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10 Best Drawing Apps for Android

Do you or your kids love Drawing? Well, it can be difficult to have pencil and paper everytime specially when you are on the road away from home. In such times, you still can spend your time by drawing on your Android Smartphone. Yes, there are many apps for Drawing and this article will help you find out some of the Best Drawing Apps for Android.  

Anyways, before getting started let me talk more about Drawing.

Drawing with the use of Apps

Defining drawing is difficult. For some, it is a passion. For others, it is a pastime. Even for some, it is a profession, and they are good at what they do. Also, human beings have been drawing since before they even began to speak. That is why experts often discover caves where prehistoric human beings drew a lot of stuff on the walls. These drawings have been the only form of expressing one’s thoughts and ideas for very long. Well, of course, we have come a long way from drawing on walls.

Drawing has got its fair share of upgrades from technology. Gone are those days when you had to throw away a drawing if you made a mistake while painting with colours. Now painters use software for creating and simulating drawings before making them. Most professional painters use high-end computers to simulate the effects of using various colours on their drawings. However, if you are looking for an app to help you with your favourite passion, you have come to the right place. These apps can help informally to draw and express your ideas whenever you want to. All you need is your smartphone and a powerful imagination.

I have listed around 10 free drawing apps that you can start using right away.

Please read on to find out more.

Best Drawing Apps for Android

Here is a list of the best android apps you can use for drawing.

Most of these drawing apps are free but may require you to upgrade in order to unlock more features.

1. Artflow

Artflow is one of the best apps used for sketching. The main noteworthy feature of this app is that it provides a huge number of brushes. To be exact, around 70 of them. While working on your drawing, you can also include beautiful features like smudging. After finishing your drawing, save it in any format you want. It is available for free on the play store.

Click here to download artflow.

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw

This is one of the best apps available for painting or sketching.

It includes various features like different pen tips, different drawing features, along with important customization features. Another important feature allowed b this app is that you can get up to 64x zoom. You can import other images or export finished images for sharing. The app is for free download and works best with cloud storage.

Here is the download link for Adobe Illustrator Draw.

3. MediBang Paint

This app is very good for sketching and drawing. It provides all the bells and whistles like a large number of brushes and features for drawing for comics also. However, the most important feature is that it allows cross-platform workspace. This means that you can work in android Windows and mac on the same creation.

Do it where you feel comfortable. Naturally, this comes with an added feature of cloud storage.

Here is the download link for MediBang Paint.

4. Ibis Paint

This free drawing app is very fun to use. It features a ridiculously high number of brushes of different types. Another rather amusing feature of this app is that you can record yourself drawing. So now you have proof for boasting about that beautiful drawing you made! Draw on different layers in the same drawing. So this app supports detailed in-depth drawing. The app is available for free and has some in-app purchases.

Here is the download link for Ibis Paint.

5. Dotpict

This app is a bit different from the others. It lets you do pixel art. That means the drawing space is divided into a grid. Zoom into each pixel and fill it with a colour of your choice. When you are done, zoom out and see the complete beautiful picture. You can use it to draw almost anything you can think about.

Here are some simple things to draw.

Another important feature is autosave, so do not worry about saving it time to time. Export your work in any format you want.

Click here to download dotpict.

6. Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk is a prominent name in the word of designing both 2D and 3D. So it is no wonder that they also have an app for drawing. The app provides different features, like a huge number of brushes, large zoom, layers and different blending modes. You need an account in Autodesk to try out the app.

Here is the download link for Autodesk Sketchbook.

7. PaperDraw

This app is popular because the images can get very close to real life. All the basic features like different brushes and layer drawing are present. What separates this app from the crowd is its tracing mode. Import any image and set it to translucent mode. Then you can trace from the image into your workspace.

This can help in learning and create your dream photos more easily. This feature makes it the perfect apps for amateurs. The app is available free in the play store.

Here is the download link for PaperDraw.

8. Sony Sketch

This app is on our list because ironically it should not be here. This app is actually quite an app while considering it has been made by an OEM. The app provides all the basic features that a sketching app should. Also, it is a standalone app with no need to sign in. It is free with in-app purchases.

Click here to download Sony Sketch.

9. Rough Animator

As the name suggests, this app is used for creating animations mostly. the concept is that you can create the animations frame by frame. When you are done, pack them together to make a small animation. Along with the usual drawing tools, you can also get some video features like resolution and frame rate control. Export completed pieces in the form of gifs videos or image sequences. You can get this app for Rs. 300.

Here is the download link for Rough Animator.

10. Simple Draw

This app is as simple as it named. No frills, nothing unique. You can use this app to scribble small drawings on your mobile screen. maybe its simplicity is its biggest feature. It features some different colours though. Of course, it is available for free.

Click here to download Simple Draw.

10 Free Drawing Apps 2020

Based on the above article, here is a list of all the free android apps for drawing.

  1. Artflow
  2. Adobe Illustrator Draw
  3. MediBang Paint
  4. Ibis Paint
  5. Dotpict
  6. Autodesk Sketchbook
  7. PaperDraw
  8. Sony Sketch
  9. Rough Animator
  10. Simple Draw


Thus we see that there are a lot of apps that you can use for drawing. I have named just a precious few among them. They might not be well detailed enough for helping you professionally, but they certainly can help you to make good enough drawing for your leisure.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the article. Please do not forget to write about your thoughts in the comment section below.

Android Drawing Tablets: Taking Your Artwork to the Next Level

If you’re serious about your art and want to take your digital creations to the next level consider investing in an Android drawing tablet.

These tablets offer a wide range of features and benefits that can enhance your drawing experience.

With their larger screens and pressure-sensitive stylus pens Android drawing tablets allow for finer details and more precise control in your artwork.

Many of these tablets also come with additional accessories such as screen protectors and drawing gloves to further improve your drawing experience.

Whether you’re a professional artist or a hobbyist an Android drawing tablet can be a game-changer for your digital art.

So why wait? Upgrade your drawing tools and unlock your full artistic potential with an Android drawing tablet today.

45 Rock Painting Ideas: Easy, Unique and Creative Inspirations

Do you like Rock Painting and want some beautiful and creative ideas for your next art? Well, find out 40+ Simple and Best Rock Painting ideas in this article. 

Painting of any sort is a means of catharsis; it relieves stress. Not only that, the final product often leaves us reeling with pride. This is also the case with rock painting. It is a beautiful art form that serves a variety of purposes. It can be used for decoration, as garden markers, paper weights, photo holders, and as presents.

Best and Easy Rock Painting Ideas

Well, one can paint anything on a rock. A lot of people prefer shapes while some love painting flowers on Rocks.

Whatever be the case, we have covered a bit of everything. You’ll get rock painting ideas for kids and beginners as well as some cool rock painting ideas for professionals.

Let me now begin with the list;

Heart Rocks

This is very easy to make and thus, appropriate for beginners! You can leave these at public places for a stranger to stumble upon them(like the artist explains in the link below). This little surprise will make the receiver happy.

 Wine Bottle

Photo Holders

Rocks make great photo holders. They are easy to decorate and assemble, and look really unique and cute when displayed. The tutorial for these holders has been linked below.

How To

Candle Centerpiece

Rocks can also be used as centerpieces, by painting them golden and pairing them with candles.

Emoji Rocks

A great fun rock painting idea for kids!!

These can be great gifts for kids and teens and can also be used for decoration!


We absolutely have to include pizza in everything we do. It is of the utmost importance.

Story Rocks

This is a game for kids and even adults. Here, a variety of things are painted on several rocks like, a rainbow, fireplace, people, a house, shoes, etc, and the children are asked to create a story, using the pictures on the rocks, by laying all the pebbles in the order of their choice. It expands their imagination and they get a chance to use their creativity!

Two-Colored Rocks

A creative rock painting idea is to use multiple colors. This is quite simple and you can literally make your rocks look awesome by using best color combinations.


You can use these in your garden or the outdoor space. These look really cute and are easy to make!


A creative rock painting idea!! This can be a bit tricky but it’s worth the work.

Harry Potter Themed-Rocks

This one is for all the Harry Potter fans out there. You can gift it to fellow potter-heads or use it to decorate your room!


Wall Hanging

Halloween Themed Rocks

Start preparing for Halloween now by putting up these inexpensive decorations around your house.

Memory Jar

You will end up with years of beautiful memories to look back on and cherish. These can help one smile on the darkest of days.

Puffy Paint Rocks

Rock Turtle

You can place this in your backyard or garden, besides a fish pond or a small water body. This can also be put on display inside the house.

Pour-Painted Paperweights


 Strawberry Rocks

A simple rock painting idea is to make your rocks look like fruits. In this case, strawberry.

Ice Cream

Marbled Rocks


Unicorn Rocks

Unicorns have gained their well-deserved popularity on the online and commercial platforms in the past few years. They are magical and beautiful creatures and this why, they will embellish your rocks! Kids, teens and even adults will have fun trying this super cute design. You can use a variety of supplies for this one! (The tutorial is linked below).


Dots, Lines, Squiggles and Patterns

An easy rock painting idea!!


You can bedazzle them or just keep it simple like the first image in the collage. Either way, it will look really pretty on your window sill or other corners of your room.

Christmas-Themed Rocks

Get into the Christmas spirit with these ideas!


Branching Tree Rock

Rock Magnets

You can transform rocks into refrigerator magnets with ease by following the steps in the link below. 

Flower Rock


You can find rocks like these on sale at Etsy.

Marbled Paperweights

Blue Door and Cherry Blossom Tree


Bird Rock

Silhouette Painted Rocks



You can make this experience even more fun by going on rock hunts to collect the to-be-painted-on rocks. After you are done creating your masterpiece, you can hide them back into nature for strangers to stumble upon.

Garden Markers

When everything is first planted in a garden, it looks nice and tidy and you know where specific seeds are planted. As time passes, everything begins to sprout up and grow and sometimes it can be easy to lose track of it all. This is why, you can use rock garden markers which are functional for labeling your garden, and are adorable.

Spring Themed Rocks

Welcome the season of spring by decorating your house with these spring-themed rocks.

Welcome Rocks

Put these in your living room or hang them on your front door!

Rainbow Rocks

Use these rainbow rocks to add a pop of color in your room/house/backyard or to celebrate your pride!

Monochromatic Rocks


Rock Village

Give your kids the task to create a little town, with rocks, in an open space in your house. This will be a great activity for the kids or teens and the final product would be adorable!

Note to Self Rocks

Place these around your house/room and your working space. Paint reminders you think your future self would need the most, on small pebbles. This is one of my favorites, as it pushes you to take care of yourself, thus, being great for your mental and physical well-being.

Plants and Leaves

Put these stunning rocks on your window sills or all over your house! You can even gift these to your loved ones.

Appreciation Rocks

These are great gifts for friends and family. All you have to do is, paint some quotes, words of wisdom, or compliments for the people you are gifting the rocks to. Write their names on the back. You can give these out as return gifts after a party,  as mementos of the occasion. This is one of my favorites because they are personalized tokens of love that will fill the receiver with great joy, love and hope.

Gratefulness Rocks

You can conduct this activity at a social gathering or at school. Ask the kids/ members to paint the name of something they are grateful for on their respective rocks. This is a great way to remind everyone just how important and precious certain things/people are in their lives. If the participants have written the names of  certain people on their rocks, they can express their thanks to these people by gifting the pebbles to them.



Box Pebbles

Final Words

There you have it. You can keep these rocks for yourself or give them away to strangers or loved ones! We have listed many rock painting ideas above. Pick any and start painting your rocks.

Let your imagination run wild.

Also Read: My Painting and Other Art Works

Which one is your favorite? If you use any of these ideas, let us know how it turned out!

Additional Rock Painting Ideas

Looking for more rock painting ideas to fuel your creativity? Here are a few additional options that are sure to inspire you.

Create a whimsical scene by painting rock people sitting around a campfire candle.

You can also try your hand at painting a siamese cat rock or a sleepy kitty to add some cuteness to your rock collection.

If you’re feeling adventurous experiment with various technical words and optical illusions on rocks to create mind-bending designs.

And don’t forget about seasonal painted rocks! From winter-themed designs to vibrant summer scenes the possibilities are endless.

Remember rock painting is all about fun and self-expression so let your imagination soar and let your rocks tell their own unique stories.

25 Creative Ways to Gift Money [Funny and Unique Ideas]

Gift giving can be a tricky and stressful activity, often. We all have picky friends, relatives who seem to have ‘everything’ and colleagues we don’t know well. It can be very difficult to shop for such people we know and love. Cash can be a wonderful commodity to give to anyone. It is universal and something that would be useful to the receiver. However, giving an envelope filled with money can be a little boring and lackluster. That’s why, here are 25 fun, super easy and creative ways to give money to loved ones.

Make sure to read all ways before picking the Best way to give money.

25 Creative Ways to Give Money or Cash

This list can be interesting, creative and funny!! So be prepared for it.

1. Cash Crayons

This is a fun gift that can be given to kids and adults alike. Wrap the bills around the crayons, throw in some coloring books (adult ones for teens), and you have great present.

2. Bundle of Joy

Can’t decide what to bring to a baby shower? Cash can be a wonderful gift for new parents. Attaching a cute note and a charm to your wad of notes, makes it less boring and still easy.

3. Tissue Box

Another creative and funny way to give money. This is a wonderful and hilarious gift for graduates, relatives and friends.

All you need is an empty box of tissues, cash and tape. Attach the notes together in a long row, roll it up and place it inside the box. Leave one   end hanging outside the box. Add a witty note like, ‘don’t blow it all in one place!’, and you have a fun and creative way to gift money that makes the receiver giggle.

4. Dough

What is the point of gifting cash if you miss the opportunity of making a dough pun? Below are the two most iconic dough puns:

  • Cookie dough: 

  • Pizza dough:

You can pick any form of dough-based item to make this gift. Create your own puns. Have fun with this one!

5. Money Balloons

Throw in some rolled-up bills inside your inflated balloons, add in confetti and maybe some candies and voila, your friend gets a fun surprise when they pop it! You can also put the cash-filled balloons in a box and mail it to your loved ones who live far away.

6. Wine Toast – Creative Way to Gift Money

This is a very creative way to give money to newlyweds. For this, take a clean and dry wine bottle and then, fill it up with rolled dollar bills. To make it more thoughtful, add a personalized label, like the one given in the picture, or you can even print out a sweet message.

7. Bright Future

This is a cute way to gift money to graduates. All you need a bulb-shaped jar, dollar bills and a label for this one!

8. Green Salad

You can add this to your bag of goodies, and voila, you will have a perfect gift for a wedding. For this, you will need a cute salad bowl and pair of tongs, along with slightly scrunched up notes. Like every other gift, add a label to embellish it.

9. In Case of Emergency

This is indeed one of the most creative way to give money to your friends or children for graduation.

10. Who Cares, Money

I absolutely love this idea. It is a cheeky and funny way to give money to a good friend or a cousin you are close with. All you need is a greeting card, a paper clip and a pen, for this diy. Throw this in with your other gifts, for a laugh.

11. Money Fries

Everyone loves McDonald’s, hence, making this a fun and creative way to give money to kids and teens. This diy, unlike others on this list, requires basic origami.

Source: Createitgo

You will need a clean fry container; you can ask for an empty one at McDonald’s, some notes and you can even add some gift cards to the mix, for a wonderful present. Steps to fold these bills into the shape of fries are explained in the link attached below.

12. Socks

Contrary to popular belief, socks are wonderful gifts for friends and family. If a pair of socks is a lackluster gift for you, roll some dollar bills with your socks or place them inside the socks, for a fun surprise. You can add some gift cards to the mix, too. Finish it off with a cute label that says, ‘For your comfort’, or something sweeter that makes the receiver smile.

Tip: Buy some vibrant socks with crazy and cute patterns to make the gift more memorable.

13. Candy Coin Rolls

This can be of great use for graduates. Take a pack of quarters and cover it up with some decorative paper and colorful strings.

14. Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks are one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to a loved one. Decorate your books however you want to (with pictures, notes, stickers, glitter, etc) and place your dollar bills between some pages, for a little surprise.

You can also attach envelopes to your pages and insert the money in them for safekeeping and a more organised look.

15. Candy Box

Isn’t this a creative way to give money as a wedding present??

16. Graduation Gift Bottle Set

This is another fun and unique way to give money to graduates. Take some clean bottles and fill them with candies, chocolates and money. Embellish with witty and funny labels!

17. Mason Jars

Mason Jars are used to make anything look pretty and thoughtful in the present day and age. There are different ways these can be used to give money.

18. Money Wreath

This can be great gift for housewarming, Christmas and even graduation. Although a little difficult to make, the final product looks amazing!

19. Fortune Cookies

This is another one of my favorite diys. For this, you need a colorful piece of paper, a slip and cash.


Fold the paper in the shape of a fortune cookie (a tutorial has been linked below), and insert the dollar bill and a little message like, ‘I see some shopping in the future’. Instead of a paper, you can fold cash in the form of a fortune cookie as well.

20. Money Diplomas

This is one of the easiest ways to give money to graduates. All you need to do is roll the cash as diplomas and secure them with a red ribbon.

21. Business Card Case

22. College Essentials

This is similar to the Graduation Bottle Set. It is like a care-package for college-goers. Collect an array of items; fast food, toiletries, stationery.

Put them all in a bag, along with a jar of quarters or dollar bills. You can add a note labeling and explaining the selection of items in the bag. Customize it according to your requirements.

23. Money to Burn

One matchbox, piece of paper, single dollar bill and a small piece of twine is all you need for this diy.

24. Piggy Bank

This is a great gift for kids. All you need to do is, fill the piggy bank with cash. It is very easy way to gift money!

25. Doctor’s Prescription

This is one of my favorite diys. It is such a clever and creative way to gift cash. For this, you need an empty medicine/prescription bottle, a label printed on a sticky paper (you can also attach a plain paper to the bottle with a tape) and another printed on a plain paper. Place the notes or quarters inside the bottle. The label is the most important element of this gift.

You can type the heads given in the link below or you can modify the labels according to your requirements/ imagination. This has a high chance of making the receiver giggle.

So these were some unique ways to gift cash or money to students, children, graduates, cousins, friends and even parents.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

Unique Ways to Gift Money: From Balloons to Prescription Bottles

Thinking of creative ways to give money as a gift can add excitement and surprise to any occasion.

While traditional envelopes are simple and easy why not think outside the box? Consider using balloons toilet paper rolls or even prescription bottles to hide the cash.

Balloons filled with rolled-up bills and confetti can make for a fun and interactive gift while adding cash to the center of a toilet paper roll or inside a prescription bottle can provide an unexpected twist.

To make the gift even more special consider attaching a clever note or label such as a prescription label for the bottle or a witty message for the toilet paper roll.

These unique options will surely leave the recipient smiling and excited to receive their surprise gift.

Chameleon Pens Review: Tutorials, Tips and Discounts

Hello guys !! Well, today I have Chameleon Pens review for you. They are not any standard pens, but instead they are really unique kind of pens by which you can create some stunning effects. Read the full Chameleon Pens review below to know the uniqueness of it 😉 !!

Note: I personally own a set of it and the review is based of my experiences with it.

Hmm, What will your reaction if I say I can create over 10 color tones from 1 single pen ??

Can you even think of it ??

Haha !! Confused ??

That’s what Chameleon Pens are all about. With the use of only 1 Chameleon Pen you can achieve multiple color tones for simple highlighting, Blending, shading etc.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

Before I continue, do watch this video 🙂


I hope you understood what I was talking about... Isn't this cool?

And to be honest, I am currently using these pens to create a lot of my art-works. It has really eliminated the hassles of using 100s of pens to create various blends.

Scroll at the bottom to see some of my works that I did with Chameleon Pens. But before that, do read the features of it 🙂

Chameleon Pen Review

Keeping it short, here are some of the best features of these Multicolor pens.

  • Chameleon pens have alcohol- based ink which is refillable.
  • They have Japanese nibs which are replaceable.
  • They are permanent on most surfaces.
  • Compatible with all other alcohol-based inks.
  • Non-toxic and low odor.

I just love the fact that these pens are refillable with all alcohol based inks. <3

What are the Different Chameleon Items Available ?

I own the 22 Piece Deluxe set but you have many other options. The company ships various items that are listed below.

  • Single pen
  • Set of 5 pens which include varieties such as Floral tones, Pastel tones, Skin tones, Gray tones, Nature tones, warm tones, Primary tones and cool tones.
  • Chameleon Color Tones - 22 Pen Deluxe Set <3 - BUY NOW to GET FREE COLOR CARDS AND SHIPPING

  • Chameleon Color Tones - 52 Super Set
  • Chameleon Color Tones - 30 new Colors
  • Refillable Ink
  • Nibs
  • Coloring Cards
  • Detail Pen
  • Blender Pen

Amazing options to buy !!

Chameleon Blending Pens - Detailed Review

The Pens can be used in two ways:

  1. As a regular alcohol based marker.
  2. As a toning medium by which you get multiple color tones from lights tint of it to the darkest shade.

Remember, it is not a normal pen 😛

Let me describe each and everything about the pen.


First of all, It has a small cap with color and color code indicator, the pen is double ended with a Japanese bullet-nib at one end and a super soft brush nib at the other. Both can be infused and easily replaceable Next it has a mixing nib and a cover protector too which does not let the ink dry.

Next, it has a mixing nib and a cover protector which does not let the ink dry.

  • Bullet nib is used for outlining, drawing and working in small areas with precision coloring.
  • Soft brush nib gives a paint brush feel which allows ink to flow beautifully with color gradation.

What ink to use after it gets empty ??

Use Professional quality alcohol based inks, non-toxic, low odour and acid-free when dry.

Recommended Paper/Sheet to use ?

Use only card stock or illustration board designed for alcohol-based inks to avoid bleeding of color.

Apart from the color pens, the deluxe set comes with 2 more special pens !!

Chameleon Detail Pen

Detail pen is also double-ended with fine-line nibs ( 0.4mm and 0.6mm) and is used for illustrating, outlining and to accent stamping. Ink is permanent when dry.

Chameleon Colorless Blender

Colorless blender pen is also double-ended with bullet and brush nib that contains the same toning medium used in mixing chamber.

colorless blender
colorless blender

It has 3 main uses

  1. Used to overlay, lighten or continue blending color that has already been applied.
  2. Use as a liquid eraser to push color back inside the lines and help eliminate mistakes.
  3. Use over any color to add texture and patterns.

Chameleon Pen Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

Promote Adult coloring with Chameleon OPens

The most important part is here!! How to achieve the color tones??????

So, I will be telling about the secret behind achieving the shades from a single pen.

Each pen has its own mixing chamber which helps to give you the desired shade. The toning medium in the mixing chamber dilutes the color of your pen which alter the intensity of color to produce lighter tones.

How to Get Different Color Tones from a Single pen ?

The ink starts with the lighter tone and darkens back to original color.

And here's how you can do it.

Step 1 : Separate the pen from mixing chamber.

Step 2 : Choose your nib and remove the cap.

Step 3 : Place the mixing chamber on top of the chosen nib. Point to be remembered here is, you need to hold the mixing chamber up and color nib down vertically.

Tonal ranges

Here's a chart showing the different tones you can get with a single pen !!

tonal chart


My Personal Chameleon Pen Art Works

Let me share some important tips that I followed while making my own art-works.

I made an abstract with shades of different colors. The best part about these pens is that once you use lighter shades you can easily use dark shades for giving a real touch.

Secondly, blending of colors is very easy using these pens, that's something we cannot achieve easily with water or oil or acrylic colors.

Apart from giving shades from a particular color one can blend colors using the colorless blender ( an amazing pen to use!!) 

Here' my first Chameleon Pen abstract !!

I also tried a painting gray/black and with their shades. Used a detail pen too!! ( An analogous painting :P)

Another tip : If you want to color a large surface then always start from the middle and the go outwards, Create highlights by not coloring certain areas, and add textures using it.

We can even use chameleon pens with pencil colors to give textures.

The best thing about these pens is that <3 they work even on foil.

Well, let me share some outlined images !! Just download them, print them and color them using the pens. Here's one done for you.

Download Images: 


Step 1: Make something in which you want to add fur effect or download from above

Step 2: Just make circle patterns and don't worry about the white space, do the same in ears also with color BR5


Step 3: Color with the brush after infusing with code BR2 covering all the space, same in ears.



Step 4: Color the nose with gray and the bow with purple after infusing for 10 sec only.


Here I just made the face, try for the full teddy!! Looks beautiful <3

Aren't these pens worth buying??

Chameleon Pens Set Discount Coupon Code 2017

Are you interested to buy these pens ?? Well here are the best Chameleon Pen Offers. Get Huge discounts on Chameleon sets by using the below coupon codes.

Chameleon Pen Free Shipping Coupon Code

  • Free Chameleon Online Learning Course with Every Online Purchase worth $19
  • Order 30 Pen Set and Get a FREE case and FREE Shipping
  • Buy 52 Pen set and Get 4 Color Card Free and also get FREE Shipping
  • Get A Free Color Card when you Buy 22 Pen Deluxe Set.

If you are from India or any country where the above link doesn't ship. Comment below. We will help you in getting the pens.

Hope you enjoyed the review.

Chameleon Pens: How They Bring Life and Depth to Your Art

Chameleon Pens are truly unique and innovative allowing you to create stunning effects with just one pen.

The ability to achieve over 10 different color tones from a single pen sets these markers apart from the rest.

Not only are they perfect for highlighting blending and shading but they also eliminate the need for multiple pens to create various blends.

With their refillable ink and replaceable nibs these pens are not only long-lasting but also environmentally friendly.

The beautiful and bright colors produced by Chameleon Pens add vibrancy and depth to your artwork stamping greeting cards and journaling.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist these pens are definitely worth the investment.

World Photography Day 2016: Kopal’s Clicks

classywish world photography day

“Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”

Isn’t this something very practical for all of us who love photography?? So here I am with my second post of photography. Today is a special day for this post as today 19th August is marked as world Photography day.

Best World Photography Day 2016 Quotes

Before I share my clicks, I would like to share a few quotes on this beautiful art of Photography.

  • “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ― Karl Lagerfeld
  • “The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed.” – Anne Geddes
  • “In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.” – August Sander
  • “When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” ― Ted Grant
  • “A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.” ― Brigitte Bardot
  • “A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.” ― Peter Gasser
  • “A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.” – Dorothea Lange
  • “Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” – Imogen Cunningham


Kopal’s Photography – My Recent Trips and Clicks

Now Let’s have a look at some captures..

Again the first will be from my own city Bhopal, also called as the CITY OF LAKES

City of lakes

Bhopal is famous for its greenery so lets have a look.. One cannot resist to click in Bhopal.

Notorious squirrel


Squirrel says to me : Find me out.. I won’t let you click me 😛

The first one


Yet another one

Third one

Still says no click 😛

fourth one

Ok Ok now I won’t

fifth one

Rays of Hope

First one

Rays of hope

Second one

Second one

Third one

Third one

Fourth one

Fourth one

Now let me share some beautiful pictures of ducks present.. So beautiful <3

The most beautiful

The most beautiful

Being a sunset freak girl, a sunset capture is must in my post 😛


Bhopal-during rainy season <3

during rainy season

Some beautiful clicks from JABALPUR


First let me tell about the place- It is approximately 20 km from jabalpur, a city in Madhya Pradesh. It is situated by the side of river Nermada and is famous for  Dhunadhar falls, marble rocks, and the chausanth Yogini temple. Here I will be sharing some of my clicks of dhunadhar water falls and bhedaghat 🙂

Marble Art Works

Marble artwork

Dhunadhar water falls 

click 3

Click 4

Flowers- The True Love

Click 1

Flower 1

Click 2

Flower 3

And now time for some yummy cakes 😛

Cake 1

Cake 1

Cake 2

Cake 2

I shared all my beautiful captures with you and that too without any filter!! Love for photography can never ever end <3

Now let me share some photography from my friends Aman Kulshreshtha and Iftekhar Ahmed.


DELHI Pictures by my Friend

Now some from the famous QUTUB Minar in Delhi !!!


Jama Masjid is one more attraction in Delhi and my friend managed to capture some good images inside the masjid.


Delhi is full of tourist attractions and one more of it is, Red Fort !!


Here are some more images from Delhi !!

The Beauty of BHOPAL – Photos

And back to bhopal !! The following images sent by my friend are from a location on the outskirts of Bhopal. The place is full of greenery and looks to fresh. This place is a home to many animals including the national bird Peacock. I am sure you will love to visit this place once as I want to 😛

bhopal photos

Isn’t it beautiful ?? <3

So I hope you loved all the pictures, I am still improving upon my skills and learning a lot. Will be coming up with something more interesting in the next post, till then A Happy World Photography day !! Keep smiling and clicking 😀

World Photography Day 2016: A Reflection on the Evolution of Photography

Today is World Photography Day a day to celebrate the art of photography and reflect on its evolution over the years. From the early days of heliography and the drawn by light process to the invention of the Daguerreotype and the introduction of roll film and digital cameras photography has come a long way. We now live in a world where millions of pictures are taken and shared every day without much thought about the origin or advancements of the art. World Photography Day serves as a reminder to appreciate the history of photography and its impact on our lives. It is an opportunity to recognize the innovative images that have been created and the possibilities that lie ahead in the world of photography.

Step by Step Guide to Pencil Sketching

Step by step guide to pencil sketching

Pencil sketching!!

Most of you wanted to know how I do pencil sketching and which colors I use and whats my technique..!! So, here in this post I will be sharing  the steps to sketch a beautiful flower with every step involved. My favorite pencil colors are Staedtler ones and crayola by Funskool 😀

The very first thing while making a drawing is to pick the pencils which you will be using ,it must be sharped properly and also your hand should work on very lightly.. <3 (I use Camlin supreme drawing pencils :P) so that if you have to rub a part of it, it will not leave an impression on the sheet. Try to use thick drawing sheet which has a texture at the back and smooth front!!

First always try to make a rough drawing so that alterations can be done when you are doing the shading or while final touch.

First step

Now choose a part you want to get started with. I always start with outer boundary.

In the case of this flower, the most important thing should be the outline of the flower, It should also comprise of different shades.

Always hold the different shades of color in one hand and then start doing!! It will give you some positive vibes seeing soo many shades ( I get :P)

So lets get started with second step of coloring!! EXCITED!!

A red color outline and then started shading with yellow color and shades of red. The pencil should work on dark at the corner and while going on in between, light shades should be there so that mixing can be done properly!! In shading the second color should overlap the first color so that the perfect shade can be obtained.

Quick tip: For shading your pencil should not be sharped, because blunt gives the best effect!! (My tip)

Step by step coloring I’ll be showing here!! Let’s have a look 🙂

Step 2

Step 1

Here the outline is clearly visible and the overlapping of yellow and red shades also.

Step 3

In this pic the shades are completely visible. To give a petal effect, some lines also are made which can be properly seen in the above pic. These lines are given at the end when you get completely satisfied with the shades.

Step 4

Step 4

It is not necessary to only use red and yellow, I have given deep brown outline to reveal the originality of flower.

Step 5

step 5

Towards the completion of the flower!! The shades should be in proper direction so that the originality of flower doesn’t go away.

Step 6


Now this flower is almost complete.. shades towards the inner side are being done.

Time to look for complete flower <3 EXCITED!! You will feel even more excited when you will trying this yourself.. Being an artist that happiness can’t be described.

 Step 8-Complete Flower

Complete flower

The shades and the stroke of the pencil is clearly visible here!! Now Its time to complete the leaves because every flower is incomplete without the leaves.

Step 9

how to make a flower

Started with the outline of leaf.. different shades which I have used here are clearly visible.. I have used all different shades of green, yellowish look and a bit of blue color for mixing purpose!!

Step 10

Kopal sketching guide

Now I just used the required colors to give a leafy look and the outline took all the credit 😛 so you might now know the importance of shading effects given to outline.

Step 11

Pencil Sketching guide

Again the same basic rule is followed up!! Outline with shades. Here I have used blue shade in between to give a deep effect in leaves.Once completed then only difference can be seen.

Step 12

Pencil Sketching guide

I just added some more colors and because my outline was perfect, wasn’t a need to do more!!

Step 13

Pencil Sketching

Now we will be moving towards the completion of the flower.. this small leaf can also be done in the same way..

Complete flower <3

Pencil Sketching

This is how the flower looks upon completion!!

I hope my steps were clear and understandable.. 🙂

Well, I have some cool posts scheduled for the upcoming weeks !! just a hint, if you are a shopping freak like me, then you will surely gonna love it 😉

Sketching Techniques: Adding Depth and Refinement to Your Artwork

Sketching is a versatile and portable art form that allows artists to express their creativity. With pencil sketching different techniques can be used to add depth and refinement to your artwork.

One important technique is layering which involves creating depth and shadow by adding multiple layers of pencil strokes. This technique allows you to build up the values and create a realistic representation of your subject.

Another technique is underdrawing which is the first layer of your artwork. This layer serves as a foundation and helps guide your subsequent shading and detailing.

Shading techniques such as hatching cross-hatching stippling tonal sketching and scumbling are also commonly used in pencil sketching. These techniques allow you to create texture shadows and highlights in your artwork.

Loose sketching is a relaxed and effortless style that gives your artwork a more organic and free-flowing feel. This technique is great for capturing movement and expressing your artistic style.

Gesture drawing is another technique that focuses on capturing the movement and pose of your subject. It requires quick and spontaneous sketches that convey the essence of the subject.

Blending drawing techniques such as graphite charcoal and oil pencil blending can be used to create smooth transitions and gradients in your artwork. These techniques are great for creating a more polished and refined look.

Erase lines can be used to create white highlights in your artwork. By selectively removing pigment or shading you can create areas of contrast and bring attention to certain parts of your drawing.

Other techniques such as frottage indenting contour line drawing cross-contour line drawing continuous line drawing and detail work can also be employed to add interest and complexity to your sketches.

Having a variety of drawing supplies including pencils sharpeners erasers paper sketchbooks and paper blending stumps is essential for exploring and experimenting with these different techniques.

By incorporating these techniques into your pencil sketching you can take your artwork to the next level and create stunning and visually appealing pieces. Remember to practice regularly and have fun exploring the possibilities of pencil sketching!