10 Best Mint Alternatives to Manage Personal Finance

Mint, is till date the best Personal Finance App in the market for all sorts of financial management help that an individual can possibly need. Managing money, sticking to a budget and even handling investment decisions can all be done with Mint and other Mint Alternatives that you will read about in this article.

The free Mint app from Intuit Inc. is the best when it comes to creating a budget, free credit ratings, tracking your spending and getting smart about your money. You can connect all your bank and credit card accounts, as well as all your monthly bills, so all your finances are in one convenient place. Though, Mint has it all, there are several other amazing Personal Finance Apps that one can use and there are several others that can just end up wasting your time and internet. That is exactly why I am here, to assure you of the best Mint Alternatives and help you out in the very touchy and sensitive topic about handling money.

10 Best Mint Alternatives

Our world has become so technology savvy that every requirement of ours is looked after in a digital manner, which has made life so  much more convenient and easy. Even personal finances, are now easy to monitor with these Mint Alternatives, that are going to make sure that you always have what you need when you need it.

These Personal Finance Apps, make money management a lot easier, because you don’t have to worry about playing with all the numbers and tampering with your finances on basis of  personal judgement and calculations.

1. You Need A Budget


This Mint Alternative, is absolutely precise and bang on with its name – You Need A Budget, which is also the best advice that any Financial Manager will ever give you. The Best thing is that this Personal Finance app doesn’t let you create budgets around money you don’t have – it forces you to live within your actual income. You can set up monthly/weekly budgets or even individual projects.

An average user of YNAB apparently pays off $500 in debt the first month of using it. Thus, this personal finance app is one of the best ways to soon become debt free and also tension-free. YNAB also provides you with online classes with a live instructor for Q&A to help you learn budgeting basics. So, basically everything you can imagine for making your budgets and keeping your finances aligned to it, is provided by You Need A Budget.

2. Acorns

At, this Mint Alternative called Acorns, you can invest automatically, save for later and make sure that you and your finances stick with it. Acorn allows you to spend in a smarter way through Pre-ordering the only checking account with a debit card that saves and invests for you, plus no minimum balance and absolutely zero overdraft fees.

Acorns is a unique Personal Finance app as it has a new feature called “Acorns Found Money” where 250+ big brands and names invest in you when  you shop, leading to earning of Acorn found money. Acorn provides original content that helps you increase your knowledge about money matters and finances. Acorn’s service is free to college students and charges just $1 per month for pretty much everyone else.

3. Wally

With Wally Personal Finance App, you save your money seamlessly. They help you out in taking full  control of your money and gain full knowledge about where your money goes and comes from. It helps you to balance out your income and expenses, to make sure that you can pop yourself out of previous debts and stay debt-free in the future.

The best part about this Mint Alternative is that you can take a photo of your receipts instead of manually entering numbers, which tends to be very quick and convenient. Another advantage being, lesser human errors because typing on your own might end up in numerical mistakes. Wally is a seamless and intuitive tool to manage your personal finances.

4. Robinhood

Though, this app may not provide you with all functions that Mint does, it allows you to invest in the stock market, crypto currency directly from your phones or desktop for free. Robinhood gives you zero commission trading, achieved by cutting the fat that makes other brokerages costly, like manual account management and hundreds of storefront locations.

A special feature of Robinhood app is that “Cards” appear on your screen to provide real-time news alerts and market information to you. They are like notifications and and can be customized or switched off, if you find them intrusive.

Why should you pay anyone to invest your own money? Whether you are a professional trader or a novice to the stock market, Robinhood is the best Personal Finance app for you to learn about investments and invest your money wisely, quickly and totally free of cost!

5. Clarity Money

The personal finance app called Clarity Money aims to help you stop throwing away on unused subscriptions by helping you uncover and cancel subscriptions that you haven’t been using. With Clarity Money, you can perform all similar functions to Mint. This saving inspector allows you to make regular savings deposits and attach a goal to each of your savings

You can track your spending and calculate credit score  too! It will display your financial picture,can help cancel unwanted subscriptions, and will also insights to you. This Mint Alternative is best for managing your subscriptions and is also completely free to use. It won the “Best Of 2017” Award by Google Play.

6. Prism

Manage your bills and be updated about them at all times with Prism. With prism, you can always stay on top of your money. It brings together all of your money, your bills and your pay to give you a complete picture of your financial status.

This Alternative of Mint touts 11,000 billers which is more than any other app. These billers include larger banks and even smaller utility companies.  They emphasis on simplifying how you manage and pay your monthly bills, on time. You can even pay your bills by scheduling payments, on the app itself.

7. Every Dollar

One of the best for budgeting, personal Finance apps – Ever dollar makes sure that ever dollar you spend is accounted for and aligned with your budget. Every Dollar promises you goodbye to all that money stress and hello to confidence in your financial future.

This Mint Alternative uses  uses the zero-based budget method recommended by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey. The best part being the built-in monthly expense tracker that allows you to connect to your bank to import transactions to keep up with your spending. It  even lets you split expenses between multiple budget items.

Sign up is free for all and new users receive a free trial of the premium version of the app as well!

8. Mobills

Mobills is one of the best apps for organizing and categorizing your expenses, and seeing your progress towards monthly and weekly budgets. It is one of the best expense tracker apps on the internet, which will completely dispose off the use of spreadsheets and its complications.

With this Personal Finance App, you can see all your accounts, credit cards, expenses and incomes in one place. A unique feature being the interactive charts that allow you to analyze your financial life;  One can add all bills and due dates to keep track of when the bills need to be paid.

The  basic version of this app is free, but has limited functions until you subscribe to the premium version, to take advantage of full functionalities of this Personal Finance App.

9. Personal Capital

One has to link all their accounts for free to see a clear real-time view of their entire financial life. Be it your net worth, your investments, your credit score or your savings, all can be analysed with the Personal Capital App.

Set spending budgets and saving goals to make sure that you are using finances in a balanced manner. In some devices, the personal Capital app offers the option to discover opportunities for diversification, risk management, and discover any hidden fees in your expenses. Your financial knowledge will be enriched and all your queries answered well as the app provides registered financial advisers. These professionals offer advice customized according to your saving goals and investments.

10. Spendee

This out of the box app is meant for so much more than just individual use. With Spendee, you can create shared wallets with friends and family that you can use to manage shared expenses for a household budget. This app, will categorize the expenses once you import the bill and show you where all your money is going.

You can even manually add cash expenses to get a more precise overview of your monthly expenses. Make smart budgets to save up for something big! It also provides you with a holistic overview of all your incomes and expenses at one place.

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Financial management can be tricky and cumbersome when it comes to using traditional methods of spreadsheets. Thus, these few Personal Finance applications like Mint, give easy and free access to tools for savings,  expense tracking, investments and growth. Personal finance apps can connect with your bank account and help you keep up with your spending and make sure that you stick to your budgets and pay your bills in a timely manner.

These are the 10 best Mint Alternatives;

  1. You Need A Budget
  2. Acorn
  3. Wally
  4. Robinhood
  5. Clarity Money
  6. Prism
  7. Every Dollar
  8. Mobills
  9. Personal Capital
  10. Spendee

These were some of the most sought Mint Alternatives that can handle your finances well and make sure that nothing goes wrong when it comes to money matters.

Money Matters are indeed the most sensitive ones and nothing but the best should be used while dealing and organizing them. I hope this article about the 10 Best Mint Alternatives was helpful in finding you a suitable app, that will be conforming to your Financial management requirements.

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