rings. After all, what if you need to return one that you have bought?

This article will answer whether the jeweler offers this service. You can also learn how much this service may cost as well as how long it will take.

Can You Get Your Ring Resized at Kay Jewelers?

Yes, Kay Jewelers does resize many of its rings, but doesn’t offer this service for their entire collection, only ones made of a specific metal and that have simple designs that are easy to fix. The cost can also depend on when the ring was bought.

What Rings Does Kay Resize?

As mentioned, Kay Jewelers doesn’t resize all rings. In general, they will resize simple bands made from gold, silver, and platinum. Those made from stainless steel, tungsten carbide, and titanium can’t be resized. You may find that the jewelers can’t resize rose gold rings, either.

Certain designs may also prevent the jeweler from resizing the ring. The placement of the diamond, number of stones, etc. can make it difficult for the band to be altered in anyway.

Kay Jewelers specifically mentions that they can’t resize eternity rings. These are ones were there are diamonds or stones encircling the entire band.

A consultant at the store will examine your ring and inform you whether or not it is possible to make your ring smaller or larger.

How is the Resizing Process Handled?

In most cases, you have to personally visit a Kay Jewelers store and meet a consultant. This is to ensure that the ring in question can be resized. The consultant can also take more accurate measurements to guarantee that the ring will be sized to perfection.

It may be possible to ship your ring to the store. You will still have to communicate with a consultant beforehand. You also have to accept that the corrections may not be as accurate if the jeweler has to rely on your measurements or estimates.

The sizing isn’t done at the store itself. Rather, it is sent to the workshop where it is worked on. It is then sent back to the store. You can then pick up from the store or have it shipped to you.

How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring?

If you have bought a ring from Kay and it is still within its warranty period – 90 days, you can have the ring resized for free. You simply have to take or ship the ring to the store. If you do ship it, you will have to incur the cost of shipping.

If the ring is outside of its warranty period, then you will bear the cost. In general, it is cheaper to downsize a ring rather than make it larger. If you are resizing to a smaller size, it may cost up to $50. If you are making the ring bigger, it may cost as much as $100.

Other Factors Impacting Price

Of course, it is the possible that the price quoted to you will be much higher than this. It is important to remember that the cost of the resize can depend on other factors as well.

For instance, if it is an intricate design, then the service will be more labor intensive. This is especially true if there are several stones inlaid across the band. This will need to be removed and replaced once the ring has been resized.

The material that the ring is made from will also impact the price. For example, silver and gold will be the cheapest, while platinum will be more expensive. The more metal that needs to be added to the band, the costlier it will be.

The width of the band can determine the cost of the resizing. If you have a wider band, then the jeweler will need to use an additional amount of metal, costing you more. In some cases, the current price of the metal can cause the overall cost to drop or rise, depending on the situation.

How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring at Kay Jewelers?

The exact time it will take will depend on several factors. On average, though, it can take 10 to 14 days for the service.

The time taken will be determined by how many preexisting orders the workshop is handling. A greater number will mean a longer wait. However, if it short workload, you can have it back in about a week.

The level of work that needs to be done will also shift the timetable. If it is a simple fix it can be handled quickly but a more labor intensive process will take more time. This is particularly true of rings that need to be made larger.

You also have to consider shipping time. If you are shipping the ring to the store and having it shipped back, then the store isn’t always in charge of how long it will take. If you want your ring resized more quickly, it is best to take it to the store yourself.

Is It Possible to Resize Your Ring at Kay Jewelers?

It is possible for you to resize your ring at Kay Jewelers, although your options may be limited by the type of ring and the material of the ring – in the case of new rings you will be able to get the resizing done for free.

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