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7 Best Candid Wedding Photographers in India

7 Best Candid Wedding Photographers in India

I don’t have a photograph, but you can have my footprints. They are upstairs in my sock’s.” – Grouch Marx

Some moments are cherished forever and by looking through those moments again in photographs can bring a feeling of mixed emotions. After all, a picture does say a lot. It can take you right back to the day when the moment was captured. The feelings can make your heart bubble up.

But to make all this happen, you need a perfect photographer !! A person who very beautifully captures the essence and environment.

Pre-Wedding Candid Photography

“Marriages – don’t they remind us of a quilt sewn in brilliant multicolored threads, each so different but holding its own vibrant precision. But what makes this going down on your knee in front of your beloved, to seal this promise you made her years ago a little more special? What will remind her for years to come & make her giggle like a teenager as you hold her gnarled hand at seventy? A souvenir, right? And what can do better justice to your strings of precious moments other than a Photograph?” – ColorsForLife CFL

Pre-wedding shoots are done before the wedding, to capture the moments which you can cherish for lifetime.

The Couple chooses special dresses for this shoot and proper destinations as well, some people go for certain themes too.

Photographers use different types of props for giving the proper effect to the picture being captured. The shoots done during weddings are very special because these photographers capture what people can’t see, they don’t capture pictures but feelings and emotions which you can carry forever.

7 Best Candid Wedding Photographers from India

Well, finding such photography team will not be a tough task now as today in this post I will be sharing 7 best candid Photography teams that you can hire to capture the perfect moments of your life. The top 7 wedding photography pages listed in this article provide services in different parts of India and can be contacted through the links mentioned.

So if you are planning to hire someone for wedding photography, or candid or any event photography, these photographers are worth hiring.

We have featured some of their works along with all the links through which you can contact them. 🙂

Let’s have a look..

KameraWorks – Wedding Photography

One of the best Candid Photographers from Bhopal. KameraWorks is founded by Kshitij Mathur. They have a small yet powerful team who travels across India to provide candid photography services.

Their Candid Photography Packages are as follows :
  • Candid photography package: includes all the raw photo data, 100 best-edited pics, edited full wedding video, and a 50-sheet premium album which contains approx 300 photographs. All 300 photographs selected for the album will be edited and color-corrected before album designing. (1 candid photographer, 1 traditional photographer & 1 Videographer)
  • Cinematic Highlight package: includes a 10-minute wedding highlight and a trailer. (2 Cinematographers)
  • Pre-wedding package: includes all raw data and minimum 50 edited photographs. (1-2 Photographers depending on scale)
  • Pre-wedding cinematic video: includes 3-5 minute video shot in a movie-like fashion. (Depends)

You can of course, hire more photographers !!

How will you have to pay:
  • Candid Photographer – Rs. 15,000 per day
  • Traditional Photographer – Rs. 5000 per day
  • Traditional full HD Videographer – Rs. 5000 per day
  • Cinematographer – Rs. 15,000 per day
KameraWorks Photography & Contact Information



KameraWorks captures images soo beautifully that you fall in love with them!!

Contact them for the shoot and make your memories <3

Water Photography  

Delhi-based photographers working since 2012 and captures moments in the soo beautiful way that they look so real and mesmerizing.

For more details on packages and pricing, contact them.

Water Photography -Some Photos & Contact Information


Contact them for getting your shoot done if you loved the captures.



Colors for Life

They specialize in fixing your Big Day in a way that every time you leaf through the pages of your wedding album, you go through the same jittery to ever so wonderful experience all over again. A photograph is the most powerful medium to revoke lost things that still hold the same grandeur.

They capture every single emotion beautifully, from bride’s shy smile to the last tear shed! At the end, their pictures will be leaving a big smile on your face.

Colors for Life Contact Info & Pictures

colors for life



Wedding Raga

Kolkata-based photographer since past 3 years known to capture every single beauty of Indian tradition. They also provide their service all over India.

Services Offered by Wedding Raga 
  • Pre/Post Wedding
  • Destination Wedding
  • Candid & Traditional Wedding
  • Rice Ceremony & Uponoyon
  • Portfolio & Fashion Photography
  • Pre & Post Wedding High Definition Cinematography
  • Wedding Coverage High Definition Cinematic/Normal
Wedding Raga Pictures and Contact Details



Upasna Studio

Delhi-based and working since years and are specialized in candid photography and cinematography. UPASNA STUDIO is an organization which deals in offering expert photography services for various occasions.

Services Offered – (from the words of Upasna Studio)

We specialize in Candid photography and Cinematography video-shooting in weddings, events, products, portfolios, industrial sites. Our work involves shooting,correction, proof selection, final product, different finishes of the job. It is executed by a team of professionals, and we focus on customizing as per the client’s specific needs.

Service List:

  • Wedding Event Photography- Candid and Traditional
  • Wedding Film and Cinematography
  • Pre-Wedding Photography and Films
  • Save The Date Films
  • Events & Corporate Photography
  • Events & Corporate Video Shoot
Upasna Studio Pictures and Contact Information




CoolBluez Photography

CoolBluez photography is a small team of 20; and includes photographers, cinematographers, editors, graphic designers, and other teammates.

They are known for personalized Wedding Photography, Pre- Wedding Couple Shoots, Portfolios, Kids & Newborn Portraits, Family portraits.

CoolBluez Photography and Contact Information




So, how were they ?? Planning to book a candid Photographer for your Wedding event ?? 

I hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to comment below the best photographers who you have came across. I will be adding more candid photographers in this list. 🙂

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