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10 Best Jira Alternatives for Startups and Small Businesses

10 Best Jira Alternatives for Startups and Small Businesses

If you are associated with some major project, then you have probably heard about JIRA. Atlassian developed Jira as a major project management and issue tracking software in 2002. Since then Jira has evolved to be one of the most sought-after project management software. As of now, Jira has more than seventy-five thousand customers in around 122 countries. Coded in Java, you can get Jira in 3 packages, namely, the Jira Core, Jira software, and the Jira Service Desk. Jira is very useful as it helps Agile teams to build, plan, track the progress, note issues, and finally release the software.

So you are probably thinking that why should you go for other solutions if Jira is so awesome. Well as it turns out, Jira is a complicated software which users might find confusing. Also, Jira is a major software used by large organizations like NASA and Skype. So as expected, Jira is very expensive and can cost dearly to small businesses with a growing team. So in such cases, there are a lot of Jira alternatives which are worth trying out.

In this article, I have talked about a few of them. Please read on to find out more.

Top 10 Jira Alternatives

Hereby I have made a list of the best Jira alternatives.


PivotalTracker is an agile software development tool that is designed to keep up with your expectations.

It helps to increase cooperation between team members by providing a shared priority view. You can prevent the bugs from piling by selecting the required topic among features, bugs, and chores. This also helps to keep a good balance between creating new features and stating clear of debt. The software also helps by predicting the team velocity from the average number of story points completed. However, it is best suited for Agile mainly.

  • Starts at $12.5 monthly.
  • Offers a 30 Day Free Trial
  • Click here to visit PivotalTracker.

CollabNet VersionOne

This is one of the best jira alternative software. The software designers have taken unified Agile and DevOps into account. You can scale it to any organizational level. The software supports Enterprise Scrum, Kanban, DAD, a Hybrid approach, Less and other such methodologies. It helps in ensuring an end to end visibility and providing insights into the progress of your project. VersionOne addresses software development problems through a number of features and functions.

However, your team needs to understand the working properly to get full advantage.

  • Free Trial is available
  • Here is the link to VersionOne.


Workzone is a powerful and simple alternative to JIRA. It is very useful if the software development work also requires non-technical team members to interface with it. The software allows separate workspaces for various branches of your team.

All the teams have their separate templates and sets of projects. As the project manager, you can get reports from all the workspaces separately. All your team members have their own separate to-do list. Task dependencies alert members on completion of previous tasks.

  • Demo Available
  • Here is the link to Workzone.

Targetprocess – Free Jira Alternative for Startups

Targetprocess really helps in breaking down complex processes and thus helps in efficient Agile project management. The software helps project managers to visualize and project timelines, project data, dependencies, and much more. You can also adapt it to Kanban or Scrum approach.

Targetprocess helps to increase transparency and visibility which helps in better planning tracking and collaboration. However, your team members may take some time to get accustomed to the complex interface.

  • Free Plan available at 0 zero cost. No CC required. 
  • Click here to visit Targetprocess.


This Jira alternative acts like a central hub for project owners and team members to code and manages without any extra payment for extra add-ons. Assembla easily connects with GIT, SVN, and Blame, thus making it easy to manage directories.

The software is most popular among games, apps, and robot developers.

Click here to visit Assembla.


Blossom is a jira alternative which you can use to track projects. It is well suited for distributed companies.

It helps members to visualize processes according to Kanban principles, thus helping to improve workflows. The software allows good reporting, file uploading, discussions, and integration. It emphasizes on resource optimization and cycling time.

  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Starts at $19 per month
  • Here is the link to Blossom.


Mingle is a good Jira Alternative which you can use to scale and implement Agile practices. The most positive feature about this software is that it gives support in various languages like Chinese, Dutch, English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Thus it is best suited for remote handling development teams. The intuitive interface of Mingle helps team members to update projects on Kanban cards and communicate through wiki, forums and messages. It also allows for sharing of the source code.

  • Trial Available
  • Free Plan for Starters
  • Click here to visit Mingle.

Active Collab

Active Collab has been specifically designed with small business in mind. It is easy to buy and not very costly.

You can use it to manage your projects and at the same time control tasks, collaborate with the team, and access control, and invoicing. The easy user interface helps you to get accustomed with the interface easily.

  • Free Trial Available
  • Plan Starts at $25/month 
  • Click here to visit Active Collab.


Eylean works on the principle of boards. It is a Kanban and Scrum desktop software. Eylean uses these boards to organize data into, namely, task board, team board, Scrum board or Kanban board. It also allows integrating Office files and TFS form Microsoft.

It supports most processes like Kanban or Scrum.

  • No Monthly  Plans
  • Custom Plans available
  • Here is the link to Eylean.


DoneDone is very useful as customer support and issue tracking software. The simple interface helps you to easily code, plan, test and do other important jobs at the same place.

The software allows you to capture the feedback with public issue feature, and it makes tracking issues, feedbacks and questions easier. It allows all the team members to work together for the solution.

  • Pricing Starts at $39 per month
  • Click here to visit DoneDone.

Best JIRA Alternatives for Project Management

Base on the above article, here is a list of the best Jira alternative software

  1. PivotalTracker
  2. VersionOne
  3. Workzone
  4. Targetprocess
  5. Assembla
  6. Blossom
  7. Mingle
  8. Active Collab
  9. Eylean
  10. DoneDone


Thus we see that there is a lot of alternative software for Jira. Finding them is not an issue. However, choosing the correct one is.

Before choosing a software to go with, ask yourself a few important questions like what kind of software do you exactly need?

How does your team members communicate and work? What kind of a job report are you looking for as the head of the project?

Are your team members multilingual? What modern tools are you looking for in a software that you might use? Considering the answers to these simple questions can make finding the correct software a lot easier.

I hope the article has helped you.

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