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300 Best Hockey Team Names

Hockey is one of the most underrated games, it’s really a nice game, to be frank. let’s see the list of best cool and funny hockey team names in this article Hockey is not just on the national level, it played well on different levels as school level, college level, state level, and many others. If you’re thinking to start your hockey team then, first of all, you need a good name. Name somehow inspires your team as well. Choosing a name is a very important and very tricky process because you cannot be wrong in this.

Why we are here? We are here to help you with the team name. We have collected some of the best names here. Just check them out and choose the one for you.

Hockey Team Names

Best Hockey Team Names

If you’re sure that your team is the best one then you should only look in this section as this is for the best hockey team names. As I said our team name describes our players too. Don’t forget to choose the best name for your team.

Best Hockey Team Names

  1. The Defrosters
  2. Face Breakers
  3. North Pole Pirates
  4. The Mighty Ducks
  5. Freezerburn
  6. Nosebleed Narwhals
  7. The Seattle Shiverers
  8. Frostbiters
  9. Penalty Box Bruisers
  10. Twig Tossers
  11. Frosty & Friends
  12. Penalty Box Prisoners
  13. Washington Walruses
  14. Frozen
  15. Penalty B
  16. Ice-o-topes.
  17. Sea Dogs.
  18. Hockey Hounds.
  19. X-Treme.
  20. Snow Leopards.
  21. Ice Ice Baby.
  22. The Dudes.
  23. Ugly Pucklings.
  24. Ice Stars.
  25. See You Later Skaters.
  26. Rubber Puckies.
  27. Blazin’ Blades.
  28. Puck Daddies.
  29. Pesky Penguins.
  30. Red Light Raiders.
  31. Power Players.
  32. The Mighty Pucks.
  33. Blades that don’t fade.
  34. Gretzky’s Mentors.
  35. Pirates of Puck.
  36. Good Hockey Team Name
  37. Ice Gators.
  38. The Victors.
  39. The Crunch.
  40. The Hockey Pucks.
  41. Stick Magnets.
  42. Pucker Up.
  43. Star Shots.
  44. Victorious Secrets.
  45. River Kings.
  46. Ice Hogs.
  47. Beast of the East.
  48. Ice Wanderers.
  49. Snow Leopards
  50. Ice Possums
  51. Outlaws
  52. Pimp My Zamboni
  53. Rubber Puckies
  54. No Dekes
  55. Short Sticks
  56. Sh!thawks
  57. Skateful Dead
  58. Polar Bears
  59. Rehab
  60. Puckin’ Idiots
  61. Brawlers
  62. The Mighty Drunks
  63. MoBeer
  64. Scouting For Goals
  65. Jagrbomb
  66. Masterskaters
  67. Albino Rhino’s
  68. Sharks
  69. The Lucky Pucks
  70. Blue Jackets
  71. Jurassic Puck
  72. Goaldiggers
  73. Toothless Wonders
  74. Blues
  75. Geezers
  76. Frostbite
  77. Flying Elbows.
  78. Toothless Wonders.
  79. Lights Out.
  80. Stickman Clan.
  81. Quick with a Stick.
  82. Goals Galore.
  83. The Mighty Pucks.
  84. Stick Figures.
  85. Skate or Die.
  86. Dropping the Gloves.
  87. Who Needs Teeth.
  88. The Big Chill.
  89. Slick Stick Handlers.
  90. Rink Masters.
  91. Crossbar Cronies.
  92. Cool Nicknames
  93. Moves Like Jagr.
  94. Kings of Puck.
  95. Getting’ Iced.
  96. Blades of Steel.

Cool Hockey Team Names

When you know that you are a cool team, you should be very strict about having a cool name also. But it’s a bit tricky to think of cool names sometimes. Here are some of the coolest names for hockey teams. Read the list and pick one for you.

Cool Hockey Team Names

  1. Bye Week.
  2. Puck Norris.
  3. Ice Force.
  4. Two Buck Puck.
  5. Arctic Anarchy
  6. H-E-Double Hockey Sticks
  7. Puck Pushers
  8. Army of the Arctic
  9. Hawkey Styx
  10. Pucked Up
  11. Benchwarmers
  12. High-stick Hoodlums
  13. Rabble-rousers
  14. Bering Sea Brawlers
  15. Hockey Hailstorm
  16. Razor Blades
  17. Best Fantasy Hockey Team
  18. Hockey Hookers
  19. Razorblade Brigade
  20. Biscuit Busters
  21. Hot off the Ice
  22. Ref Roughers
  23. Black Ice Beauties
  24. Ice Block
  25. Rink Rebels
  26. Bladed Retaliators
  27. Ice Crushers
  28. Sabertooth Tigers
  29. Blades of Fury
  30. Ice Fairies
  31. Shaved Ice
  32. Blades of Glory
  33. Ice Ice Baby
  34. Shootout Skaters
  35. Brain Freezers
  36. Ice Insurgency
  37. ropping Klefboms
  38. Dzingel Berries
  39. Drunk Dahlin
  40. Arcobello de Triumph
  41. Hiller High Water
  42. Paille Rider
  43. Chicken Pacioretty
  44. That’s a Load of Jarnkrok
  45. Pekka Heads
  46. Parenteau Guidance
  47. Erixon Valdez
  48. A Gaunce of Prevention
  49. Raanta and Rave
  50. Up and Etem
  51. Smokin’ Budaj
  52. Reto Rooters
  53. Too Fehr Gone
  54. Staal Tactics
  55. Weiss Guys
  56. The Vlasic Pickles
  57. Not Your Stepan Stone
  58. Phaneuf Said
  59. Bouillon Cubes
  60. Antti-Matter
  61. Doan and Out
  62. Flippula You Off
  63. Nikitin Fit
  64. Glass of Marleau
  65. The Ott Man Out
  66. Carle of the Wild
  67. Voodoo Dowells
  68. Probert Etiquette
  69. Blue Line Bandits
  70. Dropping the Gloves
  71. At The Helm
  72. Rotating Staal
  73. Sedin in Limbo
  74. Semyon Says
  75. Coffey Break
  76. Coyle and Strike
  77. Hard Boyled Eggs
  78. Purple Helmets
  79. Easton Fection
  80. No Regretzkies
  81. Oilers
  82. Baby Seal Clubbers
  83. Sea Lions
  84. Blades of Steel
  85. Canucks
  86. I Got Moves Like Jagr
  87. The Ice Angels
  88. Bruins
  89. Mother Puckers
  90. Ice Holes
  91. Rangers
  92. Sasquat
  93. The Dekes of Hazard
  94. Penguins
  95. Penalty Box Heroes
  96. Maple Leafs
  97. Ice Possums
  98. Scouting For Goals
  99. Fire on Ice
  100. Pumas
  101. Pimp My Zamboni
  102. No Dekes
  103. TIT-ans
  104. The Lucky Pucks
  105. The Mighty Drunks
  106. Geezers
  107. Mighty Molars – think teeth
  108. Caribou
  109. Sh!thawks
  110. Puckin’ Idiots
  111. Cherry Pickers
  112. Multiple Scorgasms
  113. Black Ice
  114. Jagrbomb
  115. Phantoms
  116. Hattrick Heroes
  117. Mid Ice Crisis
  118. Chicken Tenders
  119. The Yetis
  120. Premature Shooters
  121. Capitals
  122. Big Test Icicles
  123. The Fighting Amish
  124. The Cajun Hot Sticks
  125. Flying Elbows
  126. The Suckville Terribles
  127. Ugly Pucklings
  128. Fish masters
  129. Shockers
  130. Sharks
  131. Masterskaters
  132. Sporting Woodies
  133. Ice Pack
  134. JJ’s – Jumbo Jugs
  135. Midfield Mavens
  136. Stick Magnets
  137. Blackouts
  138. Upskirts
  139. Rusty Blades
  140. Maidens of Mayhem
  141. Islanders
  142. Tigoldbiddies
  143. Road Runners
  144. Oil Kings.
  145. Sin City Snipers
  146. Broken Noses
  147. Ice Road Truckers
  148. Slapshot Slashers
  149. Bruisin’ Blizzards

Funny Hockey Team Names

If your team is full of energy and enthusiasm and super cool with their sense of humor then why not think of a funny name for your team. Your team name speaks on behalf of your team. If you’re sure with the funny name then we have some really good options for that. Check them out.

Funny Hockey Team Names

  1. Ice Screamers
  2. Slice the Ice
  3. Candle Lighters
  4. Ice Sculptors
  5. Slurpee Suckers
  6. Center Ice Skaters
  7. Ice Town Mayors
  8. Snowbunny Brawlers
  9. Chicken Goaltenders
  10. Icees are Delicious
  11. Stick Tossers
  12. Chilly Checkers
  13. Icerink Rascals
  14. Stickhandlers
  15. Cold Feet
  16. Icing on the Cake
  17. Stuttering Stanley Cup
  18. Coldblooded Canucks
  19. Italian Icers
  20. Tivares Troublemakers
  21. Crobsy Co.
  22. Lamp Lighters
  23. The Big Freeze
  24. Cross Checkers
  25. Let it Go
  26. The Big Zamboni
  27. Cutting the Ice
  28. Misconducting Misfits
  29. The Canadian Geezers
  30. Drifting Ice
  31. Blades of Fury
  32. Ice Fairies
  33. Shaved Ice
  34. Blades of Glory
  35. Ice Ice Baby
  36. Shootout Skaters
  37. Brain Freezers
  38. Ice Insurgency
  39. Sin City Snipers
  40. Broken Noses
  41. Ice Road Truckers
  42. Slapshot Slashers
  43. Bruisin’ Blizzards
  44. Ice Screamers
  45. Slice the Ice
  46. Candle Lighters
  47. Ice Sculptors
  48. Slurpee Suckers
  49. Center Ice Skaters
  50. Ice Town Mayors
  51. Snowbunny Brawlers
  52. Chicken Goaltenders
  53. Icees are Delicious
  54. Stick Tossers
  55. Chilly Checkers
  56. Icerink Rascals
  57. Stickhandlers
  58. Cold Feet
  59. Icing on the Cake
  60. Stuttering Stanley Cup
  61. Coldblooded Canucks
  62. Italian Icers
  63. Tavares Troublemakers
  64. Crobsy Co.
  65. Lamp Lighters
  66. The Big Freeze
  67. Cross Checkers
  68. Let it Go
  69. The Big Zamboni
  70. Cutting the Ice
  71. Misconducting Misfits
  72. The Canadian Geezers
  73. Drifting Ice
  74. Moose Knuckles
  75. The Dalton Dashers
  76. Dust Collectors
  77. Mountain Dewers

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The list ends here. We are sure that you have your team name with you now. It’s always to take advice from your team members too as they are an important part of that team. And it’s good if they are with you in this decision. Just make a shortlist of few names, present it to them and ask which one they like the most.

Hockey is underrated or maybe it was underrated as now we are seeing some amazing players emerging from that. Your team can be one of them. Start the game with the best name.

Animal/Mascot Team Names

If you’re looking for a team name that embodies the spirit of your players consider choosing an animal or mascot-themed name.

These names bring a sense of power fierceness and unity to your team.

Some great options include the Arctic Blaze Arctic Foxes Bearcats Caribou Polar Bears Sea Dogs and Sharks.

These names not only represent the strength and agility of your team but also provide a unique and memorable identity for your players.

So choose a name that resonates with your team and gets the crowd cheering for your animalistic prowess on the ice.

20 Best Makeup Apps for Girls

All of us women are known to have fantastic artistic skills when it comes to doing makeup. OK! I might have exaggerated the fact most of us are well aware of the basics of doing makeup. But what about the ones who are clueless about this art and have developed a sudden interest in makeup? The good news for them is that now we have makeup apps that are easy to use with proper instructions given on how to do flawless makeup.

This is a shout out for not only ladies but also gentlemen who have an interest in this form of art. Yes, you heard me right makeup is truly an art and a transformation of someone’s confidence. Learning makeup through tutorial videos may sometimes come out to be good but most of the time its a disaster. Makeup apps come in handy where all of this is concerned.

Why the need for Photo makeup apps?

In every era and time beauty was coveted by all. Women of every shape, size, and looks want to feel desirable, I can’t say this about every other woman but most of us want an exotic look once in a while which will dazzle everybody. Makeup apps are the small budget makeover easily available for every girl whose dream is to feel like a grownup.

There are some days when we feel like sitting at home doing just Netflix and chill but on the other hand all we want people to think we are having the time of our lives, so what do we need to do now? This is where makeup apps help you out. These apps will help you by giving you a glamorous look, which will dazzle everyone.

10 Best Makeup Apps for Girls

Granted that I have been incessantly talking about makeup apps without a break, I’m sure by now you people are curious about the best makeup apps according to me. So listed down is a list of makeup apps that I think are absolutely wonderful.

1. MyGlamm: Buy Makeup Products

When we buy makeup products we do a thorough check of what we are out to buy. That is a very tiresome process. But what if this process is shortened to suit your taste, wouldn’t that be amazing? The good news is that this process is cut short by the app MyGlamm app where you buy your favorite makeup products with the help of categorized products. This app is for ladies who want to live glamorous every day.

  1. 4.5 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 11 MB
  4. 1 M+ downloads

2. MakeupPlus – Makeup Camera

If you want to glam up your old photos or click some new pictures which will give you a new outlook then MakeupPlus app is the perfect photo makeup app for your smartphone. Take a selfie and edit it to another level. Not only that you can purchase lip color from brands like GLAMGLOW, Charlotte, Tilbury, etc. So download this app to enjoy all its perks.

  1. 4.5 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 61 MB
  4. 50 M+ downloads

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3. YouCam Makeup – Magic Selfie Cam & Virtual Makeovers

Start the year 2020 by clicking pictures using YouCam Makeup app. This app has such crazy filters that you can’t help but fall in love with. There’s a smile feature to turn your frown into a smile, and there’s also a feature of live makeup magic mirror. These beauty features are worth a ton and all of them for free, so install this app to try all its features.

  1. 4.6 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 83 MB
  4. 100 M+ downloads

4. Makeup Tutorial Step by Step

Oh, we love the look after doing makeup, don’t we but the disaster starts when we have to apply makeup all by ourselves. Makeup Tutorial Step by Step app is here to solve this dilemma of yours by providing you instructions on how to do makeup flawlessly.

  1. 4.3 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 36 MB
  4. 100 K+ downloads

5. Nykaa: Beauty Shopping App

One of the best apps to shop for premium makeup products is Nykaa. This app has products available for both men and women alike. Not only that this app has skincare products according to your needs and wants. The Nykaa’s Pink Friday Sale is here! You can shop for 750 brands at up to 40% off.

  1. 4.6 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 10 MB
  4. 10 M+ downloads

6. Pretty Makeup Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

Many of us use Instagram to edit our pictures and selfies but what if we had a particular app that is perfect for editing and clicking superb selfies, won’t that be awesome? Lucky for you there is Pretty Makeup Beauty app which is primarily known for editing photos and beautifying them to the next level.

  1. 4.5 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 32 MB
  4. 10 M+ downloads

7. Best Makeup Tutorials 2019

We are all aware of what makeup is but exactly how many of us know the upcoming makeup trends which have become known in a short time. Eye Makeup, Eye Shadow Makeup, Bridal Makeup, etc. are some coveted makeup techniques that we don’t know how to apply. Here’s the solution in the form of the Best Makeup Tutorials 2019 app. Download this app to know all of the above.

  1. 4.0 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 5.8 MB
  4. 100 K+ downloads

8. Makeup Camera and Beauty Makeover Photo Editor

Makeup Camera and Beauty Makeover app welcome you to try out its auto makeup camera, beauty photo makeover, nose lift, and slim face editor. It’s more than a regular app which will give you a makeover which will natural.

  1. 4.5 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 80 MB
  4. 500 K+ downloads

9. Beauty Camera Makeup Face, Selfie, Photo Editor

Change your outlook with a simple click using the Beauty Camera Makeup Face, Selfie, Photo Editor app. Without putting a speck of makeup on your face you can get instant eye makeup done with precision. It is so real that one might rethink before you call it all fake.

  1. 4.3 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 81 MB
  4. 1 M+ downloads

10. Prom Makeup Tutorial

If you want to learn the best way to do flawless makeup and get a glam look then Prom Makeup Tutorial app is at your disposal. This app will help you find the beauty solutions which have been troubling you for ages. Now go crazy on festivals, parties, and special occasions by downloading this app.

  1. 4.0 Ratings
  2. Rated for 16+
  3. 13 MB
  4. 500 K+ downloads

This is my list of all the best makeup apps which will help you glam up in an instant.

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20 Free Photo Makeup Apps for Android

The above-mentioned list was of my favorite apps for makeup and now I present before you some other photo makeup apps which are equally as good as the others.

  1. Makeup Tutorials
  2. GlamUp
  3. How To Makeup
  4. Easy Makeup Tutorial Offline App
  5. Wuta Camera
  6. MakePlus – Makeup Camera
  7. Beauty Makeup
  8. Bridally
  9. Auto Makeup
  10. Nykaa
  11. MyGlamm
  12. Shein
  13. Looks
  14. Selfie Beauty Plus Face Makeup
  15. Beautiful Makeup 2019
  16. Step by Step makeup
  17. Jeweller
  18. Purplle
  19. BeautyPlus
  20. Perfect Makeup Camera


Makeup is easy if you make it so, and the best way to figure out the way to tackle makeups is Makeup apps. These photo makeup apps are so damn helpful because of their tutorials and superb editing. What more a girl needs than a perfect beauty app and a tall glass of wine to relax.

The Importance of Makeup Apps for Beginners

Makeup apps have become essential for beginners who want to learn the art of makeup.

These apps provide step-by-step tutorials and instructions on how to achieve flawless looks.

Whether it’s applying eyeshadow or choosing the right lipstick color makeup apps guide users to make the best choices.

They offer various features from virtual try-ons to product recommendations allowing users to experiment with different looks and products.

With the help of these apps beginners can gain confidence and transform their appearance without any professional help.

Makeup apps are a convenient and budget-friendly way to enhance one’s beauty and express personal style.

So if you’re a beginner looking to dive into the world of makeup be sure to check out these apps for guidance and inspiration.

15+ Best Motivational Apps to Boost Yourself

I believe that everyone needs a little push towards fulfilling their destined goal before they achieve it. The push can be in the form of fate playing with our destiny or simply a coincidence that makes us realize that there are certain things we need to do. Technology has perfected the art of giving out valid advice on almost every topic. If you want to stay fit you download apps that give you the best advice on fitness. You want tricks to some math problem then you download certain apps regarding it. Want some motivation? Well, there are Motivation Apps for it.

In this article, I have compiled the best trending Apps that will motivate you to work harder and achieve your dreams. So, let’s get started.

What are Motivational Apps?

Motivation or the word motive means desire, drive or want within a person. Any process which stimulates the need to complete the action of attaining a certain goal is called motivation. And any such app that drives our need to successfully fulfill our drives is called a motivational app. Apps can be related to healthcare, physical fitness, meditation or even making a wish list. These all and a lot more might influence our decision to continue on our chosen path.

10 Best Motivational Apps for Android

Listed below are the 10 best motivational apps that give you the positive vibe you need, help you distract your mind with a single click and provide the expert advice you need.

1. Let’s Meditate: Guided Meditation

Do you need some escape from this chaotic world? Need a little peace to recenter your thoughts and clear your mind? Well, I have the perfect app for you. Let’s Meditate: Guided Meditation is a very simple to use but extremely effective motivational app for meditation. Download this app and start your meditation

  1. 4.8 Ratings
  2. 4.5 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 1 M+ Downloads

2. Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

It’s a tough life in today’s world. With our jobs and studies, most of us forget to pay attention to our health, which might result in our unfit lifestyle. To change all that Google brought a new app the Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking app. It tracks your movement and awards you move minutes and it motivates you to walk a little more every day to increase your heart activity.

  1. 3.7 Ratings
  2. 6.0 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 50 M+ downloads

3. Resultivity – Daily Productivity Motivation

If you are unable to manage your free time in the best possible manner then Resultivity is the app for you. This daily motivation app will help you reduce distractions and help you in completing your work in a much efficient manner. Download this app for a daily dose of productivity motivation.

  1. 4.6 Ratings
  2. 16 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 1 K+ downloads

4. Womaze

Here’s something for all the wonderful ladies out there in the world. I know being a woman is not an easy job and every lady needs a little bit of cheering in her corner and Womaze does exactly that. It reminds you that you are special and important.

  1. 4.7 Ratings
  2. 13 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 5 K+ downloads

5. Positive Vibes

As the name suggests Positive Vibes is the app that will anchor you in your bad times. This free motivation app is where you can request prayers and they will gladly comply with your wishes. So to keep this vibe going you will need to install this app asap.

  1. 4.6 Ratings
  2. 3.4 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 5 K+ downloads

6. Gr̥ow – Habit Tracking

If you think you need to have some motivation to keep up with your positive habits or even develop a new one then Grow – Habit Tracking app is absolutely perfect for you. It is simple and extremely effective. We recommend this app to all the students and budding entrepreneurs.

  1. 4.1 Ratings
  2. 4.3 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 50 K+ downloads

7. Goalmap – SMART goal setting to stay motivated

If you are in dire need for an app that will help you stick to your resolution that you seem to break lately then the Goalmap app is a perfect choice. This self-help app will help you track your activities, provide you with constant reminders and give you a new milestone to reach every day.

  1. 3.9 Ratings
  2. 17 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 100 K+ downloads

8. Woovly – The bucket list app lifetime goals

We all have something that we wish to do once in our life, wishes that we pray for or just a hobby that we couldn’t pursue. Woovly is the app for all those who want to discover their hidden desires. Have a lot at its storage of wishes, it has videos for adventure junkies, more than 50000 ideas for a DIY artist, recipes for food lovers and tips and videos for travelers.

  1. 3.9 Rating
  2. 16 MB
  3. Rated for age 12+
  4. 100 K+ downloads

9. MindFi: Be Mindful Anytime

Relax and relieve your daily stress with the MindFi app. This simple yet innovative motivation app will help meditate with its practical approach. Who wouldn’t love calmness amidst chaos and this is exactly the app to achieve your peace, so waste no time in downloading this app.

  1. 4.6 Ratings
  2. 67 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 10 K+ downloads

10. Home Workout – No Equipment

If you want to have a good looking healthy body without going to the gym then Home Workout is the app for you. I understand the need for having a healthy body, as it keeps you active and vigilant. This GYM Motivation app is the solution to all of those problems you face for not having the body you desire,

  1. 4.8 Ratings
  2. 12 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 50 M+ downloads

This was my list for the best 10 motivational apps that will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Must-Have Motivational apps in 2020

Listed below are some more interesting apps that I think would be right up your ally. Go check them out too:-

  1. iWish- Life Goals, Bucket List
  2. Black Lotus – Meditation and kindness
  3. Free your Mind Hypnosis
  4. Headspace: Meditation & sleep
  5. Loop- Habit Tracker
  6. Goal Plus
  7. Habit Tracker
  8. Fabulous: Daily Motivation
  9. Goals Plan
  10. Deepstash
  11. Remente- Self Improvement
  12. Self-Help Book Summaries
  13. Pedometer
  14. Health & Fitness Tracker with Calorie Counter
  15. Step Tracker
  16. Brain Focus
  17. Womaze
  18. Engross
  19. Fitpass
  20. Fitvate


Lastly, if you feel the need to get motivated or want to just get rid of all the extra tension that is harming your body then the apps listed here are the best choice. Go through them to see what fits your taste and then start your road to a happy and stress-free life.

Top Motivational Apps for Achieving Personal Goals and Developing Healthy Habits

In addition to the 10 best motivational apps mentioned earlier there are several other apps that can help users stay motivated track their progress and achieve their personal goals. iWish- Life Goals Bucket List allows users to set and track their life goals providing a visual representation of their aspirations.

Black Lotus is a meditation app that not only helps users find inner peace but also encourages them to practice kindness towards others.

Free your Mind Hypnosis is an app that offers guided hypnosis sessions to help users overcome adversity and rewire their brain for success.

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep is a popular app that provides guided meditation and sleep exercises to help users calm their minds and improve their sleep quality.

Loop-Habit Tracker and Goal Plus are both habit-tracking apps that allow users to set and track their daily habits providing visual feedback and reminders to stay on track.

Fabulous: Daily Motivation focuses on developing sustainable habits and offers actionable advice to combat fatigue and maintain motivation.

These apps along with the ones mentioned earlier provide a wide range of motivational tools and techniques to help users stay motivated and achieve their personal goals.

250 Best Angry Status & Images [Make Them Realize]

Words can show our emotions really well. Whether it’s love, lust, sadness or anger… Sometimes saying some words are better than silence. But when we are angry, we just don’t want to say anything.. we either want to shout or to stay silent. Or for such situations how can we help you? Well, we can provide some of best angry status, lines and quotes which you can use to show the intensity of your anger without actually saying a word.

So, yes, this article has a massive collection of Extremely Angry status that you can put on WhatsApp, Instagram or even facebook. We thought of both boys and girls and hence this collection consists of Angry status for Boyfriend and girlfriend both.

Best Angry Status to Make Them Realize

What can be better than having words already written for your anger mood.. nothing right? We got you! So here’s the list of top Angry Status for Facebook and Whatsapp.

  1. Just need to get this out. I’m angry, pissed off, upset, frustrated, and irritated. No reason.. Just am. Don’t ask why… Cuz I don’t know.
  2. There comes a point in your life when you realize that you’re tired of trying and it’s time to cut your losses and let go. I have reached that point
  3. Don’t test my patience…if I lose my patience you will become patient …
  4. I am having one of those days where I just want to rub people’s face against a cheese grater
  5. It just seems like the past few weeks have been one very long bad day!
  6. Thinks it would be really nice of you to go sit on a cactus
  7. Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. But I really don’t care.
  8. I actually don’t need to control my anger. Everyone around me needs to control their habit of pissing me off…
  9. I think that stupid people were put on this planet to test my anger management skills.,
  10. A good woman doesn’t get angry and she sure as hell doesn’t get even. She gets over it and keeps it moving.
  11. People don’t listen, they just wait for their turn to talk.
  12. How stupid of me to believe a boy like you could love a girl like me.
  13. Why stress over someone that won’t even text to see if you’re alright?
  14. You were my cup of tea, I drink coffee now.
  15. I don’t give up easily on someone, but when I finally do I will be so done with you and nothing you’ll ever do will bring me back.
  16. I don’t have time to hate anyone, I will just forget about you.
  17. Choose people who choose you.
  18. If someone breaks your heart, just punch them in the face. Seriously. Punch them in faceand go get some ice-cream
  19. I don’t hate you, but I have lost all the reason to love you.
  20. “I didn’t lose you. you lost me. You’ll search for me inside of everyone you’re with &I won’t be found. ”- R.H.Sin.
  21. I didn’t stop loving you. I decided to stop showing it because no matter how hard I tried, you wouldn’t get it.
  22. I had a lot of reasons to give up on you. But I still chose to stay. You had a lot of reasons to stay. But you chose to give up…
  23. I’m a little bitter today, sorry if I offend anyone, but right now with the mood, I’m in I really don’t care..
  24. Don’t chat with me when you are bored. Girl, please! I’m not here for your entertainment.
  25. I just don’t care if anyone doesn’t like me. I wasn’t put on earth to entertain everyone.
  26. It sucks when you realize you rejected other people for that one person who wasted your time.
  27. No matter how long you know someone, they eventually show their true colors.
  28. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to talk.
  29. Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.
  30. Anger is not bad. Anger can be a very positive thing, the thing that moves us beyond the acceptance of evil.
  31. I will not delete you or block you. I am keeping you there so you will be able to see how happy I’m without you.
  32. I may look calm, but in my head, I’ve killed you about 5 times.
  33. Some people need to open their small minds instead of their big mouths.
  34. Anger is a temporary madness.

Angry Status For Guys

Guys are usually famous for their anger, but it’s usually destructive. Now you have a better idea to show your anger to someone then actually beating them. Yes, words have a lot of power in that. They can hurt someone at the very right place. So rather than using your hands use your mind this time. Go through these quotes and take whichever suits you best.

  1. Anger is a great force. If you control it, it can be transmuted into a power which can move the whole world.
  2. Don’t try to please other people if, in the end, you know it won’t work.
  3. Everything is getting expensive except some people, they are getting cheaper.
  4. If you’re going to talk about me behind my back, don’t smile at me to my face!
  5. People change, things go wrong, stuff happens, but life goes on.
  6. Just because I’m being quiet, that doesn’t mean I’m mad.
  7. Nobody makes you angry, you decide to use anger as a response.
  8. Never forget what someone says to you when they are angry because that’s when the truth comes out.
  9. It sucks when you realize you rejected other people for that one person who wasted your time.
  10. Some people never realize the emotional and mental damage they do to others.
  11. My silence doesn’t mean that I quit… It simply means that I don’t want to argue with people who just don’t want to understand.
  12. Never make yourself feel like nothing to make someone else feel like everything.
  13. It’s better to cry than to be angry because anger hurts others, while tears flow silently through the soul and cleanness the heart…
  14. If you’re going to talk about me behind my back, don’t smile at me to my face!
  15. Sometimes one middle finger isn’t enough to let someone know how you feel. That’s why you have two hands.
  16. Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.
  17. Sometimes I’m not angry, I’m hurt and there’s a big difference.
  18. Definition of EX: Thanks for the experience. Our time has expired. Now exit my life.
  19. Never regret something that once made you smile.
  20. Anger blows out the lamp of the mind.
  21. Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.
  22. Anger as soon as fed is dead, Its starving makes it fat.
  23. Don’t be so happy, I don’t really forgive people, I just pretend like it’s OK and wait for my turn to destroy them.
  24. Never forget what someone says to you when they are angry because that’s when the truth comes out.
  25. For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.
  26. A person who has lots of anger inside definitely loves people more than anyone else can. because if red color indicates anger then it indicates love too…
  27. By God, there’s a lot to make you angry.
  28. Some people will pretend to care just so they can get a better seat to watch your struggle. Every helping hand is not always there to help.
  29. When you are angry, your text speed increases by a ridiculous amount.
  30. Beware, I’m not in my greatest mood today.
  31. There are no words to describe the anger and frustration that I am feeling right now.
  32. Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind.
  33. Only Two People will tell you the truth about yourself: someone who is angry with you and someone who loves you.

So yeah, you can use these Angry Status for gf or even your crush.

Top Anger Status For Girls

Girls have two anger moods… Either they’ll break every second thing they see or they’ll sit in a corner silently. Both are dangerous! So yes, you’re at the right place! We have some amazing angry quotes specially for your anger, Go through the list fast!

  1. Anger is our natural defense against pain. So when I say, I hate you – it really means you hurt me.
  2. It’s better to cry than to be angry because anger hurts others, while tears flow silently through the soul and cleanness the heart.
  3. Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to surf.
  4. If you want to hear the whole truth about yourself, make your neighbor angry.
  5. Anger is only one letter short of Danger.
  6. For every minute you are angry. You lose sixty seconds of happiness. Think about It…
  7. No matter how long you know someone, they eventually show their true colors.
  8. May I kill you in the morning?
  9. Is getting close to just walking away?
  10. Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were.
  11. Hating Me Won’T Make You Pretty.
  12. Anger Is One Letter Short Of Danger.
  13. I Am If I Changed, But You Changed Too.
  14. Anger Is My Power So Don’t Make Me Angry.
  15. Even The Nicest People Have Their Limits.
  16. Whatever Is Begun In Anger Ends In Shame.
  17. Don’t Make Me Angry And Change Your Status.
  18. Silence Is The Best Way To React While Angry.
  19. It’s Just A Chapter In Your Life, Turn The Page And Move On.
  20. When People Get Angry With Him, I Remind Them That He’S Kid.
  21. If Someone Is Angry With You And You Laugh At Them, You Win.
  22. Nobody Makes You Angry. You Decide To Use Anger As A Response.
  23. I Miss You That True But It Doesn’t Mean I Forget Your Lies.
  24. I will not delete you or block you. I am keeping you there so you will be able to see how happy I’m without you.
  25. I may look calm, but in my head, I’ve killed you about 5 times.
  26. People change, things go wrong, stuff happens, but life goes on.
  27. Just because I’m being quiet, that doesn’t mean I’m mad.
  28. It sucks when you realize you rejected other people for that one person who wasted your time.
  29. My silence doesn’t mean that I quit… It simply means that I don’t want to argue with people who just don’t want to understand!
  30. For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.
  31. A person who has lots of anger inside definitely loves people more than anyone else can. because if red color indicates anger then it indicates love too…
  32. Never regret something that once made you smile.
  33. I do not exist to impress the world. I exist to live my life in a way that will make me happy.
  34. Everything is getting expensive except some people, they are getting cheaper.
  35. My phone screen is brighter than my future ?
  36. Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work than faster your mind..
  37. This man, is man, a man, good man, way man, to man, keep man, a man, idiot man, busy man, for man, 30 man, seconds man! NOW READ WITHOUT MAN
  38. Sometimes the best way to get someone\’s attention is to stop giving them yours.
  39. Girls r like potato chips…you can’t have 1
  40. Had you asked for my life i would have sacrificed it with a smile… but you’ve stripped me of my pride
  41. People always miss you more when they find out how much happier you are without them.
  42. People change for one of two reasons: They have learned a lot, or they have been hurt too many times.
  43. If you fail and feels the shame then you are only few steps away from success
  44. Listen to people when they are angry because that is when the real truth comes out.
  45. Don’t mess with my feelings, just because you’re unsure of your own.
  46. My feelings? Oh don’t worry about those, no one else does.
  47. A man is about as big as the things that make him angry.
  48. An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes.
  49. I didn’t text you just to exercise my fingers, I was expecting a reply back.
  50. I hate that I cry when I’m frustrated because people think I’m hurt when I’m really just trying not to kill you.
  51. I don’t usually lose my temper, but if I get angry, it’s true I’m scary.
  52. I’m not anti-social. I’m just anti-bull.
  53. don’t be angry with people who don’t have the capacity to change.
  54. My life, My choices, My problems, My mistakes, My lessons. Not your business, mind your own problems before you talk about mine.
  55. I told you I needed you, you told me the same. I wasn’t lying, so why didn’t you tell the truth?
  56. A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.
  57. Anger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind.
  58. I just don’t care if anyone doesn’t like me I wasn’t put on earth to entertain everyone.

Which one is your favorite Angry status for bf?

Angry Captions For Instagram

Every picture denotes some feeling or some mood. You may have pictures in which you would like to add anger quote only, don’t go here and there for that. Check the following anger captions and choose one of them for your Instagram caption.

  1. When you stopped believing in me, I did too.
  2. Don’t get mad – Just get even.
  3. My silence doesn’t mean that I quit, It simply means that I don’t want to argue with people who just don’t want to understand.
  4. Don’t talk to me only when you need me, I am not here for entertainment.
  5. Don’t chat with me just when you’re bored. I am not here for entertainment.
  6. CAUTION!! I’m not in my greatest mood today.
  7. Beware!! I am in a bad mood today.
  8. Do you ever get the feeling that you would like to reach out and just choke someone?
  9. I am in a mood to kill somebody today.
  10. When we don’t know who to hate, we hate ourselves.
  11. I’m gonna come back as a bird in my next life. There are some people who I feel deserve a little of their own medicine.
  12. There are no words to describe the anger and frustration that I am feeling right now.
  13. When a woman cries, it’s not usually over one thing. It’s built up anger and emotions she’s been holding in for too long.
  14. I don’t have time for fake friends anymore. Either be real or be gone.
  15. And a mistake repeated more than once is a decision.
  16. I don’t allow you to treat me poorly just because I love you.
  17. Silence .. because that’s the only thing you deserve from me now.
  18. Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can be only forgiven, not forgotten.
  19. Be careful with your words and action, I can only forgive, not forget.
  20. Isn’t it funny how people think you won’t find out about all the stuff they have said about you?
  21. Who needs cocaine when human emotions can mess you up just the same.
  22. I gave up on you. Not because I don’t care anymore, but because I realized that you don’t.
  23. If you think your opinion of me has any effect, honey let me assure you that none of my self-worth is wrapped up in what you think of me.
  24. When we don’t know who to hate, we hate ourselves.
  25. Never go to bed angry, stay up and fight.
  26. The strong man is not the good wrestler, the strong man is, only the one who controls himself when he is angry.
  27. It Takes A Lot Of Energy To Get Angry. I Don’T Care To Use My Energy That Way.
  28. I Will Not Delete You Or Block You. I Am Keeping You There So, You Will Be Able To See How Happy I’M Without You
  29. Don’t Be So Happy, I Don’T Really Forgive People, I Just Pretend Like It’s Ok And Waits For My Turn To Destroy them.
  30. Some People Need To Open Their Small Minds Instead Of Their Big Mouths.
  31. If I Delete Your Number, You’Re Basically Deleted From My Life.
  32. Anger repressed can poison a relationship as surely as the cruelest words.
  33. Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.
  34. Anger is not bad. Anger can be a very positive thing, the thing that moves us beyond the acceptance of evil.
  35. Go Ahead, Judge Me. Just Remember To Be Perfect For The Rest Of Your Life!!
  36. I Wouldn’t Have To Manage My Anger If People Could Learn To Manage Their Stupidity.
  37. It Sucks When You Realise You Rejected Other People For That One Person Who Wasted Your Time.
  38. Nobody makes you angry, you decide to use anger as a response.
  39. All angry persons are to be treated, by the prudent, as children.
  40. Anger is never without a Reason, but seldom with a good one.
  41. Silence is the best way to react while angry.
  42. Never go to bed angry, stay awake and plot your revenge!
  43. When you ask someone if you overreacted, then that’s your heart telling your mind that it was a stupid decision.
  44. Angry? Take a deep breath before you speak, because your mouth acts quicker than your brain.
  45. The embarrassment after the anger is the biggest humiliation a person can experience.
  46. A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret.
  47. Never do anything when you are in a temper, for you will do everything wrong.
  48. Don’t get mad, smile and creep them out instead.
  49. The strong man is not the good wrestler; the strong man is only the one who controls himself when he is angry.
  50. Anger makes dull men witty, but it keeps them poor.
  51. A man is about as big as the things that make him angry.
  52. Anger repressed can poison a relationship as surely as the cruelest words.
  53. No matter how long you know someone, they eventually show their true colors.
  54. May I kill you in the morning?
  55. Is getting close to just walking away?
  56. Did you ever just want to slap the stupid out of someone?
  57. Is singing, if you’re angry & you know it punches their face…
  58. Telling someone to calm down just makes them so much angrier.
  59. Your mistake is letting me go, my mistake was letting you in.

Angry Status Images

I know that many of you don’t like typing statuses on Fb or Whatsapp. Well, here is a good collection of Angry Status Images and Pictures that you can download and use instantly.

So yay! This is it, Our list ends here. Showing anger is not a good thing but suppressing it inside yourself is also not a good thing either. But when you have quotes for that, you can prevent your emotional burst out. That’s why we provided you a long list of angry quotes and captions.

We are sure our angry statuses list helped you and now you have your favorite quote with you. So it’s time to release your anger through words. Go on!

400+ Best Crossfit Team Names

There’s something new in the fitness industry, well what’s that? CrossFit. Yes, CrossFit is one of the newest trends in the fitness industry. What separates CrossFit from other training methods is their community-centered nature. People work out in groups rather than alone. That itself would be a boost to many people and might help people to be consistent and show up at the gym.

When there is a team, there should be some name too. And when it’s about Crossfit you cannot afforest to just name it anything.  Here are some of the best team names you can use for your team, Check them out!

Best Crossfit Team Names

Here are the Best Crossfit team names that you can use for your team.

  • We run better than the government.
  • In WOD we trust.
  • Rowing Pains.
  • 6 Pack Labs
  • Iron Cans
  • Belly Up Barbell
  • Peterson’s Pick Up Bar
  • Hulk Smashed
  • Xtreme Quiet Time Gym
  • Planet Fitness (no srs)
  • Jungle Fitness
  • Fitness on Fire
  • Let’s Burn
  • Custom Boddy
  • Get Some Abs
  • Fit Body Boot Camp
  • Fit Technicians
  • FitFat Studio
  • Fitness Authority
  • Fitness Connection
  • Fitness Cycles
  • Fitness Essentials
  • Fitness Factory
  • Fitness Hub
  • Fitness Millennium
  • Fitness on Fire
  • Fitness on Toast
  • Fitness Works
  • Fitness Zone
  • FitPro West
  • FLEX Studios
  • Flirty Girl Fitness
  • Fusion Fitness
  • GoPerformance & Fitness
  • Gotham Gym
  • Harmony Mind Body Fitness Inc.
  • Helios Fitness Centre
  • Hulk Smashed
  • Hybrid Fitness
  • InBalance
  • Infliction Fitness
  • Iron Bodies Gym
  • Once you started, it doesn’t get any easier.
  • Pace Cadets.
  • Pistols and PVC
  • Barbells and Bros
  • Dumbbells and Donuts

  • Boxers and Beers
  • Keep Calm and Squat On
  • Meaty Divas
  • My Pistols Are Clean
  • Double Under Your Spell
  • Death Doctors
  • Max Rack Pulls
  • 6 Packs
  • Concrete Vaginas
  • 50 Shades of Pukie
  • The Crossjerks
  • Sandbaggers
  • 1RM Singles
  • Isometric Bicep Dudes
  • Cool Crossfit Name
  • Till Failure
  • President Bush
  • Gorilla Balls
  • The Truncates
  • Juiceheads
  • Muscle Mania
  • Broseph Stalin
  • Gainz for Jesus
  • Only Super Cool People
  • Night riders
  • The last team
  • As Many Beers as Possible
  • Last in Race
  • 2Fit2Quit
  • Baconater
  • Katrina
  • The Garbage Men
  • We Lift More than We Make

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Funny CrossFit Team Names

Looking for some funny names? Well, we have a small collection of funny crossfit team names below;

  • Buns and Guns
  • Paleo and Pukie
  • Donut Droppers
  • Flex Appeal
  • Dirty Dealifters
  • Perfect Posture
  • Blood, Sweat and Beers
  • Beast Mode Babes
  • Temporary Pain
  • Lunging Ninja
  • 2 FIT 2 QUIT
  • Flexual Healing
  • Im having Burpees
  • Weights before Dates
  • Butt Clench
  • Sore Loins
  • Just do it… tomorrow
  • Butts and beer bellies
  • Salute the Glutes
  • We’re weighting for you
  • Uncultured Bisons
  • Seeking abs
  • The Flimsy Worms
  • Better weight than never
  • One over the Weight
  • Talk Fat Talk
  • Been there, Done fat
  • Fats all Folks!
  • Fat Earthers
  • Shwetty Balls
  • The Cross Shifters
  • Far Beast Movement
  • We lift more than we make
  • The Couch Potatoes
  • It only hurts the first time.
  • Slow Burn.
  • The Couch Sweet Potatoes.
  • Amino Disrespect.
  • Flying Space Monkeys.
  • The Scream Team.
  • The Stud Muffins.
  • Run like the Winded.
  • How I met your Mudder.
  • Neander-Gals.
  • Misters, Blisters and Soul Sisters.
  • We Can Do This in Our Sleep.
  • Shooting Star Syndicate.
  • The Young and Breathless.
  • Keep Calm and Squat On.
  • Fitness Factory
  • Fitness Lover
  • Bolt Fitness

  • Fitness Authority
  • Fit Fataang
  • Bodeaz Fitness
  • Dare2Fit
  • Reorient Fitness
  • Oneup Fitness
  • Fitness Hub
  • Fleece Fitness
  • Fitness Zone
  • O3 Fitness
  • Fusion Fitness
  • Set The Bar Fitness
  • Girls Just Want to Have Run.
  • Zombie Jamboree.
  • Meaty Divas.
  • Fueled by Hops.
  • Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.
  • Rinse and Repeat.
  • The Slim Pack.
  • Pain Killers.
  • Baby Got Track.
  • Get Er’ Run.
  • Mudder of All Hangovers
  • The Mudstaches
  • The Dirty Mudder Funkers
  • The Slim Pack
  • Pain Killers
  • Baby Got Track
  • Get Er’ Run
  • Between A Walk and A Hard Place
  • Team Spanks
  • Bringing Up The Rear
  • Twister Blisters
  • My So Called Legs
  • Nerd Herd
  • Gym Class Gypsies
  • Dashing Divas
  • Buns On The Run
  • Go Go Passer
  • If Only Making Money Was This Easy.
  • Raging Hormones
  • 82Much
  • Here For The Free Shirt.
  • Older Than You
  • The Scream Team
  • The Fighting Birds
  • Roostertails
  • Less Talk, More Squat
  • Fueled By Hops
  • World’s Okayest Runners
  • The Flimsy Worms
  • Just The Tip
  • Is It Five O’Clock Yet
  • Ready Or Not, Beer We Come
  • Designated Drinkers
  • Voldemort
  • Waist Basket
  • Do You Even Lift, Bro?
  • We’re Not Gunna Bake It
  • Chubby No More’s
  • Chronic Injuries
  • Clumsy
  • The Thinner Winners
  • Out Of Shape
  • Mouth Wide Shut
  • The Flimsy Worms
  • The Butt Clenches
  • Bacon Love
  • The Crossmen
  • Hangry Birds
  • Toe Jammers
  • Unrepentant Thinners

Creative Names for Crossfit Teams

  • Hard Rock Ab Owners
  • 82Much
  • Minnesota Thins
  • Team CrossFit
  • Slow Burn
  • Where’s The Bacon?
  • Rump Yours
  • Gamebirds
  • Your Local Rejects
  • Seeking Abs
  • GangBag
  • Insomniacs with Running Problems
  • Waist Recycling
  • The Team that Shall Not Be Named
  • Withering A-Weigh
  • Designated Drinkers
  • Burpees And Beers
  • Born to Lose
  • Gut Busters
  • Redundant
  • Older Than You
  • Mini Mees
  • Fragile
  • Mission Slimpossible
  • Where’s The Finish?
  • All Pain, No Gain
  • The Scream Team
  • Rock Solid.
  • The Sandbaggers.
  • Drop It Like A Squat.
  • My So Called Legs.
  • Nerd Herd.
  • Crossfit Collective.
  • Gym Class Gypsies.
  • Dashing Divas.
  • Fitness Rules
  • Suns Out, Guns Out.
  • Victorious Secret.
  • Buns On The Run.
  • Stop, Drop, And Squat.
  • Sole Train.
  • Just Here for the Bacon.
  • Open belly wide
  • Take down a Leg or two
  • Meat and two leg
  • The Cuckoo’s Leg
  • It’s that time of the month
  • Buff and nonsense
  • Crazy, Stupid Buff
  • The Good, The Bad and The Dirty
  • Labor of Buff
  • I want 6 pegs
  • Bacon before Biceps
  • Winner winner chicken dinner
  • Sweat Dreams
  • Turn a Grind eye
  • Love is Grind
  • Pork U Pine
  • Grab ‘Em by the weights
  • Noob Here.
  • The slow Buffaloes
  • Pack of weight wolves
  • Optimal Turtles
  • We are HIIT
  • Blow your Grind
  • Raw Nips And Chapped Lips
  • WOD Now, Wine Later
  • WODsluts
  • Black Mambas
  • Buns On The Run
  • Buns And Guns
  • Hair back, guns out.
  • Multiple Scorgasms
  • Slimpossible
  • Chick Clique
  • Feisty Females
  • The She-Hulks
  • Girls, Manterrupted
  • Girls Just Want To Have Run.
  • Bringing Up The Rear
  • Waist Management
  • Amish Assasins.
  • Buff and Stuff.
  • Buns and Guns.
  • Beast Mode Babes.
  • Temporary Pain.
  • The Cool
  • Lunging Ninja.
  • Band of Mudders.
  • Mudder of All.
  • The Mudstaches.
  • Flex Appeal.
  • Fem Fitales.
  • Dirty Deadlifters.
  • Blood, Sweat and Beers.
  • Lean on Me.
  • Vicious and Delicious.
  • Between A Walk and A Hard Place.
  • Team Spanks.
  • Bringing Up The Rear.
  • Bros before rows
  • Buck Furpees
  • Butts and Nuts
  • Baby Got Track
  • The Omniscient Chimpanzees
  • The Crowded Koalas
  • The Serious Sheep
  • The Depressed Eagles
  • The Hapless Hamsters
  • The Cool Stinkbugs
  • The Victorious Louses
  • The Full Monkeys
  • The Aware Flys
  • The Devilish Lobsters
  • The Glorious Mules
  • The Valuable Walruses
  • The Cowardly Penguins
  • The Sharp Whales
  • The Actually Anteaters
  • Hustle and Muscle.
  • Fat Bottom Girls.
  • Arms and Hammered.
  • Small but Mighty.
  • Less Talk’n, More Squat’n.
  • Calvary Air Bounce.
  • The Flip Force.
  • Salute the Glutes.
  • Booty and the Beast.
  • Will WOD for Donuts.
  • Aggressively Average.
  • Oh Kale Yeah.
  • Creatine so much Fear.
  • Flexual Healing.
  • WOD now, Wine later.
  • We’re here for the free shirt.
  • First Rule of Crossfit: Always talk about Crossfit.
  • Mom Jeans and Power Cleans.
  • Two Peas in a WOD.
  • Trouble Unders.
  • The Kettle Belles
  • Better Without (wall) Balls
  • Sassy Squatters
  • Diamonds and Guns
  • The Fittest Flirters (meh)
  • Burpee Bombers
  • Medballs and Mascara
  • Ponytails and Planks
  • Sausage factory
  • Bromance central #
  • The dude club #
  • Sweaty balls club #
  • Hairy backs anonymous #
  • We leave the lid up
  • Trouser snakes R us
  • Older Than You
  • Wall Ball My Heart
  • Team Smitty
  • Sweaty Coconuts
  • Raging Hormones
  • Show Me Your Snatch
  • Booty & the Beasts
  • Team Hardwood
  • Brains & Brown
  • Steak & Eggs
  • Sweet & Sour
  • Flash Gordon
  • Bacon Masters
  • Vicious & Delicious
  • Short & Stout

Badass Names for CrossFit Teams

We know that everyone loves badass quotes or names. So here are some really badass crossfit team names that you can use.

  • Love & Snatches
  • Oliver & Company
  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Natural Born Killers
  • Married w/CrossFit
  • Team Swingers
  • Team Clunger
  • 99 Problems But a Snatch Ain’t One
  • Intermediate Level Athletes
  • Wallball & Chains
  • Snatchin’ then Dispatchin’
  • Nothin but a G-­‐thang
  • Stronger than your father
  • Fitness goals
  • Gym is our bae
  • Transformation going on
  • Unfit to Fit
  • Exercising double
  • Gain muscles not fat
  • Eco Fitness Design
  • Muscle Feast
  • Muscle Maniac
  • Aesthetic Den
  • Chasing Aesthetic
  • Jungle Fitness
  • C3 Fitness
  • Fitness Essentials
  • Fit Body Boot Camp
  • Corenetic Gym
  • Infliction Fitness
  • AbsoluteFit
  • Curl Fitness

These were the best crossfit names you can ever choose for your team when it’s about fitness you can’t afford to take any risk either with a schedule or with the team’s name. After all, your team name is what going to represent you all in the long run. Don’t take it lightly, Choose any of these and just start exercising in a professional way.

We hope you have your favorite team name with you now. Happy Exercising!

90 Questions to Ask a Girl: Get Her Attention

questions to ask a girl

Hello readers. A warm welcome to our page. Today’s article is so interesting that its title itself will catch the attention of many and urge them to read till the end. So the title of today’s article is “90 Questions to Ask a Girl”. What happened boys, wasn’t this exactly what you always look for? Lucky you!

Well, here I am to share with you the BEST questions to ask a girl that may help you to attract her and keep the conversation going. Hereafter you will never run out of things to say AGAIN! Cool, isn’t it? These questions are great options to start a conversation in person or through a dating app like Tinder.

Best Questions to Ask a Girl to Know her Better

Want to know more about your crush or the girl that you just met?

Well, you can ask some deep questions to her! Or you can tell her a joke.

These questions will help you get to know more about her.

questions to ask a girl

  1. What was the worst phase you went through?
  2. What do you like to do that is traditionally considered masculine?
  3. What makes you happy?
  4. What’s your favourite vacation memory from when you were a child?
  5. What belief do you have that most people disagree with?
  6. What or who would you sacrifice your life for?
  7. What impression do you try to give when you first meet someone?
  8. Who do you make happy?
  9. Do you think the future will be better than the present? Why?
  10. Would you rather go to a club, house party, or a small get together with 4 or 5 friends?
  11. What was one of the happiest moments of your childhood?
  12. If you could change 3 things about your country, what would you change?
  13. You have $1,000,000 to make a viral video. What video do you make?
  14. How did you find out that Santa isn’t real?
  15. Why can’t most people keep up with trends in music/ fashion/ tech as they get older?
  16. What was one of the best days of your life?
  17. Do you prefer being outdoors or indoors?
  18. What brings you the most joy in life?
  19. What would you do if a close friend started saying mean things about you?
  20. What is the best and worst part of your personality?

Interesting and Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

Are you looking for some interesting questions to ask a girl?

Well, here are a few of them.

These questions are a bit personal and flirty but will surely help you understand the girl better.

You can even ask these personal questions to your girlfriend, crush or a girl that you just met.

questions to ask a girl

  1. What is the strangest habit you have?
  2. What movie made you cry the most?
  3. What is the most embarrassing thing you own?
  4. What snack can you just not get enough of?
  5. What weird smell do you really enjoy?
  6. What was something you ate regularly as a child but now cringe at the thought of eating?
  7. What’s something you learned recently that you really should have already known?
  8. What’s the best practical joke you’ve pulled or seen pulled?
  9. What’s this time period the golden age of?
  10. What’s an innocent mistake you made that had dramatic consequences?
  11. What’s in your pockets right now?
  12. Do you think human morality is learned or innate?
  13. If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do all day?
  14. What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you?
  15. What skill or craft would you like to master?

Best Questions to hold her Attention

Attention is what you boys always demand and that’s an undeniable truth. So to help you to hold her attention here is your guiding angel (that is me ;)) presenting you a few more question to ask a girl. Here we go:

  1. “What is something you have tried, but will never do again?
  2. “What quirky habit do you have?”
  3. “Who is your best friend?”
  4. What is the one thing you did in your past you wish you could undo?”
  5. “What is your biggest fear?”
  6. “If you could instantly know how to speak another language, what language would you choose to know?”
  7. “What’s the habit you hate most in a boyfriend?”
  8. “What’s the best “less is more” example you can come up with?”
  9. “What product has greatly exceeded your expectations?”
  10. “What is the one place in the world you wish you lived in?”
  11. “Would you rather be loved or have a lot of money?”
  12. “What is the happiest memory of your childhood?”
  13. “What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?”
  14. “What would your dream date be like?”
  15. “What would you change about your personality & look?”
  16. “Who has influenced you the most in your life?”
  17. “What is something you used to do as a child that you wish you could still do?”
  18. “What is the worst thing about dating?”
  19. “What is the one career you would love to enter?”
  20. “Are you close with your family?
  21. “What is the one movie that influenced your life the most?”
  22. “Where is the one place in the world you feel safe?”
  23. “What is the one thing you want to experience before you die?”
  24. “What is your ultimate goal in life?”
  25. “What do you think is your best feature?”

I am sure these questions will spark interest and will help you talk more with the girl of your dreams.

Some of these questions are really honest and can turn out to be great questions to start a conversation, specially with someone who you recently met for the first time.

Also Read: Best Deep Questions to Ask

Romantic Questions to Ask your Girlfriend

questions to ask a girl

You definitely know your girl better than the rest. But what if she had something more to tell which she hadn’t told you till now? Go through these questions which are specially selected to be marked under the category of the questions to ask a girl. They will surely help you to unfold layers of secrets in your relationship.

  1.  Do you usually stay friends with your exes?
  2. Do you mind if I use your social networking sites?
  3. What are your thoughts on online dating or tinder?
  4. What’s the most crucial thing for a healthy relationship?
  5. What is being in a relationship means to you?
  6. What qualities do you expect in your husband?
  7. How do you feel about sharing your password with your partner?
  8. What lies do you most often tell yourself?
  9. When do you think a person is ready for marriage?
  10. What or who would you sacrifice your life for?
  11. Who is the only person whom you will never turn back on?
  12. What kind of parent do you think you will be?
  13. What is a relationship deal breaker for you? What’s your biggest regret in life?
  14. Do you believe in second chances?
  15. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
  16. What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?
  17. What is the one quality that you admires most in males?
  18. What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
  19. What keeps you up at night?
  20. How would you like to treated by your perfect partner?
  21. If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up?
  22. In a relationship, when should a man pay for something, when should a woman pay something, and when should they split the cost?
  23.  What do you think of best friends of the opposite sex?
  24. Do you believe in soul mates?
  25. List of things you want to do with me?
  26. What makes you feel super loved?
  27. What was the worst date that you’ve ever been on?
  28.  What did your past relationship teach you?
  29. What do you think the role of a woman in a relationship should be?
  30. Should roles change when a couple gets married or moves in together?

These questions also include some flirty questions to ask a girl. Well, you can always flirt with your girlfriend!!

So, friends, these were 90 questions to ask a girl. Choose a bunch of questions, ask them out and experience the change in your conversation automatically. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for visiting.

800+ Pictionary Words: Easy, Hard, Funny, Dirty List

Hold up, have you ever been playing Pictionary with your squad and suddenly your mind goes blank?

You can’t think of a single word to draw and the game comes to a screeching halt? It’s a total buzzkill, but fear not my wordless friend! We’ve got you covered with over 400 Pictionary words to spice up your next game.

No more struggling to think of a word and resorting to drawing a stick figure of a tree just to get a point. With these words, you’ll have your opponents scratching their heads and wondering how in the world you came up with such an obscure idea.

So, grab your favorite drink, round up your crew, and let’s get this game going. With this arsenal of words, you’re sure to be the MVP of Pictionary night. Let the games begin!


Best Pictionary Words List

Here’s the list, Check it out!

  1. Swing
  2. Coat
  3. Shoe
  4. Ocean
  5. Dog
  6. Mouth
  7. Milk
  8. Duck
  9. Skateboard
  10. Bird
  11. Mouse
  12. Whale
  13. Jacket
  14. Shirt
  15. Hippo
  16. Beach
  17. Egg
  18. Cookie
  19. Cheese
  20. Skip
  21. Drum
  22. homework
  23. glue
  24. eraser
  25. peace
  26. panic
  27. alarm
  28. far
  29. comfy
  30. dripping
  31. boring
  32. hot
  33. cold
  34. parents
  35. closet
  36. laugh
  37. falling
  38. sleepover
  39. calendar
  40. sunscreen
  41. panda
  42. detention
  43. hair
  44. ice skating
  45. afraid
  46. dictionary
  47. homerun
  48. root beer float
  49. hibernation
  50. street sweeper
  51. spitball
  52. drinking fountain
  53. imagination
  54. Angry
  55. Fireworks
  56. Pumpkin
  57. Baby
  58. Flower
  59. Rainbow
  60. Beard
  61. Flying saucer
  62. Recycle
  63. Bible
  64. Giraffe
  65. Sand castle
  66. Bikini
  67. Glasses
  68. Snowflake
  69. Book
  70. High heel
  71. Stairs
  72. Bucket
  73. Ice cream cone
  74. Starfish
  75. Bumble bee
  76. Igloo
  77. Strawberry
  78. Butterfly
  79. Lady bug
  80. Sun
  81. Camera
  82. Lamp
  83. Tire
  84. Cat
  85. Lion
  86. Toast
  87. Church
  88. Mailbox
  89. Toothbrush
  90. Crayon
  91. Night
  92. Toothpaste
  93. Dolphin
  94. Nose
  95. Truck
  96. Egg
  97. Olympics
  98. Volleyball
  99. Eiffel Tower
  100. Peanut
  101. half cardboard
  102. oar
  103. baby-sitter
  104. drip
  105. shampoo
  106. point
  107. time machine
  108. yardstick
  109. think
  110. lace darts
  111. world
  112. avocado bleach
  113. shower
  114. curtain
  115. extension cord dent
  116. birthday lap
  117. sandbox
  118. bruise
  119. quicksand
  120. fog
  121. gasoline
  122. pocket
  123. honk
  124. sponge
  125. rim
  126. bride
  127. wig
  128. zipper
  129. wag
  130. letter opener
  131. fiddle
  132. water buffalo
  133. pilot
  134. brand pail
  135. baguette
  136. rib mascot
  137. fireman
  138. pole zoo sushi
  139. fizz ceiling
  140. fan bald
  141. banister punk
  142. post office
  143. season
  144. Internet
  145. chess
  146. puppet
  147. chime
  148. ivy

Hard Pictionary Words

Sometimes it’s fun to win with a big smile. How can this happen? When you’ll win with a big margin! You can use these rare and hard words for your next game! Have a look.

  1. applause
  2. application
  3. avocato
  4. award
  5. badge
  6. baggage
  7. baker
  8. barber
  9. bargain
  10. basket
  11. bedbug
  12. bettle
  13. beggar
  14. birthday
  15. biscuit
  16. bleach
  17. blinds
  18. bobsled
  19. Bonnet
  20. bookend
  21. boundary
  22. brain
  23. bruise
  24. bubble

Rare Pictionary Words

It’s good to use some rare words in Pictionary games, that’s the only way you can be the winner. We have collected some of the rarest words in Pictionary, go through them and use it in your next game!

  1. Brain
  2. Kitten
  3. Playground
  4. Bubble bath
  5. Kiwi
  6. Pumpkin pie
  7. Buckle
  8. Lipstick
  9. Raindrop
  10. Bus
  11. Lobster
  12. Robot
  13. Car accident
  14. Lollipop
  15. Sand castle
  16. Castle
  17. Magnet
  18. Slipper
  19. Chain saw
  20. Megaphone
  21. Snowball
  22. Circus tent
  23. Mermaid
  24. Sprinkler
  25. Computer
  26. Minivan
  27. Statue of Liberty
  28. Crib
  29. Mount Rushmore
  30. Tadpole
  31. Dragon
  32. Music
  33. Teepee
  34. Dumbbell
  35. North pole
  36. Telescope
  37. Eel
  38. Nurse
  39. Train
  40. Ferris wheel
  41. Owl
  42. Tricycle
  43. Flag
  44. Pacifier
  45. Tutu
  46. Junk mail
  47. Piano
  48. Garbage
  49. Park
  50. Pirate
  51. Ski
  52. Whistle
  53. State
  54. Baseball
  55. Coal
  56. Queen
  57. Photograph
  58. Computer
  59. Hockey
  60. Hot Dog
  61. Salt and Pepper
  62. iPad
  63. Frog
  64. Lawnmower
  65. Mattress
  66. Pinwheel
  67. Cake
  68. Circus
  69. Battery
  70. Mailman
  71. Cowboy
  72. Password
  73. Harry Potter
  74. Teacher
  75. George Washington
  76. Justin Bieber
  77. Batman
  78. Spongebob
  79. Zendaya
  80. Superman
  81. Thomas the Tank Engine
  82. Ariana Grande
  83. Wonder Woman
  84. President Donald Trump
  85. Nemo
  86. Black Panther
  87. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  88. Incredible
  89. Spiderman
  90. Vampire
  91. Andi Mack
  92. Captain America
  93. Selena Gomez
  94. Back seat
  95. Highchair
  96. Rock band
  97. Birthday
  98. Hockey
  99. Sasquatch
  100. Black hole
  101. Hotel
  102. Scrambled eggs
  103. Blizzard
  104. Jump rope
  105. Seat belt
  106. Burrito
  107. Koala
  108. Skip
  109. Captain
  110. Leprechaun
  111. Solar eclipse
  112. Chandelier
  113. Light
  114. Space
  115. Crib
  116. Mask
  117. Stethoscope
  118. Cruise ship
  119. Carry
  120. Run
  121. Jump
  122. Swim
  123. Skip
  124. Fly
  125. Row
  126. Catch
  127. Watch
  128. Swing
  129. Learn
  130. Love
  131. Drink
  132. Burp
  133. Eat
  134. Read
  135. Type
  136. Download
  137. Call
  138. Snap
  139. Text
  140. Pose
  141. Shout
  142. Sleep
  143. Scratch
  144. Hug
  145. Cut
  146. Bang
  147. Spit
  148. Tie
  149. Open
  150. Listen
  151. Write
  152. Sing
  153. Pray
  154. Close
  155. Dance
  156. Dispatch
  157. Trade
  158. Drive
  159. Unite
  160. Multiply
  161. Cook
  162. Unplug
  163. Purchase
  164. Mechanic
  165. Stork
  166. Dance
  167. Mom
  168. Sunburn
  169. Deodorant
  170. Mr Potato Head
  171. Thread
  172. Facebook
  173. Pantyhose
  174. Tourist
  175. Flat
  176. Paper plate
  177. United States
  178. Frame
  179. Photo
  180. WIFI
  181. Full moon
  182. Pilgram
  183. Zombie
  184. Game
  185. Pirate
  186. business
  187. cabin
  188. cardboard
  189. carpenter
  190. carrot
  191. catalog
  192. ceiling
  193. channel
  194. charger
  195. cheerleader
  196. chef
  197. chess
  198. chestnut
  199. chime
  200. Chuck Norris
  201. cliff
  202. cloak
  203. clog
  204. coach
  205. comedian
  206. comfy
  207. commercial
  208. computer monitor
  209. conversation
  210. convertible
  211. cowboy
  212. cramp
  213. criticize
  214. cruise
  215. crumbs
  216. crust
  217. cuff
  218. cupcake
  219. curtain
  220. darkness
  221. darts
  222. dashboard
  223. Bicycle
  224. Skate
  225. Electricity
  226. Thief
  227. Teapot
  228. Deep
  229. Spring
  230. Nature
  231. Shallow
  232. Outside
  233. America
  234. Bow tie
  235. Wax
  236. Light Bulb
  237. Music
  238. Popsicle
  239. Brain
  240. Birthday Cake
  241. Knee
  242. Pineapple
  243. Tusk
  244. Sprinkler
  245. Money
  246. Pool
  247. Lighthouse
  248. Doormat
  249. Face
  250. Flute
  251. Rug
  252. Snowball
  253. Purse

100+ Dirty & Funny Pictionary Words

Looking for some Dirty or Funny Pictionary Words for your next game? Or looking for some Easy and Good Pictionary Words for Kids? Well, here are some images having a list of Random Pictionary Words.

So this is it! Ending our list here! Now you have more than 400 words with you for your next game! Isn’t that amazing? Thank us later but first, feed all the names in your mind nicely so that when you’ll sit in the next game, you’ll come out as an intelligent winner.

If you want you can share your intelligence secret with your friends or you can flaunt in front of the, it’s your choice. Have a great game!

Accent Challenge: 150 Tag Questions, Phrases, Words

So, have you ever wondered what the heck is this “Accent Challenge” thing that your friends keep yammering on about?

Maybe you’re a curious cat and you’re dying to know more, or maybe you’re a YouTuber in need of some fresh content (and let’s face it, who isn’t these days?).

Well, you’re in luck, because in this article I’m gonna spill the tea on the origin of the challenge and how to do it right. Plus, I’ve got the inside scoop on the best Accent Challenges around, along with over 150 Tag Questions and Ideas that’ll make your head spin faster than a Beyblade on steroids.

So, buckle up and read on, my friend, ’cause things are about to get wilder than a hyena on a bouncy castle.

What is Accent Challenge?

Accent Challenge is originally from the social networking site Tumblr. The game is small and a bit old, but recently, it has shot into fame. It is a very common and popular idea among vloggers. Videos showing this challenge are going immensely popular within a short period of time.

There are 2 versions of this gaem. The first one is the original Tumblr Accent challenge. The other one is the Ellen DeGeneres Show Tumblr challenge.

Original Accent Challenge

This is the original version which became popular on Tumblr. You can either do this challenge with someone on video call or alone. In this challenge, the task is to read and answer a set of around 15 questions. Based on the way in which you read out the questions and answers, your friend determines your accent.

Generally the challenge starts off by you saying your name and your place of origin. After that the question answer section follows, in which you use your accent to read and answer some common questions. They help in determining your accent.

Later in this article, I have discussed some common accents, questions, and tag words which are popular for this challenge.

The Ellen Show Accent Challenge

If you see the Ellen Show in television or Youtube, then you are probably familiar with this version. It is a much newer and funnier version. Often the celebrity guests on the show play this game.

This version is more about copying other acents irrespective of your origin. At first you have to write down the name of diffenet accents on diffenet pieces of paper. Then pick any one on random. You have to say something random in the specified accent within a minute.

Common accents you can use

As we know, the world is home to a vast number of accetnsranging from regional to national. Based on the type of player, you can decide the accent on your own. For instance, if you are playing with your local friend, then some common regional accents will do. However, if you are playing with someone from  another countyr, then naturally you have to use more popular and national accents.

Some of such popular national accents are as follows:-

  • American
  • Australian
  • British
  • Brooklyn
  • Canadian
  • Colombian
  • Chinese
  • Dublin
  • French
  • Glasgow
  • Indian
  • Irish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latin
  • London
  • NYC
  • Pakistan
  • Russian
  • Scandinsvisn
  • Scottish
  • Spanish
  • Texan
  • Welsh
  • Yorkshire

Check out this video to listen to 67 accents. 

Best Accent Tag Questions

Hereby I list a number of accent questions. For the challenge, you need to read and answer these questions.

  1. What is your name and username?
  2. What will you use to trim grasses?
  3. Where do you come from?
  4. What terms do you use to call gym shoes?
  5. What do you call it when someone throws toilet paper on the house?
  6. Be a wizard or vampire?
  7. What do you call your grandparents?
  8. What is that bubbly carbonated drink called?
  9. Do you personally think you have an accent?
  10. What do you call a body fragrance?
  11. What is the document that gets a visa stamp?
  12. Who will apply medications for accident victims?
  13. What will you use to feed a baby?
  14. Who preaches in a church?
  15. What do you do in a pool?
  16. What will you call a citizen of Australia?
  17. Where will you use an ATM card?
  18. What machine is used to do dishes?
  19. How do you call shuttle bags
  20. What do you call a close friend?
  21. Why do you need a lawyer?
  22. What will you use to clean your teeth?
  23. Where do you dump refuse?
  24. What will you do in a bathroom?
  25. Where will you put cold food for it to get warm?
  26. What do you call the thing with wheels used to carry groceries in the supermarket?
  27. What is the first citizen of a country called?
  28. Where will a college student attend to obtain a higher degree?
  29. Where will you go to buy medicine?
  30. What do you call the clothing that women tie on the head?
  31. Who is responsible for advising students in a college?
  32. What do you need in the dark?
  33. What utensil will you use to drink water?
  34. Choose any book and read a random passage.
  35. What is the full meaning of e-mail?
  36. What will you call the daughter of your brother?
  37. Where do musicians stand to perform shows?
  38. What do you do with a fan?
  39. What will you use to type?
  40. Why would you need a knife?
  41. What will you enter to fly from one country to another?
  42. What is the document that gets a visa stamp?
  43. Where will you carry all your stuffs?
  44. What is the full meaning of MS word?
  45. What do you do with a bed?
  46. Who do you pray to?
  47. What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
  48. What will you call the head of a company?
  49. Where will you go to relax overnight?
  50. What do you call someone that cooks?
  51. What pet name do you call your spouse?
  52. How is the family head referred to?
  53. What do you use to change channels on TV?
  54. What do you do with a phone?
  55. Which is the most popular social network site?
  56. What will you obtain to travel to another country?
  57. What do you call the food you eat in the morning?
  58. Say any 3 words that come to your mind.

Unique and Funny Accent Tag Questions

Image result for accent tag

Want to pronounce some hard and unique accents, trust me it’ll be more fun than you think. Below is a list of some questions that can help you in pronouncing some of the funniest accents.

  1. So, what do you call the place where foods are sold?
  2. Which is the one thing you do to score well in exams?
  3. What do you use to prevent skin disease?
  4. What is the thing you use to clean your hair?
  5. So, what do you use to protect yourself from rain and the Sun?
  6. How do you send letters?
  7. So, what do you spread on burgers to make that tastier?
  8. What do you call the people who love to play?
  9. So, which app do you use to know the weather report?
  10. What do you say before going to sleep?
  11. What do you say to someone who needs support?
  12. So, what do you use to drink?
  13. What do you call the one who does not have shelter and foods?
  14. So people, who lead a luxury life, what do you call them?
  15. What do you call who works at the billing counters of shopping malls?
  16. Which sea creature do you eat?
  17. What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
  18. What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
  19. So, what do you call the place where wild animals are kept?
  20. What do you call gym shoes?
  21. What do you say to address a group of people?
  22. Through which source have you come to know about your country and its culture?
  23. What do you call your grandparents?
  24. What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  25. How do you communicate with the outer world?
  26. What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
  27. What do you wear on your foot to play soccer?
  28. So, what is the thing you have hidden from your parents?
  29. What do you call the food you eat in the afternoon?

Random Accent Tags

Want to you random tags. Look below, there’s a huge list of random questions which can help you in creating the funniest video ever.

  1. What will you use to type?
  2. Where will a college student attend to obtain a higher degree?
  3. What will you do in a bathroom?
  4. What do you call a short sleep in the afternoon?
  5. Where will you go to relax overnight?
  6. So, what do you call your partners?
  7. What will you need a chair for?
  8. What do you use to clean your toilet?
  9. So, what do you use to go up and down in a building?
  10. What is the place called where you get your spa done?
  11. What is the name of the person who examines train tickets?
  12. So, is there any name you use for ice creams?
  13. What do you use to capture an image?
  14. What do you use to purify drinking water?
  15. How do you change your TV channels?
  16. What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  17. What do you say when you are pressed?
  18. How do you greet your parents early in the morning?
  19. What do you call the passenger’s seat beside the driver?
  20. Where do you serve your food?
  21. What pet name do you call your spouse?
  22. What do you call the sound made by birds?
  23. Who do you go to when you are sick?
  24. What greeting do you say when it is noon?
  25. Who do you pray to?
  26. What do you call the physical activity you do early in the morning?
  27. What do you call fried eggs?
  28. How is the family head referred to?
  29. What do you call the food you eat in the morning?

50+ Accent words

Apart from the accent tag questions, the player also has to speak some common words which can help to determine your accent.

So, below are some accent tag words:

Aunt, Roof, Route, Wash, Oil, Theatre, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Ruin, Crayon, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Mayonnaise, Pyjamas, Aluminium, Envelope, Caught, Tumblr, GPOY, Naturally, GIF, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Garage, Furniture, Jaguar, Figure, Herb, Advertisement, Vase, Calendar, Ballet, Tomato, Basil, Brazil, Toilet, Address, Coupon, Lawyer, Fish, Excellent, Car, Flag, Rant, Cunt, Internet, Serum, Machine, Buoyancy, Data, Syrup, Coffee, Impossible, Possum, Repeat, Posture, Spitting Image, Relationship, Aeroplane, Donna, Rude

These are some common words, but you can also find and use some of your own. Try to use words which sound different in different accents.

200+ Happy Birthday Old Man Wishes & Funny Memes

Wishing birthdays are so boring sometimes and especially when it comes to our elder uncles, grandfathers or oldies, it’s usually more simple and normal. Tell me one thing, don’t you think it should be reverse actually? Yes, they have actually less time, they’re free from all their responsibilities. We have a new way to wish all the oldies you have in your life. These are some of the best Happy birthday Old Man wishes, quotes, memes and images.

Best Happy Birthday Old Man Wishes

Choose whatever you think is suitable for them and without thinking for a bit just use them for their birthday. You’ll thank us later for their precious smile you’ll receive after that. If you love them, try checking out our list of love quotes.

So, here the best birthday wishes for Old Man;

  1. Happy Birthday, old fart. There’s just one thing I want to know. What did they put on top of your birthday cake before the invention of fire?
  2. I heard you were middle-aged… as in, born in the Middle Ages. Happy Birthday, ye olde farte!
  3. Everything gets harder when you get older… except for your penis, of course. Happy Birthday, you old softy.
  4. Welcome to the curmudgeonly years, you crusty old bastard you.
  5. Happy Birthday to a relic from a bygone era.
  6. I was going to make fun of you on your birthday. Fortunately for you, I was taught to respect my elders.
  7. Better to be an old fart than a dumb ass. Happy Birthday!
  8. Birthdays suck when you’re old, but at least you don’t have too many more to go.
  9. Happy Birthday, old man. Hope you have an exciting birthday celebration… followed by a nice, long nap.
  10. Happy Birthday, old fart. Hope your birthday doesn’t stink.
  11. Relax, old man. You survived disco. You can survive another birthday.
  12. Happy Birthday, old fart. What’s that, you couldn’t hear me? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLD FART!
  13. You know how guys get better looking with age? Yeah, that doesn’t last forever. Happy Birthday, you sexy old bastard.
  14. Happy Birthday, old man. Now might be a good time to stop acting your age.
  15. They say that with age comes wisdom. You must be the exception that proves the rule. Happy Birthday to an exceptional old guy.
  16. Congratulations! After years of seasoning, you’re officially a salty old bastard.
  17. Your birthday is one of my favorite days of the year. It reminds me that you will always be older than me.
  18. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That’s because old dogs already know all the tricks. Happy Birthday, dawg.
  19. You’re at an age where you no longer give a shit. Heck, at your age, you’re happy when you can take a shit.
  20. You know what an old fart is? It’s when you say you’re 35 and it doesn’t pass the smell test.
  21. With old age comes new skills: you can laugh, cough, sneeze and piss yourself all at once!
  22. Happy Birthday! I was going to make a joke to mark your birthday but the fact you’re still alive is nothing short of a miracle and should be celebrated!
  23. Happy Birthday! I’ve kept the receipt for the gift, y’know, just in case you didn’t make it Some words of wisdom for your birthday – smile while you still have some teeth!
  24. Happy Birthday, old fart!
  25. Happy Birthday! You’ve made it to dirty old man territory Remember when 50 seemed old? If you weren’t so old you would!
  26. Happy Birthday, old man!
    I was sure I would get the right amount of candles to put on your cake this year, but quickly ran out of space! Happy Birthday you old fart Happy Birthday, old man.
  27. I hope you have a fun and exhilarating party… quickly follow by a long nap. We don’t want you overdoing it now, do we?
  28. Happy Birthday. I would say you were old but hell, you were old last year! Congratulations! You’ve reached the age where you wake up at the same time you used to go to sleep on a Saturday.
  29. Happy Birthday old timer Happy Birthday. Thank you for always being older than me You know that saying ‘with age comes wisdom’?
  30. In your case.. not so much. Happy Birthday old man! I was going to give you some advice – “you have to appreciate the little things”.
  31. But I remembered that at your age spotting little things is easier said than done! Happy Birthday! Another year and you’re one step closer to diapers being mandatory!
  32. Happy Birthday you old fart! I know birthdays get worse as you get older. But look on the bright side – not many left now!
  33. From one old fart to another – happy birthday! Enjoy your birthday old balls!
  34. Happy Birthday. Warm regards to your knees Just another year and another wrinkle on the ol’ nutsack.
  35. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday you old codger! Save some of the air from your oxygen tank to blow out the candles If you believe in it, you can be anything! Unless you want to be young again, then I’m afraid you missed that train old pal! Happy Birthday!
  36. You’re not getting older you’re just a little closer to death An old fart is as good as a new one…. Age is just a number… although in you’re case it’s a pretty big number!
  37. Happy birthday to an old fossil You think you are old? You’re not old… you were old last year, this year you’re ancient. Happy Birthday my relic of a friend!
  38. “You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake” – Bob Hope “You’re getting old when the only thing you want for your birthday is not to be reminded of it” – Felix Severn
  39. “Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself” – Tom Wilson “
  40. As you get older three things to happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two” – Norman Wisdom
  41. “Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest” – Rev. Larry Lorenzoni “
  42. Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed” – Charles Schultz
  43. “The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana” – Betty White
  44. You know you are getting old when people call at 9 p.m. and ask, “Did I wake you?”

Funny Birthday Wishes For Old Man

You know one thing you can actually do without spending money on someone’s birthday is to make them laugh really hard. And what if we say you can do that with birthday wish only. Yes, We have some of the funny birthday wishes for old man. Check them out!!

  1. You know you are getting old when you have a party and the neighbors don’t even realize it.
  2. You know you are getting old when you turn out the light for economic reasons rather than romantic ones.
  3. You know you are getting old when people warn you about shoveling snow.
  4. You know you are getting old when you move something to a more logical location and then can only remember where it used to be.
  5. You know you are getting old when you’re cautioned to slow down by your doctor instead of by the police.
  6. You know you are getting old when your idea of a night out is sitting on the patio.
  7. You know you are getting old when the clothes you’ve put away until they come back in style… have come back in style.
  8. You know you are getting old when you no longer think of speed limits as a challenge.
  9. You know you are getting old when you quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room.
  10. You know you are getting old when taking your morning pills takes longer than eating your pancakes and sausage.
  11. You know you are getting old when you lean over to pick something up off the floor, and then ask yourself if there is anything else you need to do while you are down there.
  12. Middle age is when you choose your cereal for the fiber, not the toy!
  13. Middle age is having the choice of two temptations and choosing the one that will get you home earlier. –Daniel Bennett
  14. Middle age is that period in a man’s life when he’d rather not have a good time than have to get over it. –Oscar Wilde
  15. Middle age is a period of life when one can do as much as ever but would rather not.
  16. Middle age is when you are too young to take up golf and too old to rush up to the net. –Franklin P. Adams
  17. Middle age is when you are sitting home on Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn’t for you. –Ring Lardner
  18. Middle age is when everything starts to wear out, fall out, or spread out.
  19. The years between fifty and seventy are the hardest. You are always being asked to do things, and yet you are not decrepit enough to turn them down. – T. S. Eliot
  20. A man of sixty has spent twenty years in bed and over three years in eating. – Arnold Bennett
  21. Middle age is when your classmates are so gray and wrinkled and bald they don’t recognize you. – Bennett Cerf
  22. You’re not over the hill until you hear your favorite songs in an elevator!
  23. Mid-life crisis? My whole life has been a crisis!!!
  24. The really frightening thing about middle age is the knowledge that you’ll grow out of it. –Doris Day
  25. Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men.
  26. You know you’re old when “getting a little action” means your prune juice is working!
  27. The secret to staying young is to find an age you really like and stick with it.
  28. When I was a kid I could toast marshmallows over my birthday candles. Now I could roast a turkey!
  29. Lying about my age is easier now since I sometimes forget what it is.
  30. You know you’re over the hill when the only whistles you get are from the tea kettle.
  31. If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself!
  32. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am. –Bernard M. Baruch
  33. The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. –Lucille Ball
  34. Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternatives. –Maurice Chevalier
  35. I can still cut the mustard…I just need help opening the jar!
  36. The worst thing about growing old is listening to your children’s advice.
  37. Senility is a good thing. You’re always meeting new friends!
  38. It is better to wear out than to rust out!
  39. Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.
  40. It takes about 10 years to get used to how old you are.
  41. Age is a matter of mind and if you don’t mind, it don’t matter!
  42. Age is a number, old is in your head.
  43. Age is a number, and mine is unlisted.
  44. Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.
  45. Age is like fine wine; it gets better with time!
  46. At my age, I’ve seen it all, I’ve heard it all, I’ve done it all, I just can’t remember it all.
  47. Classic, Genuine, Antique Person!
  48. Don’t let an old person crawl into your body!
  49. Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional!
  50. I have a photographic memory. Unfortunately, it no longer offers same day service.
  51. I’d rather be over the hill than under it.
  52. I’m entering the “metallic years”; silver in my hair, gold in my teeth and lead in my bottom!
  53. I’m just a 16 year old girl, locked in an old ladies body!
  54. I’m not aging, I’m marinating!
  55. I’m not as old as I used to be.
  56. I’m not getting older, I’m getting bitter.
  57. I’m not old, I’m a recycled teenager!
  58. I’m not old, I’ve just been young a very long time!
  59. You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely!
  60. You know you are getting old when everything hurts, and what doesn’t hurt, doesn’t work!
  61. You know you are getting old when “Happy Hour” turns out to be a nap!
  62. You know you’re getting old when your back goes out more often than you do!
  63. You know you’re old when you can’t get your rocking chair started!
  64. You know you are getting old when you look forward to a DULL evening.
  65. We know we’re getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it.
  66. You know you are getting old when the little old gray-haired lady you helped across the street is your wife.
  67. You know you are getting old when you get winded playing chess.
  68. You know you are getting old when you have too much room in the house and not enough in the medicine cabinet.
  69. You know you are getting old when you look into the mirror and are shocked to see that “old person” looking back at you.
  70. You know you are getting old when the gleam in your eyes is from the sun hitting your bifocals.
  71. You know you are getting old
  72. when you tend to repeat yourself.
  73. You know you are getting old
  74. when you tend to repeat yourself.
  75. You know you are getting old when your children begin to look middle-aged.
  76. You know you are getting old when your pacemaker opens the garage door when you see a pretty girl.
  77. You know you are getting old when your knees buckle and your belt won’t.
  78. You know you are getting old when your little black book contains only names ending in M.D.
  79. You know you are old when your doctor is the same age as your grandson.
  80. You know your old when your youngest starts collecting Social Security.
  81. Young at heart, slightly older in other places!
  82. You’re getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster.

Cool Old Man Birthday Wishes

Time has passed when we used to write long and long birthday wishes and your oldies may not like it though. We have some one line old man birthday wishes too, this way you can wish them in a much shorter way.

  1. Youth is wasted on the YOUNG! Happy birthday, oldie.
  2. You’re not old; You’re just a victim of gravity!
  3. I can’t figure out if life is passing me by or trying to run me over.
  4. So, these are your golden years…I’m not impressed.
  5. Don’t think of yourself as getting older . . . You are, of course, but it’s best not to think of it! Happy Birthday!
  6. Milestone Birthday Years
  7. 40: I’m 18 with 22 years experience.
  8. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a perfect 40!
  9. Remember when you were little and you thought 40 was sooo old. You were right!
  10. I’m 40 in years, 20 in spirit!
  11. Forty isn’t old – IF you’re a tree!
  12. Forty is 4 perfect 10’s!
  13. It took me 40 years to look this good!
  14. Here’s to celebrating the 19th anniversary of your 21st birthday!
  15. I’m not 40, I’m 39.95, plus tax!
  16. 40, but still Sporty!
  17. Up to age 40, it’s just a rehearsal!
  18. I’m 39 1/2 (and that’s my final answer!)
  19. 50 is the age of discovery – you discover you’re old!
  20. Forty is the old age of youth; Fifty is the youth of old age. –Victor Hugo
  21. Nifty at Fifty!
  22. “On your birthday I’m going to share the secret to staying young: lying about your age.”
  23. “Smile – today is your birthday. Be happy and remember that things could be worse. Just think about what you’ll be like in ten years – yikes!”
  24. “Happy birthday! Congrats on joining the 28-years-old-forever club. We have millions of members all over the world.”
  25. “Congratulations on finally reaching the snapdragon phase of your life: one part of you has snapped, and the other part of you is dragging. Happy birthday!”
  26. “Happy birthday! They say that age is just a number. Yea right – and jail is just a room!”
  27. “Don’t be bummed about your birthday! You know what they say: it’s better to be a year older than to be one month late. Happy birthday!”
  28. . “Happy birthday! Today, I would advise you to be nice to your kids. Remember, the older you get, the closer you get to having them choose a nursing home.”
  29. “Wait – you’re how old today? You’re so lucky you’re not a dog. They would have put you down by now. Oh, well! Happy birthday!”
  30. “Congratulations! You only look one year older than you did on your last birthday.”
  31. “Happy birthday! May you live to be so old, people start wondering if you’re the walking dead.”
  32. Welcome to the Fabulous Fifties!
  33. Life after 50: when your back goes out more than you do.
  34. “Happy birthday! Remember this today: if you lick all the frosting off a cupcake, it becomes a muffin – and muffins are healthy.”
  35. “Happy birthday! After seeing all the candles on your cake, I seriously hope that you topped off your fire insurance.”
  36. “Happy birthday to the one person I hope is still around when the iPhone 547 comes out.”
  37. “A “few” years ago, you were smart, handsome and young. Today, you’re just an old fart. Happy birthday!”
  38. “Happy birthday! May the number of candles outnumber your gray hairs.”
  39. “Wishing a happy birthday to someone who should probably start worrying about what the government is saying about Medicare.”
  40. “I know you received so many birthday wishes yesterday, but who’s here with you today? That’s right! Me.”
  41. “Congratulations on being born a really long time ago.”
  42. “You know, they say that age is really all in the mind. The key is to prevent it from trickling down into your body. Happy birthday!”
  43. “Experts say that people lose their minds when they get old. What they forget to mention is that you really won’t miss it. Happy birthday!”

Happy Birthday Old Man Memes and Images

Who doesn’t like Memes? Well, you can send these old man birthday memes to your friend or anyone who has just entered in his old age.

Here are the Best Old Man Birthday Memes and Images;

This is it! We hope till now you’ve wished your oldies with one of our wishes. All of them is so good, you can pick anyone and just say it to their face or else write it down on a pretty greeting too!

Birthdays are normal but there’s only one day in a whole year on which we can expect people to make us feel special. Your old relatives also expect that, don’t miss the chance to make them feel important. Wish nicely with a smile of course!

10 Best Sites Like Fingerhut to Buy Now Pay Later

Are you looking for sites that allow you shop with an option to buy now pay later? Are you looking for stores like Fingerhut and Stoneberry? Well, this article is about all such sites. Find out the best Sites like Fingerhut, flexshopper to shop Electronics, groceries, etc with no credit check.

You have probably bought a lot of things online. Sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart provides us with everything starting from groceries to electronics. They are very convenient because they help us to complete purchases from our home. The sites also make ample arrangements to deliver these items to our doorsteps. Now all these sites have one thing in common. You have to either pay the bill online or to the delivery man. Either way, you can not avail the product if you can not arrange for the money immediately.

This might seem a trivial problem. However, it is not so. What if you are in an immediate need, but cannot arrange the money immediately? In such cases, most retail websites cannot help. However, this is where sites like Fingerhut come to your rescue.

The specialty of these buy now pay later sites is that they provide all the items a common retail website offers. Other than that they also allow a feature which allows you to avail the product immediately and then pay the price later.

But maybe you want to explore new sites because you want a new variety of products. Or maybe you did not have a very memorable experience with them. Whatever the reason, in this article I have written down the best Fingerhut alternative stores that you can start using to buy now and pay later even without any credit check.

10 Best Sites like Fingerhut

Hereby I have listed the best alternatives to Fingerhut.

The Shopping Network

This buy now pay later store website offers a vast choice of products and is based in Ontario.

They also have an offline store which started earlier. They provide a unique experience with shopping. You will love how they mix fun and entertainment with serious business. They provide all types of products like health and products, jewelry, lifestyle, electronics. The company aims to provide customers with high-quality products at a convenient cost which everyone can afford.

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The site was started in 2009 with an aim to provide shoppers with a better experience. Since then, the site has developed a lot. They sell out very often as a result of attractive discounts and offers.

New products are added to the website daily. You can find all kinds of lifestyle, apparel,  fitness, electronics and anything else you can possibly think of. The website offers a credit system which lets you shop for great amounts and pay the bill in easy installments.

Check out Gettington here.

Country Door

This site like Fingerhut is mainly focused on home decoration. They are more than just a brand. You can check out their blogs and catalogs where you will find useful tips to decorate your home.

The site offers both classical and contemporary decors to choose from decors to choose from. You will find everything from daily products to seasonal updates. Mix them to fulfill your taste. On making a purchase, you can unlock special features to their club like coupons, certificates, and extra savings.

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QVC offers a very engaging shopping experience which is different than all other websites. As a result, they see a traffic in millions daily from around the globe.

They surprise and please you through their collections which you will find relates directly to your life. They are a trustworthy website which connects to people through famous people, good service and memorable experience. Last but not the least, the stories which their customers share speak enough about the website.

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Home Shopping Network

This franchise belongs to Qurate Retail Groups, which also owns the QVC shopping site. HSN is also a retail website like QVC where you can find anything and everything from daily life necessities like food and groceries to clothing, electronics and jewelry.

Whenever you register an account, you get HSN credit. You can use this credit to buy any product from the website that you like. The credit enables you to pay the product price in easy installments.

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Lend You

This site is different from the other websites. It actually acts as a medium. It helps you to get loans and connect with sellers who are willing to sell their products at the terms of their own loan. Register from anywhere convenient. Processes are fast because they are real time. All connections and transactions are secured by McAfee and OLA. You can get a loan of about $1000, which is enough to help you buy products in emergencies.

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Surprisingly, the name is not a fancy name and it tells exactly what they are. SkyMall is a website which caters to the needs of airline passengers.

The idea started a quarter of a century ago in 1989, and the first product catalog was given to passengers of the Eastern Airlines. Since then they have expanded drastically. Now they also cater to normal customers through their online website. They work with prestigious manufacturers and distributors to bring the best products at an affordable price to you.

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Are you struggling to make ends meet with a small payment? Do not worry, Ginny has you covered! They provide various materials like cookware, home decors, appliances, dinnerware, furniture, and so on.

The easy user interface of this buy now pay later website helps you to place orders easily and makes your experience a memorable one. Their catalog shopping system makes ordering easier. Most of the products on this website are well within an average budget.

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This is probably one of the best website like Fingerhut.

This website sells all kind of products under various brands like appliances, apparel, jewelry, furniture, and more. Their credit system allows you to make payment with credits worth just $5.99 a month.

They do not have any hidden clauses, and they are very transparent. You do not have to pay membership, over limit or online bill payment fees. All products are handpicked, so they ensure you only get the best products.

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This website started a long time ago as a computer sales website. From there it grew to what it is today. The websites as of now offer products mostly in the electronics and furniture section. You can truly find anything and everything you want at an affordable price. They allow you to own the product immediately, unlike other companies.

You can be at peace of mind while dealing because they are a reputable organization. Their customer service is also noteworthy.

Check out here MDG

Best Fingerhut alternative Stores

Based on the above reviews, here is a list of the best fingerhut alternative stores that allows you to buy now and pay later.:-

  1. The Shopping Netwrok
  2. Gettington
  3. Country Door
  4. QVC
  5. Home Shopping Network
  6. Lend You
  7. SkyMall
  8. Ginny
  9. StoneBerry
  10. MDG

That’s it folks.

Final Thoughts

A few of these stores even offer an option to buy now pay later with no credit check at all. We recommend you to visit all these stores before searching for alternatives of these stores. Many people look for stores like Flexshopper or gettington on the internet but they don’t know the fact that most there aren’t many sites or catalogs that allows you to shop with no credit or bad credit.

So in this article I have tried to provide the best sites like fingerhut. You can shop safely and depend on all of these websites for your credit worries. Please do not forget to write about your thoughts in the comment section.