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Do Automatic Watches Last Forever? Read This First

Do Automatic Watches Last Forever? Read This First

Do Automatic Watches Last Forever? Read This First

One of the most attractive qualities of the automatic watch is that it has a long lifespan. A battery watch and a quartz watch do not have the same promise for longevity. With the automatic watch, you’ll have an indefinite amount of time to enjoy it. Unless, of course, it is not crafted correctly. The automatic watch typically stops working momentarily only when it is not wound or when the internal mechanisms stop moving as they should. So do automatic watches last forever?

The short answer is yes, an automatic watch can last forever if properly cared for. Since they don’t require a battery to move their internals, automatic watches can last forever in theory.

If you take the automatic watch off, you will see that it will come straight back to life after it has been sitting still. Just a simple dial twitch, and if it is made with quality craftsmanship, the automatic watch could spring back into action within mere seconds. 

Should I Buy a Quartz or Automatic Watch?

Before analyzing do automatic watches last forever, let’s talk about the two options you have for watches. There are pros and cons for both automatic and quartz watches. It’s just a matter of deciding which pros you want more than others. Or, just type has more cons to outweigh the others.

The quartz watches, in comparison to the automatic watches, do not have the same durability. The automatic watches are also typically made with high caliber materials and could, therefore, have the edge over the quartz watches. 

Why Should You Buy an Automatic Watch?

Whether automatic or not, Watches could be considered obsolete items since most people carry smartphones. While this is understandable, the watch is a timeless and practical piece and a part of fashion. 

The watch can not only offer the wearer a chance for self-expression through style, but it has become a foundational base for fashion and can often be a bold fashion statement.

Some people might argue that fashion is irrelevant when pitted against the current societal issues and problems. But that might be too narrow a view of what fashion is. Aside from just trendy textiles, fashion represents culture. It can represent individuality.

Fashion is not just materialistic. It can be a form of self-expression. Fashion, and the culture it can represent, could be considered an art. Smartphones may replace the practical aspects of pieces like a watch, but technology does not replace the art that comes with a fashion choice or creation like a timeless watch. 

Pros of Automatic Watches

Take a look at these reasons why you should purchase and use an automatic watch. Now that you know that automatic watches last forever, there are a few other reasons you might want an automatic watch.

They are timeless

Sure, a watch’s purpose is essentially to tell the time. When it first made its debut, the watch was a revolutionary piece of practical fashion. The first watches were made so the wearer could wind them, and then the way they were worn was how it kept going.

It was an intelligent design- simply by the way the watch was worn, the gears would push on each other at the right time to make the watch work and keep the time. 

Fast forward to modern-day design, and we are seeing an incredible surge in technological advancements. Batteries are used to power many devices, and there are countless watches powered by batteries as well. But, the best watches are those not powered by batteries.

These are the most timeless watches, those that use the original ‘technology’ and will stand the test of time. You can wear them with a suit or in a more casual environment like at a tech office.

Quality craftsmanship

If quality is what you’re after, then the automatic watch is what you should buy. The automatic watch needs to be crafted with the best craftsmanship. There are watches that date back many years, automatic watches, that still work perfectly.

Automatic watches are created with expertise, and they use a timeless type of technology that will keep on working long after you expect them to. While we see many pieces of technology stop working (think of the older iPhones), the automatic watch it’ll continue to work long after the latest iPhone has stopped working. 

As technology advances, there are more things we can get done in a more efficient span of time. But what does this have to do with a watch? Well, the more we can do in a shorter time frame, the more we realize how valuable time is. 

Crafted by experts

Getting back to the automatic watch, they are crafted by experts. And not just anyone can make an automatic watch. A person needs to undergo extensive training before they can create an automatic watch. Most people looking at watches know they are far more expensive than their quartz or battery-powered alternatives.

Despite looking similar on the outside, it is in the internal mechanisms and the work that goes into creating them that sets the automatic watch apart from the other two types of watches. This is the exact craftsmanship that goes into creating an automatic watch that sets it on the throne of timeless fashion accessories. 

You power the watch

The magic of the automatic watch is that it is a self-running creation. But is it really that independent? Not really. The automatic watch is run off of the wearer; that’s you. The wearer is, quite literally, what makes the watch run. 

Those who love the automatic watch refer to it as a living organism. They often call the insides of the watch the heart of the watch. This ‘heart’ reacts to the wearer’s wrist movement. There is a rotor and inside the watch, and this rotor moves to store energy and provide energy.

The energy is used to wind the gears within the watch. Once the dial is wound, the watch is set on your wrist. It will continue to run in accordance with your body. It is this precise, almost romantic, connection between the automatic watch and the wearer that makes it so appealing. Even with the hefty price tag, they are often accompanied by the automatic wristwatch is a highly sought-after piece. 

On top of that, it’s totally ok to let your automatic watch stop.

Timeless design

If you’re seeking a proper investment, then look for an automatic watch that does not have the loud tick-tock sound synonymous with a grandfather clock. The authentic automatic watch is silent and sleek. 

The best thing about an automatic watch is that it lasts forever. There is no cap on an automatic watch’s lifespan. There is no definite time frame for the automatic watch. This is in stark contrast to the quartz or battery-powered watch. The automatic watch will momentarily take a break from keeping the time when the wearer removes it from the wrist. 

Another reason to purchase the automatic watch is to start a family heirloom. Because of their longevity, the automatic watch will most likely be passed down through the generations. This means you could pass the watch down to your children and your children’s children as well. 

Most automatic watches are beautifully designed. After all, great pride is taken in these timepieces. This means that you’ll only really need one, as it will most likely go with all outfits too. The watch will become part of your fashion, your style, and your expression. 

An automatic watch is an investment

A car depreciates in value almost as soon as you purchase it. The moment you move a new car off the showroom floor, its value decreases. Sure, some cars will become vintage models, and their value will increase, but this is not always the case. Let’s be honest. This is almost never the case.

Buying an automatic watch is an investment. Firstly, there is no set date for it to ‘expire.’ And if you take good care of the watch, it will give you many years to enjoy it and use it. That alone makes it worth the price tag. But aside from purchasing a potentially immortal timepiece, the watch could increase in value over the years.

Think about how much money you’ll spend over the years on cheap items and fashion accessories. If you save up and purchase an automatic watch, this will add much more value than all those cheap accessories that rapidly go out of style. 

Do Automatic Watches Need Maintenance?

Despite having no real expiration date, you will still have to take good care of the automatic watch. Having said that, there is no one perfect way to take care of the automatic watch. There are, however, some tips to bear in mind. 

There is also no exact time frame for when the watch should be serviced. Most automatic watch manufacturers will suggest having your automatic watch serviced every 4 – 5 years. Keep your watch clean, and take good care of it. Keep it dry, and try to avoid dust and other small particles.

If your watch is not water-resistant, keep it clean by wiping it with a soft (and dry) cloth. If your watch is water-resistant, use a damp cloth (as soft as possible) to wipe the watch’s head clean. Then use a dry cloth (again, as soft as possible) to dry it. 


Remember, your automatic watch is a timeless classic. Take care of it, and you will enjoy it for years to come. And finally, take care when winding the watch and avoid excessive winding. Be gentle, keep it clean, and it will continue to be an investment to last a lifetime. We hope you enjoyed this article on do automatic watches last forever. Interested in becoming a better landlord? Check out our landlord guide formore info.

Stay stylish!

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