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 How To Plan The Perfect Vacation To Norfolk

We’re always looking for the next adventure at a new and amazing destination. This is why you should always be on the lookout for the next best thing. Norfolk is a holiday heaven on earth that offers vast sandy beaches and a wild landscape to enjoy your holidays in a serene environment. It’s a culturally unique destination that reflects a mix of the English and Polynesian communities. There are tons of activities and places that will keep you entertained and fascinated throughout your vacation. 

We would like to share with you some tips that will help plan your next vacation to Norfolk.

Get To Know Your Destination

The best way to start planning for a vacation is always by getting to know what specifically the place offers. Norfolk never disappoints when it comes to finding places that will make your trip memorable. Apart from beaches, countryside, and natural forests, the place has lively towns with a rich history, enough to keep the history nerds fascinated throughout the trip. This island was inhabited by the Pitcairn community in the mid-1800s. You can visit the Pitcairn local villages to learn about their ancient traditions and way of living. 

The local food scene is great in Norfolk. Food festivals are hosted on the islands that will satisfy your taste buds with the flavorsome food the place has to offer. Moreover, the diversity in the island’s landscape makes it a perfect destination for adventure sports enthusiasts. This place is undoubtedly an amazing choice that meets the eye. 

COVID-19 Restrictions

 As we all know, strict lockdown measures have been imposed amid the COVID pandemic and the government has established various procedures to keep the virus at bay. You can contact the local administration beforehand to know the best time for your travel. As fewer cases are being reported, the city council has begun easing up lockdown measures. Still, you have to abide by the set rules and follow SOPs, not only to protect yourself but also the ones around you.  

Visit During Calendar Events

There are tons of events hosted throughout the year at Norfolk. Let it be an art exhibition, a music concert, or a night out with friends, you have endless options to choose from. These diverse events provide rich experiences and draw visitors from around the globe. Various events, exhibitions, and festivals are also organized at the island that you can plan your trip around. You can reach the island through various means of transportation. There are also flight options available if you like to travel exclusively. Still, no matter the means you choose to reach Norfolk, you will unquestionably be starstruck by the natural scenery encountered along the way.

Plan an Effective Trip

For people who don’t want to waste time and money on searching for attractions, break the bank, sort out the locations you want to visit in advance. For instance, if you are a nature-loving person, you might be interested in hitting up the north coast beaches of the island or head out to the local markets in the downtown area if you want to explore the local trends. 

Visiting the Pitcairn community is another great attraction to add to your checklist. There are also plenty of historic locations that are worth visiting. Open gardens are another option that truly depicts the vibrant colors of nature. A lot of open gardens offer different activities in addition to sightseeing that will keep you engaged throughout the day. So, plan your trip and save yourself from ending up in a place you don’t want to be. 

Touring Warships

Apart from the natural beauty, Norfolk is home to a naval base that plays a key role in keeping the waters safe and impenetrable. You can pay a visit to naval museums that showcase historical artifacts, weapons, and the tools which helped win many battles. Warships are also on display that you can go on tour by yourself or take a guided tour for a better experience. 

There are a plethora of attractions to choose from when planning a vacation to Norfolk. Always remember to plan out the dates and times of when you are comfortable going on a vacation. Moreover, narrow down the destinations you plan on visiting on your vacation and try sticking to the schedule. 

This ensures that you spend quality time and get the most out of your vacation. So, pack up your bags, get all the essentials for traveling, and hit the road to experience one of the best travel destinations that offer natural beauty, a diverse culture, and an abundance of attractions.

6 Best Airbnb Alternatives to Book your Stay

With stunning beaches, majestic mountains, enthralling buildings, luscious food and a rich culture and heritage, the world is a fascinating place to explore. So why are you confined to just 4 walls? Don’t you admire to visit all the places of the world? Oh please, just don’t stress your brain thinking really hard. Get up, pack your bag, withdraw some credit and nothing more you are ready to live a whole new ravishing experience. Well, to ease your journey we had mentioned some of the best Airbnb alternatives.

Wondering What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service. It is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover or book mind-blowing accommodations around the world.

Whether a hotel room for a night, a rental house for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences. It is the way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions. So the only problem with visiting a new place ie stay is solved by sites like Airbnb and it’s competitors. Undoubtedly, Airbnb is awesome.

6 Best Airbnb Alternatives

A very general issue with Airbnb is it’s extremely high cost and If you don’t book way in advance, you might be left scrambling to find a reasonably-priced place to stay. Also with increasing rush on site, the prices are increasing gradually with time.

This has hit our mind and therefore we are here for you with a list of 6 best Airbnb alternatives.

  • VRBO
  • Tripping.com
  • Wimdu
  • Couchsurfing
  • Flipkey
  • Booking.com



6 best Airbnb alternatives

VRBO is gaining popularity day by day and it has become users’ new first choice. It offers you homes and apartments in countries around the world. VRBO is better suited for families, as their listings are entire houses or condos – no private rooms. VRBO seems to offer more search filters as compared to Airbnb.

It allows you to find the exact property you’re looking for. No booking fees is charged as in case of Airbnb. With a proven track record of success, VRBO seems to be a pioneer in the industry, claiming that their members receive an average of 127 inquiries per vacation rental property listing per year.


6 best Airbnb alternatives

Tripping.com is one of leading search engine for vacation rentals. It has got over eight million properties in 150,000 destinations, offering travelers with more than a wide variety of unique accommodations. Figures are just amazing, isn’t it?

Plus, with good relations with major sites from HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey, Housetrip, Homestay, and Roomorama, to Wimdu etc, it’s the perfect spot for users to compare by price range, ratings, locations, and a lengthy list of other features and amenities.


6 best Airbnb alternatives

Wimdu is the best single site for Airbnb Competitors in one place. Here you can book vacation rentals worldwide.

Either it’s a holiday villa or privately-owned apartments give can book anything starting at 10US$/night. Adition to this, you could save up to 70% on Wimdu Wow Deals.On Wimdu user can search millions of listings or list your own space for rent everywhere except on Airbnb! If you’re traveling in European cities it’s definitely worth checking out.


6 best Airbnb alternatives

This airbnb alternative is bit different yet unique from other of its type. On Couch Surfing Both guests and hosts can pay a one-time fee of $20 to be verified which helps to ensure an increase of trust for both hosts and guests.

If you seriously wish to book or rent any space then the payment is worth the shot. Couchsurfing will certainly beat everyone else on price since it’s free. The downside, of course, is that you only get a couch. Stay with hosts for free, usually in exchange for also hosting others on your “couch” for free.  Not a direct competitor of Airbnb, but worth considering for the extremely budget conscious traveler.


6 best Airbnb alternatives

Flipkey is the next site on our list of Top Airbnb Alternatives.

FlipKey is yet another option for home and apartment rental platform by TripAdvisor’s. It possesses a wide variety of properties listed by owners and property managers. Property owners are verified by website’s staff first to ensure their users.

This site offers you more than 5,000+ special daily booking deals. FlipKey also has a nifty search feature where you can search for properties that meet certain criteria. You’ll see everything from apartments to resorts including yachts and cottages.


6 best Airbnb alternatives

Lastname in our list of  6 best Airbnb alternatives is Booking.com. You might know Booking.com as a hotel focused site, but they’ve also expanded to apartments, villas, and more.

It has over  805,000+ hotels, apartments, and villas available to rent. It even doesn’t charge you for cancellation on most reservations, unlike Airbnb where you have to pay a certain amount. Plus it provides you 24/7 customer service in English and 41 other languages. It’s free to list on Booking.com, with a fee applied per booking. Looking for a new podcast for your trip? Check out our top podcasts article.

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So my dear friends, hope everything is sorted by this list of Airbnb alternatives. And you have a great experience along with your journey. Moreover, you have some other hit websites name that fir our title so please let us know down below. We would love to hear from you. If you enjoy reading please hit the share button and show your love.