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Warhead Challenge: How to Play, Rules and Warnings

Ever heard of Warhead challenge?? Well, its a famous challenge that is played among friends in parties mainly. In this article, I will explain what is the Warhead Challenge, How to play it, What are the rules, What if Warhead Challege goes wrong and a few more things that you should know before trying out this challenge.

Let’s get started

What is the Warhead Challenge?

Warhead Challenge is where you basically attempt to chow down 150 of the most face-scrunching, gut-twisting candies known to mankind – Warheads – in just 10 minutes.

Now, if you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting these bad boys, let me tell you, they’re like a flavor explosion in your mouth – a mix of lip-puckering malic acid (yeah, that stuff found in apples) and tangy citric acid (the same stuff in lemons). And smack dab in the middle of all that sour madness is a sweet, hard candy center.

If you’re feeling particularly daring, you could even try to shove as many of these tongue-torturing treats into your mouth as possible (safely, of course!). So, are you up for the challenge? Or are you gonna chicken out like a scaredy-cat? Let’s find out!


So yeah, warhead challenge can have a lot of variations. As long as you involve warhead candies in it. ( Just a thought, the people over at warhead must have seen a sudden supply-demand problem and a sudden increase in sales. Which I am guessing might also occur after the end of your read!)

Warnings and Safety Precautions

I believe that the warnings should come before the challenge.

  • Do not try this challenge if you can not tolerate eating a raw mango.
  • And definitely do not try this, if you cannot suck on a lemon (yeah, this challenge involves sour stuff, like wickedly sour stuff)
  • Do not go beyond a certain limit where you feel a sensation of burning in your mouth.
  • You might lose the sense of taste for quite a while, and the same has also been mentioned on the candy packet itself. (I thought of adding in a few images of what it can do to your mouth, but several of them involved blood which kind of threw me off)

Make sure to play safe as this challenge can be dangerous as well.

Why though?

The internet is a big crazy place with big crazy ideas. Many people love being challenged. And these challenges are for those people. However, if they like to be challenged, they should also be smart enough to decide which challenge they should try and which they should not. Take the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. If you are reading this, I am pretty sure you are familiar with it. If not, this challenge if about trying to plump your lips up somehow using homemade (crazy!) techniques.

Many doctors advised against this and yet people tried it. The result? Really swollen lips, some of which even requiring medical attention. But there are some other, a wee bit more sensible challenges. Taking the ALS Ice Bucket challenge for example. This challenge helped raise awareness and money for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease.

So which challenge to go for is totally up to you, just do not attempt a challenge you are going to end up regretting later.

Rules of Warhead Challenge Game

All right, so let us get down to the very specific rules because after all, what is fun without the rules right?

  • All them candies should be in your mouth for the same duration of time. That is, some of them should not be there in your mouth already before you stuff the others! (although a difference in microseconds wont matter :P)
  • And if you decide that you are going to hold them in for say 10 minutes, you have to keep ALL the candies INSIDE of your mouth. (OK, 10 minutes is a really long time, just see that till what time you can hold them in your mouth and voila, your challenge is ready!) 
  • If even one of those bloodily sour candies fall out of your mouth, you have failed the challenge! I repeat :YOU HAVE FAILED THE CHALLENGE! better luck next time snowflake!But of course do not push yourself too much just for the sake of this challenge. Definitely throw those devil balls out if you feel they are choking you or someone accidentally set your mouth on fire.  
  • If you have decided that rather than stuffing them all in (like kung fu panda and the dumplings), you decide to eat 150 of them in 10 minutes, make sure that you fully consume each candy for it to be counted. The centre of the candy is sweet, so yeah, you could say that all good things come to those who wait!

Requirements for the Challenge

So by now, I believe that you may be having an idea in your mind about the requirements of this challenge. This challenge is all about the warhead candies. But wait, for this challenge specifically, you have to get EXTREME SOUR WARHEADS. 

If you have ever sucked on too many lemons for too long (or if you are like me, even one lemon would be enough) you would have experienced that sort of sore feeling in your throat and this acidic feeling in your mouth. The culprit for that is citric acid. Which is what is coated on these candies. Which is what makes them deadly sour.

Warnings, yet again

In the start of this blog/article thing, I had listed out all of the warnings. (Some people tend to forget to read at the end, they just read the challenge and boom, they get down to do it)

So you might probably be bored of this by now, but just tolerate it one more time : Do not stuff more candies than you can, do not choke yourself, and do not keep the candies in your mouth for too long that your tongue starts to bleed. But of course, if your tongue gets discolored, not to worry. The candies contain artificial dyes which is what discolors (or more like colors ) your tongue. 

Your mouth might start to feel numb, your tongue may not be able to taste stuff anymore. Though they say that all will turn back to normal, but in some extreme cases it does not.

So please be really careful. A challenge remains enjoyable only as long as it is safe and does not cause harm.


We have seen what the warhead challenge is, we have seen how we have to proceed on with it, and we have also seen what we need for it. But the most important thing is what we need to be careful about. Keep all of the above in mind, and go do the challenge! 

Invite your friends to do it too, if you feel it was safe enough. That is it! Thank you for reading!

10 Best Riddler Riddles: You Cannot Solve Them

Who does not like riddles? They are both amazing and helps in stirring up our grey cells. You can use them to play quizzes or challenges. There are a lot of riddles which are in circulation. But one of the most popular ones are “The Riddler Riddles”. Now DC Comic fans do not need to be introduced to this unique character.

But for others, I have said a bit about the Riddler, and about 10 of his most popular riddles. You can use these questions to easily baffle your friends. Do you like trivia questions? Check out our top 100 trivia questions!

Please read on to find out more.

Who is the Riddler?

The Riddler is a supervillain in DC comics, whose original comic book name is Edward Nigma. Here are some important facts about him:

  • He first appeared in a comic in October 1948
  • The Riddler is a Criminal mastermind in the infamous Gotham city. He got his name from his habit of creating cryptic riddles and puzzles for authorities and leaving them as clues.
  • His dress includes a mask, green suit and a bowler hat. Sometimes his dress has question marks all over it.
  • His symbol is a question mark in black, green, or purple.

How was the Riddler created?

The story is as fascinating as the character. The legend goes that when he was small, his teacher announced a puzzle competition in the class. Young Edward started to think of the glory of topping the contest, but he chose the dishonest way. So that night, he sneaked into his teacher’s room. He stole out the puzzle and kept practising it until he could solve it in under a minute. As you can probably guess, he won the contest the next day and got a book on riddles. Henceforth started his real interest in puzzles and riddles.

When he grew up, he started working as an employee at a fair. He succeeded in cheating his customers constantly through complex mind games. Soon he thought he was ready for a bigger challenge. He decided that he would now challenge Batman and Robin. Thus the character “Riddler” was created.

The first faceoff occurred between the Riddler and Batman and Robin. At first, the Riddler tried to baffle them with the infamous double-entry Riddle Clues. Then he tried to kill them in a glass maze. However, the crime-fighting duo escaped, only to find a question mark left behind by the Riddler.

Top 10 Best Riddler Riddles

We are listing only the best Riddler Riddles and Quiz questions. Let’s begin.

Do you think you are intelligent enough to help Batman and the authorities to crack the puzzles? Try to answer these questions to find out.

To help you exercise your grey cells, try to answer these riddler puzzles without reading the whole passage. In case you cannot, read the whole passage for an explanation and the answer.

Riddler Puzzle 1

If you break me, I don’t stop working. If you touch me, I may be snared. Nothing will matter if you lose me. What am I?

From the first line fo the puzzle, it is evident that the object in question is also related to someone’s emotion. However, the emotional object also refers to a working object. Thinking of it, there is no better option than the heart. Like we know, heartbreak does not cause the heart to stop working. Also if someone touches your heart, you may falter. If you lose heart in something, it won’t matter in your physical life.

Puzzle 2

What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end, and the end of every race?

This question may seem too much complicated to solve. However, surprisingly it relates neither to an object nor and emotion. If you look carefully, you will find the answer in the question itself. The word “eternity” starts with ‘e’. Both the words “time: and “space” ends with ‘e’. Again the word “end” starts with ‘e’. The word “race” ends with ‘e’. So the answer is the letter ‘e’.

Puzzle 3

The man who invented it doesn’t want it, the man who bought it doesn’t need it, and the man who needs it doesn’t know it. What is it?

It is evident from the first line of the riddle that the object in question is not exactly a friendly object of happy times. It is somehow related to death. Most common answer in such cases is guns or coffins. Howebe=ver, in the second line of the riddle, we can eliminate the gun. That leaves us with the coffin. It fits all the 3 riddles perfectly. So the answer is Coffin.

Puzzle 4

You can have me but cannot hold me. Gain me and quickly lose me. If treated with care I can be great, and if betrayed I will break. What am I?

From the first line, we can understand that the object is not physical in nature. It is some sort of mental connection. Trust and friendship are the most common choices in such cases. But going further into the riddle, trust fits the description more perfectly than friendship. Trust is gained or lost quickly. Also if you can uphold someones,  trust, it can be awesome. If you betray someone, the trust will vanish.. So the Answer is trust.

Puzzle 5

If you know me, you will want to share me, n=but if you share me, I am gone. 

The answer to this puzzle is secret. If you know a secret you will want to share it. However, it does not stay a secret any more if you share it with people.

Puzzle 6

What weighs 6 ounces, sits on a tree and is very dangerous?

The answer to this puzzle is a bit cryptic. It is obvious the reference is to a bird. Only a sparrow can weigh 6 ounces. Put a machine gun in its hands and it will become deadly. So the answer to this puzzle is a sparrow with a machine gun.

Puzzle 7

I never stop, I control your life, but without me, you wouldn’t go anywhere. What am I?
The answer to this riddle is “Time”. Time controls everything. You cannot avoid it.

Puzzle 8

I am where yesterday follows today, and tomorrow’s in the middle. What am I?

This question is again a play with words. If you look at the starting alphabet of every word, today starts with ‘t’, yesterday starts with ‘y’ and tomorrow also starts with ‘t’. However, if you arrange the words in alphabetical order, the order is “today”, “tomorrow”, “yesterday”. So you can find this order only in the dictionary.

Puzzle 9

I can run but not walk and whenever I go thought follows close behind. What am I?

The answer to this riddle is the mouth. People often run their mouth, BUt the mouth cannot walk. Also usually people speak to express their thoughts.

Puzzle 10

Hit me hard and I will crack. But you will never stop me from staring back. What am I?

A mirror always stares back at you. If you hit it with something, the mirror breaks. But again the broken pieces show your reflection.


These are just a few of the riddles which the Riddler has created. There are innumerable more riddles puzzles and riddles, which can help you in sharpening your brain by solving.

I hope you liked this article. Please do not forget to comment in the comment section below.

Why Online Dating Has Become so Popular

beach captions

The Internet has become one of the defining aspects of the world we live in. It helps with everything from booking holidays to ordering shopping. But one of its most revolutionary facets has been the power it has given to social connection. If dating has always been popular, online dating is going through the roof!

Why date online?

A more pertinent question would be why not? By way of comparison, just consider how people used to try and forge relationships. Often a third party was relied upon in order to make the introductions. Blind dates were a possibility, but this really was a journey into the unknown. People set off to rendezvous with complete strangers with nothing other than a vague description and a great deal of faith to cling onto.

Many singletons relied on the tried-and-tested method of social engagement, which invariably meant drinking enough alcohol to gain the Dutch courage necessary to chat up other singletons in a bar or nightclub, surrounded by swarms of similarly-minded single males or females, all clamoring for the best-looking individuals.

Dare to be risqué

While everyone harbours some fantasies, very few people ever have the courage to put these into practice with partners unless they’ve known them some time. Online dating provides the degree of relative anonymity that encourages users to be quite explicit in their chat. While some people will still be quite wary of opening up in this way, many others will relish the prospect of frank discussion.

A key word here is choice. If you decide you don’t like what you’re getting into, at any point all you have to do is close the connection and start chatting to someone else.

Committing? Not immediately!

When a conventional relationship reaches the point that one or other of the parties has had enough, this awkward situation can become prolonged. Neither wants to hurt the other’s feelings. Online dating is far more liberating. You are not committed to anything and can spend as much time as you want flicking through different profiles. This is where the flexibility of online dating really comes into its own.

Become a love guru

Think of the situation you are in once you sign up to a site like www.flirt.com. You’re alone at home, or in some other private place with your smart device. Before you is a screen where you can see any number of very attractive looking people who are all there for one reason: to meet someone just like you. This puts you in an incredible position of power.

Why not take the opportunity to let your hair down? Because you are toying with srangers, you can flex your creative muscles. Obviously it would be detrimental to lie in your profile, but you can certainly stretch the truth. Even if you would be regarded as a quiet individual in the real world, you don’t have to behave that way with the keyboard at your disposal. Why not jump in and begin flirting with some of the people you see arranged before you? You could really develop an edgy new side to your personality, almost as if you were adopting a new persona.

That’s not to say that you should come across as a grossly exaggerated version of yourself, something akin to Jim Carey when he puts on The Mask in that comedy film! It’s merely a case of losing some of your inhibitions.

Love or lust?

Prior to getting into the world of online dating, perhaps you have a fixed idea of exactly what you want to get out of it? This might be searching for a meaningful relationship, or it could be something completely different. Again, the beauty of the situation is that you don’t need to get tied down.

You could join one website offering long-term partnerships. You could try another that is merely throwing together people looking for no-strings casual encounters. Who’s to say you’re wrong wanting to indulge in some one-night stands before settling down and embarking on a more serious quest to find ‘the one?’ Online dating has become so popular for many reasons, but this is certainly one of them. There are no parameters.

100 Best 7 Second Challenge Ideas [Updated]

7-second challenge

Yo, my peeps! Guess what’s the latest buzzword that’s been circulating? It’s none other than the “7-second challenge”!

Basically, you’re given a task and you gotta do it within 7 seconds or less. It’s like a race against the clock. But hey, if you’re in the mood to kill some time and have some fun, why not give it a shot?

And, you can even drag your homies and fam to join in on the fun! So, I’ve got a list of over 100 crazy challenges that will make your day. Let’s dive in, shall we?

100+ 7 second Challenge Ideas

There can be many challenges that you can invent yourself, but here are some of the best 7 second challenge ideas that you should atleast try with your friends.

Many of these 7 second challenges can be even performed for a Youtube video.

Anyways, let’s start the list of best ideas!!!!

7-second challenge

  1. Take a perfect selfie.
  2. Post the funniest pic of yours online.
  3. Put “I LOVE YOU” on your WhatsApp story.
  4. Name all different breeds of dog you know.
  5. Mimic a famous dialogue of your favorite actor.
  6. Name all the chess pieces.
  7. Eat a whole medium sized hamburger.
  8. Do 10 standard pushups.
  9. Do 5 fingertip pushups.
  10. Do 10 skips.
  11. Run up and down the stairs.
  12. Draw a picture of a cartoon.
  13. Draw the picture of your pet dog
  14. Put eyeliner on your eyes.
  15. Do a perfect braiding of your hair.
  16. Apply lipstick to your lips.
  17. Tie your hair in a perfect ponytail.
  18. Add mascara to both eyes with no mistakes.
  19. Solve a riddle.
  20. Touch 3 objects of 3 different colours.
  21. Name 3 TV shows you have never watched.
  22. Apply nail polish to five fingers.
  23. Write down your name backwards.
  24. A get 50rs from someone.
  25. Call up your friend and make her laugh.
  26. Call up your friend and shout at her.
  27. Mention 5 states and their capitals.
  28. Name 7 continents.
  29. Name 5 countries from any one continent.
  30. Put on a jacket and button it up.
  31. Do a rap session in 7 seconds.
  32. Eat a raw egg.
  33. Eat an apple.
  34. Drink a glass of milk.
  35. Mention 3 good and bad quality of yours
  36. Reshape paper clip into an English alphabet.
  37. Say a line one had never heard.

7 second Challenges for Kids

Most often kids annoy you with non-stop questioning hours. But this time let you have a throne. Amaze your kids with these 7-second challenge ideas and discover the enthusiasm within them. Also, it is the best way to get rid of boredom. These sharp bullets kill your boredom from the origin and you enjoy spending a quality time with your kids.

7-second challenge

  1. Try a tongue twister.
  2. Make the sound of 5 different birds.
  3. Balance a book on your head.
  4. Touch all the wall of your house
  5. Say hello to every person in the room.
  6.  Drink 2 glass of water.
  7.  Name 2 capital cities.
  8. Knot your tie.
  9. Read 3 headlines from a newspaper.
  10. Shout “teacher” 10 times.
  11. Name 5 vegetables currently present in your home.
  12. Do backwards counting from 20.
  13. Brush your teeth.
  14. Touch your nose with your lips.
  15. Mention 5 letters not containing the letter ‘a’.
  16. Clap with your knees.
  17. Name 5 things on the human face.
  18. Burst 3 balloons without using your hand and feet.
  19. Make the sound of 5 different animals.
  20. Name 3 colours that are not in the rainbow.
  21. Roughen up your bed and remake it.
  22. Sing English alphabets in reverse order.
  23. Say the 7 days of the week in reverse order.

Interesting 7-second Challenges ideas

Are you enjoying this article? If yes, continue reading we have got you the best of all, the most thrilling and fun loving 7-second challenge ever. Down run a list of the most interesting 7-second challenge of 2019.

NOTE- These challenges are exclusively for the crazy one. Normal people think twice before performing one.

  1. Dance on your toes.
  2. Tie the lace of your shoes together and walk till the end of the room.
  3. Invent a 7-second challenge and perform it.
  4. Click a perfect pout selfie.
  5. Turn down your pants.
  6. Do a forward roll.
  7. Do a backward roll.
  8. Make a dog bark.
  9. Move your one eyebrow while other should remain still.
  10. Spell your full name in reverse.
  11. Lick the tip of your elbow.
  12. Stop your breath for 7 seconds.
  13. Put your head under water.
  14. Place your foot over your head.
  15. Make a yoga pose.
  16. Get a total of more than 15 from a die tossing it 3 times.
  17. Take a beautiful picture while standing on your head.
  18. Repeat “She sells sea shells on the sea shore’ with no mistakes.
  19. Make a total stranger laugh on the telephone.
  20. Chop a whole onion into nice pieces for cooking.
  21. Drink 5 shots of an alcohol beverage.
  22.  Summarise your life so far in 5 words.
  23. Close your eyes and try to walk in a straight path.
  24.  Tuck all your shirt buttons.
  25. Try clapping your knees.
  26. Bite someone.
  27. Touch your nose with your lips.
  28. Sing aloud a rock song.
  29. Do a Michael Jackson impersonation.
  30. Go to the fridge and eat something.
  31. Let someone tickle you for seven seconds.
  32. Make another player laugh.
  33. Tug on your shirt.
  34. Run from one end of your house to another.
  35. Draw a cartoon.
  36. Pretend that you are swimming.
  37. Breathe out of your nose 10 times.
  38.  Try to draw a rectangle with one hand and circle with another simultaneously.
  39. Let you be slapped by the person nearest to you.
  40. Take ice bucket challenge.

Also Read: Best Tongue Twister Challenges

So guys, I hope you like it these 100+ 7 second challenge ideas. They are ultimate killer of your boredom. Try out them with your family or friends. If you have any interesting 7 second challenge idea to add to the list, drop down in the comment section.

Have fun!


Best WhatsApp Riddles, Quiz & Picture Puzzles

Who knew our generation would turn into a bunch of WhatsApp addicts? It’s like we’ve all been sucked into this digital world, unable to escape the endless stream of messages and notifications.

But hey, at least we’ve found a new way to flex our brain muscles and impress our friends. Who needs a crossword puzzle when you can solve a WhatsApp riddle and feel like a genius?

From guessing movie titles to solving math problems, we’ve got it all covered. So, next time you’re scrolling through your messages, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a brain teaser that’ll leave you scratching your head for hours. It’s just the WhatsApp way of life

Tough and interesting puzzles make you sit up straight and think in many ways. Images and emoticons shown in riddles add feelings like sad, crying, happy, proud, boast, etc.

What Are WhatsApp Riddles?

WhatsApp riddles are the ultimate mind-bending challenges that people send to their friends on WhatsApp.

They’re like puzzles on steroids – think Sudoku, but with a twist of humor and a splash of fun. WhatsApp riddles can be about anything, from guessing the name of a movie to solving a complex math problem.

It’s like a game that never gets old – the more you play, the smarter you get. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to feel like a smarty-pants every now and then? So, if you haven’t tried WhatsApp riddles yet, get with the program and join the brain-teasing revolution.

Your friends will thank you for it (or maybe curse you, depending on how hard the riddle is).

Best WhatsApp Riddles

Here you will find a list of the latest collection of WhatsApp riddles with answers. We have prepared a large collection of WhatsApp riddles and made interesting with Whatsapp smileys and emoticons. Read, solve and share with your friends. Have fun!

Guess Phone Brands

A simple WhatsApp riddle to guess various smartphone company names.

Answer :

  1. Nokia.
  2. Tata Indicom.
  3. Sony Ericsson.
  4. Reliance.
  5. Samsung.
  6. Sony.
  7. I-Phone.
  8. Karbonn.
  9. Blackberry.
  10. I-Ball.
  11. Micromax.
  12. HTC.
  13. LG.

Crack the code – Latest WhatsApp Riddle 

6 1 4 – One Number is correct but wrong place

6 8 2 – One Number is correct and well placed

2 0 6 – Two Numbers are correct but Wrong Places

8 7 0 – One Number is correct but wrong place 7 3 8 – Nothing is correct

Answer : Code is 042

One word riddle

I am a word of 5 letters! Everybody eats me! If you remove my first letter, I will be a form of energy!!! If you remove my first 2 letters, I will be needed for living!!! If you remove my first 3 letter, I will be a preposition and near you!!! If you remove my 4 first letters, I will be a drink for you!!!

Answer: WHEAT

Explanation: I am a word of 5 letters -WHEAT Everybody eats me.. If you  remove my first letter, I will be a form of energy- HEAT If you remove my first 2 letters, I will be needed for living-EAT If you remove my first 3 letter, I will be a preposition and  near you-AT If you remove my 4 first  letters, I will be a drink for you-T(tea)

Bank Names Puzzle

A simple WhatsApp puzzle to guess Bank Names.


  1. IDBI Bank
  2. Syndicate Bank
  3. SBI – State Bank Of India
  4. ICICI Bank
  5. Karur Vysya Bank
  6. South Indian Bank
  7. HDFC Bank
  8. Indian Overseas Bank
  9. Dhanlaxmi Bank
  10. SBT – State Bank of Travancore
  11. Punjab National Bank
  12. Catholic Syrian Bank
  13. Bank of Baroda
  14. Andhra Bank
  15. Centurian Bank


Shampoo names Puzzle



  1. Chick Shampoo
  2. Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo
  3. Garnier
  4. coming soon.
  5. Herbal Essence
  6. Clinic Plus
  7. Neutrogena
  8. Sunsilk
  9. Pantene
  10. Head & Shoulders
  11. Tresemme
  12. L’Oreal
  13. Camille Beckman
  14. Dove
  15. Aveda

Guess the Indian City Names Puzzle

Can you guess the names of Cities from India? Well, send the below given picture to your friend on Whatsapp and ask him to guess the cities.


  1. Indore.
  2. Bombay.
  3. Jalandhar.
  4. Agra.
  5. Chennai.
  6. Kolkata.
  7. Nasik.
  8. Kanyakumari.
  9. Pokhran.
  10. Mount Abu.
  11. Callicut.

Guess Clothing and Accessories brand names


  1. Barbie
  2. Nike
  3. Van Heusen
  4. Pantaloon
  5. Belita
  6. Color plus
  7. Tommy Hilfiger
  8. VOV
  9. Little Angel
  10. Polo
  11. Loreal
  12. Hush Puppies

Guess and write the name of the actresses from their eyes?


  1. Aishwariya
  2. Kareena
  3. Katrina
  4. Bipasha
  5. Rani
  6. Celina
  7. Kajol
  8. Shilpa
  9. Priyanka
  10. Vidya
  11. Deepika
  12. Genelia

Hope you liked all the WhatsApp riddles that we added in this post. We will be adding more puzzles, quiz and riddles in this post. So make sure to bookmark the page as you will get new and latest riddles every time.

10 Best Songs of Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh was the true legendary Indian singer of his era. He was also nicknamed as “The Man with the Golden Voice”. 

He was born in Delhi on July 22nd, 1923. His inimitable voice was first perceived by his distant relative, Motilal at his sister’s wedding and he took him to Mumbai for further training under Pandit Jagannath Prasad. Soon, he became the most popular singer of his era.

In 1974, Mukesh received National Film Award for the song “Kai Baar Yuhi Dekha Hai”. He sang a total of around 1,300 songs in his lifetime.

Best Super Hit Songs of Mukesh Kumar

Here’s a list of his best songs that you must listen.

  1. Kai Baar Yuhi Dekha Hai from the movie Rajnigandha(1974)

This is the best song of Mukesh that also acclaimed him a National Award. This is one of his best songs that were loved by music lovers across the world.

images (2)


2.     Sab Kuch Seekha Humne from the movie Anari (1959)

This is one of the Mukesh’s soulful songs with a great meaning. This song depicts a beautiful piece of his art. Enjoy this superhit song from the movie Anari starring  Raj Kapoor, Nutan, Nazir Hussain, Lalita Pawar, Motilal, Shubha Khote, Mukri and Helen.


3.     Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Mein from the movie Kabhie Kabhie (1976)

This song is beautifully written by Sahir Ludhianvi and magically sung by Mukesh for the movie Kabhie Kabhie. This song was, in fact, a poem in its original version from a collection Talkhiyan. This song was the number one song of that era and Mukesh was awarded as the best Male Playback Singer for this song.


4.    Main Na Bhoolunga from the movie Roti Kapda Aur Makaan (1974)

In 1975 Filmfare, Mukesh Kumar was nominated as the best Male Playback Singer for this song. Santosh Anand got the best lyricist award for this song.

5.    Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar from the movie Kabhie Kabhie (1976)

This song is a timeless classic from the movie Kabhie Kabhie.

6.    Chand Si Mehbooba from the movie Himalay Ki God Mein (1965)

This is the best song from the superhit movie Himalay Ki God Mein. This movie won the Filmfare award.

7.    Kahin Door Jab Din from the movie Anand (1971)

This is the lively song from the lively movie Anand.  Rajesh Khanna also praised this song calling this song as his best. Anand won several awards as the best movie.


8.    Duniya Banane Wale from the movie Teesri Kasam (1966)

This is a fabulous song and soulfully sung by Mukesh. Raj Kapoor’s performance in this song is beyond the words.

9.    Mera Joota Hai Japani from the movie Shree 420 (1955)

This is a patriotic-themed song and gained a lot of popularity. The song asserts love and proud of being Indian.

10.  Sabse Bada Naadan Wahi Hai from the movie Pehchaan (1970)

Mukesh bagged Filmfare award for this song. This is one of his best songs.


So, these were some of the best songs by Mukesh Kumar. Hope you enjoyed listening to these classics.

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Did we miss any song ?? Let us know in the comments 🙂