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Famous Brand Names You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong

Famous Brand Names You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong

The fact is that popular brands dominate the car, watch, luxury and fashion industries alike. However, sometimes when they come up in conversations, people are not quite sure how to pronounce them, and you’ll probably hear many variations. Often the reason behind this mispronunciation is the fact the brand’s country of origin is not the country where you’re from, so it all becomes a mess.

What you definitely should not trust is the way the numerous bloggers pronounce them. Since it is so easy nowadays to create a free blog, a blogger should not be considered as a specialist unless they are an official representative of a brand or get sponsored by the company. So, how to know whether this or other brand is pronounced correctly? For instance, you can google a video ad where you can hear the brand name.

Or, you can read our article, we’ve collected the most popular brand names that you have probably been mispronouncing all your life.

Top Brands that People Pronounce Incorrectly


Ah, IKEA, the very popular Swedish retail company that creates a huge amount of different types of furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories.

It is one of the best retail stores in the world and it is worth more than $40 billion. Its name is an acronym – in derives from the first two letters of its founder – Ingvar Kamprad, then the farm where he grew up – Elmtaryd, and his Swedish hometown – Agunnaryd. Thus, the name IKEA was born.

How most people pronounce it: eye-key-ah.
How it should be pronounced: ih-key-yah.


Adidas is a very popular multinational corporation that designs shoes, clothing and accessories.

Founded by Adolf Dassler, Adolf’s childhood nickname was Adi, and the first three letters of his last name were Das, and thus, Adidas was born.

How most people pronounce it: uh-deed-aas.
How it should be pronounced: aah-dee-das


Nutella is a brand of the famous Italian company Ferrero, and it generally sells chocolate spread, flavored with hazelnut, cocoa and sweetened palm oil.

The founder Ferrero first named the chocolate spread Supercrema, but later, renamed it to Nutella. The name derives from, which is obvious, the English word ‘nut’, and the Latin suffix for sweet – ‘ella’. However, the pronunciation of the word slightly differs from what you might expect.

How most people pronounce it: nuh-tell-uh.
How it should be pronounced: new-tell-uh


Porsche is a very popular German automobile manufacturer that specifically designs high-performance sport cars, SUVs, and sedans. The company was founded by Ferdinand Porsche around 90 years ago, and was given by the founder’s last name.

Porsche’s name has not changed ever since.

How most people pronounce it: porsh.
How it should be pronounced: por-sha


We all know the German automaker Volkswagen, which is at the same time the largest automaker worldwide by sales. The company was founded in Wolfsburg, Germany, in 1937. The name Volkswagen means “the car of the people”, or “the people’s car”, and it was designed at the request by the country’s then leader, Adolf Hitler.

How most people pronounce it: volks wag-en.
How it should be pronounced: fo-ks var-gun

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, a popular French fashion house founded in 1854. The company’s products range from trunks, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, and even books.

The company has a very long history and a very simple nomenclature – it was named by its founder – Louis Vuitton, and it has kept the name since.

How most people pronounce it: loo-is vee-ton.
How it should be pronounced: loo-ee we-taahn


Samsung is a South Korean conglomerate consisting of numerous affiliated businesses, and its products consist of apparel, automotive, chemicals, electronics, medical equipment, home appliances, telecommunications, etc.

The company’s name comes from Korean, with Samsung meaning “three stars” – the founder has hoped that the company will become everlasting and powerful like the stars in the sky.

How most people pronounce it: sam-sung.
How it should be pronounced: sam-song

Final Words

So, should you pronounce these brands the original way or adapt to your local surroundings? Some may think you to be snobbish if you pronounce brands the way they are pronounced in their original language, while others will consider it as pleasant.

So the choice is really yours, but it definitely never hurts to know the proper pronunciation of a brand name.

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