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Lady Black Tie Reviews

Lady Black Tie Reviews

Lady Black Tie has a great concept – affordable, formal dresses that can be shipped all around the country. However, just how well does the store hold up to its premise?

Well, take a look at the summary of reviews for the store and make a decision for yourself…


One of the most common complaints regarding Lady Black Tie has been the sizing. Many of the dresses aren’t “true to size”, which can mean that you rarely get the right fit. On the upside, many have commented that they have been able to easily return their dresses and have new sizes shipped to them.

The issue does appear to be with the larger sizes. As one customer noted, if you wear a size above 6, you may have trouble finding a good fit. Petite shoppers commented that it was easier to find a proper fit.

Selection of Dresses

Most people agree that Lady Black Tie has a great variety of dresses. You can find everything from bridal gowns to prom dresses. Even if you aren’t looking for anything in particular, the brand allows you to select mini dresses, midi dresses, etc.

Quality of Dresses

There are mixed reviews about the quality of the Lady Black Tie dresses.

Read Mary J.‘s review of Lady Black Tie on Yelp

On the one hand, many have commented that the dress looks exactly like the ones in the pictures. There even has been photographic evidence to back this up. Customers have mentioned that the quality of the material was of equal value to what they paid.

There are some individuals who have pointed out that some of the dresses, especially the more affordable ones can look quite cheap. This is particularly true for the material.


Another feature that customers appear to be undecided on is Lady Black Tie’s shipping policy.

The site states that the clothes will be shipped out one day after the order is placed. Many customers have agreed that they have gotten their clothes in a timely manner, some within a few days, while most others received theirs within a week.

These individuals also found that returning their clothes for a different size was an equally easy process. Not only were the clothes shipped back quickly but they got their new sizes just as fast.

Those that lived in and around the Massachusetts area found that their clothes were delivered especially quickly to them. They had an easy time returning and receiving their new dresses as well.

At the same time, there are a few disgruntled customers who have been waiting for weeks for their clothes. This appears to be more common when the store has back orders and is struggling to keep up with the demand.

However, the customers were not informed of this ahead of time or given the opportunity to cancel their orders because of it. All of this information is under shipping info and isn’t present on each page of the gowns.

Another explanation that the store has provided for late shipping is that some clothes have to be manufactured from scratch. This process apparently can take a few weeks to complete.

The biggest problem with this is that, once again, the customers were not informed that the dress had to be manufactured. When many attempted to cancel their order, they were told that the dress was already being made – to their measurements specifically – and that the cancellation couldn’t go through.

Cancellation and Return Policy

Another common complaint regarding Lady Black Tie is their cancellation and return policy. For one thing, the company is rather vague about the terms and conditions.

In reality, customers aren’t offered a refund for their clothes when the order is cancelled. Instead, they are only given store credit. This is the policy regardless of why the order was cancelled. As a result, customers have noted that they end up losing out on money.

The other issue with the cancellation process is that it appears that you can never really cancel your order. There have been several customers who have tried to cancel their order mere minutes after placing it, only to be told that the dress was already been shipped to them or being prepared specifically for them.

Naturally, many customers disbelieve such claims, particularly with orders that were cancelled shortly afterwards. This means that even if you change your mind about the dress that you want to buy, the process is irreversible.

Customer Service

Customers tend to be rather divided when evaluating their customer service.

Some have reported the customer service as being uncooperative and downright rude. Many have also mentioned that it is quite difficult to get in touch with the customer service. This has to do with the fact that they can only be contacted via email.

Several reviews have agreed that they have had to send two or more emails before their queries were responded to. Overall, they were dissatisfied with the service that they received.

Others have reported no such issues, though. They have said that the customer service was friendly and capable. They also appeared to be understanding of certain extenuating circumstances and worked alongside the customer to make sure that the issue was sorted out in a timely manner.

The Final Verdict

It can be difficult to decide whether Lady Black Tie is a good online store or a poor one. This is because the good and bad reviews tend to balance each other out. Thus, it can be tricky to know just what kind of service you can expect.

It is important to note that many of the poor reviews took place after the company had to shut down their physical store and only operate their online one. With the physical store, there were more positive reviews regarding fit, customer service, etc.

As such, it is possible that the proprietors are still adapting to the new system. It is still not a great idea to order from the store right before a major event, though. You may want to first try out their service and make the decision for yourself.

Even then, remember, you may not always receive consistent service so proceed with caution.

Does the Ashley Piercing Leave a Scar?

Ashley piercings are a gorgeous and bold statement. Prior to getting one, however, you need to make certain that this is a safe option. In particular, you need to ensure that this piercing will not be leaving behind a scar.

Here is all you need to know about whether or not Ashley piercings can cause scarring:

Will the Ashley Piercing Cause Scarring?

It is possible for scarring to occur with an Ashley piercing but due to its placement, this scarring may look different to what you are typically used to – the scarring is usually in the form of bumps around the piercing site.

Is the Lip Scarring Significant?

Scarring due to an Ashley piercing is rather uncommon. This is because lip tissue is quite different from ear tissue or cartilage. At the most, you may find that there is a bump around the site of the piercing. This may be a piercing bump or a more stubborn and permanent keloid.

The hole of the piercing itself can close in a matter of months, depending on how long you have had the piercing. If the piercing is fairly fresh – less than six months old, it can close up within a few hours. With older piercings, the hole can take a couple of months to close.

In general, though, the scarring isn’t that noticeable unless a keloid has formed at the site.

Can You Hide an Ashley Piercing Scar?

It is actually quite easy to hide this scar, provided that the scarring is minimal or you are only trying to hide the piercing site. A simple application of lipstick or lip gloss – particularly in a darker color to that of your natural lip color will do the trick.

Bumps and keloids, though, may be a bit trickier to hide. Depending on the size, you may be able to get away with a thicker application of lipstick or gloss.

Why Does the Ashley Piercing Leave Behind a Scar?

One of the main causes of scarring with an Ashley piercing is irritation of the jewelry at the piercing site. This may happen when the jewelry is continuously moved around as the site is trying to heal. This increases the level of scar tissue building up around the area. After a while, it becomes quite noticeable.

In some cases, wearing heavier jewelry at the piercing site, particularly during the healing process can also contribute to the scarring. The weight of the jewelry can cause stress making it difficult for the piercing to heal properly.

If any form of irritation or scarring is ignored at the site of an Ashley piercing, then a keloid may form. This is an excess of scar tissue – these can get quite big and will often be raised and lumpy. They are not painful, however.

The main issue with keloid scars is that they are difficult to get rid of. You will have to see a dermatologist and undergo various treatments. Even then, it may take months for the scar to completely go away.

What Can You Do to Prevent Scarring?

Always go to an experienced piercer, one who has performed many such piercings before. The main key to reducing infection, irritation, and scarring is to make sure that your piercing is handled by a professional.

Prior to getting your piercing, speak to your piercer about the type of jewelry that you want to start off with. Keep it simple and light for the first few months. It is a good idea to choose a non-reactive metal such as sterling silver, gold, or platinum. This reduces the risk of irritation.

You should also follow proper aftercare advice. Due to eating and drinking, an Ashley piercing has a higher risk of infection. As such, you will need to rinse out your mouth after every meal as well as use any other products necessary.

If you aren’t confident about changing your piercing yourself, don’t try to mess around with it. Instead, go to your piercer and have them tackle this for you. There will be less stress and irritation caused at the piercing site.

What Should You Do If You Notice Scar Tissue?

It is important to seek treatment if you notice any kind of scarring, tissue buildup, bumps, or any other issues at the piercing site. If it is in the initial stages, then you can go to your piercer, they may be able to tell you how to treat the issue.

To be on the safe side and reduce the risk of permanent scarring, it is best to visit a doctor or a dermatologist. They may have more effective treatments, allowing to tackle the issue immediately.

Will Your Ashley Piercing Leave Behind a Scar?

It is unlikely but possible that your Ashley piercing will leave behind a scar – in most cases the scarring is minimal and it will fade quickly if it is treated promptly – following proper aftercare protocol can reduce the risk of scarring.

How to Treat Ashley Piercing Scars

If you notice any scarring or issues at the site of your Ashley piercing it is important to seek treatment to prevent further complications.

First visit your piercer for advice on how to treat the issue.

They may recommend proper aftercare precautions or suggest switching to non-reactive jewelry materials.

If the scarring persists or worsens it is best to consult a doctor or dermatologist who can provide more effective treatments.

They may recommend scar fading creams laser therapy or other techniques to help reduce the appearance of the scar.

Remember prompt treatment and proper aftercare can help minimize scarring and promote healing of your Ashley piercing.

James Allen Production Time

James Allen Production Time

Want to get a custom ring from James Allen but curious about how long it will take? This article will outline how long each step in the production process can potentially take.

At the end of the article, you will be able to estimate how long a ring may take to reach you once it has been designed:

How Long Does the James Allen Production Time Take?

It often takes one to three weeks for James Allen to produce a custom designed ring, although the exact schedule can vary and it can take up to a month, depending on the complexity of the design as well as the demand for rings.

How Long Does the Production Process Take?

Now, according to the James Allen website, a finished customized ring can be delivered to you within thirty days. This includes the design, production, and delivery time.

There are several steps in the production process:

The first one involves choosing the level of customization that you require. You can choose to design the ring from scratch. Or, you can choose a design that already exists on the James Allen site, choose your own ring, and make minor customizations.

If you want to customize the ring completely, you will need to already have a diamond. Then, you must upload pictures of the diamond as well as your desired ring design.

Then, the company will need to produce a computer-generated image of the ring. This will need to be approved by you. Once it is, the ring will be physically designed. Once it is completed and checked, it will be shipped to you.

Now that you can appreciate the process, let’s look at all the factors that can cause a variation in the schedule:

Level of Customization

If you want a minimal amount of customization and are using a ring that is already available on the website, then the production will naturally go faster. On the other hand, if every detail of the ring must be created from scratch, then it can take several weeks at a time.

The more complicated the design is, the longer that it will take.

Design Discussion and CAD Production

It is important to remember that James Allen operates entirely online. This includes communications and design discussions. As such, you must wait for correspondence to go back and forth. This means that emails may not always be replied to immediately by either party.

The computer generation can also take quite a while to do.


Each decision must be approved by both parties as well. For instance, the design team must inform you whether or not a particular design or element is possible. You then must make a decision based on this and so forth.

The same goes for computer-generated image. You may have to approve changes or the final image. If you don’t like what you see then it is back to the drawing board.

As you can imagine, all of this can take varying amount of time.

Production Time

Then, there is the actual time it takes to produce the ring. This can depend on several factors as well. This includes the complexity of the design as well as how many other orders the company currently has.

To make matters even more complicated, the global pandemic is slowing production time even more. Not only are there fewer people working on the team, but they are also dealing with a backlog of orders. This means that orders can take even longer to produce.

The final product also must be approved – not just by you but an entirely different team. This, too, will add to how long it will take for the design process to be completed. If there are any issues to be fixed, then this will delay the process even further.

Shipping Time

Last, but not least, there is the shipping time. If the value of the combined ring is greater than $500, then the ring will have priority shipping. Due to this, you may receive it the next day after it has been shipped.

For rings with a lower value, it can take two days or longer. Remember, that shipping delays due to weather is entirely possible, depending on the time of year.

How Early Should You Order the Ring?

It is best to order a ring at least a few months before you expect to propose or use the ring in another capacity. This gives you enough of flexibility should everything not go according to plan.

Once you contact the design staff at James Allen, you may have a better idea of how long the process will take. Even then, though, you will only be provided with a rough estimate.

How Long Does James Allen Take to Produce Custom Rings?

It can take anywhere from one week to three weeks for your ring to be designed, produced, and shipped to you but the actual process can take longer due to decision making, complexity of design, design process, inspection, and even delivery delays.

Factors Affecting James Allen’s Production Time

When it comes to the production time of your custom ring from James Allen there are several factors that can affect the timeline.

The level of customization you choose plays a significant role with minimal customizations on existing designs being quicker compared to fully customized rings.

The design discussion and CAD production phase can also take time as communication is done online with back-and-forth emails and approvals needed.

The actual production time depends on the complexity of your design and the current order influx.

It is important to note that the ongoing global pandemic has slowed production time even further due to fewer team members and a backlog of orders.

Lastly the shipping time varies based on the value of the ring with priority shipping for orders over $500 and potentially longer shipping times for lower-value rings.

To ensure a smooth process order your ring well in advance and be prepared for possible delays.

James Allen Financing

James Allen Financing

Want to buy a piece of jewelry but not sure if you can afford it? If so, the last thing that you want to do is to get into credit card debt over jewelry. Thus, you may be taking a closer look at any financing options that James Allen may have for you.

Here is an in-depth explanation of the financing plans you can choose from:

Does James Allen Offer Financing?

Yes, James Allen does offer financing – you can choose from two payment plans depending on the value of the jewelry that you wish to buy – the terms and conditions as well as the interest rates will vary depending on the plan.

Understanding the James Allen Financing Options

The two financing plans from James Allen are minimum purchase requirement of $1000 and minimum purchase requirement of $2000. You should know that if you are buying jewelry valued less than $1000, you will not be eligible for a payment plan.

Minimum Amount of $1000

For this plan, you have six months to pay back the full amount of the purchase. If you fail to do this, then you will be charged the Standard APR rate of 29.99% from the date of the purchase. This interest rate is applied to all new accounts.

Once your six months is up, this interest rate will also be applied to the remaining balance in your account. For this plan, you will have to pay more than the minimum amount each month to ensure that you don’t trigger the interest rate.

Minimum Amount of $2000

With this plan, you are charged 9.90% APR from the moment that you make your purchase. This plan is viable for up to 24 months.

Your monthly payment is calculated as such:

The purchase amount and the interest rate for the length of the payment plan. This is then divided by the number of months in the offer.

This plan is only available for a single purchase. Anything that you buy after agreeing to this plan falls under a different set of terms and conditions. For a new account, a standard rate of 29.99% is added to additional or late payments.

Are There Other Financing Options?

There is mention of additional financing options for James Allen customers but this is at the discretion of the company. In most instances, such plans apply to existing account holders. If you have found to have a good account standing and have been a frequent customer, then other financial options may become available to you.

What are the Requirements for James Allen Financing?

The requirements are minimal. You simply have to be a resident of the United States and be over the age of 18. Of course, the company will also do research into your financial standing to determine if you would be a suitable recipient of these financing options.

How to Apply for James Allen Financing

The application process for both the plans is the same. You can apply online. You have to provide personal details, contact and identity information, and then finally financial details. This will help the company run a credit check on you.

There is no guidelines for how long it will take for the company to get back to you. Once the credit check has been run, however, you should be informed whether or not your application has been approved.

After this, you will be provided with a series of steps to follow to set up and open your account.

What Credit Score Do You Need for James Allen Financing?

James Allen hasn’t specifically set any requirements for what your credit score should be for approval. To minimize risk on their end, however, it stands to reason that your score should at the very least be above 630.

James Allen Credit Approval Odds

It is difficult to find statistics on the James Allen credit approval rate as they do not release this information to the public. It would stand to reason that the higher your credit score, the better your chances of being approved.

It is possible that being a regular customer of James Allen in the past may boost your odds. The company may be more inclined to provide credit to someone who will continue to purchase from them in the future.

Does James Allen Offer Good Financing Options?

Before applying for either plan, it is important to be certain that you can pay off the total amount within the set period of time. For purchases over $2000, you should also take the monthly interest rate into consideration. Calculate any additional fees as well.

As long as you can pay off the required amount within the designated time, then these are good financial plans. Otherwise, you may find yourself accruing debt as the interest rates can cause your monthly payments to escalate.

There is also the fact that these financing options only exist for purchases above $1000. Thus, if you have to buy something less than this amount, you will need to consider a different avenue.

It is important to look at all your financing options and to calculate how much each will cost you per month, interest rates and all. Then, decide which option makes most financial sense for you.

What Kind of Financing Does James Allen Offer?

James Allen has two financing options for you to choose from – for payments over $1000 you have six months to make a full repayment before triggering an interest rate while for payments over $2000 you have two years to pay the amount back with a smaller interest rate.

How to Remove Diamonds from Ring

remove diamond from diamond ring

Do you have an old ring that you are tired of but still want to retain the precious diamond set within it? If so, you are probably curious about how to pluck this precious stone out!

The following article will provide instructions on how diamonds can be removed from a variety of settings.

How Can You Remove Diamonds From Their Setting?

The removal process will depend on the type of setting that the diamond is. Prongs simply have to be bent backwards. A bezel setting will require special tools or having to cut away a portion of the setting and needing to apply greater force.

Notes About Removing Diamonds from a Ring

It is important to understand that when removing diamonds from a ring the ring itself may be irrevocably damaged in the process. Thus, you must be prepared to throw it away.

Damage is more likely if the setting is quite intricate or if there are numerous stones in the setting. You or the jeweler will have to alter several elements of the setting to get the diamond out and it may not be able to regain its original shape.

The second thing to be aware of is that if you are attempting the removal by yourself, you will need proper tools. Never attempt to get a diamond out with tools you have at home. Diamonds are tough, but they can still be damaged if you aren’t careful.

These tools can involve jewelry pliers, tools to cut through metal bands, and hammers.

How to Remove Diamonds from a Prong Setting

It is probably easiest to remove diamonds from a prong setting. For this, all you need is a pair of jewelry pliers. However, you should take the malleability of the metal into consideration here.

Metals such as gold and silver are ductile and thus easy to manipulate. If the metal is quite brittle, though, you need to be careful when handling it as the metal can crack.

Use the jewelry pliers to gently bend each prong back and outwards. Do this until the diamond has enough space to be removed by hand.

How to Remove Diamonds from a Bezel Setting without Damaging the Setting

A bezel setting can be a little trickier to remove. The method that you use will depend on whether you want to maintain the integrity of the ring or not.

If you don’t want to damage the ring, then first carefully examine the setting. Are there any gaps or openings between the stone and the metal? If there are, take a scalpel or a thin blade and insert it here.

Use the blade to gently move the bezel further away from the diamond. Once the gap is large enough, it is time to use a tool known as a polished bezel lifter – it has a flat side and a domed side.

The flat side should be placed against the diamond and the domed side against the metal. Rock the lifter against your thumb and push it outward. Gently move it around the bezel setting as you go. The bezel will move outward enough for you to remove the diamond.

How to Remove Diamonds from a Bezel Setting without Special Tools

If you are planning on discarding the ring, then you don’t need to take as much care when removing the diamond.

In this case, you can start by cutting a portion of the metal around the diamond. Naturally, you will need a blade that is capable of doing this. Remember to secure the ring so that you don’t hurt yourself during the process.

Then, use the pliers to peel back a portion of the cut metal. This will make it easier for the diamond to pop out after the next step.

Next place an object that has a similar circumference to that of the diamond but that has a long, protruding end. You will place this over the diamond and then hammer the end of this object. The force and vibrations of this should force the diamond to fall out of the setting.

How to Remove Diamonds in Side Settings

You can use any of the techniques mentioned above when removing diamonds in the side settings. Bear in mind that smaller diamonds are quite tricky to deal with. They aren’t as easily displaced as the larger stones.

As such, you may require more jewelry tools to help you remove the stones from their settings.

Can Diamonds Be Removed from Any Setting?

Technically, yes, diamonds can be removed from any setting at all. However, the setting will determine how easy the job is.

As mentioned, a prong setting is easy and a bezel setting is a great deal harder. If the ring has a cathedral setting or something equally as complex, though, then this job has to be undertaken by a professional.

This is especially true if the large diamond is surrounded by smaller stones. If the stones aren’t diamonds and merely precious stones, there is a greater risk of them being damaged during the removal process.

This is why jewelers are often engaged for such tasks.

Removing Diamonds Using Chemicals

Yes, some jewelers will use a chemical solution known as aqua regia. It is a combination of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid.

The ring is placed in the solution and the metal band dissolves in the chemicals. The diamond, however, remains unaffected. This method is used when you don’t want to risk any damage to the stone at all. As mentioned, though, the metal band will need to be discarded.

This is a very potent solution. As such, only jewelers have access to it. It is best not to try this method out for yourself as the risk of an accident and injury is quite high.

How Can You Take Diamonds Out of a Ring?

To remove diamonds out of a ring, you often require special expertise and tools – the prong setting is easier as you simply have to bend the prongs backwards but a bezel setting may require cutting and even hammering to get the stone out.


Methods for Removing Diamonds from Ring Settings

There are a few different methods for removing diamonds from ring settings depending on the type of setting and level of expertise.

For prong settings jewelry pliers can be used to carefully bend the prongs outward creating a gap for the diamond to be removed.

Bezel settings on the other hand require a scalpel or thin blade to be wedged between the diamond and the metal followed by the use of a bezel lifter tool to gently wiggle the diamond out.

It’s important to note that attempting to remove diamonds from complex settings without professional assistance can lead to damage to the ring or stones.

How Many Times Can a Ring Be Resized?

How Many Times Can a Ring Be Resized

Do you have a family heirloom that has already been resized but needs to undergo a few changes again? Or, perhaps you have lost or gained weight a few times over the years and now need to resize your ring again.

Well, here is your guide to if it is possible to resize a ring more than once and if so, what limitations you may face!

How Many Times Can You Re-Size a Ring?

In general, you can resize a ring twice throughout its lifetime, but this number does depend on the design of the rings, the material, and the changes that you are making to the band – in some cases a band may not be able to be resized at all.

Is It Bad to Resize a Ring Multiple Times?

Most jewelers who recommend against resizing your ring more than once. This is especially true if you want to make the ring larger. The process for making the circumference of a ring greater is a bit more complex.

When making a ring larger, the ring also has to undergo more stress. This can weaken the ring, at least at the point at which the metal was soldered.

Using a skilled jeweler for the resizing process can go a long way in ensuring that the ring is not damaged in any way. These professionals use more delicate processes to change the size of the ring. This can take a longer period of time and can often cost more, but this preferable to damaging the ring.

Can All Rings Be Resized One or More Times?

As mentioned, not all rings can be resized several times. Some rings can’t even be resized once. Here are some of the things that can factor into whether or not a ring can be resized:

The Type of Metal

If your ring is made of silver, gold, or platinum, then you will likely be able to resize it without any issue. These are malleable metals and it is relatively easy to change their shape and size.

Materials such as tungsten, however, are simply too hard and most jewelers will not attempt it. As for rose gold, the risk of the material cracking is too high so it shouldn’t be risked.

Titanium can be resized but you will need to find a jeweler who is willing to do it for you. Such a resizing may take more time or cost you a greater amount of money.

The Settings

One type of ring that can’t be resized is the eternity ring. This is because diamonds or precious stones are set continually throughout the band.

Typically, though, a jeweler will always consider how many settings there are, the size of the stones, and where they are placed before determining whether or not the ring can be resized.

You should also be aware that the process is far more complicated with rings that have settings – particularly ones along the band. This is because the jeweler often has to extract the stones, make the size changes, and then create new settings for the stones to be reset.

The Design

The complexity of the design also plays a role. The more complex a design is, the more difficult it is to rework. In some cases, it simply isn’t possible. Making changes to certain designs can alter the original blueprint, causing the ring to look quite different.

You should also be aware that if the ring has an invisible tension setting that resizing the ring may compromise the durability of the ring. Therefore, if you were to resize it, there is a higher risk of the ring breaking. Most legitimate jewelers would not attempt it for you.

What Determines How Many Times You Can Resize a Ring?

Here are some factors that will dictate how many times you can resize a ring:

If the Ring Has Been Resized Before

If your ring is an antique or an heirloom, then there is a chance that it may have been resized at least once before. It is important to do some research before attempting to make any changes to the rink. Most skilled jewelers will not leave behind any mark of resizing.

If it has already been resized, then you may be able to get away with it once more. In case the ring has been re-sized twice or even more than this, you may not want to risk the durability of the ring.

The Abilities of the Jeweler

If you do decide to resize the ring even just once, it is important to choose a skilled jeweler. This will ensure that any changes made will not compromise the structure of the ring. It becomes even more vital to choose a professional if the right is to be sized more than once.

Loss of Value

When you resize a ring, you may need to remove a certain amount of metal from the band. It is possible that you may lose settings – and thus have to remove precious stones – as well. This can cause a decrease in value.

This may also be caused if the original design is significantly altered.

What You Should Consider Before Resizing a Ring

It is best to resize your ring as few times as possible. This is why you should ensure that you size it correctly the first time around. The best way to do this is to visit a jeweler. They will be able to take accurate measurements for you.

Can You Resize a Ring Multiple Times?

Yes, you can resize a multiple times, but it is best not to resize the ring more than two times to preserve the value and integrity of the design – it should be noted that not all ring designs can be resized.

How to Find a Lost Diamond Ring in Your House

find lost diamond ring

If you have lost your precious diamond ring, don’t worry as there is plenty that you can do to recover it. Carefully combing through your home with the right methods will do the trick.

Discover the methods that you should use:

How Can You Recover a Lost Diamond Ring?

You can find a lost diamond ring around your home by being strategic, using a flashlight, using a blacklight, searching with your hands and feet, vacuuming, or hiring a metal detector – the exact method may depend on where and how you lost your ring.

Here is a breakdown of each of these methods…

Be Strategic

When you have lost something as important and as expensive as a diamond ring, your initial reaction is to panic. However, this will not help you at all.

Instead, calm yourself and conduct a strategic search of the house. If you have some idea of where your ring may be, then start here. Otherwise, look in the rooms that you frequent the most or retrace your steps during that day.

Either way, make sure to search a single room from top to bottom, carefully, before you move onto the next place. This way, you can guarantee that a room isn’t in a room, reducing the need for the same place to be searched over and over again.

If others are helping you, then give each person a single room to search. If your search comes up empty, then you may want to switch searching places to ensure that nothing was missed.

Use a Flashlight

One of the reasons that diamonds are used in jewelry is because they sparkle so spectacularly. Fortunately, you can use this feature to your advantage.

Start by turning off the lights in the room. Then use, shine a flashlight around the space. If the ring is there, the light will catch on it and it will sparkle.

As with other searches, make sure to investigate each nook and cranny. Don’t forget to look behind, under, and even on top of furniture as well.

Consider a Blacklight

If your flashlight trick didn’t work, you can use a blacklight. A small portion of diamonds glow under blacklight so you should be aware that your ring may not always show up using this method.

In any case, get yourself a good quality blacklight. Turn off all the lights in the room and shine the blacklight in careful sections around the space.

If you notice a blue or other colored glow, this could be your ring.

Search with Your Hands and Feet on Carpet

If any portion of your home is covered in carpet, then the light method may not work. This is because the ring may have become nestled in the fibers.

Fortunately, diamonds can be quite sharp and can be felt easily. Due to this, you may want to conduct your search with bare feet. Also use your hands to feel around for any sharp, pointed, or hard features. Do this under furniture as well.

Sweep or Vacuum the House

There is a good chance that the ring has simply rolled under a place that you can’t see or reach. Sweeping or vacuuming every inch of your home can bring it closer to you.

If you are sweeping, do so methodically. Collect the dust and dirt in a big pile and look through it. You should carefully comb through the bristles on the broom as well.

Be just as methodical when vacuuming. Once you have finished vacuuming a room, empty out the bag to see if the ring is there. Remember there are plenty of folds there so feel around to make sure that the ring isn’t there.

Another trick that you can use is to pull thin socks, pantyhose, or a pair of tights over the hose attachment. Secure it with a rubber band and then search your couch, bedding, etc. The ring will attach itself to the thin material over the hose.

Look Down the Drain

If you ring has fallen down the kitchen sink, all hope isn’t lost. Before you call in a plumber, carefully shine a flashlight down the drain. Diamonds adhere to grease easily and this tendency may have prevented the ring from falling too far down.

If you notice a glint, then you can carefully use a stick with a hooked end to get the diamond out.

Be careful, though, as the last thing that you want is to push the ring further down. If you aren’t confident about your ability to do this, it is best to call in a plumber.

Employ a Metal Detector

As a last resort, you should hire a metal detector. If you wish to have a professional handle the job, then you can.

Use the metal detector methodically throughout the house. You may get a lot of false positives from pins, bottle caps, etc. Pick up everything you find, though. If you are going to execute another search, you don’t want these to get in the way.

How Can You Find a Lost Diamond Ring?

You can find a lost diamond ring by using a flashlight, blacklight, sweeping or vacuuming, searching with your hands and feet, using a metal detector and other methods that will depend on where you may have lost your diamond ring.

Tips for Finding a Lost Diamond Ring in Your House

When searching for a lost diamond ring in your house it’s important to be strategic and utilize different methods to increase your chances of finding it.

Start by conducting a thorough search of each room focusing on areas where you frequently spend time or retracing your steps throughout the day.

Use a flashlight to shine light into every nook and cranny paying close attention to behind under and on top of furniture.

If the flashlight doesn’t work consider using a blacklight as some diamonds may glow under this type of light.

If your home has carpet use your hands and feet to feel for the ring as diamonds can be quite sharp.

Additionally sweep or vacuum the floor as the ring may have rolled under furniture or become nestled in the carpet fibers.

If all else fails you can hire a metal detectorist to assist in locating the missing jewelry.

With these tips and methods you have a better chance of finding your lost diamond ring in your house.

Top 4 Spring Hair Extension Hairstyles

You are right to think that the fashion world has opened up tons of hair extension hairstyles for everyone. But since hair extensions aren’t for everyone, and not every style is in coherence with it.

Yes, you can play with the beach waves and the curls, but did you know that using hair extensions can change your look for the season?

If done right, you will need little to no accessories for uplifting your personality.

Today, the spring hair extension hairstyles are all over the place and will make you look your best. Here’s what you need to know about a few of them:

1. Mermaid Waves

Under the water, let the heart of the ocean rest.

spring hairstyles

But what if you bring out the energy and try it on your hair? Yes, we’re recommending you to get the majestic mermaid waves and let them do the talking. And, if you’ve got thin hair, you can borrow the early 2000s hairstyle for the perfect look.

Plus, if you manage to get the clip in human hair extensions, working with a protective spray and putting on the right quantity will complete your look.

2. Twists

Versatile, cute, and effortless, twists are a signature for some reason.

Unlike the conventional spring hair extension hairstyles, you don’t have to twist to get the look. Placing the extension in the right position, depending on the mood of your hair. And once done, take the midsection of your hair near the face and twist them backward.

They can be fashioned in the shape of a small ponytail, too, thus, giving you a look that you’ve been willing to get.

3. Low Ponytail

The low ponytail has had a strong impact on the fashion world in the last few years. But, there’s a thin line between looking fashionable and looking like a scout.

It all depends on how you want the look to be. For example, if you’ve got thin hair, try to keep your hands on medium-sized extensions, as they won’t weigh heavily on your head.

Remember to leave an inch of the wider section to be wrapped around the pony base to put elastic in place. Lastly, you can add some texturizing spray to wrap up the scene.

4. Dutch Braid

Braids are highly intolerant to any hair extension that exists. But, they’re not impossible to achieve either.

Again, with thin hair, braids might appear to look less stylish. So depending on your hair length, the extension will vary too. From fishtails to Dutch, the options for braided hair extension hairstyles are endless.

They are often chanted for speaking the love language, so most people go gaga over them.

5. High Ponytail

While ponytails might sound cliché, their charm and warmth are. Also chanted as an ever-green hairstyle, the high ponytail has gone through several revolutionary trends in the last few years. Styling your hair with hair extensions has never been better.

Divide your hair in two and tie both sections with a small high ponytail. Push the pin through the process to complete the look.

High ponytail hair extensions are thriving since they’re easy to make and require from little to no effort.

I Want My Husband to Dress As a Woman Permanently

I Want My Husband to Dress As a Woman Permanently

If you want your husband to start dressing as a woman, there are a few ways that you can go about this. The process will be significantly easier if your husband already enjoys crossdressing or has shown interest.

Dressing as a woman permanently is a big step to make, so you will want to be cautious when broaching the subject. At the end of the day, it is his decision, and you don’t want to force or pressure him into it.

How Can I Get My Husband to Dress as a Woman Permanently?

To get your husband to dress as a woman permanently, you can try bringing up the subject and encouraging him to try it. Make sure that he knows that you will love him no matter what but would like him to give it a try.

This discussion should be started at a time where you are both free for a few hours and can talk about all of the details and ins and outs. You don’t want to rush this discussion with him.

You will also want to make sure you bring it up in a way that will not come off the wrong way, try to be delicate. This will be very different depending on whether he has shown interest in cross-dressing already.

If he is completely new to it, try to take the discussion slowly and encourage him towards the decision himself. Even just getting him to agree to a trial period is a great start and can make it easier to talk about later.

This is a very big step for him and it most likely won’t be decided in one sitting, so you would need to be prepared for him to not make his mind up just yet. He may even say no, which is where you will have to decide how to react.

You can’t, and you shouldn’t try to force him to dress as a woman if he doesn’t want to, but you also have your needs. If this is very important to you, make sure he knows that.

If this is a dealbreaker in your relationship, it is important to be honest, and make that clear. Not as a threat but as a way to show just how important it is to you.

How Can I Make My Husband More Feminine?

You can’t really make your husband more feminine if he doesn’t want to, so don’t try. But you can make him more feminine if he also wants that.

You can do this by letting his hair grow longer or dying it to a different more, feminine color. He can also start to wear makeup and paint his nails for a quick feminine makeover.

He can also start to dress in some women’s clothes and experiment with feminine fashion. If he isn’t quite comfortable with that, he can try to wear more feminine colors instead.

There are a lot of ways to feel and look more feminine if that is your goal. How you go about it will vary depending on your end goal.

It also depends on just how far he is willing to go would he get work done or grow his hair out long? It depends on how far he wants to go and just how feminine he wants to look overall.

Just make sure that you are not pressuring him to be someone that he isn’t. This will only result in resentment and a loss of his own identity.

Take this process slowly and allow him to decide whether it is right for him or not.

Will My Husband Enjoy Cross-Dressing?

It can be hard to say whether or not your husband will enjoy cross-dressing. This will be an easier question to answer if he has already shown some form of interest.

You could also try to sneakily bring up the topic or relating topics to see how he reacts. Warm him up to the idea, he may not like it at first, but it could grow on him.

You could even buy him a few clothing items just to give it a try and see what he thinks. Be careful not to come on too strong or begin pressuring him though.

Make sure he feels like he is making the decision, as well as you and isn’t being forced into it. He may be able to genuinely begin to enjoy it if he is given room to experiment with this new idea.

How Can I Make My Husband Dress As A Woman All Of The Time?

No one can make anyone dress in a way that they don’t want to, but you can encourage him to dress as a woman more frequently. You can do this by sitting down and having an honest discussion with him on the topic.

It is important that you are open and honest, be truthful about why you want him to dress as a woman. Let him know just how important it is to you and your relationship with him.

Once you have opened up about how you feel, give him room to take in what you are saying and open up about his feelings. Make sure he feels like he is being heard and respected as well.

If he has already shown interest in cross-dressing or already does it, this may be a very fast decision. But if the topic is completely new to him, don’t expect an answer right away, give it time.

The last thing that you want is for him to feel like he’s backed into a corner, make sure he knows it’s his decision. You don’t want to make it feel like it is a pressured decision with only one right answer.

Be open and honest but make sure the discussion is centered around him and how he feels about it. As much as you may want him to say yes, you need to be willing to hear a no just in case.

Hard Nipples Shirt

Hard Nipples Shirt

Most women generally dress in a way that hides certain parts of their body in order to be appropriate, yet also sometimes accentuating parts in order to maximize our beauty and appeal.

When it comes to nipples, we all have them – men and women – and sometimes they just happen to be more visible than at other times. Yet it can certainly be considered scandalous when hard nipples are visible through a woman’s shirt.

Visible Hard Nipples Through a Shirt (Are Women Embarrassed, Do Men Enjoy it?)

Many men will secretly be delighted to notice that a woman’s nipples are hard, while at the same time, most women would be embarrassed. On the other hand, there are women who are also excited by the extra attention, as well as men who themselves are embarrassed by the sight.

Do Men Enjoy the Sight?

Some men undoubtedly enjoy seeing this sight. For some men, the more of the female form that is visible, the better.

If a woman is trying to get more male attention this might be a good strategy in some circumstances. It is not quite as obvious as an extremely low cut shirt or a very short skirt or shorts. It also has the benefit of possibly seeming accidental, whether it actually is accidental or not.

Although, relatively subtle since it can’t be seen at a distance, it almost certainly will catch a man’s eye and his attention if you are close enough for him to notice. The physical proximity needed to notice this could add to the excitement of noticing something that he usually isn’t supposed to see, as well.

Do All Men Enjoy the Sight?

There are many men, however, who do not want to expose themselves or be exposed to any potential temptation outside of their marriage. A man who holds these values will most likely not appreciate a shirt that reveals a woman’s form in this way.

He might feel embarrassed, or potentially even disgusted, at such a sight.

There are also men who simply might not find this public display attractive, whatever their personal values are.

Many men also actually prefer a more modest or conservative look rather than a look that seems to “give away” too much of what some believe might be better left to the imagination.

Additionally, some men might feel that such a look is simply inappropriate and/or unprofessional and may even be hypocritical. They might question why it would be okay for a woman to be somewhat exposed in this way if perhaps it wouldn’t be appropriate for a man to get attention in a similar way.

Do Women Feel Embarrassed?

Of course, most women have been brought up and socialized to present themselves in a way that is considered acceptable, which is to say, relatively modest. Since nipples showing through a shirt would generally not be considered modest or acceptable, most women would therefore be embarrassed in this situation.

That is why many women’s undergarments have liners and are designed in a way to make areas of the body such as this appear more smooth and less noticeable.

There is also the natural issue of temperature affecting how much a person’s nipples protrude. On a very cold day or in a highly air-conditioned building, it may be more difficult for a woman to keep her shirt as smooth as it normally would be.

Do Some Women Enjoy Hard Nipple Shirts?

Undoubtedly, some women enjoy capturing other’s, especially men’s, attention. Some people feed off of other’s attention and attraction, and sometimes even enjoy making others jealous in the process.

Besides the attention, they may be excited by the taboo nature of showing more than they know they are really supposed to.

They get to be a bit naughty while taking cover under the possibility that it may be just an accidental exposure.

On the other hand, there are also many women who don’t wish to be confined by what they see as old-fashioned, restrictive, uncomfortable, and also often hypocritical fashion standards.

Everyone has nipples, and they all stick out more when one is cold. Why should only women be shamed into flattening and hiding a perfectly normal part of their body?

Rather than enjoying the sight or feeling, for some women, allowing their nipples to poke through a shirt may be more of a matter of just enjoying the freedom of not trying to confine and hide their body from others. Even more so, they may be enjoying the freedom of just not caring what others think, nor allowing other people’s standards to control their body.

How to Accentuate Hard Nipple Shirts

For the women who enjoy the look and feeling of allowing their hard nipples to show through their shirts, there are a few simple ways to highlight this feature.

First, it is helpful to have a relatively thin material for the shirt itself. It can be either a thin and flowy material, or a clingy material such as a bodysuit or fitted shirt.

Secondly, it would be best to either not wear a bra or else wear one that is also relatively thin, and of course, unpadded and preferably unlined.

How to Hide Hard Nipples

If for any reason a woman wishes to avoid the potential of anyone noticing hard nipples through her shirt, whether it is from potential embarrassment, or simply personal preference, she could try wearing a tight tank top under her shirt, and/or an extra outer layer such as a blazer, vest, or even a decorative scarf that might drape across her chest. This will also help the woman stay warm, which helps, as well.

It’s also helpful to wear a shirt that is either starched or made of a stiffer or thicker material.

Shirt with Hard Nipples (Do Women Get Embarrassed, Do Men Like it?)

Many men will enjoy noticing a woman’s hard nipples through her shirt, although most women would be embarrassed. Some women, on the other hand, actually enjoy either the extra attention or freedom, while there are some men who do dislike the sight.