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150 Best Boutique Names: Biggest List of Ideas

What comes into your mind as soon as you hear boutique? Is it a small shop selling fashion accessories?

A shop with a lot of cloth cuttings around and tailors working or a combination of both?

The probable reason why you are here is that either you have already opened up shop or you are thinking of opening one.

Well, whichever may be the reason, this article will guide you in deciding a good name for your Boutique shop.

And as you probably know this, just like the contents of the shop are a major decider in your business profits, a good name also plays a major role.

It is literally your first impression.

Deciding Factors for Choosing the Best Boutique Name

You want a name which would get people curious to know more about it. And you also want to make sure that the name you take has not already been taken. There are a lot of people like you out there. Many of them set on opening up their own shop. And maybe even googling the same thing as you. This “uniqueness” aspect is a really difficult one to work on. Remember how hard it is to just decide an email? So there is a chance you might find names in this list have already been taken.

There are a lot of factors which you have to keep in mind. First the location. The type of people who are going to visit your little shop (don’t mind me, your shop could be humongous too, but it is just this perspective). .

Also try and keep a name which can sound cool for a long time.

Do not make the spelling complicated. It becomes a real headache for customers to remember it in order to come back. But do not be afraid of trying out something new! Mix and match different meanings from different languages and you might end up with a totally unique name.

More opinions are always better. Maybe a name you like could have a very different meaning for someone else. Different people can look at names with different perspectives. This will lessen the chances of your shop name unintentionally hurting or offending someone. Ask your friend about what comes to their mind as soon as you say the name of your shop and you will come to know whether it is the right choice or not.

Best Boutique Name Ideas

We have listed many Boutique name ideas for you. You can either pick the exact name or get ideas from our list of Trendy Boutique Name ideas.

Also, we have categorized the names to help you find the best name easily.

Enough “knowledge”, let us get down to the names!

French Boutique Name ideas

Let us start with the Best language!! French!!

Here are some French Boutique Names that can inspire you!!

  • Bella Boutique
  • Bella Bella Boutique
  • Bien Habille
  • Boudoir
  • Boutique de Paris
  • C’est la Vie
  • Chapeau Chic
  • Chateaux
  • Très Chic
  • Chic Château
  • Couture du jour
  • French connection
  • Fleur Boutique
  • French Macaron
  • French Kiss
  • Haute couture
  • Haute Fashion
  • J’aime la mode
  • French Chiffon
  • Loire valley
  • Luxe
  • Madamoiselle
  • Merci
  • Moda Bella
  • Mon Ami
  • Mon amour boutique
  • Ooh la la
  • Oeuvre
  • Oui! Oui!
  • Pamplemousse
  • Paris bounds
  • Pas De Deux
  • Sprinklez

I know you loved many of these names, but wait!! There are many more to come, keep reading the article.

Funcy, Kiddy, Cool, Modern Boutique Names

Looking for Modern Boutique Names?? Well, this list for just for you.

  • Big Little’s
  • Heidi Says
  • Just Kidding
  • Kidding around
  • Pixie Dust
  • Playdate
  • Kiddo threads
  • Tu-la-roo
  • Tykes and dolls
  • Play dress up!

Some names may sound too fancy or childish, but who cares!!!

“Mommy” boutique Names

  • All mumsy
  • Bump Threads
  • Mom chic
  • MamaTique
  • Yo Mama Boutique

Simple Girl Themed Boutique Names

Looking for some simple yet girly name??

Check this list.

  • Cheeky Chic
  • Chic chick
  • Divine Girls
  • Dun Up
  • Girl Cave
  • Glitz n glam
  • Golden Girls
  • Buttons and bows
  • Galeria Chic
  • Ladies and Linen
  • Little Black dresses (make sure you have some Little black dresses though!)
  • Little Lady Boutique
  • Uptown Girl
  • My Roommate’s Closet
  • Pretty in pink
  • Pretty Lady
  • Queen of Versailles
  • Pretty Lovely
  • Sleek Chic

 Fashion, fashion

  • Fashion Atelier
  • Florence fashion
  • Fashion week
  • Fashion paradise
  • V2 Fashion
  • Fashion Itsy
  • Fashion Factory

One Word Boutique Names

Many people prefer having a single word as their shop/business name.

Here are the Best One Word Boutique names that can help you get ideas for your own shop.

  • Archetype
  • Azure
  • Belleza
  • Blueberi
  • Clothesline
  • Debut
  • Elementary
  • Enchant cosmetics
  • Eva
  • Gourdon
  • Italia
  • Fawn
  • Frills
  • Legacy
  • Merch
  • Milana
  • Mimosa
  • Vittorio
  • Vixen

Cute, Random Boutique Name Ideas

  • Allure cosmetics
  • B for boutique
  • Bee Free Boutique
  • Beyond the Alley
  • Big Drop
  • Blue Tree
  • Bun and baker
  • California Poppy
  • Tates Boutique
  • Ten Thousand Things
  • That one place
  • That’s Vogue
  • The Reformation
  • The Wardrobe
  • Thistle & Clover
  • The Cloakroom
  • Ciao Grazia
  • Ciao ciao
  • Polkadots & Moonbeams
  • Pookie & Sebastian
  • Classic Pretty
  • Crepe Myrtle
  • Daha Vintage
  • De Novo
  • Fairytale Boutique
  • Genie in a Bottle
  • High Fashion
  • Il Palazzo
  • In the ivy
  • Rose Riviera
  • Satine Boutique
  • Love potion
  • Luna Boutique
  • May Me
  • Mini Centro
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Mystique Boutique
  • Nanette Lepore
  • New News
  • One + One
  • Pandora’s Box
  • Paper Boutique
  • Moon River Chattel
  • Perchance
  • Pesca Boutique
  • Petrossian Boutique
  • Mud Honey
  • Top Shop
  • Via del Corso
  • White dahlia
  • Window shop


You must have noticed that in my list, there were a lot of italian and french names. This is because I feel, and I guess you would concur with me too that France is indeed the fashion capital of the world. But while writing, I felt that even today, even while writing names for boutiques, how gender biased we are. I mean they are still viewed as a place only for women.

Don’t men also like to dress up? Would they not like to have boutiques for themselves too? I mean who said that such shops are only for kids or ladies? So, developing from this idea, please do try and incorporate, maybe if not a lot, but a few items for men also. And maybe even dedicate one section to them. In this way, your little shop will be a little more, if not a lot, unique.

One last word of advice as I part, do try and keep the relevance of the name to the contents you are selling. I mean, if you name it “Just Kidding”, it should most probably have stuff for children. But of course, I am not any expert and you are. As, after all, it is you who is opening up shop!

100+ Best Coffee Shop Name and Ideas [Attract Attention]

So, you are planning to start a brand new coffee shop. You are really excited. But, as soon as you even begin to think about it, you get into a dilemma. What in the world should you call it? You want it to be something short and punchy. Something which people are bound to remember. Something which raises their interest. All in all, it is a really important decision. In this article, find out the best Coffee Shop Name Ideas and examples.

But before that, let me assist you with some important things to remember. 

How to Select Good Name for a Coffee Shop

There are a lot of factors which you have to keep in mind. First the location. The type of people who are going to visit your little shop (don’t mind me, your shop could be humongous too, but it is just this perspective. As soon as I hear coffee shop, I picture a small, on the corner, warm and cozy sort of place.) One most important thing though: make sure that the name hasn’t already been taken.

There are a lot of people like you out there. Many of them set on opening up their own coffee shop. And maybe even googling the same thing as you. 

(Remember how hard it is to find an email which has not been taken, this may be a bit easier than that.)

Also try and keep a name which can sound cool for a long time. 

Do not make the spelling complicated. It becomes a real headache for customers to remember it in order to come back. But do not be afraid of trying out something new! Mix and match different meanings from different languages and you might end up with a totally unique name. 

Oh and I almost forgot! If you pick up a name, try and stick to what it means. More opinions are always better. Maybe a name you like could have a very different meaning for someone else. Different people can look at names with different perspectives. This will lessen the chances of your coffee name unintentionally hurting or offending someone. 

Best Coffee Shop Name Ideas

We have collected the list of Best, Cute, Funny, Unique and Creative Coffee Shop Names that you can use. After reading this article, you no longer have to search for French, Indian, Spanish, Italian Coffee Shop Names or ideas. We have got you covered. Moreover, Coffee Shop Name Generators won’t help either. It should be your own choice, and that can be possible only after you understand and go through this list of cafe names.

To get you started, or to give you that initial push, here are coffee shop names which rhyme:

  • Cute Cups 
  • Coffee under the table 
  • Expressive Espress
  • Coffee with Cartoons (for instance here, you might want to add some drawings to the walls to stay in sync with the name of your shop)
  • Kaffeinated Mugs
  • Coffee with Peanuts
  • The Bean Palace
  • Kafe Koffee Meals
  • Hugs with Mugs 
  • Café divine
  • Kreative Kuppa
  • Spiced Doze
  • Beverage Klub
  • The coffee code
  • Molten Cream Jars
  • Milk’n Silk Candies
  • Steaming Hotties
  • Stylish Kafe

Cafe Names using product names

You may want to keep the name related  to what you serve. Well, in that case, have a look at the following coffee shop name ideas.

  • Fresh Creams
  • Aromatic Drinks
  • Cakes and Espresso 
  • Breaking coffee beans 
  • Coffee Drips
  • My Own Brew
  • Mmm … Café au lait
  • Milk & Cookies, anyone?
  • Beans from Brazil
  • Roasted Beans
  • Cold Choco Cafe 
  • Café Robusta 
  • Special Mocha 
  • Hot Coffee Day
  • Milky Pastries
  • Caffè crema
  • House Fresh 
  • More crema  
  • Brewed Mochas 
  • Trifecta 
  • The new grind 
  • Siphon
  • Coffee Stop

Cafe Name Ideas using foreign Languages

But maybe rather use its English version if you like it more, or choose a simple one which contains a foreign language because, again, people will have a hard time remembering it.

  • Café aromático ( Aromatic coffee)
  • Café con crema ( Coffee with cream )
  • El espresso salvaje ( The wild espresso )
  • Esquina capuchino ( Cappuccino corner )
  • Eduscho mit einem Twist ( Eduscho with a twist)
  • Warme Getränke ( Warm drinks )
  • Reiz conversations ( once upon in conversation )
  • Milchige Getränke ( Milky drinks )
  • Caffè e pizze (Coffee and pizzas)
  • Caffè con susan (Coffee with susan) … ok not with Susan, with “your name”)
  • Caffè nella pioggia ( Coffee in the rain )
  • Pasticcini caldi (Hot pastries)
  • L’ espresso géant ( The giant espresso )
  • Boissons chaudes ( Hot drinks )
  • Délicieux gâteaux ( Delicious cakes )
  • Kaffee und Zucker (coffee and sugar)
  • Café, n’importe qui? ( Coffee, anyone? )
  • Kaffee und Milch (coffee and milk )
  • café mi vida (coffee my life )
  • Kaffee et moi ( coffee is in German, et and moi are French for and, me)Such mixes and matches would probably not have been taken)

These non-English Coffee Shop Names will really give you an idea of how you can use different languages while creating a name of your cafe.  

Coffee Shop Names Using adjective and themes

Here are some more coffee shop names to help you out. Some are really simple and good to use.

  • Carbonated Fumes
  • Central Conversations
  • Round Table Coffee 
  • Just Coffee
  • Black Sugars
  • Effervescent Cups 
  • Coffee and me
  • Heavenly Blends
  • How about a frappe?
  • Iced Treats
  • The Young Mugs 
  • Smooth Coffee
  • Warm Discussions
  • Intoxicating Beverages
  • No Sugar, less milk 
  • Sleepless
  • Vintage Coffee
  • Senior Delights 
  • Cobffesion (a weird combination of the words coffee and can you guess ? Obsession! ) 
  • Ruling da world
  • Coffee for Two 
  • Bean & Gone
  • Caffeine Hub 
  • Livin’ da Vida Mocha (inspired from living da vida loca) 
  • Freshest Brew
  • Brown n warm 
  • Wake me up before you coco (inspired from wake me up before you go-go)
  • 99 cups of coffee 
  • Outta the ground
  • Landscafé
  • Codee 
  • Beat it ( inspired by beat it)
  • CTOC (Come together over coffee) 
  • Coffree 
  • Up for frappe?
  • Exam night café 
  • Coffeeville
  • Cozzee
  • Coffee castle
  • Hot out

Cafe Ideas Using your own name

These can also make for a good personalised coffee shop name. And chances could be that it would not have been taken up by anyone else. ( Unless your name is very common, like, Ben for instance, or maybe Michael.) 

  • Name ’s Cafe (simplest ) 
  • Coffee with the (surname) 
  • Name’s Hot Oven 
  • Name’s Treats
  • Your Name’s Coffees
  • Name’s Coffee Store
  • Name’s warm buns
  • The Family Cafe
  • Name’s Steamin’ Mugs
  • Name’s Cakes 
  • Your Name’s Aromatic Coffees
  • My Own Cappuccinos
  • Hot surname Express
  • Grind Beans at name’s
  • Name’s Brazil Beans 
  • Name’s Café con leche 
  • Grind Beans at (insert name here)’s

So these were like 100+ Coffee Shop Names!! I am sure this list will help you decide a name for your own cafe.

Conclusion – Your Final Coffee Shop Name!

So while coming up for coffee names, the biggest challenge can be finding one which is unique and does not already exist on the map. It should be interesting but not very complicated that people would not be able to remember it.

The coffee shop should be able to put up with the name. For example, a coffee shop with the name Coffee Express or something should not take half an hour for something which should take a mere 5 minutes. Long story short, the name should be apt. It should declare your motto.

But of course, deciding the name should be a fun activity rather than stressing about it. After all, it depends only on you! Thank you for reading  and good luck with your new endeavour! May you find an amazing unique name :P. 

Choosing the Perfect Coffee Shop Name: Tips and Tricks

When it comes to selecting a name for your coffee shop there are several important factors to consider.

The first is the location of your shop and the type of clientele you expect to attract.

You want a name that resonates with your target audience and reflects the atmosphere and concept of your establishment.

Next it’s crucial to ensure that your chosen name is unique and hasn’t already been claimed by another coffee shop.

You don’t want to run into any legal issues down the line.

Additionally keeping the name simple and easy to remember is key.

Complicated spellings can cause headaches for customers and hinder their ability to find you again.

On the other hand don’t be afraid to get creative and mix words from different languages for a truly unique name.

Just make sure that it’s easily pronounceable and won’t confuse potential customers.

Finally it never hurts to gather opinions from others.

Friends family and even professional naming agencies can offer valuable insights and ideas to help you make the perfect choice.

Happy naming!

How to Win Amazon Giveaways Easily [6 Secret Tips]

In this article, we will discuss the best possible ways on How to win Amazon giveaways and how you can improve your chance to put your hands on the freebies offered by Amazon.

Every one of us uses Amazon these days and it has become a part of daily life. But do you know about the various Amazon giveaways that go on  throughout the day and if luck favors you, you could actually win several prizes for free and if not, you can definitely land with some exclusive discounts just by participating in the giveaways.

What are Amazon Giveaways?

Giveaways are proven marketing tools used by many companies to promote their product to a larger audience. Amazon is no different here. Thousands of giveaways are running actively in Amazon at any point of the day.

Most of the giveaways require the participant to watch a video or follow someone or even can be just nth entrant rule.

These giveaways provide more profit than Pay per click marketing and this is much popular.

These giveaways not only provide free items but also awards with a guaranteed discount just for entering the giveaway.

Types of Amazon Giveaways

1. Random Winner

These type of giveaways selects a random winner among participants and has mostly provided one chance. Random Winner giveaways mostly run for 24 hours and have an odd of 1/50 or less.

2. Sweepstakes

It awards the winner at the end of the giveaway randomly.

3. Nth Entrants Wins

As the name suggests it awards the prize if and only if he/she is the nth entrants as per the giveaway requirements.

4. First Come first serve

This kind of giveaway ends in a flick of an eye as the title suggests the first to enter the giveaway straightaway wins the same.

How to Win Amazon giveaways

Now let me give you the best ways on How to Win Amazon Giveaways.

Our methods are mere tips and tricks that can simply increase your chances of winning Amazon Giveaways.

Note that Amazon Giveaway winners are completely random and there is no hack to win it. 

  •  Always Participate

The most important aspect of winning the giveaways is regular participation. You simply can’t expect to win on the very first day. Make it a habit of logging in to Amazon’s page whenever possible and participate in all ongoing giveaways.

  • Participate Early

Many giveaways like the Random Winner and First Come first serve are the fastest to end. Do try to participate as soon as possible to win these kinds of giveaways.

  • Use your brain effectively

Sometimes using common sense will allow you to bag the juicy prize.

For example, if you are participating in the Nth entrant giveaway and the lucky entrant is 100 then it is best to participate ASAP. If the number is higher then you must wait and participate in a suitable time.

     ·  Always keep an eye on ongoing giveaways and odds at winning

Keep track of all the ongoing giveaways that you can participate and try to enter the ones with high winning odds.

  • Use any kinds of Extension apps for analysis of the giveaways

This will help you to effectively track the giveaways and help you to participate in.

Don’t Underestimate the Draws?

Amazon Sweepstakes giveaways require time to announce the winner but are always worth it. Contrary to the random winner which decides the winner instantly draws actually picks up a winner from all the participants. Sweepstakes may not seem exciting but actually can land you something big as it always has a winner.

So, always participate in Draws to increase the chance of Winning Amazon Giveaway. 

See the videos as an investment

Obviously, Amazon doesn’t conduct these giveaways for free. You do need to watch a video for some fixed time in order to be eligible to take part in the draw. See this as an investment and do watch the videos and participate in the given draw.

Eligibility to participate in Amazon Giveaways


Open to individual legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia who are the older of 18 years of age or the legal age of majority in their state of residence, except that if the total approximate retail value (“ARV”) of all prizes in the Sweepstakes exceeds $500.00, individual legal residents of Rhode Island will not be eligible to enter.

Are Amazon Giveaways Real?

Are you still doubting whether Amazon Giveaway can be won or not?

Well, there are many people who shared their success stories on Reddit. Some people claim to have won ebooks and giftcards while other claim to have won items of under $30.

No matter what the value is, we can conclude that these Giveaways are real and anyone can win Amazon Giveaways. It’s just about luck. The more you participate the better your chances of winning giveaways.

And by the way, if you are looking for Amazon Giveaway bots or scripts, kindly stop. There is nothing as such. All such tools does nothing and you will simply end up wasting your precious time.

Final Words

There is no shortcut or rocket science to win the Amazon giveaways. Regular participation with smart decision and patience is the key to win such giveaways.

If you follow the steps in the article it will significantly increase your chances in winning that juicy prize. Hope this article helps you and do let us know which is your secret mantra to win the giveaway.

120+ Happy Birthday To Me Quotes & Wishes

We all love birthday wishes, isn’t it? But what’s the best and most important one, guess? Your own wish to yourself. It can be sweet and simple and also little cheesy and funny. Whatever you like, after all it’s for you from you. You can share that on any of your social media so that after years you can see how you wished yourself on your 17th birthday or 23rd birthday or whatsoever. How we are going to help you in this? We have some of the best Happy birthday to me quotes and wishes, which you can use to wish yourself. These quotes can also serve to show your love to someone.

It’s your birthday so don’t give stress to your brain to create some unique birthday wish. We have different types of wishes here. Just choose which one is best for you.

Best Happy Birthday to Me Quotes

So, here are the Best Birthday Quotes to yourself;

  1. Glory is to God I am plus one today, I pray that the Lord increase me in success and inspiration so I can lead a better life than ever. Happy birthday to me.
  2. By the special grace of the one who created me, this new age I am will bring joy and prosperity into my life, now and forever. Thank you Lord for sparing my life.
  3. The joy that comes with this life will descend upon me this new age of mine, I am so lucky for the lord has increased me in wealth and health all through the year. Thank you God for everything!
  4. I love myself and I want to wish myself the best happy birthday ever. May the success of this life never miss my way; I ask God to increase me in knowledge and bless me with fruitful children!
  5. This new age I pray should come with the sea of blessings from the Heavens. I pray that my life age is filled with prosperity.
  6. I am celebrating the best day of my life today; I pray that the Lord should improve my health, knowledge and my success pathways.
  7. Thank God I am a year older today, I wish myself the best moment in life. I hope you will celebrate with me tonight?
  8. I wish myself a very big happy birthday. I am using this opportunity to appreciate everyone around me and I pray for success in my new age
  9. Happy birthday to my darling self, I am plus one, please pray that the Lord give me a breakthrough this year.
  10. Today I will be selfish; I want to be focus only on myself so I can feel the best of the special day I was born. Happy birthday to me!
  11. I’m such an awesome person yet you can’t recognize that because I’m plus one today, a special and cute day to me. Happy to me, I and myself!
  12. Today marks the day a prince of passion was born into this world, I pray that the Lord should make me reign forever. Happy birthday to me.
  13. Come and celebrate with me coz I’m plus one today. Every good thing of life shall follow me till the end of time.
  14. Much love and success to me, I am plus one today, I pray that the Lord shall ease my ways and bequeath my situations with prosperity!
  15. In this very special day I was born, I ask the Lord to shower me with an endless blessing and grant me all of my heart desires.
  16. I beseech the Lord to cover me with His garment of light for me to see clearly in the matters of life, I ask the Lord to wrap me in His power so prosper, happy birthday to me!
  17. In the moment when no one can help, Lord you stood by my side, when I was born and till now that I’m grown up. Bless my hustle Lord. Happy birthday to me!
  18. I wish myself the best happy birthday in life; I request that my days be full of success and inspiration, joy and happiness, love and prosperity!
  19. I am plus one today, I want to celebrate with me and enjoy every good success the Lord has bestowed upon this new age. Happy birthday to me!
  20. Happy birthday to my one and only self, I am a treasured year old today; I beseech the Lord to ease my affairs now and forever!
  21. Hello, someone so special and brilliant is celebrating his birthday today, guess the person—I am the cute celebrant today. Happy birthday to me!
  22. Happy birthday to someone amazing, talented, beautiful, smart, yes that’s just it, I am celebrating myself today—happy birthday to me!
  23. I love this special day because in it a beautiful creature was born and it is me—happy birthday to me, I am a stunning plus one guy today!
  24. Hurray I am plus one today, I scaled through the years, thank you Lord for all you have done in my life—happy birthday to me!
  25. Hey wait there, I am happy that I’m plus one today, wishing for myself the best of days in my life. Thank God for everything. Happy birthday to me!
  26. I love myself and this special day I was born. I claim all my success this new age I am. Happy birthday to the jewel of passion, happy birthday to me!
  27. Thank you so much for the outstanding birthday wishes, my days overflow with joy and prosperous altitudes. I am plus one today, happy birthday to me!
  28. Last year was a fantastic day for a birthday, and you all took a very impressive role in the biggest celebration of that day, I pray for a more prosperous one this time, happy birthday to me!
  29. I am a blessed hero, today I am going to throw the biggest party, hope you will celebrate with me? I am happy to celebrate myself today!

Cool Happy Birthday to Me Status, Lines

Well, Amazing people need amazing birthday wishes. Why to wait for others to wish you amazingly when you can do that yourself? We have collected some amazingly amazing quotes for you. Don’t go here and there just check them out, we’re are sure you’re going to love them.

  1. I ask the blessing and the honor of the Lord to be showered upon my life in this special day. Hurray I am plus one today!
  2. You are so awesome, fantastic and sweet, guess who the ‘you’ is? I’m the one of course, happy birthday to the queen of the house!
  3. Thank God another year has passed and I’m plus one today, I ask the Lord to honor me this year with the best of achievements, happy birthday to me!
  4. Can I tell you something? Don’t worry, an awesome, sweet, wonderful and brilliant sweet sixteen is celebrating her birthday today, am I’m sure!
  5. Thank you Lord for all you did in my life, I beseech you to purify my heart and grant me success in all my doings. Happy birthday to me friends!
  6. Wow, I am plus one today, I ask the Lord to grant me all my heart desires and shower me with the best in life. Happy birthday to me!
  7. Lord I bless and honor you for sparing my life up till this moment; I am so overwhelmed with joy, happy birthday to me!
  8. Loving myself this cool moment because I’m plus one, come and celebrate with me, please enjoy and feel on top of the world because I am a year older today! Happy birthday to me!
  9. Thank God I am a year sweeter and prettier. Come and celebrate a jewel, a treasure well cherished by everyone. Happy birthday to me, I am plus one!
  10. I pray that the Lord bless this my new age for me, may He honor me with an endless joy and a renewed prosperity. Happy birthday to me!
  11. Happy birthday to a charming, brilliant and special person—this reminds me of myself. I ask for joy and happiness in my new age to accomplish my effort till the end. Happy birthday to me!
  12. Today is the most important day of my life. And I’m going to celebrate it accordingly. Happy birthday to me.
  13. My journey so far in life has been amazing, and I want to thank God for that. Happy birthday to me.
  14. Wishing myself a joyous birthday full of God’s amazing blessings.
  15. My being alive and healthy today is as a result of none other than the almighty God. I’ll forever be grateful to you, God. Happy birthday to myself.
  16. On my special day, I wish myself happiness and great accomplishments in the coming year. Happy birthday to me.
  17. Today is the birthday of one of the world’s greatest men. Happy birthday to me.
  18. On this special day of mine, I just want to give thanks to the almighty God for the gift of life and happiness. I pray that He continues to bless me throughout the year.
  19. I walk around believing there’s nothing I cannot accomplish simply because I believe in myself. Happy birthday to me.
  20. It’s my birthday today, and by all means, I shall party until I can party no more.
  21. You’re free to join in if you want to. Happy birthday to me.
  22. Birthday? Who’s Birthday? It’s my Birthday! Yaaaaayyyyyy.
  23. Keep calm and happy birthday to me.
  24. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday, dear me. Happy birthday to me.
  25. Keep calm and sing happy birthday to me. I’m a princess today!
  26. Happy Birthday to someone that’s one-in-a-million and the creme of the crop! You are the icing on the cake! That’s right, I sure am!
  27. Love to all for remembering me on my special day! It was a beautiful surprise to be able to have quality time to spend with great friends!
  28. It’s that time of year again. You know—the cake and ice cream. It’s my outrageous birthday! Time to start the party!
  29. Happiest of birthdays to me. Happiest of birthdays to me. Oh yes, happiest of birthdays to me. What’s that—you want to wish me a happy birthday?
  30. Happy Birthday to someone who is full of unbelievable awesomeness! Yes, that’s right. It’s my birthday.
  31. Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes! My cup overfloweth with tremendous gratitude and love for each and every one of you! May we have another year of incredible adventures and unimaginable opportunities!
  32. Today I am definitely having my cake… and eating it too! It’s my birthday! Calories are non-existent on birthdays!
  33. It was a fantastic day for a birthday! Plenty of laughter and fun had by all. You truly know how to make a girl feel so special! I can hardly wait to see what adventures this year will bring!
  34. Today I think I’m going to party harder than ever before- cause it’s my birthday!
  35. After living another year, I’m thankful to God that he has blessed me so much- and that I’m a real blessing to others. Happy birthday to me.
  36. It’s a perfect day for anyone and everyone to wish me a happy birthday. So happy birthday, love, me.
  37. Today I’m going to party hard like I have all the right excuses- because I do! It’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Look out world, this party animal has been let off the leash.
  38. I’m celebrating me and it’s my Birthday!
  39. Happy Birthday To Me, Myself and I!
  40. Keep calm and wish me Happy Birthday!
  41. Happy Birthday to the sexiest person Alive.
  42. It feels good to be older. Happy birthday to the awesome person that lives in me! You are just amazing!
  43. The best thing about every birthday is they always come up with a better version of me every year. I love to be me!
  44. Everything hurts except loving yourself. The best thing you can be is being a friend to yourself. Happy birthday to myself!
  45. The best guide for you is the voice lives inside of you. Happy birthday to myself! I’m always proud to be me.
  46. I only drink on two occasions; when it’s my birthday and when it’s not.
  47. Gonna Party Like Hell cause it’s my birthday, Happy Birthday to me!
  48. Happy Birthday to someone who is full of unbelievable awesomeness! Yes, that’s right. It’s my birthday.
  49. Today was the only day when I cried & my mother Smiled on it. Happy Birthday Mother’s lovely child, Happy Birthday to Me.
  50. I create within me a vacuum that no one can and will ever fill except God who has protected me all through the years. Happy birthday to me. And I’m grateful.
  51. God has been more than good to me. He made me special and even more special on this special day. Happy birthday to myself.
  52. Happy Birthday from me to I! It’s time to party because I’m superfly! Cheers to a brand new year full of laughter, love and new friendships!
  53. More money, more joy, more smile is what I wish for myself on my birthday. God bless me always.
  54. I am ancient now, so I leave you with a picture of when I was in my golden years. Yes I used to be gold, no really, I’m gold.
  55. After living another year, I’m thankful to God that he has blessed me so much- and that I’m a real blessing to others. Happy birthday to me.
  56. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you try your best to hide your birthdays! That’s why I’m whispering happy birthday to me so no one else can know my real age!
  57. Some people become more beautiful as they grow old. Maybe this is the reason why I can’t stop being beautiful. Happy birthday to myself!
  58. As I am becoming more mature every year, I am starting to realize one great truth. Legends don’t come in this earth in great numbers. They are rare, just like me. Happy birthday to myself!
  59. I am coming to terms with the fact that loving someone requires a leap of faith, and that a soft landing is never guaranteed. But Who the hell cares, I love myself, Happy Birthday to Me.
  60. May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live with peace and serenity to me!
  61. If I wasn’t born, the word ‘Awesome’ would have gone extinct from dictionaries. It feels wonderful to be someone of such importance. Happy birthday to myself!
  62. People spend their entire life to be a great person. I’m so blessed that I was born great. Today is the day to celebrate this holy greatness of mine! Happy birthday to me!
  63. Sometimes I feel like I’m a diamond who just happened to be imported out of Africa a long time ago. Happy birthday to the living gem, the purest soul ever….. myself!
  64. Happy birthday to a person who is smart, good-looking, and funny and reminds me a lot of myself.
  65. Happiest of birthdays to me. Happiest of birthdays to me. Oh yes, happiest of birthdays to me. What’s that—you want to wish me a happy birthday?
  66. Thank God I’m a year older today. It’s not been easy but I’m grateful. Happy birthday to me, myself and I.
  67. Happy Birthday to someone that’s one-in-a-million and the creme of the crop! You are the icing on the cake! That’s right, I sure am!
  68. Happy birthday to me or Thanks for the wishes or X years since the world is beholding this beauty.
  69. I know you`re jealous. I`d like to thank my mom and dad for making this miracle possible. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!
  70. A very Happy Birthday to me, heartfelt wishes to myself, happy birthday me awesome!
  71. It’s that time of year again. You know—the cake and ice cream. It’s my outrageous birthday! Time to start the party!
  72. It’s my favorite kind of day! I can’t wait for lots of laughs, lots of cake, and lots of love! Happy Birthday to my dearest self!
  73. I can sense from afar that today is the world’s most humble guys birthday. Wishing myself great years ahead.

Funny Happy Birthday to Me Wishes

If you’re funny by nature. Then this is the best section for you. Wish yourself by being funny altogether. Tickle everyone’s funny bone by posting one of these quotes on your birthday. Everyone will be going to love you for sure!

  1. I should be given an award for mr/miss awesome because I’m indeed a rare gem. Happy birthday to me!
  2. I know I am a source of blessing to others and I’m happy to celebrate another year. Happy birthday to me.
  3. The cake is here and I’m ready to blow out the candles and also to make some sweet wishes for myself. Wishing myself a wonderful year ahead. Happy birthday to me!
  4. Most people spend their entire life trying to be a great person but I am a few of the lucky ones who had always been great from birth. Happy birthday to me.
  5. On this day, the sweetest being on earth was born. Happy birthday to me.
  6. I am officially +1 which indicate a plus to my success. Happy birthday to me!
  7. It’s another new phase of my life, filled with love and all the joy that I have always imagined. Happy birthday to me.
  8. Happy birthday to myself, and promise to keep on loving the life that you are in because it is truly yours.
  9. To the person that I am this very day, it is tremendous growth through the good and tough times. Happy birthday.
  10. To this blessed and beautiful soul, happy birthday and may the Lord litter your paths with blessings.
  11. I am not just a year older but also a year wiser. Happy birthday to me!
  12. May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live with peace and serenity to me. Happy birthday to lucky me.
  13. Happy Birthday to someone awesome, humble, beautiful, and funny! Yes, that’s right, it’s my birthday.
  14. Hooray! It’s my birthday once again! Wishing me, myself and I a memorable birthday full of the Lord’s blessings. Happy birthday to me.
  15. Hope this special day and others to come will blossom into lots of dreams come true! Happy birthday to a happy me.
  16. Mon and dad, thanks for a wonderful gift to the world. Happy birthday dear sweet me.
  17. It’s that special day again when I always paint a smile on my face and dare any troubles of life to come because I feel superb and abundantly blessed. Very happy birthday to me.
  18. When I woke up, I realized it must be a special day for some reason. Oh yes, it is the day that I was born! I am so grateful for the gift of life! Happy birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to Me memes

Well, we have some Memes as well.

Here are some Happy birthday to Me Memes, jokes and funny images that you can share on your Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp Status.

So this is it! Ending the list here. Very happy birthday to you. It’s very important to wish yourself positivity and more awesomeness on every birthday no matter what’s your age. So this is just our way to remind you that.

Show some love and appreciation for yourself on your birthday by saying any of these birthdays wishes to yourself. Also, post them with your favorite birthday picture to remember it forever. Show your friends your unique style to wish yourself on your birthday and have some amazing reactions. Happy birthday once again!

350+ Catchy Fitness Team Names [Funny & Cool Ideas]

Fitness is such a tough task when you’re doing that alone but it’s fun when you’re doing that with a group or team. Yes, this is the new culture we are seeing everywhere, there are fitness teams now and competitions too. But it’s good to have a name for your team right? Name which can actually motivate your team to reach your fitness goals and help you to work hard for it.

We are here to help you with that, we don’t want you to waste your time. So here are more 300 names for your fitness team, Just see which one suits you the best and choose that for your team and start working out like never before.

Catchy and Powerful Fitness Team Names

  1. Drop It Now
  2. Thinning the Herd
  3. Anonymous
  4. Skinny Jeans Team
  5. GoGo Girls
  6. Bringing Sexy Back
  7. Guts to Dust
  8. Head Over Meals
  9. Bod Squad
  10. FLASH (Fit Ladies Always Stay Healthy)
  11. It Figures
  12. Weight Warriors
  13. Take Off
  14. Hungary Hanna
  15. Waisting Away
  16. Belly Bailout
  17. Thighsman Trophys
  18. This Just Thin
  19. Disappearing Dames
  20. Dwindling Divas
  21. Pair-A-thighs Lost
  22. Iron Maidens
  23. Nutin’ To It
  24. Waist Watchers
  25. Kick Your Ass
  26. The Slimsons
  27. We’re Not Gunna Bake It
  28. Downsizing
  29. Dump Your Rump
  30. Slim Pickens
  31. Belly Flat
  32. Better Naked
  33. Thick n Thin
  34. Skinny Minnies
  35. Waist Basket
  36. New Dimension
  37. New Creations
  38. Going the Distance
  39. Run Track Minds
  40. Minnesota Thins
  41. The Trimtones
  42. Diminishing Returns
  43. Die Lard
  44. Cast-a-weighs
  45. Spin Doctors
  46. Skinny Dippers
  47. Twinkies Defence
  48. Lighten Up
  49. Stronger Than Yesterday
  50. Workout Warriors
  51. Gym Class Heroes
  52. #Relentless
  53. Better, Faster, Stronger
  54. Mind Over Matter
  55. Team Beast Mode
  56. Dig Deep
  57. Big Barbell Club
  58. Spin Doctors
  59. Fit From the Inside Out
  60. Team Iron Edge
  61. Thin It To Win It
  62. Run Track Minds
  63. iWorkout
  64. Monster Workout Club
  65. Bros and Barbells.
  66. Waist Management.
  67. Cirque de Sore Legs.
  68. 2 FIT 2 QUIT.
  69. French Toast Mafia.
  70. Legs Miserable.
  71. Some Assembly Required.
  72. Jacked In The Box.
  73. Just Results.
  74. Till Failure.
  75. Blew by You
  76. Many Less
  77. This Just Thin
  78. Tons of fun
  79. Record Beaters
  80. The Metabolics
  81. Going Light
  82. Cupcakes Anonymous
  83. Let’s Lose the Caboose
  84. Dwindling Expectations
  85. Tour de Fat
  86. Unpacking the Trunk
  87. Weigh to Go
  88. Droopy Drawers
  89. Let it Melt
  90. Walk the Walk
  91. Re-distributions
  92. The Shredders
  93. Thinner than You
  94. Cereal Killer
  95. No Weigh
  96. Rump Yours
  97. Cut it Out
  98. Unrepentant Thinners
  99. Mind Over Matter
  100. Jiggle Giggle
  101. Choose to Lose
  102. Lean Queens
  103. Gut Busters
  104. Fitmen For Hire
  105. Burpees Outbreak.
  106. Weights before Dates.
  107. The Squatting Dead.
  108. Clean Jerks.
  109. WOD did we get into?
  110. Straight outta on-ramp.
  111. Twister Blisters.
  112. The Weight List.
  113. The WOD Squad.
  114. Broseph Stalin.
  115. Just two more.
  116. Like Fun only Different.
  117. Dwindling Expectations
  118. Weigh Less
  119. Dwindling Divas
  120. No Weigh
  121. Refusees
  122. Body Toners
  123. Belly Bailout
  124. Getting Loss
  125. TeamB-Less
  126. Net Weight
  127. Heart Monitors
  128. Lollapaloser
  129. Mission Slimpossible
  130. Scale Tippers
  131. Sugar 3 (Good for 3 members team)
  132. VegMe
  133. Pumba Team
  134. lew by You
  135. Re-distributions
  136. Many Less
  137. Muffin Abductors
  138. This Just Thin
  139. Lost My Mine
  140. Waist Shapers
  141. Tons of fun
  142. Lollapaloser
  143. Record Beaters
  144. Shed the Lead
  145. The Metabolics
  146. Dwindling Divas

Best fitness team names

Being the best fitness team is not so easy in this competitive world, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have that as your goal. And for your motivation, you can select one of the best fitness team names for your team. Just choose any of the following and rock it!

  1. Going Light
  2. Fat to Fittest
  3. Disappearing Dames
  4. No Extra
  5. Cupcakes Anonymous
  6. Sweating Sveltes
  7. Cut it Out
  8. Tootsie Rollers
  9. Downsizers
  10. Hot Bod Makers
  11. Target Weigh-less
  12. Work Mates
  13. Lean & Mean
  14. Got The Runs
  15. Gut Busters
  16. Guts to Dust
  17. Gym Class Heroes
  18. Head Over Meals
  19. Heart Monitors
  20. Heavyweights
  21. Hungry Hungry Hippos
  22. Insomniacs with Running Problems
  23. Iron Maidens
  24. It Figures
  25. Journey to Lose
  26. Let it Melt
  27. Let’s Lose the Caboose
  28. Little Steps of Hope
  29. Lollapaloser
  30. Losers
  31. Lovehandle Losers
  32. Masters of the Gym
  33. Lost Because
  34. Shed the Lead
  35. Mission Slimpossible
  36. Quiz-goes
  37. Lost Boys
  38. Cell-u-Light
  39. The Thinner Winners
  40. Belly Acres
  41. Starvin’ Marvin
  42. Smartie Pants
  43. New Direction
  44. Asset Audit
  45. Churchill Downs
  46. Waist Away
  47. Withering A-Weigh
  48. Blew by You
  49. Meltaways
  50. Booty Fall
  51. Mini Mees
  52. Lean Into It
  53. Minute Men
  54. Tootsie Rollers
  55. A Lot at Steak
  56. Tried and Tasted
  57. Go Down
  58. No Weigh
  59. Eight Two Much
  60. Hangry Birds
  61. It’s Slimpossible
  62. Change Your Weigh
  63. One Weigh
  64. No Excess Luggage Allowed
  65. Lost My Mine
  66. Wishful Thinning
  67. Cereal Killers
  68. Waist Recycling
  69. WaisTED

Motivational fitness team names

Being motivated for fitness is a very tough job and when you have a team, you have to motivate them also. So for that, you need to name your team by some motivational name. The following are the best motivational fitness team names, hope it helps!

  1. Misters, Blisters and Soul Sisters.
  2. We Can Do This in Our Sleep.
  3. Shooting Star Syndicate.
  4. The Young and Breathless.
  5. Keep Calm and Squat On.
  6. Girls Just Want to Have Run.
  7. Zombie Jamboree.
  8. Meaty Divas.
  9. Fueled by Hops.
  10. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.
  11. Rinse and Repeat.
  12. The Slim Pack.
  13. Pain Killers.
  14. Baby Got Track.
  15. Get Er’ Run.
  16. Deleteous
  17. Belly Flat
  18. Nutin’ To It
  19. Walking Fat Burners
  20. Hi5
  21. Mission Slimpossible
  22. Fitness Fanatics
  23. Gut Busters
  24. Fire Means
  25. Your Loss
  26. Weigh to Go
  27. Pair-A-thighs Lost
  28. Got Fat
  29. Booty Fall
  30. KiloBite
  31. Net Loss
  32. Cereal Killer
  33. The Real Contenders
  34. Pound Droppers
  35. Heart Monitors
  36. Speed Racers
  37. Caloright
  38. Fatloo
  39. Bubble Butts
  40. Choose to Lose
  41. Twinkies Defence
  42. Getting Loss
  43. It Figures
  44. Refusees
  45. Sauna Mina Dika
  46. Way & Co
  47. The Bit Cheese
  48. Reducers
  49. Thighsman Trophys
  50. Body Toners
  51. GoGo Girls
  52. No Weigh
  53. Little Steps of Hope
  54. Dietox

Cool Fitness Team Names

Being fit should always go with being cool because that’s a necessity right? And being cool starts with having a super cool name for your team. Don’t worry, You don’t have to think hard on this. We’ve collected some of the coolest fitness team names for you. Pick your favorite!

  1. Less Than Yesterday
  2. Skinny-Sized
  3. Slim Pancakes
  4. Slim Pickens
  5. Sole Trainers
  6. Speed Racers
  7. Spin Doctors
  8. Spongebob Slowpants
  9. Starvin Six
  10. Take Off
  11. Target Weigh-less
  12. Team Godspeed
  13. Team McSlim
  14. Tenderfoots
  15. The Losemore Fam
  16. The Meltaways
  17. The Shredders
  18. A Lot at Steak
  19. Thinning the Herd
  20. Skinny Up
  21. Chunky Monkeys
  22. Fatra
  23. Flab-u-less
  24. Lost Because
  25. The Real Contenders
  26. Pound Droppers
  27. The Bit Cheese
  28. Reducers
  29. FLASH (Fit Ladies Always Stay Healthy)
  30. World Cup
  31. Skinny Jeans Team
  32. Mind Over Matter
  33. Fat Squad
  34. Belly Dumpers
  35. McDoNot
  36. Fit to Page
  37. Say Choose!
  38. VegMe
  39. Soda Crush
  40. Candy Crush
  41. Team Future
  42. TeamZero
  43. Farmasi
  44. TeamOne
  45. iLoveMe
  46. GreenTee
  47. kiloGrab
  48. NeverBetter
  49. HolyShoot
  50. Fatra
  51. FreeSome
  52. Amish Assasins.
  53. Buff and Stuff.
  54. Buns and Guns.
  55. Beast Mode Babes
  56. Temporary Pain.
  57. The Cool
  58. Lunging Ninja.
  59. Band of Mudders.
  60. Mudder of All.
  61. The Mudstaches.
  62. Flex Appeal.
  63. Fem Fitales.
  64. Dirty Deadlifters.
  65. Blood, Sweat and Beers.
  66. Lean on Me.
  67. Vicious and Delicious.
  68. Between A Walk and A Hard Place.
  69. Team Spanks.

So here’s ending the long long list here. These were some of the best fitness team names we’ve come across. Being fit is really essential today because our lifestyle is contributing in making us obese. And it’s proven that when we do fitness exercises in a group, we tend to work longer and better. What are you thinking then? Grab your friends and take them to the nearest gym, Make a team and win as a team with one amazing name!

150+ Best Badass Quotes for You [Most Badass Collection]

badass quotes

Looking for some of the best Badass Quotes to use on your Instagram or Facebook profile photos? Guess what, you’re in luck!

In this article, we have listed over 150 Badass quotes about love, war, tattoos, etc.

These badass lines and quotes can be used by both guys and girls.

NO GUTS! NO GLORY! Looking to add a badass quote to your social media accounts? Being a badass is harder than you might think. You can first start by updating your profile with a badass quote. What does it mean to be a badass? Well, we like to try and act like figures that society respects. These could action movie heroes, generals, warriors, or even gangsters. The Godfather was definitely a badass.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you started on your badass transformation by going over some popular quotes.

Best Badass Quotes

Let’s start the list. Under this subheading, we have added quotes that you can put on your Instagram bio, profile pictures, or Facebook account.

badass quotes

  1. I know my future because I am creating it!
  2. Never go to bed angry, Stay awake, and Plot revenge!
  3. Rather than posting your problems on Facebook, better face them.
  4. “Just keep moving forward and don’t give a dang about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.”-Johnny Depp
  5. Wolf doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep.
  6. Be polite, be courteous, show professionalism, and also have a plan to kill everyone in the room.
  7. “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
  8. If you want to be great stop asking for permission.
  9. Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.
  10.  “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” – Woody Allen
  11. History will be kind to me, for intends to write it.
  12. Work until you no longer need to introduce yourself.
  13. “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” – Oscar Wilde
  14. “Passion first, and everything else will fall into place.”-Holly Holm, MMA fighter
  15. “The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself.”- Eddie Vedder
  16. “I think my goal is a goal, and not all my goals are pretty.”– Alex Morgan
  17. “If you run into a jerk in the morning, you ran into a jerk. If you run into jerks all day, you’re the jerk.”- Raylan Givens
  18. “Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.”- Henry Rollins
  19. “Choose people who lift you up.” — Michelle Obama
  20. “Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done.” — Amelia Earhart

Which among these were the most badass lines for Instagram? Do comment below.

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Top Badass Quotes From TV Series/ Movies

Most often we get fascinated by the dialogues from a movie or a TV series. Here are a few of my favorite badass quotes from TV series/ movies.

badass quotes

  1. “Having a v*gina does not stop me from believing my balls are bigger than yours”- Suits.
  2. “If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table”- House of Cards.
  3.  “A Lannister always pays his debts.”- Lannister house motto
  4. “A man does what he can; a woman does what a man cannot.” —Isabel Allende, Inés of My Soul
  5. “Hunt or be hunted”- House of Cards.
  6. “Smile, because it confuses people. It’s easier than explaining to people that what is killing you from inside”- Batman Darknight.
  7. “Don’t play the odds, play the man” -Suits.
  8. “After slaughtering all these men of yours, I’ve got a weird cramp in my thighs. So, kneeling down is not possible”- 300
  9. “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done rather than regret the things I’ve not done”- Lucille Ball.
  10. “Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am”- Harvey Specter.
  11. “Falling down is how we grow while staying down is how we die”- Gladiator.
  12. “There are no men like me. Only me.”- Jaime Lannister GOT
  13. “I don’t have dreams, I have goals.”- Harvey Specter
  14. “I am not apologizing for who I am”- Donna
  15. “May his death satisfy you”- Breaking BADS
  16. “Fight me and die” -Breaking BADS
  17. “Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?” – Mr. Blonde, “Reservoir Dogs”
  18. I find your lack of faith disturbing.” – Darth Vader, “Star Wars: Episode IV”
  19. “I ain’t got time to bleed.” – Blain, “Predator”
  20. “After all we are what we all choose to reveal” -House of Cards

Haha, I am sure you will pick atleast from here.

Top Badass Quotes For Guys

Guys, are you looking for badass quotes specifically for you? Don’t you worry, we have a separate list of badass quotes for you. Scroll down to see them.

badass quotes

  1. I came. I saw. And I conquered. — Julius Caesar
  2. You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas. — Davy Crockett
  3. One man with courage makes a majority. — Andrew Jackson
  4. You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honor. — Miyamoto Musashi
  5. “My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”- Kanye West
  6. Man is so made that when anything fires up his soul, impossibilities vanish. -Jean de la Fontaine
  7. A man should be upright, not be kept upright. -Marcus Aurelius
  8. “I don’t sweat for pounds, or inches, or a dress size. I sweat to make my outside match my inside.”– Amber Dawn Hunter.
  9. “You don’t have to be an expert. You just have to care.” – Mariska Hargitay
  10. If you don’t like my attitude, quit talking to me.
  11. Prove yourself to yourself, not others.
  12. “Duty is the essence of manhood.” -George S. Patton
  13. Giving a dang doesn’t really go with my outfit.
  14. “There is one rule, above all others, for being a man. Whatever comes, face it on your feet.” -Robert Jordan
  15. “Man is nothing else, but what he makes of himself.” -Jean-Paul Sartre
  16. I don’t want to stand in the crowd. I want my own spotlight.
  17. “What good is money if you can’t use it to strike fear into the hearts of your fellow men?”- Montgomery Burns
  18. You are my cup of tea but now I prefer champagne.

Badass Quotes For Girls

badass quotes

Ladies, it’s time to focus on ourselves. We spend so much time living for other people that we forget what it is that makes us happy. It is not selfish to focus on who we are and who we want to become—it’s human. Let’s be badasses and rock the world.

Let’s start by going over some badass quotes for girls.

  1. Princess? “No girl, queen”.
  2. I don’t look back unless there is a good view.
  3. As  the bull deepens I smile and buy higher heels
  4. “If you want something said, ask a man: if you want something done, ask a woman.”- Margaret Thatcher
  5. “I am a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that’s me.”—Maya Angelou
  6. Women are the real architects of society.
  7. Some women fear the fire while others just become one!
  8. “I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me.”— Beyoncé
  9. “Ladies get stuff done.” —Tina Fey
  10. “If it is not a fit place for women, it is unfit for men to be there.”— Sojourner Truth
  11. “You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.”—Sophia Bush
  12. “Never retract, never explain, never apologize. Just get things done and let them howl.”—Nellie McClung
  13. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Maya Angelou
  14. “Well-behaved women seldom make history.”— Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
  15. “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”— Dolly Parton
  16. “A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.”– Melinda Gates
  17. “I am a sure thing”.
  18. Be the role model you needed when you were younger.
  19. Don’t study me, you won’t graduate!
  20. Wonder woman is not a fictitious character. A wonder woman is a mindset.

Funny Badass Quotes

Who said you cannot be funny and badass at the same time? Check out these funny badass quotes and lines that you can use anywhere.

  1. I never repeat the same mistake twice. I repeat it four or five times.
  2. Life is a soup and I am a fork.
  3. The problem with some people is that- THEY EXIST!
  4. There is always a bit of “screw you” in “whatever”.
  5. It wasn’t a fart..my lower intestine just blew a kiss.
  6. I am currently experiencing life at the rate of several WTFs per minute.
  7. Forgive and forget. What about screw off and die?
  8. I feel sorry for people who don’t know me.
  9. Your trunk must be jealous of the stuff that comes out of your mouth.
  10. Don’t stand too close to heater babe. Don’t you know plastic melts?
  11. I like my coffee just like myself- dark, bitter, and too hot for everyone.
  12. “If you fall, I will be there” love, Floor.

Badass Quotes On Wars

I don’t know why but many of you like wars and badass soldiers. These quotes will help you pay respect to the military badasses.

badass quotes

  1. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here — Captain John Parker, 1775
  2. It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. — Emiliano Zapata
  3. “The most dangerous animal in the world is a silent smiling woman.”
  4. “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” — Harriet Tubman
  5. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Confucius
  6. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson
  7. We aim above the mark to hit the mark.
  8. “If there is a god, he’ll have to beg for my forgiveness” – Written on the walls of a concentration camp by an anonymous victim of the bad guy/
  9. Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.
  10. She wasn’t looking for a knight but a sword.
  11. The greatest war is between time and patience. -Leo Tolstoy
  12. Lions don’t dream of hunting, they hunt!
  13. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
  14. Your mind is a weapon so always keep it loaded.
  15. You are either on my side, by my side, or in my way. Choose wisely.
  16. Wear your tragedy as ARMOR not shackles
  17. The attack on your goals like your life depends on it.
  18. To win any battle, you must fight as you are already dead.
  19. The winner makes things happen. Looser lets things happen.

Best Badass Quotes On Love

  1. You should always avoid being fooled by a kiss, or kissed by a fool.
  2. “I have learned not to worry about love, but to honor it’s coming with all my heart.” -Alice Walker
  3. Love cannot save you from your own fate.
  4. A weak man can’t love a strong woman. He won’t know what to do with her.
  5. “What you call love was invented by guys like me–to sell nylons.”- Don Draper
  6. You will find many smart guys with dumb women, but you will barely find smart women with a dumb guy.
  7. “Better to be strong than pretty and useless.” – Lilith Saintcrow, Strange Angels
  8. I love being spoiled, not with gifts or money. Just with time attention and kisses.
  9. You gave me a smile that I once lost.
  10. I would say got to hell darling, but I never wanna see you again.
  11. “I think, therefore I’m single.”-Liz Winston
  12. A good marriage is a union of 2 good forgivers.
  13. “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”-Maya Angelou
  14. Stay away from people who make you feel like you’re hard to love.
  15. Not everyone you lose is a loss.
  16. I love you for all that you have been and all you are yet to be.
  17. You are my favorite distraction.
  18. Only you can give me that feeling.

18 Badass Quotes and lines On Life

You cannot be satisfied with your life in today’s era unless you are a badass. So here are few life badass quotes dedicated to all of us.

badass quotes

  1. Birds born in cages usually think that flying is an illness.
  2.  “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” -Theodore Roosevelt
  3. Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.
  4. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” -Martin Luther King Jr.
  5. Sooner or later a day is heading towards you when people knew you gonna ask,” You are changed! What led you to such extremity?” Hold a big smile and shut their hell up by saying,” Thanks to you man!”.
  6. Noby here dies a virgin, life messes with everybody.
  7.  “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” ~Bruce Lee
  8. Be original and let the world copy you.
  9. “No man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity. For he is not permitted to prove himself.” -Seneca
  10. “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” — Lupita Nyong’o
  11. Life sucks. You’ve got to go out and kick butt.
  12. “God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.” – Farrah Fawcett
  13. Live for a cause not for applause.
  14. NO one is more hated than one who speaks the truth.
  15. Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is always an orphan.
  16. Stay real. Stay loyal or Stay away from me.
  17. Knowledge is knowing what to say, but wisdom is knowing when to say.
  18. Be you. Let the world adjust.

That’s it! If you’d like to add any of your favorite badass quotes, please share ’em in the comments section down below. Catch you soon with my new article.

Stay swiping friends!

Embrace Your Inner Badass and Overcome Challenges

In order to truly embrace your inner badass you must be willing to face and overcome challenges head-on.

As Nassim Nicholas Taleb once said “The impediment to action advances action.

What stands in the way becomes the way.” Instead of avoiding difficult situations confront them with confidence and determination.

Accept failure as a necessary part of the journey towards success for as Nelson Mandela wisely stated “I never lose.

I either win or learn.” Don’t let doubts or the fear of embarrassment hold you back from pursuing your goals.

Instead adopt the attitude of Wayne Gretzky who famously said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Remember the path to accomplishing what others can’t lies in your willingness to accept reality embrace challenges and continue moving forward regardless of the obstacles that may come your way.

So get out there and unleash your full potential as a badass warrior who is ready to conquer anything that comes your way.

1,000 Boyfriend Nicknames [Funny, Hot, Cute, & Romantic]

Boyfriend nicknames! Nicknames are a fun way to show your affection to your special person. Nicknames remind them that you know them on a personal level – only you get to call them by their nickname. No matter how you met them – on Tinder, through Instagram, or another online-dating app, it’s fun to give them a nickname.

A nickname also creates a sense of love and bonding. This is why parents call their children something other than their given name – it adds a special touch of home and belonging. Giving your boyfriend a nickname can also show him how much you care about him. It’s also fun! Some nicknames make a ton of sense, while others are just for fun and are silly.

Some people might think nicknames are cheesy, but we think they can be impactful. Have you been searching high and low for something fun to call your boyfriend? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve cataloged over 1,000 boyfriend nicknames for you to choose from. 

Let’s get started with some hot bf nicknames.

1,000 Boyfriend Nicknames Collection

Let’s start with our favorites. These nicknames are the cutest, most affectionate nicknames we’ve heard people call their boyfriends.

Best Nicknames for your Boyfriend

Did you find your boyfriend from a dating site? If so you might want to show him your affection over text by calling home something cute. If you haven’t found a boyfriend yet, why not try out Tinder?

Giving your boyfriend a nickname is something that will make your relationship extra special. It can be your unique secret that you share together. So why not give your boyfriend a nickname that is meaningful and special? Let’s get started with our first lest of fun boyfriend nicknames you can use.

  1. Snookums
  2. Bae
  3. Babe
  4. Baby
  5. Honeybuns
  6. Sweetie
  7. Prince
  8. Good Lookin
  9. Darlin
  10. White Knight
  11. Prince Charming
  12. Flash
  13. Cutie
  14. Buttercup
  15. Honeybunch
  16. Nerdy pany
  17. Doc
  18. Ace
  19. Alpha
  20. Captain
  21. Genius
  22. Einstein
  23. Brainyac
  24. Loser
  25. Romeo
  26. Sugar Pop
  27. Studly
  28. Muscleman
  29. Clooney
  30. Diva
  31. Model
  32. Dreamboat
  33. McDreamy
  34. Loverboy
  35. Jon Snow
  36. Stallion
  37. Man of my stream
  38. Better half
  39. Love
  40. Love of my life
  41. Lovey

Chocolate nicknames for boyfriend

  1. Cocoa
  2. Choco
  3. Truffle
  4. Caramel
  5. Mocha
  6. Hazelnut
  7. Dark Chocolate
  8. Milk Chocolate
  9. White Chocolate
  10. Chocolate Chip
  11. Chocolate Dream
  12. Chocolate King
  13. Sweet Chocolate
  14. Chocolate Love
  15. Chocolate Drop
  16. Chocolate Symphony
  17. Chocolate Bliss
  18. Chocolate Magic
  19. Chocolate Man
  20. Chocolate Cuddle
  21. Chocolate Heaven
  22. Chocolate Knight
  23. Chocolate Hug
  24. Chocolate Love Bug
  25. Chocolate Covered
  26. Chocolate Treasure
  27. Chocolate Soulmate

Boyfriend Nicknames Based on Personality

If your boyfriend has a personality trait that stands out, you can definitely use one of these nicknames that suit your boyfriend’s personality. Here is an awesome list of nicknames you can use for your boyfriend that highlight something special about his personality.

  1. Yoda- the wise one
  2. Nerd
  3. Dork
  4. Giggles- if he is always amused
  5. Bookworm
  6. Captain- ALways taking charge
  7. Angry Bird
  8. Ace
  9. Care Bear
  10. Chuckles
  11. Dorki
  12. Dummy
  13. Firecracker
  14. Hothead
  15. Mr. incredible
  16. McDreamy
  17. Smiles
  18. Snuggles
  19. Stud
  20. Sunshine
  21. Boss
  22. Bossman
  23. Sulky
  24. Whiny
  25. Rainbow
  26. Casanova
  27. Champ
  28. Charmer
  29. Fox
  30. General
  31. Goof Ball
  32. Handsome
  33. Heart Breaker
  34. Heart Throb
  35. Hercules
  36. Hero
  37. Mogli
  38. Lion
  39. Tiger
  40. Alpha

Romantic Boyfriend Nicknames Based on Appearance

Want to call a name that is based on your Boyfriend’s appearance?

Here are some great names to choose from.

  1. Shorty
  2. Baldie
  3. Blondie
  4. Brown eyes
  5. Blue eyes
  6. Button nose
  7. Cuddles
  8. Big Bear
  9. Mickey Mouse
  10. Monkey
  11. Chubby Bunny
  12. Chunk
  13. Chunky Butt
  14. Good Looking
  15. Muscleman
  16. Adonis
  17. Greek God
  18. Dimples
  19. Butt chin

150 Cute Names for Your Boyfriend

When you usually give someone a nickname you want it to be extra special and all the nicknames are usually super cute. Here is a list of some super cute nicknames you can use for your boyfriend to make him feel extra special.

  1. Amigo
  2. Amore
  3. Babe
  4. Baby
  5. Baby Boo
  6. Baby Cakes
  7. Bad Boy
  8. Bae
  9. Batman
  10. Bear
  11. Beau
  12. Bestie
  13. Big Boy
  14. Boo
  15. Boo Bear
  16. Buddy
  17. Cookie
  18. Cookie Monster
  19. Cupcake
  20. Cutie
  21. Cutie Patootie
  22. Darling
  23. Dear
  24. Deary
  25. Dreamboat
  26. Dumpling
  27. Eye Candy
  28. Fella
  29. Gorgeous
  30. Gumb Drop
  31. Gummy Bear
  32. Honey
  33. Honey Badger
  34. Honey Bear
  35. Honey Bee
  36. Honey Bun
  37. Honey Bunny
  38. Hot Lips
  39. Hot Stuff
  40. Hotshot
  41. Hottie
  42. Huggy Bear
  43. Hugs McGee
  44. Hulk
  45. Hun
  46. Hunk
  47. Ice Man
  48. Iron Man
  49. Jellybean
  50. Jock
  51. Kid
  52. Kiddo
  53. Knock Out
  54. Love
  55. Love Bug
  56. Love Muffin
  57. Lover
  58. Loverboy
  59. Lovey
  60. Mack Daddy
  61. Main Squeeze
  62. Major
  63. Maverick
  64. Meatball
  65. Mi Amor
  66. Mister
  67. Monkey
  68. Monsieur
  69. Mr. Big
  70. Muffin
  71. My Angel
  72. My Boy
  73. My Drug
  74. My Guy
  75. Panda
  76. Panda Bear
  77. Papi
  78. Pooh bear
  79. Pookie
  80. Prince
  81. Pumpkin
  82. Robin Hood
  83. Shmoopie
  84. Silly Goose
  85. Snookums
  86. Snuggle Baby
  87. Snuggle Bug
  88. Snuggle Butt
  89. Snuggle Muffin
  90. Snuggy
  91. Soldier
  92. Stud
  93. Stud Muffin
  94. Sugar
  95. Superman
  96. Sweet Cakes
  97. Sweet Pea
  98. Sweet Stuff
  99. Sweet Thang
  100. Sweet Thing
  101. Sweetie
  102. Sweetie Pie
  103. Sweetness
  104. Sweetums
  105. Tator Tot
  106. Teddy Bear
  107. Thunder Cat
  108. Tiger
  109. Wonder Boy
  110. Paws
  111. Boo
  112. Boo Bear
  113. Snuggle Baby
  114. Snuggle Bug
  115. Snuggle Butt
  116. Snuggle Muffin
  117. Snuggy
  118. Smile Maker
  119. Smilemaker
  120. Sunny
  121. Smoochie
  122. Snugglekins
  123. Wonder Boy
  124. Teddy
  125. Teddy Bear
  126. Fine Wine
  127. Lunar
  128. Silly Goose
  129. Pookie
  130. Mister Cutie
  131. Tender Heart
  132. Panda
  133. House Mouse
  134. Snowbunny
  135. Panda Bear
  136. Panda Man
  137. Papa
  138. Bubble
  139. Papa Bear
  140. Freckles
  141. Papi
  142. Papito
  143. Pooh Bear
  144. Babe
  145. My Beautiful Nerd
  146. Baby
  147. Baby Boo
  148. Big Boy
  149. Chip Munk
  150. Chipmunk

Superhero/Famous Person Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Here is a list of superheroes or special characters you can use for a nickname for your boyfriend. This will make your boyfriend feel like a superhero or an awesome movie character himself. A win-win!

    1. Superman
    2. Batman
    3. Spiderman
    4. Hulk
    5. Captain America
    6. Thor
    7. Black Panther
    8. Wonderboy
    9. Mr. Fantastic
    10. Wolverine
    11. Daredevil
    12. Deadpool
    13. Green Arrow
    14. Robin Hood
    15. Hercules
    16. Aquaman
    17. Clooney
    18. Jon Snow
    19. Potter
    20. Doby
    21. Ross
    22. Joey
    23. Chandler
    24. Hemsworth
    25. Prince Harry
    26. Brad Pitt
    27. Khal
    28. Arrow

Romantic Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Here is a list of some super romantic nicknames for your boyfriend. these romantic nicknames will make your boyfriend feel your love for him. Hopefully, he’ll return the favor!


  1. Everything
  2. Robin Hood
  3. Zorro
  4. Prince
  5. Amore
  6. Amore Mio
  7. Velvet Lips
  8. Beautiful
  9. Cherub
  10. Mon amour
  11. Darling
  12. My Hero
  13. Dear
  14. Soul Mate
  15. Deary
  16. Night Light
  17. Dreamboat
  18. White Knight
  19. Heart & soul
  20. Good Looking
  21. Handsome
  22. One
  23. Key to My Life
  24. Key to My Heart
  25. One and Only
  26. My Angel
  27. Knight in Shiny Armor
  28. My Boy
  29. My Life
  30. My Drug
  31. Stardust
  32. My Heaven
  33. My Guy
  34. Light of my Life
  35. The Love of My Life
  36. My man
  37. Love
  38. Love Bug
  39. Lover
  40. Loverboy
  41. Lovey
  42. Treasure
  43. Mi Amor
  44. Mister
  45. Monsieur
  46. Handsome
  47. Heart Throb
  48. Hot Lips
  49. Hot Stuff
  50. Hotshot
  51. Hottie
  52. Hero
  53. Heaven Sent
  54. Gum Drop
  55. Your Majesty
  56. Studley
  57. Sparky
  58. Sparkles
  59. Starshine
  60. Snowflake
  61. Sunbeam
  62. Fated One
  63. Diamond
  64. Dimples
  65. Joyful Knight
  66. Dreamer
  67. Glorious
  68. Golden
  69. Movie Star
  70. Only
  71. Other Half
  72. Precious
  73. Raindrop
  74. Magic Prince
  75. Moonbeam
  76. McDreamy
  77. Xoxo
  78. McSteamy
  79. Lovey Dovey
  80. Apple Butt
  81. Prince Charming
  82. Kindred Soul
  83. Bright Eyes
  84. Sunshine
  85. Cupid
  86. Near & Dear
  87. Joy
  88. Hermoso
  89. Romeo
  90. My World
  91. My Love
  92. My All
  93. The Man of My Life
  94. My Everything
  95. My Knight
  96. My Sunshine
  97. Luscious Lips
  98. My Lion
  99. World
  100. My world
  101. Happiness
  102. Bright
  103. Rainbow
  104. Puppy

Hot and Sweet Nicknames for Your BF

Who doesn’t love some sweetness in their lives? Here is a list of some super sweet nicknames for your boyfriend. These nicknames will put a smile on his face every time he hears it.

  1. Oreo
  2. Sugar
  3. Sugar Daddy
  4. Sugar Puff
  5. Sugar Bear
  6. Sugar Plum
  7. Hot Chocolate
  8. Sweet Cakes
  9. Sweet Pea
  10. Sweet Stuff
  11. Sweet Thang
  12. Sweet Thing
  13. Sweetie
  14. Sweetie Pie
  15. Sweetness
  16. Sweetums
  17. Stud Muffin
  18. Tator Tot
  19. Pumpkin
  20. Plum
  21. Baby Cakes
  22. Cupcake
  23. Cookie
  24. Cookie Monster
  25. Dumpling
  26. Eye Candy
  27. Smarties
  28. Muffin
  29. Love Muffin
  30. Gummy Bear
  31. Jujube
  32. Honey
  33. Captain Cookie
  34. Honey Badger
  35. Honey Bear
  36. Strudelman
  37. Honey Bee
  38. Honey Bun
  39. Honey Bunny
  40. Cherry Pie
  41. Hun
  42. Jellybean
  43. Cheesecake
  44. Suga
  45. Brown sugar
  46. Sugar Biscuit
  47. Jelly Bean
  48. Sugar Booger
  49. Sugar Britches
  50. Sweet-pear
  51. Thundermuffin
  52. Blueberry
  53. Sweetcheeks
  54. Sweet Cheeks
  55. Sweets
  56. Fruity Pebble
  57. Fruitcake
  58. Candy-Man
  59. Sugar-Belly
  60. Popsicle
  61. Hot Honey
  62. Snickers
  63. Yummers
  64. Yummy Bear
  65. Chocoboy
  66. Cuddle Muffin
  67. Pudding Pop
  68. Pudding Pie
  69. Hubba Bubba
  70. Puddin’
  71. Sweet Pickle
  72. Pickle
  73. Pickle Pie
  74. McMuffin
  75. Butter Babe
  76. Apple Pie
  77. Buttercup
  78. Captain Love Muffin
  79. Candyman
  80. Candybar
  81. Cinnamon Buns
  82. Churro
  83. Choco Bean
  84. Jello Cup
  85. Hot Fudge Sundae
  86. Honey Pot
  87. Sweetest Ethereal
  88. Dumpling
  89. Eye Candy
  90. Sugar Lips
  91. Waffle
  92. Waffles
  93. Fruit Loops
  94. Hot Chocolate
  95. Marshmallow
  96. My Sweet Boy
  97. Pancake
  98. My Sweet Prince
  99. Stud-muffin
  100. Kit kat
  101. Choco
  102. Choco boy
  103. Chai
  104. Teabag
  105. Cake
  106. Froster
  107. Buttercup
  108. Honey
  109. Suga
  110. Bag of sweets

Alphabetical Nicknames

Another fun way to nickname your boyfriend is to have it rhyme with the first letter of his name. This will make him feel special and can be fun for you to say. We’ll go through all of our favorite nicknames in alphabetical order.

  • Starting with A

Adopted Twin
Agapi Mou
All Mine
Alter Ego
Amore Mio
Angel Baby
Angel Eyes
Angel Face
Angel Heart
Angel of Mine
Anima Mia
Ankle Biter
Apple of My Eye

  • Nicknames starting with B

Baba Ganoush
Baby Angel
Baby Bear
Baby Boo
Baby Boo-Boo
Baby Boy
Baby Bugaboo
Baby Butter Fingers
Baby Cakes
Baby Cheeks
Baby Doll
Baby Doodle
Baby Face
Baby Guy
Baby Kins
Baby Love
Baby Puff
Bad Boy
Bad Kitty
Bam Bam
Banana Boo
Bathroom Grunter
Bee’s Knees
Better Half
Big Boy
Big Daddy
Big Guy
Big Papa
Big Tuna
Blue Eyes
Bola de Billar
Boo Bear
Boo Boo
Boo Thang
Book Worm
Boy Toy
Brave Heart
Bright Eyes
Brown Eyes
Brown Sugar
Bubble Buns
Bum Face
Bun Buns
Bun Butt
Bunny Ears
Bunny Love
Bunny Rabbit
Burning Rice Eater
Butter Age

  • Starting with C

Captain America
Captain Awesome
Captain Black
Captain Cookie
Captain Cuddles
Captain Love Muffin
Care Bear
Cheeky Chimp
Cheeky Monkey
Cheese Ball
Cherry Pie
China Doll
Choco Pop
Chocolate Bunny
Chocolate Drop
Chubby Bunny
Chubby Cheeks
Chuf Chuf
Chunky Bunny
Chunky Money
Classic man
Coffee Table
Cookie Monster
Cool Breeze
Crazy Pants
Cuddle Bear
Cuddle Buddy
Cuddle Bug
Cuddle Bunny
Cuddle Muffin
Cuddly Bear
Cuddly Wuddly
Cute Bunny
Cute Pie
Cutesy Pie
Cutie Boo
Cutie Head
Cutie Pants
Cutie Patootie
Cutie Pie

  • Boyfriend Nicks starting with D

Dark Moon
Darling O’ Mine
Dear Heart
Dearest One
Deep Water
Dew Drop
Dirty Boy
Doll Baby
Doll Face
Doodle Bug
Dream Boat
Dream Guy
Dream Lover
Dreamy eyes
Drill Sergeant
Drop-Dead Handsome

  • Starting with E

Ever Guy
Eye Candy

  • Unique Names Starting with F

Fav Fav
Fine Wine
Fire Cracker
Fire Guy
Foo Foo
Foxy Mister
French Horn
Frozen Fire
Fruit Cake
Fruit Loop
Fun Size
Fun Time
Funny Hunny
Furious Tom

  • Nicknames for boyfriend starting with G

Game Over
Gangsta Baby
Good Looking
Goody Goody
Goof Ball
Google head
Gummy Bear

  • Nicknames for boyfriend starting with H

Half Pint
Handsome Baby Boo
Happy Face
Heart & Soul
Heart Stopper
Heart Throb
Heart’s Desire
Heaven Sent
Honey Bagel
Honey Bear
Honey Bee
Honey Bun
Honey Bunch
Honey Bunny
Honey Buns
Honey Cakes
Honey Lips
Honey Love
Honey Muffin
Honey Pants
Honey Pie
Honey Plum
Honey Pot
Honey suckle
Honey Sugar Bumps
Hot Cakes
Hot Chocolate
Hot Lips
Hot Pants
Hot Stuff
Hottie Tottie
Hubba Bubba
Huggy Bear
Hun Bun
Hunk of Man meat
Hunny Bagel
Hunny Pot

  • Starting with I

Ice Man
Indiana Jones
Iron Man

  • Starting with J

Jelly Baby
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bear
Jelly Belly
Justin Bieber

  • Nicknames starting with K

Kissy Face
Kit Kat
Kitty Cat
Knee Melter
Knight in Shining Armor

  • Funny Boyfriend Nicknames starting with L

Lamb Chop
Lemon Drop
Lemon Grass.
Life Mate
Light of My Life
Light Priest
Lightning Ball
Lil Dove
Lil One
Lil’ Heart Breaker
Little Bear
Little Bit
Little Bits
Little Dove
Little Guy
Little Lamb
Little Monkey
Little Muppet
Little Puff
Little Runner
Lone Ranger
Loo Loo
Lord of the Vikings
Love Bear
Love Boodle
Love Bug
Love Face
Love Genie
Love Lumps
Love Muffin
Love Nugget
Love of My Life
Lover Boy
Lover Doll
Lover Pie
Lovey Boo
Lovey Dovey
Lovey Love
Luce Mia
Lucky Charm
Luke the Fluke
Luv Puppies

  • Starting with M

Magic Guy
Main Man
Main Squeeze
Man of My Dreams
Marshmallow Man
Mega X
Mi Amor
Mi Amour
Mi Cielito
Mi Osito
Mijn Schat
Mini Me
Minnie Mouse
Mister Cutie
Misty Eyes
Mon Amour
Mon Coeur
Monkey Buns
Mookie-Pookie Bear
Mooky Porky
Moon Beam
Morning Glory
Movie Star
Muffin Cakes
Muffin head
Muscle Man
My All
My Angel
My Beloved
My Boo
My Buttercup
My Caesar
My Darling
My Dear
My Drug
My Everything
My Guy
My Heart
My Heaven
My King
My Knight
My Life
My Lil Angel
My Lil Chicken Nugget
My Lion
My Love
My Man
My One and Only
My One True Love
My Only Love
My Other Half
My Passion
My Popstar
My Prince
My Pumpkin Pie
My Ride or Die
My Right Hand
My Smile Maker
My Special Star
My Sunshine
My Superman
My World

  • Starting with N

Naughty Boy
Nice Guy
Num Nums

  • BF Nicknames starting with O

Odd Duck
Old Guy
Old Man
Once bitten
One and Only
Oompa Loompa
Other Half

  • Cute Nicks starting with P

Panda Bear
Papa Bear
Passion Fruit
Peaches and Crème
Peachy Pie
Pickle Pie
Pineapple Chunk
Pint Size
Poker Face
Pooh Bear
Pookie Bear
Pookie Wookie
Pooky Pooky
Pop Tart
Prince Charming
Puddin’ Head
Pudding Pop
Pumpkin Pie
Punkin’ Butt

  • Starting with Q


  • Starting with R

Red Dick
Ride Or Die
Roo Roo
Rubber Ducky

  • Sexy Nicknames for boyfriend starting with S

Santa Baby
Schmooky Pookie Pooh
Schmoopy Woopy
Sexy Angel
Sexy Bear
Sexy Beast
Sexy Devil
Sexy Dork
Sexy Eyes
Sexy Guy
Sexy Man
Sexy Mister
Sexy Pants
Sexy Pie
Share Bear
Shining Star
Shmoopsie Poo
Shoogie Woogie
Short Stuff
Shot Glass
Shy Guy
Shy hyper
Shy kid
Silly Billy
Silly Goose
Sir Farts-a-lot
Sir Schmooze-a-lot
Slim Jim
Sweet Muffin
Small Fry
Smart Cookie
Smiley Face
Smooching Partner
Snicker Doodle
Snow Bunny
Snow Pea
Snuggle Able
Snuggle Bear
Snuggle Bug
Snuggle Bunny
Snuggley Bear
Snuka Bear
Soda Pop
Soldier Boy
Soul Friend
Soul Mate
Spark of My Life
Spicy Meatball
Stall Number One (He won’t use the urinal)
Star Bright
Star Light
Stud Monkey
Stud Muffin
Sugar Babe
Sugar Bear
Sugar Biscuit
Sugar Boy
Sugar Buns
Sugar Cookie
Sugar Cube
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Dumpling
Sugar Honey Pie
Sugar Lips
Sugar Muffin
Sugar Pants
Sugar Pie
Sugar Pie Honey Bun
Sugar Puss
Sun Beam
Super Guy
Super Man
Super Star
Super Stud
Sweet Baby
Sweet Cheeks
Sweet Dream
Sweet Heart
Sweet Honey Boo
Sweet Kitten
Sweet Lips
Sweet Love
Sweet Lover
Sweet One
Sweet Peach
Sweet Potato
Sweet Stuff
Sweet Tart
Sweet Thang
Sweetest Ethereal
Sweetie Baby
Sweetie Pie
Sweetiepie Facecake

  • Starting with T

Tater Tot
Tea Cup
Teady Bear
Teddy Bear
Tender Heart
The Hulk
Tiger Toes
Tiger/Tiger Toes
Tiny Boo
Tootsie Wootsy
Tough Guy
Treasure Trove
True Love
Tum Tums
Turtle Dove
Twinkle Toes

  • Starting with U

Uber Friend
Uncle Upright

  • Starting with V

Vita Mia

  • Starting with W

Willy Foo Foo
Winky Boy
Wonder Boy
Wonder Guy
Wonder Man
Woo Bear
Wuggle Bear

  • Creative bf nickname Starting with X


  • Names to Call your BF Starting with Y

Young Guy
Yum Yum
Yummy Bear

  • Starting with Z


Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our massive list of nicknames for your boyfriend!

You now know many different nicknames you can call him – just be sure you don’t pick ones he doesn’t like! Or if you want to tease him, maybe you should pick ones he doesn’t like. Nicknames can be a great way to flirt with your significant others.

As always if you have suggestions or other nicknames you like to call your boyfriend let us know in the comments below.

Stay Swiping Friends!

15 Best Birthday Planner Apps for Android

Now you can plan your Birthday Party using a Birthday Planner App. Find out 15 Free Birthday Planner Apps for Android in this article. 

Everyone loves parties. Whether arranging them or enjoying them, parties are always worth the hard work. While getting invited to big bashing parties is anyone’s favorite hobby, organizing one might require a lot of stress-pills and pain-killers.

So, if you wanna invite your friends and show off your planner skills(Monica style), take a chill-pill. This is the era of IAs and technology. So if you thought that your phone can’t do something like planning a party, oh! you have really underestimated it.

What Do Birthday Planner Apps Do?

Applications in your phone that keep a track of work and deadlines to be met for organizing an event, on due time, are known as Planner Apps. When the event is a birthday, it is called a Birthday Planner App. It keeps a record of the jobs, invitee list, budget, food, decorations, reminders, invitations and much more. It acts as a personal assistant for event organization.

Best Birthday Planner Apps for Android

The best and most useful birthday planning apps based on ratings, reviews and research are as follows.

1. Event Planner

  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Source: Google Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 4.5MB

Event Planner – Guests, ToDo, Budget Management is an allrounder birthday party planner app. It manages your guest list, your to-do task list well before time, handles your budget and financial planning, and also helps you figure out better plans. You also get to create PDFs of guest, budget, menu lists to share among friends, family, and co-organisers.

A special feature called the ‘vendor’s list’ exists that lets you add, edit, contact, communicate and pay vendors involved with the party. The event dashboard keeps in track all done and to-do jobs along with a reminder for the count-down of the party.

2. Double Dutch


  • Rating: 4.2
  • Source: Double Dutch
  • Price: Fre

Double Dutch planner app claims to be built for attendee/ invitee engagement in a birthday party. It provides white-labeled fully customizable mobile event app experience. If you are an aspiring event planner, this is a THE app for you. It lets you organize over a thousand events a year, with it Double Dutch Event Platform scaling with you.

With private and compliant invitee data, management tools for event organizers, integrations for event systems, etc. this is a great planning app.

3. myParty

  • Rating: 4.1
  • Source: Google Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 7.2 MB

myParty is a party planner app that not only helps you to create, plan and organize a party, but also tells you about nearby open parties and their details. It is indeed the party app.
Created by muuio, this app is a bachelor’s best friend.

4. Simple Soiree

  • Rating: 4.3
  • Source: Soireepa.com
  • Price: Free

Simple Soiree is a birthday party planner website that helps you plan and host outstanding parties. They claim to help organize experiences, not just events.
It helps to prepare a budget, financial planning charts, timeline for the entire event to pre-plan what happens next, decoration plans, vendor orders and every other necessary job needed to be done.

5. Planner

  • Rating: 3.8/5
  • Source: Google Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 14MB

Planner is a full-featured party activity planning app which not only helps you to organize a party but also plays a major role in conducting, reminding and scheduling your day to day activities.
It easily syncs with your google calendar and the events present, and adds, deletes or edits events according to your wish. Manual time slots are allotted with reminders and checkboxes. And the best part? You can make an unlimited number and amount of notes a day!

6. Any.do

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Source: Google Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Size: Varies with device

Any.do: ToDo List, Calendar, Reminders and Planner is a planning application which can be of great help for your busy schedule. It sets classic reminders for one time events, labels and colors events based on various criteria, adds levels and subgroups for tasks, NEVER forgets a thing, and effectively manages and schedules your time. It changes your calendar into a simple, but useful and productive tool.

7. To-Day


  • Rating: 4.8
  • Source: Google Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 2.2MB

To-day List is a planning application that was primarily created for students to keep track of their lives. Nowadays it can be used to schedule alarms, reminders, plan the jobs to be done, create a to-do list, and implores you to be productive and proactive.

8. The Party Planner


  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Source: Google Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 6.1MB

The Party Planner is widely used as a birthday planning app by people all across the globe. From finding the perfect venue to meeting the best decorators in town, this application is going to take care of it all.

9. Squad-up

  • Rating: 3.2/5
  • Source: Google Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 7.9MB

Squad-up stands for “SquadUP – Event Planning on Your Mobile Phone – Free to Download – Group Messaging – Photo Sharing – Event Discovery – Social Media Gallery – Event Registration – Ticket Scanning”. It thrives upon content aggregation, real-time messaging, photo and social sharing in online platforms to manage and coordinate tasks during an event.

10. My Party Planner

  • Rating: 3.6/5
  • Source: Google Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 2.6MB

My Party Planner consists of five major sections, namely, “TO DO”, “Guest”, “Menu”, “Shopping” and “Budget” along with general instructions and settings. You can import guests from your phone’s contact list itself, and send them invitations accordingly. There’s a lite version which is free but contains advertisements. In order to avoid ads and opt for sending e-mails and invitations, you need to buy a minimal subscription.

15 Free Birthday Party Planner Apps

Here are some more Apps that you can try out;

  1. Event Planner
  2. Double Dutch
  3. myParty
  4. Simple Soiree
  5. Planner
  6. Any.do
  7. To-Day
  8. The Party Planner
  9. Squad-up
  10. My Party Planner
  11. GEVME
  12. My Banquet
  13. Judgify
  14. My Party Planner Lite
  15. Myday

Final Words

We know how hectic our lives are now. Having a few mobile apps acting as virtual assistants for birthday party plannings can actually be helpful, time-saving and convenient. I hope the list of Top Birthday Planner Apps helps you conduct an eventful party.

Birthday Planner App for Stress-Free Party Planning

Planning a birthday party can be a stressful task but with the help of a birthday planner app you can streamline the process and eliminate unnecessary stress.

These apps offer a variety of features to assist you from start to finish ensuring that your party is a success.

From creating and managing guest lists to setting reminders for important tasks these apps have it all.

You can also track your budget and expenses and even collaborate with others to plan the event together.

With customizable themes and options you can personalize your invitations and create a unique experience for your guests.

With the convenience of these apps you can enjoy the party planning process and focus on creating lasting memories for the birthday celebrant and guests alike.

10 Best Hairstyle Apps for Men and Women

10 best hairstyle apps

Hi beautiful divas and handsome men! This post is specially for the hair-obsessed people, like me. So friends are you looking for hairstyle ideas for a wedding, prom or other formal occasions?

Or do you wish to try your favorite celebrity hairstyles?

Hold on.

Don’t just rush to a hairstylist or salon. You could try on hundreds of different hairstyle looks sitting right at your home. Don’t believe me? Well, you will.

Just go through our list of Best Hairstyle Apps for both men and Women.

10 Best Hairstyle Apps

Though it’s really hard to find one perfect app for hairstyles among tons available apps. But we have dedicatedly searched and picked some of the best of all hairstyle apps for you.

Below you will find the best hairstyle apps for both men and women. in 2018.

  1. HairStyle mirror
  2. Celebrity Hairstyle Salon
  3. Hair zapp
  4. HairStyle Changer
  5. Hair Style by Step
  6.  Ultimate Hairstyle Try-On
  7. Updo Styles
  8. Cute Girls Hairstyles
  9. Virtual Makeover
  10. Hair Salon

Hairstyle Apps for Men and Women

Let me now show more details about the above-listed hairstyle apps. Most of these Hairstyle apps are free and available on both Android and iOS.

And by the way, these hairstyle apps are for both boys and girls, men and women. So don’t hesitate using them.

HairStyle mirror

10 best hairstyle apps

Hairstyle Mirror is the most unique of it’s kind. One of the most distinguishing features of Hairstyle Mirror is it works in a real-time manner. When you open HSM, it will open your phone’s selfie camera in an attractive interface and follows your face in real time. Just look in the phone or tablet and a new hairstyle pops-up.

This hairstyle changer app has more than 100 hairstyles that are arranged in different categories like long, short, and medium. This app also lets you change the color and size of your selected haircuts to make them fit on your photo.

Celebrity Hairstyle Salon

10 best hairstyle apps

If you want to check out how you look at different celebrity hairstyles, then you should definitely refer to Celebrity Hairstyle Salon app. It will load a model’s picture and let you experiment with different hairstyles before you make your final pick. You can even try new colors, change shapes and set newest fashion trends for the season. It is one of the best hairstyle apps available for both Android and iPhone users.

Click here: For Android

Click here: For iPhone

Hair Zapp

10 best hairstyle apps

Hair Zapp is a popular virtual hairstyle apps which allows you to make a virtual hairstyle on your smartphone for free. It is free and easy to use app which has listed unique hairstyles to apply on your hair. You can easily choose your favorite hairstyle and apply them on your hair to change your hairstyle.One of the best feature of this app is to allows you to compare your favorite hairstyles side by side.

Click here: For Android

Click here: For iPhone

HairStyle Changer

10 best hairstyle apps

HairStyle Changer is another amazing app worth a try if you are looking to try out different hairstyles. For both Android and iOS user this app has different hairstyle techniques to change your hairstyle on your smartphone. This app developed for both man and woman so that you can easily change your hairstyle in few seconds for free.

Check for: Android

Check for: iPhone

Hair Style by Step

10 best hairstyle apps

This app shows pictures of the unique hairstyles for women. Some of the haircuts you’ll discover in this application are Buns, Braids, PonyTails, Vintage, Chignon, Curls, Bob, HeadBand, Twist.

When you tap on the picture, the application will display a step by step guide on how to comb your hair as shown in the image. The pictures are loaded from the web. Thus, your phone must have an active internet connection when the app is running on your device.

Download: for Android

 Ultimate Hairstyle Try-On

10 best hairstyle apps

Don’t you wish to have hairstyle like your favorite celebrity? If yes, you are at the right place. With the Ultimate Hairstyle Try-On application, you can virtually try-on tons of different celebrity hairstyles and hair colors. Simply upload a photo from gallery or take a photo with camera and in seconds you can have your favorite celebrity’s hairstyle in your very own photo. And now you decide which one suits you the best and book your salon for a haircut without hesitating about how are you gonna look with this hairstyle.

Click here: For android

Click here: for iphone

Updo Styles

10 best hairstyle apps

The Updo Styles app is packed with high-quality photos of updo hairstyles. There are 80 unique styles to browse. Each style has multiple poses ranging from front, sides and back views to give a complete picture of each style. Instructions aren’t given for the given hairstyle. The intent is to let your stylist recreate these amazing hairstyles.

Get it on Android

Get it on iPhone

Cute Girls Hairstyles

10 best hairstyle apps

With Cute Girls Hairstyle enjoy 5-minute hairstyles that are super cute and easy to do. Whether you are looking for Simple Braids, French Braids, Dutch Braids, Waterfall Braids, Fishtail Twists or other with a little edge.

It has a good interface and is a very easy to use virtual hairstyle app. You can also get top best tips and top 10 most-recent video tutorials from cute girls hairstyles app.

Click here for Android

Click here for iphone

Virtual Makeover

10 best hairstyle apps

Virtual Makeover is all you need to try out different makeup or cosmetic products along with hairstyle for FREE. This free hairstyle app offers realistic cosmetics, hairstyles, and accessories to try-on. It is simple yet packed with many features.

Choose a photo or take one using the camera. Perform simple calibration.  Apply makeup products or try over 80 different celebrity hairstyles. Once you are done with the makeover, save it to your album and share with your friends and family.

Get on Android

Get on iPhone


10 best hairstyle apps

Discover the newest beauty looks and trends, learn essential makeup tips, and shop for amazing products on the Beautylish app. It has listed unique hairstyles, braids, nail designs, beauty tips with video so that you can easily get step by step process to use this app. There is also an option for forum where you can ask any question related to the app.

For Android

For iPhone

Also Read: Best WhatsApp Tricks

So far we have discussed 10 best hairstyle apps of our list. Give a try to any of these apps and have fun with your hairstyle experiments. If you have some other hairstyle apps then let us know in comment section. Suggestions are always appreciated. Keep visiting this website for more such posts.

150+ Two Truths And A Lie Ideas, Questions & Game Rules

Have you ever heard of a game called Two Truths and A lie?

Well, it’s a famous game that you can play with friends, someone you’re dating, or even strangers! This article will explain how to play two truths and a lie. Not only that, we have listed over 150 Two truths and a lie ideas and questions. 

Two truths and a lie has been around for ages. It’s one of the most popular ice breaker games that works well with people you know well and people you hardly know. It also makes a great drinking game! You can play a few rounds at a house party or pregame before hitting the bars. So what is two truths and a lie? And how do you play?

Don’t worry, we’ll cover all of that in more in this article. Let’s dive in!

What is Two Truth and a Lie?

As the name suggests, it’s about two truths and a lie. One person will reveal 3 statements about themselves and the other player has to guess the lie amongst them. It’s a simple game but it can be very tricky to guess the person’s lie if they pick strategic things about themselves.

Whenever we get together a group of friends who don’t know each well, we love to play two truths and a lie. This may look very easy but when you play, you’ll understand how much fun it is.

How To Play Two Truths And A Lie Game?

So it’s very easy – all you need is at least one partner to play with. We find it’s more fun the more people you play with though.

  • Everyone one by one share three statements about themselves, two of them should be true and one is a lie. The opposite team or the opposite person playing have to guess the lie. That’s it!
  • If they guess correctly, then they win. If not, they lose! Now it’s their turn.
  • You can decide the punishment for the losing person or team – we like to make it a drink or a shot.

Want to learn more? Watch this video where Will Smith Plays two truths and a lie game on the Ellen Show.

Best Two Truths And A Lie Ideas

Sometimes it’s very tough to think about a simple lie and two truths about yourself. That’s where we come in with our handy list of truths and lies! You can refer to this list if you can’t think of any good truths or lies.

  1. I used to do improv.
  2. I once wrote a play about hard-boiled eggs.
  3. I speak 23 languages.
  4. I speak three languages.
  5. I can ride a motorcycle.
  6. I took acting classes in college and have been in a commercial.
  7. I got a perfect score on the math portion of the SAT.
  8. I’ve completed a professional eating contest.
  9. I can breakdance.
  10. I can read and write Latin.
  11. I don’t have my driver’s license.
  12. I learned to read when I was four years old.
  13. I almost flunked out of college.
  14. I’ve been published in three magazines.
  15. I’ve slept with a 40-year-old.
  16. Old people turn me on.
  17. I’ve gone skinny dipping in Florida.
  18. I’ve failed a class in school.
  19. I’ve never been to detention.
  20. I was the teacher’s pet in undergrad.
  21. I can speak Spanish.
  22. I speak sign language.
  23. I can speak German.
  24. I can speak Russian.
  25. I don’t eat meat.
  26. I’m a really good cook.
  27. I’ve met David Beckham.
  28. I won a TV game show.
  29. I used to play American football.
  30. I used to weigh over 200 lbs.

Flirty, Funny Two Truths And A Lie Questions

Here are some funny and flirty 2 truths and 1 lie questions that you can try out.

  1. I have been swimming with sharks.
  2. I’ve been to Africa.
  3. I’ve been to Australia.
  4. I’ve been to Miami.
  5. My favorite drink is tequila.
  6. I’m a virgin.
  7. I lost my virginity when I was 15.
  8. I’ve never stayed up all night long.
  9. I’ve dated two people at the same time.
  10. I’ve never cheated on my significant other.
  11. I drink wine every weekend.
  12. I have two degrees from a university.
  13. I have two phones.
  14. I’ve never gotten food poisoning.
  15. I can ski.
  16. I can surf.
  17. I’ve been snowboarding before.
  18. My parents own two houses.
  19. I’ve never had the flu.
  20. I own an iPhone.
  21. My favorite holiday is Halloween.
  22. I am religious.
  23. I’ve been to California.
  24. My favorite ice cream is chocolate.
  25. My favorite dessert is apple pie.
  26. I’ve never puked from drinking.
  27. I can shotgun a beer in less than 10 seconds.
  28. I own a car.
  29. I’ve been to Canada.
  30. My favorite candy is Skittles.
  31. I went to prom in high school.
  32. I have a crush on someone in our class.
  33. I home-schooled my kids.
  34. I love eating tomatoes and mushrooms.
  35. I learned three languages and can’t speak any of them.
  36. I can do a pirouette on pointe.
  37. I can run 5 miles in under 45 minutes.
  38. I have autographs from Sonny and Cher.
  39. I can play the guitar.
  40. I have been ice fishing.
  41. I have flown in a hot air balloon.
  42. I have been bungy jumping.
  43. I have never been to Vegas.
  44. I am a classically trained pianist.
  45. I play the harmonica.
  46. I have a banana tree in my yard.
  47. I am shy on the phone.
  48. I love camping.
  49. I won a mud-wrestling contest.
  50. I drive a convertible.
  51. I have never broken a bone.
  52. I was an Olympic swimmer.
  53. I have been stung by a jellyfish.
  54. I have driven a monster truck.
  55. I have been in a Hollywood movie.
  56. I can juggle seven oranges.
  57. I won a pie-eating contest.
  58. I have met Julia Roberts.
  59. I play in a rock band.
  60. I grow most of my own food.
  61. I can list the U.S. state capitals alphabetically.
  62. I can’t swim.
  63. I can hold my breath for two minutes.
  64. I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel.
  65. I rowed for my college team.
  66. I know how to juggle.
  67. I’m really into working out.
  68. I took ballet lessons last year to try to become more graceful.
  69. I can run a mile in under seven minutes.
  70. I’ve swum with sharks.
  71. I love hunting and once shot a 710-pound elk.
  72. I run every day (even when it’s cold outside).
  73. I’ve climbed six mountains.
  74. I used to play goalie for my high school soccer team.
  75. I used to drink beer every day.
  76. I had an imaginary friend growing up.
  77. I love thunderstorms.
  78. I stay up until 1am every night.
  79. I was born in 1990.
  80. My top soccer team is Chelsea.
  81. I’ve met Barack Obama.
  82. I have a crush on Ariana Grande.
  83. My favorite music is EDM.
  84. I can DJ.
  85. I can beatbox.
  86. I love drinking coffee.
  87. My favorite animals are peacocks.
  88. I hate spicy food.
  89. I can’t stand it when people pay with exact change.
  90. I am a vegetarian.
  91. My favorite place in the world is New York City.
  92. I can play the piano.
  93. I’m really good at cooking Italian food.
  94. I can juggle.
  95. I never learned how to ride a bicycle.
  96. I’m a great whistler.
  97. I am a twin.
  98. I asked Conan O’Brien out to prom.
  99. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a hockey player.
  100. My dad builds sewage factories.
  101. I used to live in a theater.
  102. My sister is a vegetarian.
  103. I have a sister who is ten years younger than me.
  104. I was born in Denver, Colorado.
  105. I grew up on an island.
  106. I wore the same sweatshirt every day in middle school.
  107. I grew up on Long Island.
  108. I was voted most likely to succeed in high school.
  109. I graduated at the top of my class in college.
  110. I was the first person in my family to go to college.
  111. I grew up in an apple orchard.
  112. I went to grade school with the current senator.
  113. For my 16th birthday I asked for and received the hardcover versions of The Lord of the Rings.
  114. I used to have a huge crush on my 7th grade science teacher.
  115. I went to prom wearing an actual Cinderella dress.
  116. I’m Mexican.
  117. One of my cousins is a movie star.
  118. I am colorblind.
  119. I am legally deaf in one ear.
  120. I was born with a tail.
  121. I still own a huge collection of Beanie Babies.
  122. I’ve never broken a bone.
  123. I am deathly afraid of clowns.
  124. I brush my teeth four times a day.
  125. I never use public restrooms.
  126. I’m allergic to strawberries.
  127. I am incredibly superstitious.

That concludes our list of two truths and lie questions! We hope you found some inspiration for your two truths and a lie. The point of the game is to pick creative answers, so hopefully, this list will help you come up with your own. Looking for something else to play with friends? Check out our article on fun WhatsApp games you can play with your friends.

Got a favorite two truths and lie you would like to share with us? Let us know about them in the comments below.

Stay swiping friends!