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Is JJs House Legit?

Is JJs House Legit

So you probably have done a Google search for dresses and JJs house comes up at the top. It has to be legit right? Well, we’re here to find out just how legit this website really is. It could be a legit company and it could be a total scam. Let’s find out.

Is JJs House Real?

A simple and cut to the chase answer is that yes JJs house is a real company. They sell all sorts of dresses at reasonable prices but there are some red flags when it comes to this company. Here’s what I know and what I’ve found out.

What is Wrong With JJs House?

There is a lot wrong with JJs House according to some reviewers. I have a friend who considered JJs House for her dress to take senior pictures in but she seen such negative reviews about JJs House that she decided not to even chance it with them.

We are going to discuss some of the things that are wrong with JJs House. There are a few things worth mentioning, looking at and considering. If there is something wrong with JJs House then you are in the right place because I am going to tell you all about it.

Is JJs House U.S. Based?

No, JJs House is not U.S. based. They are actually located in China. In comes the first problem. JJs House makes claims that they are indeed located in the US when they are really not.

This may not seem like a big issue and it truly may not be a big issue for some people but it is a problem for many people. There are some people who only want to order from US based companies because they may need to send something back and we all know that returns to China are ridiculously expensive and stressful.

Some people do not like ordering from China especially not certain dresses because their sizing is different from the US. A 2XL in China will be very small compared to a 2XL in the US. Trust me, I know this from experience.

JJs House is not US based, no matter what they say. Their products can take months to come and this is another way of knowing that they are not US based. That is also another reason people don’t want to order from China based companies like JJs House is because they take too long to arrive.

Are Their Items As Pictured?

No, for the most part, the items sold at JJs House are not as pictured. I’m only going off of some pictures that reviewers have posted on the internet. And it is not just small differences but there are stark differences to what you get compared to what is shown.

So many reviewers are complaining that they ordered one thing and got an entirely different thing. That’s not all though there are some people who say the complete opposite.

Some people say they ordered bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride dresses from JJs House and they were beautiful. WIth that being said, it is hard to know if none of the products are as pictures or if it is just certain items that are not as pictured.

Are Their Products Good Quality?

From what I’ve heard, JJs House products are not good quality. Their products are cheaply made and not put together well. That is probably why they don’t put up their real pictures.

Instead of putting up pictures of their actual items, they showcase someone else’s work which is also illegal.They find dresses that look as close to their products as possible or what their products should look like and then these are the pictures that they post.

If you have to steal someone else’s pictures then your product can’t be all that good. It doesn’t take a rock scientist to figure out that this company is not who they say they are. This would also be called false advertising.

False advertising dresses is what this company is known for. If they don’t have good quality dresses then maybe they should consider shutting down but people all over are falling for their tricks and this is obviously how they stay in business.

Do They Offer Refunds?

No, JJs House does not offer refunds even though they say they do. This again is false advertising. They shouldn’t say they’ll give you your money back if they won’t.

This can make or break a purchase because if you can get a refund then you lose nothing by ordering from a business. However, if you can’t get a refund then you are taking a huge gamble by ordering from this business.

JJs House doesn’t really let you choose which option you will take. They trick you into thinking everything is good and you can get a refund really easy and simple. One reviewer said the lace on her flower girl’s dress was ripped and JJs House wouldn’t take it back.

Refunds is a big deal and all businesses should offer some sort of refund. The fact that JJs House doesn’t offer refunds makes me think that they aren’t all that legit afterall.

Should I Order My Wedding Dress from JJs House?

No, do not, I repeat, do not order your wedding dress from JJs House. Whether this site is legit or not, it cannot be trusted. There are too many risky things associate with this company and there are so many bad reviews that I would not dare try to place an order with them.

Unless you are wanting to lose money, I would not buy a wedding dress or any other dress from JJs House.

Is JJs House Legitimate?

To a certain extent, JJs house is legitimate but then again they are not. Their quality sucks and they are selling things that don’t look like the picture. Because of several reasons I’m going to say they aren’t really legit. There is a lot wrong with this company.

Are Bandanas Cultural Appropriation

Are Bandanas Cultural Appropriation

If you are thinking of wearing a bandana, you might want to consider a few things beforehand. Mainly the risk of this being a form of cultural appropriation.

Bandanas are a part of Chicana culture as well as many cultures with women of color. This is why cultural appropriation might come to mind when someone who is not from those cultures thinks of wearing a bandana.

Is Wearing a Bandana Cultural Appropriation?

Wearing a bandana is not considered to be cultural appropriation because bandannas or head scarfs are part of many different cultures and ethnicities. This includes the cultures of people who are mostly white or light-skinned all over the world.

Bandanas have been used for centuries by people of all colors. They have often been used for practical purposes such as protecting the hair and keeping it clean.

Bandanas were also widely used as an accessory to make the wearer appear more beautiful to those around her. This is a style that has been a part of many different cultures and societies.

That is why wearing a bandana is not considered to be cultural appropriation, because many cultures have enjoyed this type of style. There is no way of knowing exactly who first enjoyed the bandana, so it is free for anyone to enjoy without participating in cultural appropriation.

Can a White Woman Wear a Bandana?

A white woman can wear a bandana or headscarf without fear that she is participating in cultural appropriation. This is because bandannas are also a part of white culture.

If you look back, you will most likely see many old photos of white women casually sporting fashionable head scarves. Whether that be for fashion or for a more practical purpose, such as keeping their hair clean and healthy.

Most styles of bandana are considered to be perfectly fine for white women to wear, as bandannas are a big part of history. Women from all walks of life have worn the headscarf for different reasons, sporting different styles and patterns.

Because the bandana is such a common fashion element amongst many cultures, very few people would consider it to be cultural appropriation. Making it perfectly safe for white women to wear and enjoy.

Do Bandanas Have Cultural Significance?

Some cultures may put some significance on the bandana as a part of their traditional fashion. This is common among many tribal or ancient cultures as the bandana was more prevalent there.

Generally, the bandana is not considered to be very significant when it comes to cultural traditions and beliefs. They have been worn by all kinds of cultures mainly for practical reasons as well as fashionable attire.

The bandana was also a common article of clothing long before it became a significant fashion staple for cultures. As the history of wearing bandannas has long been used for purely practical purposes by all manner of people.

Even sailors wore bandannas to keep the heat off of their necks, while women from colonial times also used bandannas frequently.

Though some cultures may view the bandana as an important part of their culture, it is not owned by any group of people. Just about every culture has at one point used the bandana, making it a part of most people’s heritage.

Is Wearing a Bandana Offensive?

The reality of cultural appropriation is that it is always going to be a debate. There is always going to be an argument for and against certain kinds of cultural appropriation, it is unavoidable.

It is one of those things that oftentimes comes down to personal opinion, which always leaves room for people to have conflicting ideas. Because there is no clear distinction between cultural appropriation and appreciation there is always room for error.

As far as being offensive goes, wearing a bandana should not be something to be concerned about. It is something that has been so widely used in cultures that it does not belong to just one.

There will always be someone who will get offended but generally wearing a bandana is not considered to be offensive.

Is a Bandana The Same as A Headscarf?

The terms bandanna and headscarf are often used interchangeably because they are basically the same thing. They are often worn the same way, though they aren’t always interchangeable.

A bandana is often referred to as a headscarf when someone wraps the wider side of the bandana around their head. Tying the ends to cover their hair as a kind of hair accessory or headband.

This is when a bandana is often referred to as a headscarf. But a bandana is not considered to be a headscarf when it is used how a bandana is traditionally used for men.

This is when the bandana is wrapped around the forehead or the neck as a sweat guard while performing laborious work.

This is a style that was often used by people who were working outdoors or for sailors on ships. It is the most useful way to wear a bandana that is not an accessory or hairpiece.

Is Wearing Bandanas Part of Cultural Appropriation?

A bandana is not considered to be cultural appropriation to most people. That is because a bandana has no specific cultural roots in anyone’s culture or heritage.

The bandanna plays a party in many cultures throughout history, with many groups of people using it in their day-to-day lives.

Because the bandana does not belong to anyone’s culture, it cannot be named cultural appropriation without overlooking several groups of people. Looking back into history, it has been a part of many civilizations throughout the years.

Of course, all kinds of cultural appropriation can be boiled down to personal opinion. There is no clear line of where it begins and ends, which can make it difficult to know exactly what cultural appropriation includes.

Some people might get offended by someone else of a different culture wearing a bandana, but there are no clear links to appropriation. Especially since there is no way of knowing who used bandannas first.

That is why it is not cultural appropriation to use a bandana for work or fashion purposes.

Top Ways To Easily Improve At Cutting Hair

improve cutting hair

Cutting hair can seem like an easy task at first, but you will quickly realize that getting the perfect haircut is no simple task. If you are looking to improve your cutting skills, there are some very effective tools and techniques that you must utilize in order to create a proper haircut. Here is what they are.

improve cutting hair 1

1. Getting the right scissors

Scissors are perhaps the most important tool in cutting hair. If you don’t have good scissors, it’s almost impossible to create a proper haircut. There are many types of scissors available, so before purchasing any, please ensure that they are the correct type for your skill level and intended use.

You can get more details on buying scissors on a website, or you can get a real experience by asking your hairdresser to recommend some. Nevertheless,  you have to ensure that the scissors you purchase are of high quality, and they must be clean and properly maintained.

2. The right products

Using the correct product is also a significant factor when creating a good haircut. There are many types of hair styling products available online or off, but you should choose wisely based on your needs and skill set. If you are looking for a good styling product, you should look for one that is high quality and will provide optimal hold.

Products are key to cutting the hair smoothly and avoiding any frizz. For example, a good-quality hairspray will help to hold the style in place, and serum can be used to smooth down any flyaways.

3. Proper technique

Good technique is also essential when it comes to cutting hair. If you are new to the game, there are some basic techniques that you must learn before proceeding. One of the most important techniques is sectioning the hair correctly. This means dividing the hair into manageable parts so that it can be cut evenly and with precision.

You can section the hair using clips, ties, or even your fingers. Once you have sectioned the hair, you can begin cutting it using the appropriate scissors for that particular section. Make sure to slowly and steadily, and always go in the same direction with the scissors.

4. Practice makes perfect

The best way to improve your cutting skills is to practice as often as possible. This means finding a willing model and practicing on them at home. You can also attend haircutting classes or workshops, where you will be able to get hands-on experience and learn from the experts.

If you are serious about improving your hair cutting skills, then you should consider doing one or all of these things. Doing any job takes practice and hard work, so don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to hone your skills. With patience and perseverance, you will eventually become a pro at cutting hair.

5. Get feedback

One of the best ways to improve your hair cutting skills is to get feedback from others. This means asking your friends or family members if they are willing to let you practice on them. Doing so will not only give you the chance to improve your skills, but it will also allow you to know if there is something that needs changing or improving on your part.

You can also post a photo and ask for feedback and tips on how to improve on the latest look you created. If all else fails, you can even ask a local hairdresser if they could help you out with learning some basic techniques.

6. Use a mirror

A mirror is an essential tool when it comes to cutting hair. You can use a mirror to check your work as you go, and it will also help you to see the back of the head. This is important because you need to make sure that the haircut is even all around. You can use a handheld mirror or even a larger mirror that is fixed to the wall. Whichever type of mirror you choose, make sure that it is big enough so that you can see the entire haircut clearly.

Is cutting hair hard?

Is cutting hair hard? The answer to this question will vary from person to person. Some people are very enthusiastic about their hairdressing skills, while others are not as confident. Nevertheless, the fact that some people are more experienced does not necessarily mean that they are better at it than you are. If you have an interest in improving your haircuts, and making it a full-time career, you can. You just need to be confident and chase your opportunities.

improve cutting hair 2

These are the top ways that you can easily improve your hair cutting skills. By following these tips, you will be able to create beautiful, professional-looking haircuts with ease. So what are you waiting for? Improve your skills today, and salon owners everywhere will soon be calling. 

Evolution Of Fashion: Why Women Do Not Want Their Mother’s Wedding Dress Anymore

wedding dress fashion

It is not uncommon for women to want their mothers’ wedding dress when they get married, but more and more brides are choosing something different. While the evolution of fashion over the years has had some impact on this trend, other reasons may be influencing it as well. This blog post will explore three possible reasons why modern-day brides do not want their mother’s old wedding dress anymore.

wedding dress fashion 1

Wedding Dresses Have Changed A Lot

Wedding dresses have changed a lot over the years including the length, silhouette, and belt styles. Hemlines have always given us an idea about the period that we are living in. For example, if you look at party dresses of the early 20th century as the 1920s and 1930s, they were mostly long with a small hemline which was followed by knee-length hemlines during World War II because of fabric shortages.

The 1950s had short cocktail dresses worn for social gatherings while evening gowns were quite long until the mid-1970s when women started wearing shorter ones to parties as well. Even today there is no dearth of fashion-conscious women who wear mini-skirts or hot pants whenever possible!

Nowadays skirts taper towards the end but this wasn’t always true; it has evolved to give out better looks. For example, in the early days of the 20th-century skirts were wider at the bottom and gradually tapered towards the end before switching to a trumpet or mermaid cut that would give out an hourglass figure.

Skirts have always evolved with time though even when it comes to hemlines. Women wore them knee-length until the 1920s but they started getting shorter when flappers came up who preferred wearing dresses which could be called hot pants because their hemline was much above the knees!

Skirts are not just simple tube-like garments anymore. Many designers around the world make use of different types of cuts for achieving better looks on women’s body structure and make casual wedding dresses that catch the eye. There were times when the only options for wearing comfortable clothing was either skirt or dress but today there is no dearth of choices in this regard as well.

Pants, jeans, chinos, etc. look equally comfortable on people depending upon their body structure while shorts can be worn by both men and women to give them a sporty appearance if needed.

Bridal Salons Have Become More Specialized

There are many reasons for this type of change in the industry. One reason is that brides-to-be want to feel special on their wedding day, not like they were part of a huge number of attendees at the ceremony.

Another reason has to do with shopping preferences and online marketplaces where more women prefer to purchase their dress without having to leave home or spend hours trying dresses on when it can be done while sipping wine during lunch breaks over the internet instead.

And finally, there is simply too much competition among salons which means shops need to focus heavily on customer service rather than providing standard services only since almost every store sells gowns nowadays.

You can find wedding dresses that are more suitable for the location. It is also possible to have a dress that meets your style preferences or budget. You do not need to think about purchasing an expensive dress because there are different prices available in these salons.

There are even some places where brides-to-be can rent their designer gowns if they cannot afford them with their current salary level or simply want to look good on one special day without having financial worries related to selling it back later at second-hand stores.

It Is Not Right Anymore

Many brides want to avoid wearing their mother’s old dress because it is an emotional experience for them. Dresses have become more stylish, glamorous, and even sexy these days which means anything that was worn several decades ago will no longer be called fashionable in today’s world.

The trend of recycling your mom or grandmother’s wedding gown might just die out completely soon if this keeps up.

There would be no point in saving such dresses if they will just sit and collect dust inside the closet without any occasion to wear them again. It is always better to give those old gowns away for charity or sell them online so that you can buy something new instead which reflects your individual style.

Let Yourself Be Inspired By Fashion

The evolution of fashion is driven by man’s desire to express himself in an ever-changing world, so it should come as no surprise that women are constantly changing their minds when it comes to what they wear. For years, the wedding dress has been a tradition for brides wanting to celebrate their love and join together with family members under one roof.

However, this trend is slowly fading out thanks to the rise of feminism within our culture which encourages self-expression above all else.

Because of society’s new mindset on gender roles, many young women feel pressured into wearing traditional clothing at events like weddings because they don’t want other people judging them or thinking less of them for not following suit with societal norms.

As time goes on, however, more women are choosing to express themselves in whatever way they want, especially when it comes to what they wear for special occasions.

Today, the traditional wedding dress is merely just another piece of clothing in a sea full of options and there are no longer any penalties for women who want to wear something other than that.

And while we may not see this trend completely disappear overnight, it’s very likely that brides will continue to change their minds on what they should wear when they get married until such time as wearing anything goes out of fashion altogether (which has already happened).

In the meantime, however, let yourself be inspired by many different types of fashions so you can make an informed decision when it comes time for you to tie the knot next.

Enjoy Modern Design

In the past, women were not able to choose their dresses for a wedding dress. They did whatever they had told and wore what was given by parents or family members. But now it is possible that you can pick your own style of dress and also make sure that it fits in with the overall theme of your event.

It could be a vintage, modern contemporary design that would add extra charm to your big day!

No other thing will add more beauty than choosing the right kind of fashion designer who understands both vintage & modern trends while designing a bridal wear collection according to the occasion’s demands.

wedding dress fashion 2

In conclusion, women have evolved from their mothers and grandmothers by wanting something new to wear on their wedding day.

They no longer follow a trend but choose a style that is best for them. This could be because they want something different or the fact that their mother’s dress did not fit perfectly so they think it will look better if they try on their own dress.

In any case, women want a new look for their wedding day and it is not the same as what they wear to prom or homecoming anymore.

Want To Make An Eye-Catching Statement With Your Outfit? Here Are Some Tips

eye catching outfit

Your appearance is one of the first things people notice about you. What you wear certainly says a lot about your personality and character, whether you intend it to or not. Evidently, not everyone likes being the center of attention but for those who do, wearing an extravagant outfit is the way to put the spotlight on them. If you have ever seen any fashion shows, you may be familiar with the unique outfits models wear on the runways – this is not usually a day-to-day type of outfit. 

eye catching outfit 1

If you want to have all eyes on you, there are some things you can do to ensure this will happen. Making a statement with your outfit does not have to be complicated or embarrassing and you do not have to know much about fashion to achieve this. This article will provide you with a few tips on how to make an eye-catching statement with your outfit. 

Choose a Statement Piece

If you want to make a statement with your outfit, it does not necessarily mean that you have to go all out with every piece of clothing. You can keep it fairly basic and have one piece of clothing that will make the statement on its own. This can be something as simple as your shoes, for example. This is something that should capture all of the other people’s attention. Doing this will certainly keep things simple for you whilst still having a massive effect on the eyes of others.  

Find The Right Balance 

Trying to make a statement can be difficult if you do not know how to do this effectively. It can be easy to go from trying to make a statement to looking like a mess instead. The important thing here to avoid this from happening is finding a balance. Know how to style your outfit and what type of statement you are trying to convey through it. 

Show off Your Heritage 

Nothing is more beautiful than the different types of clothing that represent different cultures. This is how we embrace and celebrate each other’s uniqueness. If you want to make a statement whilst wearing a beautiful outfit, choose something that represents who you are and what you believe in. The mavens at melaninful.net/collections/black-history-collection suggest pieces of clothing that portray black history. If this is a culture that you want to represent, there is no better way than to wear it for yourself and for everyone else to see. 

Be Confident

Believe it or not, the outfit you wear is not always the only important thing when it comes to making a statement – your body language and confidence are just as important. When you see models on runways, they always stand tall and look confident, no matter the outfit they have on. When you see someone confident in their own skin and in what they are wearing, people instantly perceive them as more attractive and trustworthy, regardless of what they’re wearing. This goes to show that pieces of fabric are not always crucial and although you may want to wear something beautiful, it should always be paired with confidence. Be proud of who you are and whatever style you choose and remember that not everyone will always like what they see or agree with you. 


Clothes are not always the most important factor when making a statement through an outfit – accessories are just as important. How you accessorize an outfit can make you go from basic to stunning. Finding effective pieces to compliment your outfit does not have to be difficult, just make sure you do it correctly. Wearing a scarf around your neck, for example, or a bedazzling necklace or pair of earrings may just do the trick. 

Wear Pieces with a Message

A simple basic white tee with a strong message can make a great eye-catching statement with very little effort. You will see that there are various messages out there printed on clothing items, and nowadays you can pretty much get anything you want. Even if you cannot find something to buy, you can have it printed yourself. This way it will be even more meaningful, personal, and unique. You know what they say: a picture is worth more than a thousand words’ – this will certainly be true with your outfit if you follow this tip. 

eye catching outfit 2

There are numerous ways to make an eye-catching statement with your outfit without being extreme. You can achieve this even if you know little about fashion. Make sure to follow the tips provided above, which will certainly have you turning heads on the street whenever you walk past. 

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Jewelry

Jewelry is a great way to update your style without too much effort. But, for it to last, you need to take care of it properly. Many things can go wrong with jewelry if you don’t know how to properly wear and maintain it. This post will teach you about the importance of proper cleaning and storage techniques, as well as provide tips on what types of jewelry should be worn together, so they look their best.

taking proper care jewelry 1

Get rid of old, broken, or unused pieces to make room for new ones

One of the primary things to do to keep your jewelry looking and functioning properly is to get rid of anything you don’t use anymore. To start, when something breaks or stops working, it’s time for them to go away. If they’re broken pieces that can be saved through reworking, then this is where jewelry repair services will prove to be beneficial. Also, if you have old jewelry that’s just been sitting in a box or your closet collecting dust, then it’s time to say goodbye. You can either sell them or give them away but don’t let extra items take up space and potentially damage newer ones.

Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place

As soon as you are done decluttering your jewelry, it’s time to store them in a safe place. Although this is very much preference-based since you need to find what works for your specific pieces. One thing that holds across the board is keeping all of your jewelry stored in cool and dry places like drawers or boxes. This will prevent tarnishing as well as reduce the risk of damage due to moisture.

Keep your jewelry in an airtight container 

Avoid getting your jewelry tarnished by humidity and dust by storing each piece in an airtight container. Tarnishing can occur when your jewelry is stored with other materials like paper or cloth. When you store your jewelry in an airtight container, you can be sure that it won’t come into contact with any other materials.

Clean all of the pieces with a soft cloth and mild soap 

As much as possible, avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents that could damage the metal, stones, or other materials in your jewelry. Always clean them with a soft cloth and mild soap that won’t cause any harm to the pieces. Make sure you avoid using sharp objects when cleaning because it can lead to scratching of metals and gemstones.

Don’t wear the same piece two days in a row 

Wearing the same piece of jewelry two days in a row will give you time to enjoy all the different pieces you have without wearing them down too quickly. If you wear the same piece every day, then it will be more likely that it’ll show signs of damage. Just keep in mind that it won’t also be a good idea to wear the same pieces with other jewelry because this might cause them to scratch against one another.

Take off your jewelry before you shower or swim

Remember to take all pieces off before even thinking about getting in the water. Water is very corrosive and can cause damage overnight or over time if you don’t dry them off properly after a day at the pool or beach. Don’t wear your jewelry in saltwater either because it can stain metals and damage gemstones when left on for too long. Also, avoid wearing jewelry when you’re doing strenuous activities like gardening or working out, so it doesn’t get damaged.

Avoid spraying perfume on your jewelry 

Certain chemicals can damage delicate stones and metals over time, which is why it’s best to avoid spraying perfume on your jewelry. Spray the perfume first before putting any pieces on, so it doesn’t seep into pendants or earrings and damage them in the process. In this way, you will be able to avoid any damage to your jewelry. It’s also important for you to know which types of clothes are best worn with different kinds of jewelry, so it doesn’t cause any unnecessary damage.

taking proper care jewelry 2

Take care of your jewelry, and it will last you a lifetime. It is important to clean your pieces, store them in an airtight container, keep track of which pieces you wear more often than others, so they don’t get worn down too quickly, and avoid spraying perfume on delicate stones or metals if possible. Your favorite piece can become a family heirloom for generations to come when given the right amount of love. Be sure to take care of your precious pieces today.

A Useful Guide To Help You Choose The Perfect Sunglasses For You

pick out sunglasses

Many factors go into choosing a pair of sunglasses. You might think it’s as simple as choosing a color or type, but there are so many more considerations to take into account when you’re selecting the perfect shades for your face and features. Learn what to look for in terms of frame shape, lens color, lens material, and much more!

sunglasses guide

The Price Tag

The price of a pair of sunglasses can vary greatly depending on the brand, style, size, and where you buy them. A designer pair of shades will usually run more than $100 or even $200 per pair. You’ll often see these listed as “designer sunglasses” at many popular retail stores. Oftentimes, you can get an even better deal if you opt for sellers who offer wholesale sunglasses in bulk, especially if your aim is to find bulks of glasses at lower prices. Moreover, you could find great discounts this way.

This is especially important if you’re looking for designer shades because not only are they expensive, but they are often made with expensive materials- making them even more costly. For example, polarized lenses will cost more than regular lenses. But it’s worth finding out where you can get the best deals because you will require more than one pair of sunglasses for different activities and occasions.

The Right Fit

It’s important to get sunglasses that fit your face shape well so they sit comfortably on your face without sliding around or falling off easily. Sunglasses come in many popular shapes including aviator, cat-eye, wayfarer, round, and oval. For example, if you have a smaller face, try opting for slim sunglasses with a sleek metal frame in the shape of an oval or slightly rounded rectangle so they don’t appear too overwhelming on your face. Conversely, if you have a larger face size, choose wider sunglasses with more angular features to give your facial structure some balance and proportion.

Also, pay attention to where the lenses sit on your face when you wear them before buying any shades because this will help determine whether or not they suit you. Once you’ve tried them on and determined that the shape is right for your face, wear each pair around for several minutes to ensure they won’t hurt when worn for extended periods.

Consider Your Wardrobe

The clothes you wear often dictate the type of sunglasses you buy. For example, bright colors and patterns work best with aviator or round frames, whereas more muted colors and natural silhouettes pair well with cat-eye or wayfarer styles.

Also, pay attention to your everyday makeup and hairstyle when it comes to choosing a type of sunglasses because you’ll want them to coordinate well. If you’re caught without an umbrella on a rainy day, rounded lenses will also prevent water from getting into your eyes because they cover more surface area than other shapes do. However, this can be somewhat distracting if you’re wearing glasses such as oval sunglasses that don’t offer much coverage.

Lens Color

Lens material is another important factor for consideration when buying sunglasses. You can choose from a variety of lens colors to suit your style, but certain lenses are made for specific activities and climates.

For example, you might not be able to find the right color tint if you’re looking for sunglasses that are meant to protect your eyes under intense sun exposure. Sunglasses with brown or gray tints are best suited for sunny areas because they reduce glare while still offering good vision. Also, avoid wearing dark-tinted shades in cloudy or foggy conditions because anything other than light tints will make it harder to see clearly.

Lens Material

Unlike lens color, what material the lenses are made out of is always important since some materials work better than others depending on where you live and what climate you’re in. Lens material is also important if you have specific vision needs. For people who require glasses to correct their vision, you can choose from a variety of lens materials that are specifically made for prescription sunglasses such as polycarbonate and high-index lenses which offer better magnification than regular glass or plastic lenses, especially if your eyesight is very poor.

For example, polarized lenses work well when you’re in sunny areas because they make everything appear to be brighter and clearer while reducing glare at the same time. However, if you live in an area where it’s cloudy most of the year, this type of lens won’t help you much unless you also plan on wearing them in bright sunlight from time to time.

sunglasses guide 2

Sunglasses are an important accessory, especially in the summer. Not only can they help shield you from harmful UV radiation, but wearing sunglasses can also give you that extra edge of style. Feel more confident and look great with these simple tips for choosing the perfect shades!

Great Tips To Help You Choose Your Outfit When You’re Stuck Or Can’t Decide

choose outfit stuck

There are days when you find it hard to decide on what to wear. This isn’t because you don’t have enough clothes, you are just finding it hard to get what you need. It may be because you don’t know what to couple the clothes with or other issues. 

One thing you need when you can’t decide on what to wear are great tips. These tips will make it easy for you when it comes to picking up the outfit you want. Below are some of the information you can use when you’re stuck on what to wear. 

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1. Let Go of Your Old Stuff

First, you need to let go of all old clothes to make it easy for you to pick out what to wear. It will also create room for new things to wear as the old ones have some sentimental value. It can be hard to find what to match them with at times. 

When you have new stuff, you likely buy them with the idea of finding the right match for them. But your old stuff will only be in the way of new ideas. You need fresh, neat, and coordinated clothes if you’re going to decide quickly. 

If the old clothes are still usable, you need to donate them other than throwing them away. 

2. Shop with a Plan

The next thing you need to do is to shop with a plan. Don’t just shop for the sake of it and when you feel like it. For example, when you’re attending an event, you need to shop, keeping in mind that there may be other events too in the line. 

When you shop with a plan, you’ll have halfway picked up your clothes. For example, when you’re going out clubbing, you’ll have an easy decision since you have club options to choose from. It would be best if you also remembered to shop for the right underwear too.

3. Showing Skin

For ladies, you may want to show off some bit of skin when heading out. You need to follow the simple rules for showing skin when dressing. For example, when you’re going to wear a miniskirt, you need to cover up your cleavage – and vice versa. 

You can show off all parts at once; give a glimpse. You don’t look too attractive when you leave out too much of your body parts. Leave enough mystery for the eye with the simple rule of skin showing. 

4. Hats

Hats are a bit of a complicated accessory for anyone as not everyone can pull them off in style. First, you need to find the right hat that fits your look even before thinking of anything else. 

Then it is time to look at the various hat styles to find the one that matches your selected outfit. Other times it is the hat style that decides on what you’ll be wearing. But you need to be careful with that idea, though; you need to choose wisely. 

5. Jeans

The ultimate causal that you can look toward, whether male or female, is jeans. But the decision is made more accessible when shopping. When you’re shopping for jeans, you need to go for the smaller one when you doubt size – especially for ladies. 

Ladies can quickly wear tight jeans than buggy ones. You need to be sure of the size for men, especially if you don’t like hanging things. It would be best to have an outfit that doesn’t need a top to hide some parts of it. 

It should also be something that can match well with the shoes you have around. When jeans are too tight, after two washes, it tends to stretch a bit. After, is when you can see a tailor for minor adjustments. 

6. Open Your Mind

You don’t need to stagnate on the type of clothing you have in your locker. It would be best if you were diverse and have several options that you can call upon. When you have almost the same type of clothes, you can hit a snag when deciding on what to wear. 

Try out different outfits from time to time. Ensure that you have both casual and official wear in your closet. When you’re stuck, you can even pair the official and informal to have a different look. 

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It can be hard to get what to wear when you don’t shop right or have the same type of clothes in your closet. These are some of the tips you can use from now on to ensure you aren’t stuck when it comes to picking out clothes. It will be easy for you to dress no matter where you are headed to. 

How To Dress Up Elegantly For A Night Event

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With the pandemic and the global fear of the unknown settling by the day, we can now go out and live our best lives. One of the things people missed was going out on a beautiful night with friends, family, colleagues, or even by yourself. Now, it’s time to dust off those show-stopping dresses and adorn yourself with a piece of fanciful diamond jewelry to have the perfect night.

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Imagine, after so long of working remotely, your office organizes an evening dinner where you could bring a plus one. It is the perfect time to shine like the star that you are. But with a lot of things changing in the fashion world, what can you wear to make you stand out. 

The dilemma has always been finding the right outfit to wear for some women, especially for a night event. It could be a date, gala, or something that requires you to showcase class. Regardless of the occasion, this article will show you how to dress elegantly at any night event.

1. All-White Jumpsuit

One of the amazing features of a jumpsuit is its adaptability. It can fit any body size, and you could wear it to any evening event, be it a dinner, exhibition, or date. Try matching the all-white jumpsuit with diamond jewelry on your neck and your wrists. With this combination, you will ooze confidence as you step into the room. To complete the stylish look, you can add a beautiful heel or sandals that match your clutch. You can do no wrong with a jumpsuit as long as you are going for a mature and elegant look.

2. Accessorize

Adding the right accessories can take any outfit from drab to fab! The folks at All Diamond suggested pairing your dress with the right necklace, wristwatch, earrings, and rings. Ensure that they match your purse and shoes for the full effect. For men, diamond cuff links will do the trick. 

3. Pair A Satin Top With Wide-Legged Pants

If you are going for comfort and style, then this combo is apt for you. The look is so super chic but not too casual. It adds an elegant vibe that shows you are a rich blend of fun and wit. You can pair this ensemble with diamond jewelry, not too loud but subtle enough that it does not distract people. Okay, you may be wondering what shoes will you pair with this fit; you can go with leather pumps and small diamond earrings. Try to style your hair in such a way that people can see your ears glistening under the night light.

4. A Lace Dress

You should have one of these in your closets for evenings like dinners, presentations, and other events. Depending on what length you find comfortable, a lace dress is great for night events. Be warned; you will most likely get some stares while shining in a red, blue, or even black lace dress. Ensure you dazzle your ears with long diamond earrings and add some jewelry to the neck and wrists if you would like. Shine bright like a diamond with the elegance of a lace dress.

If you do not have a lace dress, you can rock a lace top. Here is how you do it. First, you combine the lace top with a shiny or shimmering skirt. Then, add a little makeup and adorn yourself with diamond jewelry to make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned.

5. The Little Black Dress

There are many tales of this inspiration of a fashion choice. Most stories are great, and you could add yours to the amazing collection. Most women should have a little black dress for night events. This dress is a winner on every date. Whether it is a Lacey or another fabric entirely, the little black dress is a showstopper.

6. Wear A Dress That Fits Your Body

This is one of the most important tips you can get. As much as it is elegant to step out in a jumpsuit, you need to wear what suits your body. Know what goes with your skin tone. You want to radiate even under the night light; hence picking something that fits your body type and skin color is a must.

dress elegantly

Furthermore, ensure that what you wear is comfortable to move around in. Therefore, being able to be free is a surety of enjoying the night.

Finally, don’t do too much. Easy on the diamond jewelry. You do not need to add a diamond to every part of your body. Plus, it’s not every time you need a bulging diamond necklace.

Do Automatic Watches Last Forever? Read This First

do automatic watches last forever

Do Automatic Watches Last Forever? Read This First

One of the most attractive qualities of the automatic watch is that it has a long lifespan. A battery watch and a quartz watch do not have the same promise for longevity. With the automatic watch, you’ll have an indefinite amount of time to enjoy it. Unless, of course, it is not crafted correctly. The automatic watch typically stops working momentarily only when it is not wound or when the internal mechanisms stop moving as they should. So do automatic watches last forever?

The short answer is yes, an automatic watch can last forever if properly cared for. Since they don’t require a battery to move their internals, automatic watches can last forever in theory.

If you take the automatic watch off, you will see that it will come straight back to life after it has been sitting still. Just a simple dial twitch, and if it is made with quality craftsmanship, the automatic watch could spring back into action within mere seconds. 

Should I Buy a Quartz or Automatic Watch?

Before analyzing do automatic watches last forever, let’s talk about the two options you have for watches. There are pros and cons for both automatic and quartz watches. It’s just a matter of deciding which pros you want more than others. Or, just type has more cons to outweigh the others.

The quartz watches, in comparison to the automatic watches, do not have the same durability. The automatic watches are also typically made with high caliber materials and could, therefore, have the edge over the quartz watches. 

Why Should You Buy an Automatic Watch?

Whether automatic or not, Watches could be considered obsolete items since most people carry smartphones. While this is understandable, the watch is a timeless and practical piece and a part of fashion. 

The watch can not only offer the wearer a chance for self-expression through style, but it has become a foundational base for fashion and can often be a bold fashion statement.

Some people might argue that fashion is irrelevant when pitted against the current societal issues and problems. But that might be too narrow a view of what fashion is. Aside from just trendy textiles, fashion represents culture. It can represent individuality.

Fashion is not just materialistic. It can be a form of self-expression. Fashion, and the culture it can represent, could be considered an art. Smartphones may replace the practical aspects of pieces like a watch, but technology does not replace the art that comes with a fashion choice or creation like a timeless watch. 

Pros of Automatic Watches

Take a look at these reasons why you should purchase and use an automatic watch. Now that you know that automatic watches last forever, there are a few other reasons you might want an automatic watch.

They are timeless

Sure, a watch’s purpose is essentially to tell the time. When it first made its debut, the watch was a revolutionary piece of practical fashion. The first watches were made so the wearer could wind them, and then the way they were worn was how it kept going.

It was an intelligent design- simply by the way the watch was worn, the gears would push on each other at the right time to make the watch work and keep the time. 

Fast forward to modern-day design, and we are seeing an incredible surge in technological advancements. Batteries are used to power many devices, and there are countless watches powered by batteries as well. But, the best watches are those not powered by batteries.

These are the most timeless watches, those that use the original ‘technology’ and will stand the test of time. You can wear them with a suit or in a more casual environment like at a tech office.

Quality craftsmanship

If quality is what you’re after, then the automatic watch is what you should buy. The automatic watch needs to be crafted with the best craftsmanship. There are watches that date back many years, automatic watches, that still work perfectly.

Automatic watches are created with expertise, and they use a timeless type of technology that will keep on working long after you expect them to. While we see many pieces of technology stop working (think of the older iPhones), the automatic watch it’ll continue to work long after the latest iPhone has stopped working. 

As technology advances, there are more things we can get done in a more efficient span of time. But what does this have to do with a watch? Well, the more we can do in a shorter time frame, the more we realize how valuable time is. 

Crafted by experts

Getting back to the automatic watch, they are crafted by experts. And not just anyone can make an automatic watch. A person needs to undergo extensive training before they can create an automatic watch. Most people looking at watches know they are far more expensive than their quartz or battery-powered alternatives.

Despite looking similar on the outside, it is in the internal mechanisms and the work that goes into creating them that sets the automatic watch apart from the other two types of watches. This is the exact craftsmanship that goes into creating an automatic watch that sets it on the throne of timeless fashion accessories. 

You power the watch

The magic of the automatic watch is that it is a self-running creation. But is it really that independent? Not really. The automatic watch is run off of the wearer; that’s you. The wearer is, quite literally, what makes the watch run. 

Those who love the automatic watch refer to it as a living organism. They often call the insides of the watch the heart of the watch. This ‘heart’ reacts to the wearer’s wrist movement. There is a rotor and inside the watch, and this rotor moves to store energy and provide energy.

The energy is used to wind the gears within the watch. Once the dial is wound, the watch is set on your wrist. It will continue to run in accordance with your body. It is this precise, almost romantic, connection between the automatic watch and the wearer that makes it so appealing. Even with the hefty price tag, they are often accompanied by the automatic wristwatch is a highly sought-after piece. 

On top of that, it’s totally ok to let your automatic watch stop.

Timeless design

If you’re seeking a proper investment, then look for an automatic watch that does not have the loud tick-tock sound synonymous with a grandfather clock. The authentic automatic watch is silent and sleek. 

The best thing about an automatic watch is that it lasts forever. There is no cap on an automatic watch’s lifespan. There is no definite time frame for the automatic watch. This is in stark contrast to the quartz or battery-powered watch. The automatic watch will momentarily take a break from keeping the time when the wearer removes it from the wrist. 

Another reason to purchase the automatic watch is to start a family heirloom. Because of their longevity, the automatic watch will most likely be passed down through the generations. This means you could pass the watch down to your children and your children’s children as well. 

Most automatic watches are beautifully designed. After all, great pride is taken in these timepieces. This means that you’ll only really need one, as it will most likely go with all outfits too. The watch will become part of your fashion, your style, and your expression. 

An automatic watch is an investment

A car depreciates in value almost as soon as you purchase it. The moment you move a new car off the showroom floor, its value decreases. Sure, some cars will become vintage models, and their value will increase, but this is not always the case. Let’s be honest. This is almost never the case.

Buying an automatic watch is an investment. Firstly, there is no set date for it to ‘expire.’ And if you take good care of the watch, it will give you many years to enjoy it and use it. That alone makes it worth the price tag. But aside from purchasing a potentially immortal timepiece, the watch could increase in value over the years.

Think about how much money you’ll spend over the years on cheap items and fashion accessories. If you save up and purchase an automatic watch, this will add much more value than all those cheap accessories that rapidly go out of style. 

Do Automatic Watches Need Maintenance?

Despite having no real expiration date, you will still have to take good care of the automatic watch. Having said that, there is no one perfect way to take care of the automatic watch. There are, however, some tips to bear in mind. 

There is also no exact time frame for when the watch should be serviced. Most automatic watch manufacturers will suggest having your automatic watch serviced every 4 – 5 years. Keep your watch clean, and take good care of it. Keep it dry, and try to avoid dust and other small particles.

If your watch is not water-resistant, keep it clean by wiping it with a soft (and dry) cloth. If your watch is water-resistant, use a damp cloth (as soft as possible) to wipe the watch’s head clean. Then use a dry cloth (again, as soft as possible) to dry it. 


Remember, your automatic watch is a timeless classic. Take care of it, and you will enjoy it for years to come. And finally, take care when winding the watch and avoid excessive winding. Be gentle, keep it clean, and it will continue to be an investment to last a lifetime. We hope you enjoyed this article on do automatic watches last forever. Interested in becoming a better landlord? Check out our landlord guide formore info.

Stay stylish!